***Work In-Progress!*** Pinkie x Anon (No Title Yet)

This story is a Work In-Progress!
This is a simple clopfic with a lot of potential. I don’t know exactly where I’m going with it yet.

Chapter 1

The signature jingle of the bell made your presence known as you stepped through the doorway and into Sugarcube Corner; the single greatest confectionary shop in Ponyville. Hell, probably in all of Equestria. Your best friend Pinkie Pie’s eyes lit up even more than usual when she noticed you, and she beckoned you over excitedly. Smiling, you made your way over to where she was behind the counter and tousled her mane, making it even messier than it usually was.

“Hey Pinkie.” You said casually.

“Hey Anon!” She exclaims excitedly. “What can I get ya?”

“Actually Pinkie, I just came to talk.” You said.

“It’s been a crazy day, but it looks like things are dying down a bit.” She remarked.

She was right. There were a few ponies in the shop sitting at the tables, but nopony was behind you so you took a seat at the counter and gestured for her to come closer. She leaned over the counter, flipping her ear up so she could hear you better.

“I came here to ask you a rather…delicate question.” You said.

You sighed, slouching down in your seat. Pinkie gave you a look of sympathy.

“What’s wrong Anon?” She asked sadly. “You know I’ll do anything to cheer you up. What do you want? A cupcake? A hug? A special cake made from some of the rarest ingredients in all of Equestria?”

“I-I want to have…sex…” You said quietly.

Pinkie Pie gasps at this.

“Oh my gosh!” She exclaims. “With me?!”

You look up at her in sheer surprise.

“W-well that wasn’t…” You said quickly, putting your hands up defensively. “I actually came here to ask you if there was somewhere ponies go to just have a quick roll in the hay. You seem like the most carefree pony I know, so I figured I’d ask you first.”

“Eeew, that’s pretty gross Anon.” She said, deadpanning.

“Hey, a guy’s got needs!” You said defensively.

“Well you could just ask somepony.” She suggested.

“So it’s okay to go up to some random mare and ask her for sex?” You asked.

Pinkie laughed, drawing the attention of the rest of the customers in the shop and you started blushing.

“Of course not, silly!” She said. “I mean, not unless you want to get arrested. Is that how things were where you’re from?”

“No!” You said defensively. “That’s why I was clarifying. You ponies do a lot of things differently so I have to make sure.”

“No Anon, if you want to have sex you have two options that aren’t completely gross or illegal.” She said.

You leaned closer so she would hopefully lower her voice. You’d be surprised if some of the other ponies in the room hadn’t overheard at least part of your conversation.

“You can either find a marefriend orrrrrrrrr…” She leaned forward and whispered the next part in your ear. “You can ask a friend and see if she would be willing to help you!”

You were rock hard and blushing profusely by then as you realized the implications of what she’d said.

“Pinkie, are you saying you’d be willing to – ?”

“I might be…” She interrupted. “But only if you promise to do something for me later.”

“What?” You inquired.

“Oh, nothing much.” She said teasingly. “Just help Mr. and Mrs. Cake and me cater for a big client in Manehattan.”

You’d always wanted to visit Manehattan, and the thought of finally being able to have sex after all these months was too much to bear.

“Deal.” You said, holding out your hand.

Pinkie Pie reached out and shook your hand. You still had no idea how ponies did that, but after months of being stuck in this world, you didn’t much care anymore.

The oven dinged behind her and she suddenly turned around to take care of it, leaving you sitting at the counter. You watched her work for a long time, staring at her delicious looking candy flank as she worked on different cakes and cleaned dishes and delivered food from table to table. You looked up at the clock occasionally. As much as you were enjoying watching her, you figured that after the shop was closed you’d finally get some of the candy flank you’d been eyeing all day. However a thought just occurred to you. What if she was too busy today and you were just staying around here for nothing? After all, even though she promised to have sex with you, she didn’t say it was going to be today.

“Pinkie!” You called, beckoning her over.

She bounced over to you excitedly.

“What is it Anon?” She asked.

“So when are we going to…?” You asked.

“Well not right now silly!” She said happily. “I’ve still got a lot of work to do!”

“But after you’re done tonight…?” You asked hopefully. “Can we do it then?”

“Of course!” She said. “I know how much you want to, and I won’t leave you hanging a minute longer than I have to. That’s a Pinkie Promise!”

The hours rolled by slowly as you continued watching her. Finally at about fifteen minutes to closing the last pony left the shop and you were left alone with her. She was clearing the last table that had just been occupied when you spoke up.

“How about I help you clean up?” You offered.

Her tired ears perked up at the idea of you helping her.

“That would be great!” She exclaimed.

Despite how good of friends you were with Pinkie, you hadn’t done much to help her in the kitchen in the past. You were never good at cooking or baking. But you could at least clean. You quickly loaded up the sink with dishes and began cleaning them. Pinkie stood next to you on her hind legs as she dried the dishes and put them on the large drying rack. You couldn’t help but steal a glance at her bubbly flank. You leaned backward as far as you could and you could have sworn you saw one of her pink pussy lips. But you couldn’t be sure as her whole body was pink and you’d never seen her mare bits before. Her sudden gasp brought you back to reality.

“Anon, you naughty pony you!” She exclaimed.

“I’m not a pony…” You replied casually.

“You need to pay attention to what you’re doing!” She exclaimed, obviously ignoring your previous remark.

“Sorry, but I’ve been looking at your flank all day and I just wanted to actually see it.” You admitted.

“You really are pent up, aren’t you?” She asked, giggling.

“You have no idea.” You said.

“Why don’t I finish the dishes while you sit behind me?” She suggested.

“O-okay…” You said, blushing at the thought.

You dried your hands off and sat down behind the pink pony, looking at her pink flank. She swayed her hips as she washed and dried the dishes, humming a tune you couldn’t identify. Every once in a while, her tail would move slightly to the left or the right and you would see just barely a glimpse of her marehood. She continued to tease you like this for nearly half an hour.

“I can’t take it anymore!” You groaned.

You stood up on your knees and got directly behind her before pulling her tail directly to the right, revealing her pussy in all its glory. She eeped in surprise as she felt you pull her tail.

“Anon, not yet!” She exclaimed. “I’m not done yet!”

“I just wanna see.” You said quickly. “Keep doing the dishes.”

Until then she had been fighting to pull her tail against her mare parts again, but as you said that she relaxed and let you look. You felt as she kept going, cleaning the dishes and drying them at each part. The fact that a mare was even letting you do this was incredible to you. Wanting more, you let go of her tail and put your hands on each of her flanks, spreading her open. Her insides were even pinker than her outsides, if that was even possible. You took your index finger and slowly slid it inside of her. You felt her walls ripple along your finger as she sucked you in. She was so tight! She grunted as you slid your thumb over her clit and you heard the sound of a dish breaking as she looked back at you.

“Forget the dishes.” She said, pulling her front hooves off the counter and back down on the floor.

You kept your finger inside of her as she started to turn around, not wanting to let go of that perfect pony pussy you’d been playing with. Unfortunately your finger slipped out of her as she turned around completely. You were disappointed at first until she said the next part.

“Where do you want me?” She asked.

“How about your bedroom?” You suggested.

“Awwww…so boring!” She exclaimed. “How about you lay me on the counter and go at me?”

“I’ve got a better idea.” You said. “The display cabinet in the front.”

“Great idea!” She exclaimed.

The display cabinet was curved and if you were correct, had just the right curvature to make fucking her easy. You stripped off you clothes quickly. As you made your way to the front of the store, Pinkie was way ahead of you. She had just finished closing the last curtain and locking the door before she ran up to the display cabinet and put her front hooves on it.

That wouldn’t do. You walked up to her and picked her up, sliding her up the cabinet so that her pussy was at about the right height. She struggled to find leverage, but her hooves just couldn’t hold her in place. You wrapped your arm around her waist, which held her in place as you poked around, trying to find your aim.

Suddenly the tip of your cock caught on something and you pushed forward eagerly, sinking yourself into the pink pony beneath you. You let go of her waist and pressed your chest against her back, keeping her in place as you slid inside of her slowly. Her pussy was like a vice, but she was so wet from your earlier ministrations that you slid inside easily.

The weight of her body helped you slide inside, but fucking her in this position proved to be a little more difficult. You grunted in frustration and put your hands on each one of her flanks, holding her up and letting you control the situation more. You started fucking her, sliding your dick in and out of her slowly at first, only to quickly build up speed.

You heard her hooves slide against the glass of the display cabinet each time you thrust into her, and her moans encouraged you to keep going, fucking the pink pony for all she was worth. It hadn’t been a long road, and you had hoped to last longer, but there was no way you’d be able to. If she had been human, you would have asked if she wanted you to come inside, but seeing as you couldn’t get her pregnant, you definitely weren’t going to pull out. Feeling the point of no return, you thrust into her with all your might before releasing yourself inside of her. Your whole body shook in pure bliss and a moan was torn from your mouth as you claimed the little pink pony, balls deep inside her tight pink depths as your cock pumped her full of months’ worth of cum. Your spurts were short and rapid at first, but then they were drawn further and further apart as you continued releasing inside of her. Eventually your balls were completely emptied and your 0cock died down. You stayed like that for several minutes, the only sound in the room coming from both your heavy breathing.

“Holy shit Pinkie, if I’d known your pussy felt this good…” You said, trailing off.

“G-glad I could help.” She said.