***Work In-Progress*** 1000 Years Ago

Celestia has kept her feelings secret for more than 1,000 years. What happens when she admits her feelings for her sister? Will Luna accept her love even though she’s not attracted to mares? Can love truly conquer all?

Pairings: Celestia x Luna
Containts: Princest, Incest, Futa (in later chapters), Love, Romance

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Luna walked down the hallway slowly, lost in thought.  She had just raised the moon after she realized that her sister had lowered the sun without her.  They usually completed the ritual of sun and moon together, but for some reason her sister had decided to lower the sun without her.  She huffed in annoyance as she approached the door to her sister’s bedroom.  She wanted to burst in and demand answers, but realized that probably wasn’t the best way to approach the situation.  Reluctantly, she lifted a hoof up and knocked on the door gently.

“Yes?”  Came the regal voice of her sister.

“It’s me.”  She said simply.

There was a long pause and some shuffling from inside the room before she answered.

“Come in.”

Luna opened the door gently with her magic before closing it silently behind her.  Celestia’s room was filled with candles and a fire roared in the fireplace at the left side of the room.  It was so hot!  Celestia was sitting at her desk in the upper left corner of the room, a huge stack of paperwork to her right.

“Sister, why is it so hot in here?”  Luna asked worriedly.

Celestia turned to meet her sister’s gaze and smiled.  The smile infuriated Luna.  It was so practiced, so forced.

“Oh, is it hot in here?”  She asked casually.  “I hadn’t noticed.”

“Enough of this sister!”  Luna exclaimed.  “What is going on with you?”

“Going on?”  Celestia asked innocently.  “Whatever do you mean, dear sister?”

“Why did you lower the sun without me?”  Luna asked, a hurt look on her face.

“I don’t think we need to do it together every time, do we?”  Celestia asked, turning back to her desk.

Luna was taken aback.  Her sister’s reasoning was so logical, so forward, so direct.  But she knew it wasn’t that simple.

“Sister, ever since we – I have come back, you’ve been so distant.”  Luna said.  “I don’t remember you being like this.  We used to be so close.  We’d take long walks in the gardens, and snuggle by the fire.”

Hearing this, Celestia’s shoulders visibly slumped.

“You’ve perfected your mask, sister.”  Luna observed.  “You began perfecting it years before I was banished, but now, it’s like it has taken over your personality.  You’re not you anymore.”

“Forgive me, Luna.”  Celestia said, turning to her sister.  “I’ve had to shoulder the burden of ruling this kingdom all by myself these past thousand years.  I guess my mask, as you put it, has become who I really am.  It’s had to be in order for me to survive.”

So practiced, so perfect.  The mask was still up and it infuriated Luna.

“Stop it!”  She cried.  “Take it off!”

For an instant Celestia lost her composure, but she regained it quickly.

“Luna, I…”

“You don’t trust me anymore, do you?”  Luna asked accusingly.  “That’s it.  That’s why you won’t show me your true self!”

“No, Luna, that’s not it…”  Celestia said calmly.

“Liar!”  She said, tears springing forth from her eyes.  “Even after a thousand years, was my punishment not enough for you?”

Celestia turned back to her desk and looked down at the paper in front of her in sadness.

“I’m sorry, Luna.”  She said.  “If you had any idea how hard it was for me to banish you, I’m sure you’d see things differently.”

“Then why don’t you trust me?”  Luna cried.

“I do trust you.”  Celestia said softly.  “More than I trust myself.”

“Then why don’t you show me who you truly are?”  She asked, hurt.  “Y-you treat me like one of our subjects.”

Celestia’s eyes softened, her face showing an expression of profound sadness.

“Luna, I…”  She said.  “You’re my sister and I love you so much…  But there are…things that you just don’t understand.”

“You doubt my abilities as a princess?”  Luna asked, surprised.

Celestia looked at her with an equal amount of surprise.

“N-no…”  She said.  “Nothing like that.  It’s just…”

She sighed, lowering her head in sadness.

“What?”  Luna asked, concerned.

“I-It’s all my fault.”  Celestia said, a tear dropping to the floor.

Luna was taken aback.  She wasn’t expecting her sister to cry.

“What’s your fault?”  She asked.

“I-It’s my fault you were banished…”  Celestia said sadly.

“What are you talking about, sister?!”  Luna asked.  “It was my fault!  I let my bitterness and resentment take over and I tried to kill you!  How could that be your fault?”

“I should have been there for you.”  Celestia said.  “B-but I couldn’t be.”

“Sister, it’s not your fault…”  Luna said sadly, guilty that she had made her sister cry.

“Yes it is!”  Celestia exclaimed angrily.  “I couldn’t keep my feelings in check and I lost you for a thousand years because of it!  Well no more!”

Luna recoiled from her sister, taken aback by her outburst.

“Y-your feelings?”  She asked.  “I’m not sure I understand, sister…”

“Of course you don’t.”  Celestia said bitterly.  “How could you when I’ve kept you in the dark?  I had to keep you from learning the horrible truth…”

Hearing those words from her sister caused knots to form in Luna’s stomach.

“W-what truth?”  She asked.

“Remember when we drifted apart Luna?”  She asked.  “Surely you realize we’ve drifted apart.”

“Of course!”  She said.  “That’s why I’ve come to you tonight – to see what the problem is.  I’ve been back for two years, but things still haven’t gone back to the way they were before…”

“You were in pain for years before you turned into Nightmare Moon.”  Celestia said.  “I knew there was a problem and I wanted to comfort you so badly, but I couldn’t.”

Luna’s eyes widened in realization.

“I-I thought…”  She said, trailing off.  “I thought you were a stuck up – ”

She quickly put a hoof over her mouth before she said something that she would regret.

“Go ahead and say it Luna…”

“N-no…”  She said, bringing her hoof back to the ground again.  “I was wrong to think so badly of you.  But you changed, sister!  You put on a mask for our subjects and took on all the royal duties yourself.  And then you wore that stupid mask even around me.  I-I couldn’t take it anymore.  I thought that nopony loved or cared about me.  The pain was just too much to bear.”

“What you say is true, Luna.”  Celestia admitted.  “I had to distance myself from you, but I never stopped loving you or caring about you.  I just wanted to take the burdens off of you.  You were such a kind and gentle pony back then…”

“But why sister?”  She asked.  “Why did you distance yourself from me?”

“I-I had to prevent you from learning the truth…”  Celestia admitted.

“What is this truth you keep talking about?”  Luna asked, bitterness in her voice.

Celestia opened her mouth to respond, but nothing came out.

“What truth?”  Luna asked again.

Celestia looked at her sister, who had tears in her eyes.  As much as she wanted to keep the secret from her, she realized she had no choice but to tell her.  She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“I-I…I love you, Luna…”

“Then tell me what this truth of yours is!”  She exclaimed, exasperated.

“I just did.”  Celestia said simply.

“What are you – ?”  Luna asked, stopping abruptly as she tried to processes her sister’s words.

Celestia looked away from her.  Tears fell from her eyes and onto the tile below.

“I love you so much, Luna…”  She said.  “More than I should, more than I have a right to…”

Luna’s mouth hung open in shock at the admission.

“Wh-wha…”  She stammered.

“This is the truth that I tried so hard to keep from you.”  Celestia said.  “But in doing so I lost you for a thousand years.  I-I won’t make that mistake again…”

“B-but we’re both mares…”  Luna said.  “We’re sisters!”

“I know…”  Celestia said softly.  “I did everything I could to try and bury these feelings, but I just couldn’t do it.  The only way I could prevent you from finding out was to distance myself from you.  But I can’t do that anymore.  If I don’t start treating you like a sister again, Nightmare Moon might come back and I couldn’t bear to send you away again.”

“H-how long?”  Luna asked.

“What?”  Celestia said, not expecting a question.

“How long have you felt this way?”  She asked.

“Well, ever since I started distancing myself from you.”  Celestia said thoughtfully.  “So a little over a thousand years, I suppose.  I don’t know the exact number of years, but it feels like forever.”

“T-that can’t be true…”  Luna said in shock.

“It is, dear sister.”  Celestia said sadly.  “I regret your banishment so much, Luna.  I will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re not taken from me again.  Even if it means telling you the horrible truth…”

“I-I…”  Luna stammered, at a loss for words.

“Please, Luna.”  She said.  “I won’t ask you to return my feelings, but please don’t hate me…”

“Hate you?”  Luna asked in surprise.

“Please…”  She said.  “Luna…I will do anything for you.  I will give up my throne for you.  You can have it all.  Just please…don’t turn into Nightmare Moon again…please…”

“Sister…”  Luna said.

Celestia looked up in surprise as Luna suddenly threw herself onto her and embraced her in a tight hug.  She was stunned for a moment, but quickly recovered enough to return her sister’s embrace.  It felt so good to hug her sister like that.  To be that close to the one she loved for all those years but had to keep her distance from.  But the hug ended much too quickly for her as Luna pushed her front hooves against her chest so she could look up at her sister.

“I-I could never hate you, Celestia…”  She said softly.  “And you’re not horrible…”

“I’m…not…?”  Celestia asked.

“No, you’re not.”  Luna said confidently.  “These feelings are…unconventional of course…but that doesn’t make them wrong.”

“Oh, Luna…”  She said, pulling her sister against her body in a tight embrace.  “I waited in agony for you for years, and then when you came back I was faced with the same problem of not being able to be close to you.  Now that you know how I feel and you don’t hate me for it, maybe we can start to be sisters again…”

“I would like that…”  Luna said softly.

Celestia let go of her and looked down into her eyes.

“You have no idea the pain I went through after your banishment.”  She said.  “I cried myself to sleep every night for months on end.  And I did everything I could to try and undo the spell, but I couldn’t!”

“It’s not your fault, sister.”  She said.  “Sealing spells are almost impossible to break.  If they weren’t, they would be useless.”

“Now that you’re back and I don’t have to worry about you finding out about my secret, we can be sisters again.”  Celestia said happily.

“Y-yes…sisters…”  Luna said happily, embracing her sister tightly.

Suddenly she pushed away from her and looked up at her with a serious expression.

“Can we open a window or something?”  She asked.  “It really is quite hot in here, sister.”

Celestia laughed.

“Oh Luna, you always make me smile.”  She said, charging up her horn and opening the window a bit.

“Better?”  She asked.

Luna closed her eyes as the cool nighttime air drifted into the hot and humid room.

“Much.”  She said, opening her eyes again.

They stayed in a tight embrace for a few moments before Celestia experienced an uncontrollable surge of emotions.

“L-Luna…?”  She said, looking down at her.  “C-Can I…kiss you?”

Luna looked up at her sister, a light blush visible through her blue fur.

“Please?”  She pleaded.  “I love you so much, Luna…”

Luna said nothing, not wanting to spurn her sister’s advances, but not satisfied with a giving simple yes or no answer either.  Instead she reached up as her sister brought her muzzle against hers, pushing against her tentatively.  The kiss lasted but a few moments as Luna pulled away from her abruptly.

“S-sister…I…”  She said nervously.

“What is it, Luna?”  She asked.

“I-I’ve never been with anypony before.”  She admitted, turning away in embarrassment.  “You’ve been with so many ponies I’m sure…”

“I haven’t been with anypony since before your banishment.”  Celestia said.

“You haven’t?”  Luna asked incredulously.  “Not in a thousand years?”

“No Luna, I haven’t.”  She said.  “I thought about it, especially with how lonely I was, but I could never bring myself to do it.  I waited for you for a thousand years Luna, but I would have waited as long as it took to be with you.  And if you never returned my feelings then I still could never bring myself to be with another pony again.  You’re the only pony I’ve truly loved, Luna.”

“You…waited for me?”  She asked, her eyes watering with sadness.  “I’m so sorry, sister.  I’m sorry you had to be alone for so long.”

“The wait was painful, but I can’t begin to describe my delight when you came back to me, Luna.”  She said.  “It was the happiest day of my life…until today.”


“The day you returned my affections.”  She said.  “The day when we could finally be together as I always dreamed.”

With that, she pressed her muzzle against her sister’s as they shared a passionate kiss.  Celestia pushed against her enthusiastically, eventually pushing her to the tile floor below.  Luna felt a little trapped underneath her sister, but in the heat of the moment she pushed those feelings aside, knowing that she would never hurt her.  Celestia gradually moved away from her sister’s muzzle and licked along her cheek up towards her ear, causing her sister’s cheeks to heat up in embarrassment.

She nibbled on her ear gently before peppering her face and neck with light kisses.  Gradually she made her way downward and started lightly kissing her chest, which elicited a few gasps and moans from her sister.  The sounds of her aroused sister were like music to her ears.  She worked as hard as she could to try and increase her sister’s pleasure, eventually getting close enough to kiss around her belly button.  As she started to get lower however, Luna suddenly tensed up.

“S-sister…”  She panted.

It was obvious that she was highly aroused and it excited Celestia greatly to see her sister in such a state.  But what she said next made her smile fade in disappointment.

“No, sister…”  She said, pressing her front hooves against her sister’s larger form.  “N-no sex…”

Celestia backed off immediately, pulling herself away.

“Did I hurt you?”  She asked in concern.

“N-no…”  Luna said, her breathing starting to slow.  “I just…this is going too fast, sister…I need some time…”

“I’m sorry, Luna.  I shouldn’t have pushed you so fast.  I just couldn’t contain my feelings any longer.”

“Can I be honest with you, sister?”

“Of course, Luna.”  She said.  “I always want you to be honest with me.”

There was a moment of silence between them as Luna collected her thoughts.

“I don’t want you to misunderstand.”  She said.  “I do love you sister, more than anything.  But…I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to…you know…”

“Because we’re sisters?”  She asked.

“N-no.”  Luna said.  “I love you, sister.  The fact that we’re related doesn’t bother me at all.  It’s just…I’m really not attracted to…mares…”

“I see.”  Celestia said simply.

“Frankly I had no idea that you were attracted to mares, sister.”

“I’m not.”  Celestia said.  “But I do love you, sister.”

“Well then maybe there’s hope.”  Luna said hopefully.  “Maybe over time I can learn to be with a mare.  But you have to be patient with me, sister.”

Celestia bent down and nuzzled her sister affectionately.

“I waited for you for a thousand years, Luna.”  She said.  “Take as much time as you need.  I don’t want you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

Celestia pulled away from her and looked down at her, a loving smile on her face.

“B-but sister, what if I can never do it?”  She asked worriedly.  “What if I can never learn to be with a mare?”

“I don’t care.”  She said simply.


“No, I don’t.”  She said.  “I love you so much, Luna.  The physical pleasures come secondary or not at all as far as I’m concerned.  So I don’t want you to be worried about having sex or letting me down by not wanting to have sex.  Sex is great, but I didn’t fall in love with your body Luna, I fell in love with YOU.”

“Oh sister…”  Luna said, bringing them into another passionate kiss.

Celestia pulled away slowly and started backing up towards her bed.

“Come sleep with me Luna, like we used to do all those years ago…”  She said as she crawled up onto her massive bed.

Luna followed her lead and got into bed next to her.  Celestia snuggled her sister against her form, spreading her wing to cover the love of her life protectively.  Luna suddenly perked up with a thought.

“Sister, why do you have such a big bed when you never sleep with anypony?”  She asked.

“Why in preparation for this day, my dear sister.”  She said.  “It’s even called the double princess size.”

“Really?” Luna asked incredulously.

“Really.”  Celestia confirmed, laying her head on the bed.  “I named the size myself.”

They both laughed at the ridiculous joke.  Luna snuggled up to her sister and laid her head against her sister’s neck, using it as pillow.  Without another word they both slipped into a deep sleep, snuggling against each other for warmth against the cool wind that was blowing through the open window.


Luna awoke slowly.  It took her a few moments to realize where she was, but the memories came flooding back to her in an instant and she almost gasped.  Celestia…she had feelings for her.  Despite the fact that her sister wasn’t awake, Luna couldn’t help but blush as she thought about the kisses they shared and how passionate her sister’s love for her was.

She moved her sister’s wing off of her as gently as she could and slid out of bed slowly, careful not to wake the sleeping alicorn.  She looked back and watched her sister as she slept.  Celestia had a smile on her face.  She looked completely content and peaceful.  Luna hadn’t seen her like this since before she had been banished.  The mask was off.

She didn’t know how long she spent watching her sister.  It could have been hours for all she knew.  But she realized that she had to get ready for her night court.  She had no idea how long she’d slept with her sister, but she knew it couldn’t have been very long as she had just gotten up an hour before and hadn’t been very tired.  She didn’t want to wake her sister, but she couldn’t resist reaching over and kissing her cheek as she slept.

“I love you, sister.”  She whispered.

Her sister’s smile twitched as she pulled away and she smiled.  She loved her sister.  She really did.  And although it might never become sexual, she knew that their relationship had changed for the better.  She sighed softly before turning to leave the room and get ready to attend her court.

It was true that her court was never as busy as her sister’s, but it was certainly busier than it was before her banishment.  New technologies had allowed more ponies to stay awake during the night and sleep during the day just like she liked to do.  This delighted her of course, but it also increased her responsibilities considerably.

She walked the hallways casually, her thoughts consumed by her sister.  As she approached the throne room she turned to one of the guards that stood at either side of the door.

“Guard, what time is it?”  She asked.

The guard gave her a funny look before replying.

“It is 2110 hours’ princess.”  He said quickly.

She was a bit late, but it was a small price to pay for the incredible time she’d spent with her sister.

“I assume the delegates have arrived by now?”  She asked.

“They’re waiting for you inside princess.”  He replied.  “Whenever you’re ready.”

With a sigh of contentment, she opened the door with her magic and stepped inside.


Luna sighed.  The night had been particularly difficult for her.  She didn’t know if it was the squabbling delegates that made the night so arduous or the fact that she had been so distracted by thoughts of her sister that she couldn’t do her job properly.  Regardless of what was to blame, she sighed in relief as the final delegate left and she was left all alone in the throne room.  It was 0500 hours; a bit early for her to eat dinner but she was famished.  She got up off her throne and wordlessly made her way towards the dining hall.  When she approached the large double doors, she opened them with magic and stepped inside.

The cooks were used to cooking all day long for the princesses.  Luna typically ate with her sister, although they were on different meals which made cooking a challenge.  One of the servants approached her gracefully, bowing down to her submissively.

“Welcome princess.”  She said.  “What can I get for you?”

“I’ll have the royal breakfast.”  Luna said quickly.

She was rewarded by a look of surprise from the servant, who lost her composure for a moment.

“Y-yes princess, right away.”  She said, trotting over to the kitchen to tell the cooks.

Luna huffed.  She didn’t like all the formality and neither did her sister, but it was necessary in order to maintain their image of regality.  She sat on her chair and waited patiently for breakfast to arrive.  Servants set the table for her quickly, bringing fine linens and candles as well as the finest silverware and setting them perfectly on the table in a neat and orderly fashion.

Suddenly the doors to the room opened and Celestia walked into the room gracefully.

“Sister!”  Luna exclaimed happily.  “You’re up early!”

Celestia gave Luna the most sincere smile she’d ever seen.

“Yes…”  She said.  “I slept quite well.  You’re eating rather early I see.”

“Come sit with me sister.”  Luna said enthusiastically, beckoning with her hoof eagerly.

Celestia laughed as she walked over to sit next to her sister and sighed contently as she sat down in the seat next to her.  She looked over as a servant trotted over from the kitchen and to the table carrying a large tray of food.

“Your meal is ready princess.”  She said, setting all the different dishes on the table.

“Breakfast?”  Celestia asked, surprised.  “And the royal breakfast as well?”

“Yes.”  Luna said simply.  “I’m simply famished sister.”

“What would you like princess?”  The servant asked, turning to Celestia.

“Do you want to share mine?”  Luna asked, turning to her sister.  “There’s certainly plenty of food here.”

She was right.  The royal breakfast had far too much food for a single pony to eat in one sitting.  It was designed so that the princesses and certain royal guests could sample every kind of breakfast item so they wouldn’t have to make choices as to what they wanted to eat.

“That would be lovely Luna.”  She said, smiling.

The servant bowed before making a hasty exit, not wanting to disturb them as they ate.

“Gee Luna, you’re making a mess.”  Celestia chided.

She leaned over and licked a bit of syrup that had dribbled down her sister’s muzzle, which made her blush profusely, memories of the previous night flooding back to her.  Celestia leaned back and licked her lips before smirking.

“You’re so cute when you blush.”  She observed.

“P-please sister, you’re embarrassing me.”  She said bashfully.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed Luna.”  She said, leaning closely so they were nose to nose.  “You’re so beautiful.”

Luna pulled back shyly as she went in for a kiss.  She stopped her advance, not wanting to make her sister uncomfortable.  But as soon as she stopped Luna closed the gap in an instant, drawing them into a passionate kiss.

They broke the kiss quickly as the door to the dining hall flew open and a guard galloped in.

“Princess!”  He exclaimed.  “I have news from the Crystal Empire!”

“W-what is it?”  Celestia asked, blushing in embarrassment.

Thankfully the guard was too preoccupied to notice how embarrassed both princesses were.

“Princess Cadence is on her way now.  She has urgent news.”

“What news?”  Luna asked curiously.

“She wouldn’t say.”  He said uncertainly.  “But she’ll be here by midday.”

“Thank you for letting us know.”  Celestia said.  “However, in the future you will knock before entering.  We could have been discussing things that were not for your ears to hear.”

“I apologize princess.”  He said.  “It will not happen again.”

“Very well.”  Luna said.  “Continue with your duties.”

“Yes princess.”  He said, bowing before making a graceful exit.

After the door shut behind him and she knew they were alone again, Luna turned to her sister.

“Why is Cadence coming here sister?”  She asked.

“I’m not sure, but it must be important if she’s actually coming here and not sending news via a letter or courier.”

“Yeah…”  Luna said, trailing off.

“In any case, we don’t have to deal with that problem right now.”  Celestia said.

She continued eating with her sister for the next few minutes, neither of them really feeling the need to talk.  She looked over at her sister as her shoulders slumped and she sighed.

“You look tired Luna.  You should get some rest.”

“I am tired…”  She mused.  “Maybe I will turn in early.”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

“Sister…will you join me?”  She asked, blushing.

Her sister smiled happily at the thought.

“I’d love to.”


“Are you comfortable Luna?”  Celestia asked, spooning her gently as she lay with her head against the pillow.

Luna had retired to her bedchambers with her sister in tow.  After all they had laid together in Celestia’s bed the first time so she figured it was her turn.

“Yes sister…”

Celestia nibbled at her ear gently.  It wasn’t long until her ear was wet from her ministrations so she started kissing her along the side of the neck as well as on the shoulders.

“I love you so much Luna…”

“I love you too sister.”

Luna was getting more and more aroused as her sister continued.  She shifted in arousal, which made Celestia smile between kisses as she realized what she was doing to her sister.

“Do you want me to stop?”  She asked, not wanting to take it too far.

“N-no…”  Luna said, gasping as she grabbed the skin of her neck between her teeth.  “Please…ahh!”

Celestia thought that she’d accidentally hurt her at first but her squirming told her otherwise so she continued.

“Sister…”  Luna said, gasping.

She turned over onto her back, unwittingly giving her sister access to her other ear.  Celestia didn’t miss the opportunity and growled into her sister’s other ear with desire as she nibbled on it gently.  Wanting to get better access, she stood up on the bed, towering over her younger sister as she started licking the other side of her face slowly and sensually.

“S-sister…I can’t…ahh!”

Celestia couldn’t take it anymore and brought a hoof back towards her own marehood, rubbing against it quickly as she tried to sate her own body’s needs.  She would prefer to be rubbing her sister’s marehood, but she knew that she wasn’t ready for that yet.  Her actions didn’t go unnoticed by Luna, whose own arousal levels skyrocketed as she realized that her sister was masturbating to her.  She brought her own hoof against her entrance and began masturbating herself as her sister continued kissing along her neck and chest.  Her sister’s assault was relentless, pushing her closer and closer to her peak.  It didn’t take long for the sensations to overcome her.

“Aghghhhhhhhhh!”  Luna cried out as she experienced the first orgasm she’d had since being banished.

The release of pleasure washed over her as she realized that she was truly loved.  She convulsed on the bed and pushed her chest up to meet her sister’s kisses.

Seeing her sister experience so much pleasure sent Celestia off as well, who moaned into her sister’s chest as she grabbed a large tuft of fur and skin and bit on it gently as she experienced her orgasm.

It was several moments before either princess was able to speak, each overwhelmed by the sensation.  Celestia recovered first.

“Oh, Luna…that was…”  She said, expressing her contentment.

“Yeah…”  She agreed, allowing every muscle in her body to go limp as she rested on the bed.

Worn out as well, Celestia collapsed next to her sister and spooned her against her larger form in a loving embrace.

“I will never tire of this.”  Celestia said softly, nuzzling her sister affectionately.  “If I could spend every minute of the next thousand years with you, it wouldn’t be enough.”

There was a long silence between them.

“Luna?”  She said, concerned that she didn’t respond.

She was rewarded by a quiet snore coming from her little sister, who had fallen into a peaceful sleep.

Smiling, Celestia kissed her sister’s forehead before sliding out of bed slowly to go and lower the moon and raise the sun.


“Sister.”  Celestia said, nudging her sister gently.

Luna groaned and shifted uncomfortably.

“Sister!”  She said, a bit more urgently.

Luna opened her eyes slowly and looked up at her sister in surprise.

“What is it sister?”  She asked.

“I’m sorry to wake you Luna, but Cadence will be here soon and I thought it would be best if both of us were there to hear the news.”

Luna stretched and yawned as her sister opened her room darkening curtains, letting the light of her brilliant sun through the window.  She shielded her eyes from the bright light, not used to being up in the morning.

“I need a bath.”  Luna observed, looking back at her flank.

Celestia blushed at what she was implying.

“Well yes, I’m sure we could both use one…”  She said.  “But we don’t have time.  Cadence will be here any minute.  I thought that we should meet with her in a more casual setting, so I’ve arranged for us to have tea in the guest suite that she’ll be using while she’s staying here.”

“That’s a good idea.”  Luna said.

As much as she and her sister disliked formality, Cadence was even worse.

“What about your court today?”  She asked, concerned.  “How much time do we have to meet with Cadence?”

“I’ve rescheduled all my appointments so they’re spread out over the next several days.”  She said.  “It should make for an interesting rest of the week, but now we have as much time as we need to meet with Cadence.”

“Well let’s go then.”  Luna said.  “We don’t want to keep Cadence waiting.”


Princess Cadence fidgeted with excitement.  She couldn’t wait to tell them the news!  Shining Armor hadn’t been able to come with her or the Crystal Empire would have been left undefended, but she needed to keep this a secret for as long as possible.  The guards had escorted her to her chambers nearly twenty minutes ago, but neither Celestia nor Luna had shown.  It was quite unusual for the princesses to be late and she started to get a little nervous.  But her nervousness vanished as she heard a knock on her door.

“Coming!”  She said happily, trotting over to the door and opening it slowly.

“Celestia, Luna, it’s good to see you both!”  She exclaimed, hugging them both quickly.  “Please come in!  I have great news!”

Both sisters looked at each other in surprise before walking into the room and shutting the door behind them.  They had both been expecting some bad or at the very least serious news, but Cadence’s demeanor indicated that it was something totally different and unexpected.

Cadence poured them both tea and beckoned them to sit across the table from her as she poured her own cup.  The sisters walked over to the table slowly before sitting down on the plush cushions on the opposite side of the table from Cadence.  All three ponies were levitating their tea with magic and both Luna and Cadence had already grabbed a crumpet as well.

“So I take it this great news isn’t pertaining to the wellbeing of Equestria?”  Celestia asked, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

She was a bit irritated at having to reschedule her entire week and give up precious time with her sister for news that wasn’t of the upmost importance.

“What?”  Cadence asked.  “Well yes, it is very important to the future of Equestria.  Just because it’s good news doesn’t mean it isn’t serious news as well.  I wouldn’t have come here to personally deliver a message if it wasn’t important.”

Celestia relaxed, feeling a bit foolish for letting her true emotional state leak through.

Luna on the other hoof was elated that her sister’s mask didn’t seem to be as bulletproof as it usually was.  She was letting her true feelings show and although this wasn’t the best display of her true emotions, it reinforced the belief that she was finally getting her sister back; that she was finally letting her faux composure down, at least when she was amongst the ponies she was close to.

“I’m sorry Cadence.”  Celestia said.  “I’m sure what you have to tell us is very important.  Please continue.”

Cadence took a sip of tea to wash down the bite of crumpet she had in her mouth before continuing.

“Well, Shining and I have been trying for a foal for a while now, and we’ve finally succeeded!”  She exclaimed, smiling excitedly.

Soon both sisters had a smile to match.

“That’s great news!”  Luna asked.  “Is it a filly or a colt?”

“It’s a filly, but that’s not the most amazing part.”  Cadence said.  “I believe she’s going to be an alicorn!”

“An alicorn?”  Celestia asked.  “Are you certain?”

“Well the doctor is about ninety percent positive that he sees the early development of wings, and she definitely has a horn.”

“How many ponies know about this?”  Luna asked.

“Just myself, my doctor, Shining, and now you two.”  Cadence said.  “I haven’t even told Twilight yet.”

“It’s best to keep this secret until the birth.”  Celestia said.  “We wouldn’t want anypony to try and take the foal.  You can tell Twilight and her friends that you’re pregnant, but it’s best not to tell anypony else that she’s going to be an alicorn until we can set up proper protection for the foal.”

Luna looked at her sister and smiled.  She always knew exactly what to say and do.  Her split-second decision making was one of her strengths as a leader.  Although she had been an adult for a few millennia, Luna still looked up to her big sister.

Celestia felt the gaze of her sister and looked at her with a smile.  Having delivered the news of her foal, Cadence was no longer preoccupied and sensed something.  She debated bringing it up for a few moments as she strained her senses to try and confirm her suspicions.  She definitely felt something.  It was probably a good idea to bring it up.

“There’s something different about you two.”  She said suddenly, surprising the sisters that were both still looking at each other.

“What do you mean?”  Celestia asked, turning towards her with a calm and quiet demeanor.

She kept her composure a lot better than her sister did.

Luna blushed, cursing herself and hoping Cadence wouldn’t notice.

“Maybe it’s just coming from you.”  She said, turning to Luna.  “But I sense strong feelings of love.  Do you have a new special somepony Luna?”

Luna stiffened immediately, her ears perking up nervously.

“I-I…”  She stammered.

“W-well she wasn’t going to tell anypony, but she has been seeing somepony.”  Celestia said.

“That’s great!”  Cadence said.  “I’m sure it’s been difficult adjusting to modern society, but I’m glad you were able to break through enough to start your first relationship.  So, who’s the lucky stallion?”

“Well…umm…”  Luna said, her blush intensifying.  “She’s actually a mare…”

“A mare?”  Cadence asked, surprised.  “I had no idea you were into mares Luna.”

“Neither did I.”  She said, looking over to Celestia.

Celestia looked down at her and smiled.

Cadence eyed them suspiciously.

“You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I feel something strange.”  Cadence said.  “I’m feeling love from you Luna, but also from you Celestia.  And it’s being directed…between you…”

Hearing this, Celestia completely lost her composure.  As she did, all of her love for her sister that was being tightly contained by her years of discipline flowed out of her and towards Luna.  Cadence picked up on this immediately and was instantly overwhelmed by the powerful sensation.

“Whoa!”  She exclaimed, shaking her head quickly.  “Celestia, what was that?!”

Celestia blushed profusely, suddenly overcome with shame.

Cadence’s head hurt.  It had been a long time since she’d felt love that strong between two ponies and the sensation was overwhelming.

“Celestia, I don’t normally pry into pony’s love lives without their permission, but seeing as I’m sensing love from Luna as well I have to assume she’s aware of your feelings for her.”  She said.  “It’s not quite as strong, but…whoa.”

Celestia was about to open her mouth in denial, but she knew it was futile.  Cadence knew more about love than anypony, and she couldn’t be fooled by mere words.  The best thing they could do now was try to explain.

“I’m sorry you had to learn about this Cadence.”  Celestia said.  “It was never meant to become public knowledge.”

“No, don’t be sorry!”  Cadence said excitedly.  “Do you have any idea how strong your love for each other is?  True love needs to be expressed, not suppressed, regardless of its form.  I haven’t felt love this strong in a long time.  Even incest can’t stand in the way of your love for each other.  I’m impressed.”

Both sisters released a sigh of relief.

“Thank you for understanding Cadence.”  Celestia said.  “Not many would accept incest between two sisters as normal.”

“Listen, incest is very special when it happens between two adult ponies.”  Cadence said.  “When the love between two ponies is so strong that it can overcome the taboo of incest, it just shows how strong the love they share for each other really is.  I’ve found that incestuous love is oftentimes even stronger than the love between two unrelated ponies.  But this…the amount of love between you is incredible.”

“It really is.”  Celestia said, tears welling up in her eyes.  “I’ve loved Luna for so long, and now I’m finally able to express those feelings.”

Cadence smiled.

“I must say Celestia, your skill at keeping your true feelings hidden is quite impressive.  I’m surprised you were able to hide feelings this powerful from me for any period of time.  If Luna had been better at hiding her feelings I might have missed it entirely.  But I’m glad I didn’t.  It’s not often that I get to feel such love between ponies.”

Cadence’s heart leapt in her chest as she watched Luna lick a tear from her sister’s face.  Both sisters were a bit preoccupied by their own feelings, which allowed her a rare opportunity to feel the ebb and flow of their love.  She enjoyed it immensely.  Unfortunately, they regained their composure rather quickly and turned to her again, none the wiser to the incredible experience they had just given her.

“Damn…”  She said.  “You’ve got it bad.  You two need to go be with each other.  Right now.”

Both sisters blushed at the observation.

“We’re fine.”  Luna said.

“I sense that you just recently admitted your feelings for each other, am I right?”  Cadence asked curiously.

“Yes.”  Celestia said.  “We just got together.”

“What the heck is wrong with you two?”  Cadence asked, shaking her head in disapproval.  “You’ll never feel this rush, this excitement as intensely as you do right now.  You shouldn’t be wasting your time talking to me.  As the princess of love, I recommend a full week of exploring your love for each other.  No, make it two weeks.  I’ll take over here in Canterlot for you two.  I’ll send word to Shining that I’ll be staying here, and you can spend your time ruining the sheets and spending every waking moment with each other.”

Both sisters looked at Cadence in shock, who was grinning widely.

“Y-you’d really do that for us?”  Luna asked in amazement.

“Of course!”  Cadence said gleefully.

“What about the night court?  You can’t possibly take on the work of two princesses.”

“You’re right, I can’t.”  Cadence admitted.  “The night court will have to move all its appointments to the day court and I’ll really have my hooves full, but I’m happy to do it for you guys.”

Celestia felt conflicted.  This was beyond her wildest dreams, but she also knew that it was shirking their responsibilities as princesses to allow the night court to be left unattended.

“I know what you’re thinking Celestia, but this is too important.”  Cadence said.  “You two need this time together.  It will do wonders for your relationship.  Trust me, I’m the princess of love.  I know these things.”

Celestia looked down at Luna uncertainly, but when she saw her pleading gaze that was all it took.

“Okay, thank you Cadence.”  She said, sighing as a huge burden was taken off of her.

“But there is one thing that I ask in return.”  Cadence said.  “I want to watch you two kiss.  Really kiss.”

Both sisters looked at her in surprise.

“W-what?”  Luna asked.  “Why?”

“Because I want to feel your love.”  Cadence said simply.

Luna looked at her sister uncertainly.  Sensing her hesitation, Cadence spoke up.

“You don’t have to if it makes you feel uncomfortable, but I really want to feel it.”  She said.

“Come on Luna, it’s the least we can do.”  Celestia said.  “You’re not embarrassed, are you?”

“W-well yes, a bit, sister.”  She admitted.  “But okay…”

Luna reached up and brought her muzzle against her sister’s in a passionate kiss.  As Cadence watched she was overcome with envy, remembering the strong feelings she had when she had first started her relationship with her husband.  As they separated she released a breath she hadn’t realized that she’d been holding.

“You two are going to have a great time.”  She said, grinning with glee.  “Now get out of here.”

“T-thank you Cadence…”  Luna said as she got up with her sister.

“I’ll see you two in a few weeks!”  Cadence said, waving goodbye at the two lovers as they walked out of the room, sharing a knowing glance between them.


Celestia’s room had been closer.  By that point neither of them cared what room they were in so long as they were together and had their privacy.  So as soon as her bedroom doors came into view they hurried inside as quickly as they could.  As soon as the door was shut behind them, Celestia pushed her sister against the other side of the closed door and kissed her as passionately as she could muster.  She was afraid that she was being too aggressive, but Luna gave no signs of that so she continued.  After a few moments, Luna broke the kiss and looked into her sister’s eyes.

“Let’s take a bath.”  She said quickly.

“Good idea.”  Celestia said, backing away and slipping into her bathroom quickly.

Luna’s heart beat rapidly in her chest and she was breathing heavily, trying to recover from the passionate advances of her sister.  She heard the water start to run as her sister began to draw a bath.  She looked around the corner curiously and watched in awe as Celestia removed her regalia and set them on the counter.  She was absolutely beautiful.  She didn’t understand how she hadn’t seen it before.  Her flowing mane, her gorgeous white coat, her perfectly proportioned face – it was all perfect.  She was perfect.

Feeling her sister’s gaze, Celestia turned back to look at her sister as she stood in the bathroom doorway.

“You coming Luna?”  She asked, stepping into the tub.

Luna rushed to remove her own regalia before stepping inside the tub with her sister.  Celestia had laid down on her back and was taking up most of the room in the tub.  She patted her chest and gestured for Luna to lay on top of her.  She was more than happy to oblige and embraced her sister tightly as she laid on top of her, rubbing her face against the soft fur of her sister’s chest.

“You feel nice sister.”  She said simply.

Celestia said nothing as she began kissing her chest, causing the white alicorn to jerk in pleasure at the sensation.  Luna began kissing upwards along her chest and neck before reaching up and licking her cheek affectionately.  Celestia moved and brought her muzzle against her little sister’s, pressing against her enthusiastically.  Luna opened her mouth to allow her sister access.

Celestia had been waiting for her to do that of her own accord.  She knew that her sister was very inexperienced and didn’t know what to do.  She knew that she had to take it slow so she wouldn’t overwhelm her.  But now that she had given her access, she took full advantage of the opportunity to show her what a real French kiss was like.  She brought her tongue along Luna’s, easily dominating it.  The sensation was totally new to Luna.  It was a little weird at first, but she eased into it, allowing her sister to take the lead.

As Celestia broke the kiss, Luna licked her lips sensually, eager for more.  Overwhelmed with emotion, Celestia buried her face in her sister’s neck and nibbled gently, causing her to moan at the sensation.

By that time the tub was already too full.  Celestia reluctantly used her magic to turn off the knob and pull out the plug to lower the water level.  Luna had been too distracted and was still coming off her emotional high so she hadn’t noticed how high the water level had gotten.  She shifted in the tub, causing a bit of water to spill over the side.  The sound of water splashing on the floor brought her back to reality and she realized just how out of hoof things had gotten.

“I-I guess we should get ourselves cleaned up.”  She said.  “We didn’t get in the bath to get even dirtier, did we?”

Celestia laughed.

“Agreed, little sister.”  She said.  “Now let’s wash that back of yours.”

Celestia turned her sister over so that she was facing away from her, grabbed a soapy sponge and began washing her sister’s back.  Luna blushed as chills went up her spine from her sister’s ministrations.  By now the water level was below half and Celestia casually put the plug back in with her magic as she went up and down her sister’s back with the sponge.

Luna could tell that she was almost done, but she didn’t want the sensations to stop.  She liked the feeling of being washed.

“S-sister…?”  She asked.  “Could you wash my…front too?”

She nearly “eeped” in surprise as she felt her sister’s body press up against her back as she brought her hoof around her body.  She rubbed the sponge up and down her sister’s front, eliciting a few moans of pleasure from her.  She got lower and lower with each pass until she was passing the sponge over her sister’s clit casually with each downward and upward stroke.  She felt her sister stiffen each time she brought the sponge along her clit and watched as Luna bit her lip each time, trying not to cry out.

Luna’s blush covered her entire face as she experienced the guilty pleasure of getting off to her sister washing her.  Feeling emboldened, Celestia focused mostly on her lower region, passing over her clit more frequently as she circled around her lower abdomen.  Eventually all attempts at subtlety were abandoned as Celestia ground the sponge against her sister’s marehood in a rhythmic motion with the sole intent of getting her off.  It didn’t take long before Luna let out a loud moan.  On instinct Luna tried to stand up as she experienced her orgasm, trying to get away from the overwhelming sensation of the sponge against her marehood.  But Celestia held her down forcefully and continued rubbing the sponge against her, bringing her to new heights as she her spasming body tried to buck her sister off.

“Oh sister…Ahhh!”  She exclaimed, shaking in ecstasy as jolts of pleasure shot through her entire body.

Celestia grinned as she held her sister down, intent on giving her an amazing orgasm.  After a few moments, Luna settled down and looked back at her.

“You’re so cute when you cum.”  Celestia observed.

Luna blushed profusely.  She’d never heard her sister use vulgarity like that before.

“There’s nothing sweeter to me than your moans of pleasure, or your spasming body as I bring you over the edge.”  Celestia said.  “Nothing.”

“B-but what about you?”  Luna asked.

“I told you before Luna, my pleasure is secondary to yours.”  She said.  “All I want to focus on is you until you get more comfortable with this.”

That didn’t sound fair to Luna, but the look of sincerity in her sister’s eyes made her feel a little better.

“Now,” Celestia said, changing the subject.  “You’re certainly clean, but I’m not.  Mind washing my back for me?”


Both princesses were drying themselves off with their towels after getting out of the bathtub.  Luna started drying off her mane, draping the towel over her head and blocking out the rest of the world as she dried herself as best she could.  She jumped in surprise as she felt her sister on her back.  Celestia grabbed her towel with her teeth before pulling it off of her slowly and letting it fall to the floor.  She started gently nibbling on Luna’s ear, the sounds of her husky breathing signifying her arousal.  Luna looked at their reflection in the mirror and blushed at the clearly erotic scene in front of her.  Her sister had a look of sly arousal on her face as she nibbled on her ear sensually.

“Sister…”  Luna said, turning her head upward and moaning softly.  “Sister…I need to get dry…”

“I fail to see why.”  Celestia said, smirking.  “You’re certainly not going to stay dry.”

Luna lowered her front half as she tried to shrink away from her sister’s ministrations.  Celestia followed her to the floor, not wanting her prey to escape.  Luna felt hot – so hot and aroused.  But she also felt dominated and powerless by her sister’s aggressive advances.

“Sister…please…stop…”  She pleaded quietly, feeling very vulnerable.

Realizing that she might have gotten lost in the heat of the moment, Celestia backed off her sister immediately.

“I’m sorry Luna.”  She said.  “I let my emotions get the better of me.”

“It’s okay.”  She said, feeling better now that her sister was no longer towering over her.  “I just…you’re being very aggressive sister.  I’m not used to it.”

“I would never hurt you Luna.”  She said, a look of tenderness in her eyes.

“I-I know.”  She said.  “It’s just…really overwhelming to be the focal point of all your desires like that.”

“I will try to suppress my desires for you Luna.”  She said.  “But it’s getting harder and harder each time we’re alone together.”

“No, don’t suppress them!”  Luna said frantically.  “You just have to go slower.”

“I’ll try.”  Celestia said confidently.

“I’m sorry I’m so skittish sister.”  She said.  “I know you want more from me, but I just…”

“No Luna, I’m the one in the wrong.”  She said sadly.  “I need to go at your pace.  I don’t expect you to catch up to mine.”

“You’re ready for more.”  She observed.

“But you’re not.”  Celestia said quickly.  “I don’t care if we ever make it past this point.  I’m just glad that you know how I feel about you and I can love you freely without having to distance myself from you anymore.”

Luna looked away from her, blushing.

“Y-you touched me…”  She said matter-of-factly.

“I’m sorry if I crossed the line Luna.”  She said.  “But you didn’t give any indications that you wanted me to stop.”

“No, I didn’t want you to stop!”  Luna exclaimed, not wanting her to misinterpret her statement as an accusation.  “I really enjoyed it.  It was just…unexpected.  I was caught up in the heat of the moment and now that I’m looking back, I realize that you just…masturbated me sister…”

Celestia stood there silently, not knowing what to say.

“Nopony has ever touched me before…”  Luna continued.  “I never imagined that you would touch me like that sister.  Our relationship has changed.”

“Is that…bad?”  Celestia asked, fearing the answer.

“No, it’s just different.”  Luna said, looking up at her.  “You may have felt this way about me for a thousand years, but I’m just now coming to terms with how I feel about you sister.  You have to be patient.”

“I would wait for you forever Luna.”  She said.  “I love you more than anything in this world.”

Luna put a hoof to her chest, breathing deeply.

“You know, it’s funny.”  She said.  “On one hoof, I really liked you touching me and I want you to do it again, but on the other…”

There was a long silence between them as she collected her thoughts.

“What is it Luna?”  Celestia asked, looking at her in concern.

“I…I’m afraid…”  She admitted, blushing in embarrassment.

“Afraid?”  Celestia asked in surprise.

“Y-yes…”  She said.  “I’m afraid of having sex.  I’ve never done it before.  I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t like not being in control of my body…  And on top of all that I’m having sex with a mare when I don’t even like mares!  And I’m afraid of disappointing you sister.  I’ve looked up to you all my life and I don’t want to let you down…  I just…”

“Shhhhhh…”  Celestia said, embracing her sister in a tight hug.  She looked down at her with a look of sympathy and guilt.

“It’s okay Luna.”  She said.  “I’m sorry for pushing you so fast.  I had no idea you were struggling with these fears.  I just…my love for you is so strong that it’s blinding me to the plight of the one I love most.  But no more.  Luna…let’s agree to never have sex…”

“What?!”  She exclaimed frantically.

Suddenly she felt intense worry, which confused her greatly.  Here she was saying how afraid she was of having sex, but the mere thought of never being able to have sex with her sister filled her with an even greater sense of worry and fear.

“I don’t need sex in order to be happy in my relationship with you Luna.”  She explained.  “You’re my sister, and my love for you is much more powerful than my body’s urges.  And I guess we’re not technically committing incest if we abstain from sex, regardless of how much we kiss…”

“N-no!”  Luna exclaimed.  “Sister…I want to have sex with you!  I do!  It’s just…your aggressiveness is scaring me even more than I already was…”

“Oh Luna, I don’t mean to scare you.”  She said sadly.  “I just want to give you as much pleasure as I possibly can.  From now on Luna, that is my main purpose in life.  I want you to feel my love flowing into you.”

Luna didn’t know how to respond to that.  Her sister was being completely and totally selfless.  She didn’t feel guilty, but wanted to give her something as well.

“S-sister…let’s have sex…”  She said, blushing and turning her head slightly, avoiding her sister’s gaze.  “You’ve wanted it for so long and I want to give it to you.  I just…need you to go slow.  I’ve never done this before…”

Celestia looked down at her sister in surprise.

“Luna, I – ”

“Please sister, let me give this to you…”  She said, looking up at her sister with pleading eyes.

“No, Luna.”  She said firmly.  “I don’t want you to have sex just for me.  As much as I want you, if we’re going to have sex then I want it to be on your terms, not mine.”

“It’s not just for you!”  Luna said, stamping her hoof on the tile floor.  “I want to!  I just need you to go slow for me and not be so aggressive.  I-It scares me…”

“Why does it scare you Luna?”

“Nopony has ever…wanted me like that.”  She explained.  “Your desires for me are so strong and I know how much you want me, and I don’t want to say no to you because you’re my sister and I love you.  But I feel like I don’t have any control.  I know you would stop if I asked you to, but I don’t want to lead you up to it just to make you stop right in the middle of it.  I-I feel like such a tease…”

“You’re not a tease Luna.”  Celestia said reassuringly.  “You’re just scared.  But you’re not just afraid of having sex.  You’re also afraid of rejecting me.  But Luna, wanting to stop isn’t rejecting me.  You’re my sister and I love you.  I wouldn’t want to go through with it if you were uncomfortable.  No matter how aroused I was, your comfort is much more important to me.”

“T-thank you sister.”  She said, sighing.

“Now, how about we have some lunch?”  Celestia suggested.  “Room service?”

“That would be lovely.”  Luna said, smiling.



Luna heard the door from inside the bathroom, but her sister had already finished drying off and was able to answer the door before her.

“Luna, what do you want?”  Celestia called from inside her room.

Luna walked out of her sister’s bathroom, a towel draped over her mane.  The fact that she had taken a bath in her sister’s bathroom did not go unnoticed by the servant.

“Is there something wrong with the bath in your room princess?”  He asked, turning to Luna.

“N-no…”  She replied, caught off guard.  “I…”

“We wanted to take a bath together.”  Celestia said.  “Do you have a problem with that?”

“N-no, of course not princess.”  The servant said nervously.  “I didn’t mean to pry.  I’m just trying to do my duty as your humble servant.”

“There was no harm done.”  Celestia said.  “However, it would be best if you didn’t concern yourself with our private affairs and instead focused on your immediate duties.”

“Y-yes princess.”  He said, bowing quickly.

“I’ll have a daffodil sandwich.”  Luna said quickly, trying to change the subject.

“I will have your meals brought up to you at once.”  The servant said.

He bowed deeply before trotting out of the room quickly, leaving the door open behind him.  Celestia shut the door with her magic, an annoyed look on her face.  Luna walked over next to her and looked up at her in confusion.

“Why did you tell him that we took a bath together?”  She asked, blushing.

“We’re both wet.”  She pointed out.  “It’s obvious.  To deny it or make up some story would only arouse suspicion.  However, if we don’t try to hide what we’re doing, it will seem innocent.”

“What do you mean, what we’re doing?”  Luna asked.

“Well, we shouldn’t try to hide things that could have an innocent explanation.”  She explained.  “Things like the fact that we’re sleeping in the same bed and we took a bath together.  We’re sisters.  They won’t automatically assume we’re together.  However, we should never kiss in public, or do anything else that leaves no doubt as to our feelings for one another.”

“Well that goes without saying.”  Luna said.  “But I guess you’re right about us sleeping together.  Somepony is going to figure it out eventually.  If nothing else, the cleaning ponies are going to notice that one of our beds hasn’t been slept in.”

“Speaking of beds, we need to figure out a way to keep them from getting soiled.”  Celestia pointed out.

Luna blushed.

“Well, Cadence did mention ruining the sheets.”  She said.  “But yes, it would be good to avoid leaving any…physical evidence of our feelings.  What do you suggest?”

“I do have a protective spell that might work.”  Celestia mused.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door.  Luna rushed to answer it, opening the door with her magic.

“Your food is ready princess, princess.”  The server pony said, indicating to both of them.

“Over on the desk please.”  Celestia said, gesturing towards her desk.

“Yes princess.”

The server pony set down the plates and quickly bowed out, leaving the princesses to eat in peace.


“So, now that our meal is done, what do you want to do sister?”  Celestia asked, looking over at her sister as she finished the last bite of her sandwich.

Luna’s eyes lit up in excitement and she swallowed quickly.

“Ooh, I just got the newest Daring Do book a few days ago!”  She said excitedly.  “I haven’t been able to read it because we’ve been…occupied.”

“Daring Do?”  Celestia asked, raising an eyebrow curiously.  “Seriously sister?”

“What?”  She asked indignantly.  “Those books are so good!”

Celestia rolled her eyes and giggled at her sister’s indignant expression.

“Well it’s a bit juvenile, but I suppose I could read it with you.”  She said.  “Or perhaps you would rather I read it TO you, little sister?”

Luna stuck out her tongue playfully.

“I can read just fine, thank you!”  She said, smiling.  “I’ll go get it!”

She stood up quickly in excitement.

“I’ll come with you sister.”  Celestia said.  “Why don’t we read it in your room?”

“Okay!”  Luna said happily.


“Well?”  Luna asked, expectantly.  “What did you think?”

She and her sister had gone back to her room to read the Daring Do book.  They snuggled up together on her bed, facing the fireplace while they read it together.

Celestia looked down at her sister and smiled.

“I must admit, it was better than I expected.”  She said.  “From what I had heard, I thought these books were for foals.”

“You mean you’ve never read a Daring Do book sister?”  Luna asked in surprise.  “They’re very popular.”

“I know you’ve been studying and trying to adapt to modern pony culture, but to be honest I haven’t been keeping up to date on the latest, most popular literature.”  Celestia admitted.  “We are immortal after all.  What’s popular today isn’t very likely to be popular even a decade from now, let alone in a few centuries.”

“That’s true…”  Luna admitted.

“I guess what I’m saying is, I prefer to engage in things that will stand the test of time.”  She said.  “Our permanence grants us a unique perspective.  As popular as Daring Do is, I don’t think I’ll be reading it five hundred years from now, do you?”

“I-I guess I never really think that far ahead.”  Luna said uncertainly, looking down at her hooves.  “I just enjoy reading it.”

Celestia reached down and licked her cheek affectionately.  She looked up at her sister in surprise.

“What was that for?”  She asked.

“You seemed to need it.”  Celestia said, smiling.

Luna blushed and looked away.

“Are you ready for the ritual of sun and moon?”  Celestia asked.

“Yes…”  Luna said, yawning softly.

Celestia looked down at her and smiled.

“What?”  Luna asked.  Something about the way her sister looked at her made her self-conscious.

Celestia laughed.

“No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my cute little sister.”  She said, nuzzling her affectionately.

“Stop it Celestia.”  She said, smiling and pushing her away playfully.

Celestia smiled as she slid out of bed.  Luna followed her reluctantly as she made her way out onto the balcony.  Celestia closed her eyes and focused on her magic as she lowered the sun slowly.  Luna watched the white alicorn in amazement as she lowered the sun.  She was so beautiful.  Her mane caught the rapidly fading light of the sunset, shimmering brightly in the twilight as she controlled the very movements of the sun itself.

She was perfect.  Celestia was absolutely perfect.  She had always loved her sister, but Luna realized that she had taken the perfection of her sister for granted.  She could never hope to attain that level of perfection.  In the past that realization would have bothered her greatly.  She had been resentful and jealous of her older sister.  But now she felt grateful that she had her sister all to herself.

Her sister loved HER, and nopony else.  She had waited for her for a thousand years.  Celestia could have literally any mare or stallion that she wanted, yet she chose her – her own sister.  Despite the taboo nature of her feelings, she hadn’t been able to let them go.  She could have chosen another for those thousand lonely years and Luna would have been none the wiser, but she didn’t.  Luna was the only one she loved, and it made her giddy with excitement to think of how much her sister loved her.

“Luna?”  Celestia asked, breaking through her thoughts.

“S-sorry sister.”  She said, blushing in embarrassment.  “I was distracted.”

Without another word, Luna began raising the moon.  As she watched her sister, Celestia was awestruck at how incredible she looked in the moonlight.  Her mane shimmered as the light from the moon got brighter and brighter.  Her eyes were closed, focusing intently on the task of raising the moon.  Celestia was impressed by her sister’s mastery and control over the moon.  Despite having to raise and lower the moon herself for the thousand years she was banished, she wasn’t anywhere near as skilled as Luna was.

But perhaps it was the elegance of her form as she raised and lowered the moon that made her seem so majestic.  Or maybe it was how much she loved and cared about her sister that made her seem so incredibly perfect.  Regardless of the reason, Celestia was dumbfounded that she had actually returned her feelings.  She had kept her feelings for her sister bottled up inside for so long that she had never dreamed that her perfect little sister would ever return them.  Why would she?  She could have anypony she desired at the drop of a hat.

The fact that she had chosen to be with her made Celestia feel like the luckiest pony in all of Equestria.  Luna had been totally free to reject her – and by all rights should have – but she didn’t.  They were sisters after all.  She had been able to look past the fact that they were related through years of denying her own feelings to the point where she couldn’t do it anymore, but Luna had decided to return her feelings on the spot.  Luna loved her – she knew she did.

“Sister?”  Luna asked, nudging her gently.

“Oh, umm…yes?”  Celestia asked quickly, trying to recover from her distracted thoughts.

“Are you ready to go inside?”  She asked.

“Yes…”  Celestia said, reaching down and nuzzling her sister affectionately.  “You’re so beautiful Luna…”

“So are you sister…”  She said, nuzzling her in return.

Celestia pulled away from her sister before extending her wing to cover her and move her along as she turned to walk back into the bedroom.  Luna allowed her sister to guide her back to the bed where she slipped in without a word.  She slipped under the blanket and sighed as she felt her sister embrace her from behind.

“Celestia?”  She asked suddenly.


“I’m glad you’re with me.”  She said, her wings fluttering in excitement against her sister’s chest.

Celestia was surprised by her sudden wing movements, but embraced her tightly against her larger form as her wings settled down.

“I always will be…”


Luna opened her eyes slowly.  It was still dark of course, as it always was when she awoke.  She and Celestia had learned to awaken early so they could complete the ritual of sun and moon on time.  She was acutely aware of her sister’s presence.  Celestia’s body was pressed up against her back as she laid on her left side, and the tip of her muzzle rested so that it was positioned right at her ear.  She didn’t know whether her sister was awake yet, so when she spoke it made her jump slightly.

“Good morning, my love…”  Celestia said softly.

“M-morning sister…”  Luna replied quietly.

Luna moved to slide out of bed, but stopped as her sister wrapped a hoof around her middle and pulled her against her form.

“Sister…the sun and moon…”  She said.  “They -”

“- Can wait.”  Celestia interjected as she started to nibble on her ear gently.  “This is much more important.”

Celestia started rubbing her front slowly and sensually as she kissed along her neck.  Her kisses left Luna feeling very hot, and she moved her legs as she tried to find relief from the growing arousal that was building in her nethers.

“Hmmmmm…”  Celestia said, smiling contently as she realized what she was doing to her sister.

She started rubbing Luna’s lower stomach, moving her hoof in a circular motion around her belly button as she started kissing along her muzzle, trying to encourage her sister to reciprocate her affections.  Luna needed no convincing as she turned and pressed her muzzle against her older sister’s in a passionate kiss.  Celestia’s hoof gradually traveled even further downward as they made out fervently, both of them moaning contently into each other’s mouths.

As she got down past her belly button, Celestia started to gently knead the pliant flesh of her sister’s lower abdomen, causing the lips of her sex to move with the rest of her flesh as she kneaded it in a circular motion.  This provided Luna with just enough stimulation to be pleasing, but not enough to sate the burning in her nethers.   After a few minutes of this, Luna couldn’t handle it anymore and broke the kiss abruptly.

“Please…”  She pleaded quietly.  “Please sister…please…”

Celestia thought about continuing to tease her.  She thought about making her beg for what she wanted.  But no.  She couldn’t bring herself to tease her little sister, so without another word she slowly brought her hoof against her sister’s flower.

Luna gasped at the contact, her body seizing up at the sensation of her sister’s bare hoof against her most private and vulnerable parts.  Celestia stopped abruptly, surprised as her sister gasped and her whole body tensed up.

“Luna, did I…?”

“N-no, sister.”  She said quickly.  “Just please…go slow…”

The mood was a bit soured, but Celestia continued undeterred.  She peppered her sister’s face and neck with kisses as she rubbed her hoof against her flower slowly.  Luna instinctively spread her legs further apart as her sister worked, eager for more.  Celestia decided to slow down a bit, bringing her hoof right above the lips of her sex and rubbing gently, causing her flower to open and close with each movement of her gentle hoof.  Luna shuddered against her sister’s form as the sensations overwhelmed her, but her sister gave her no respite as she went back to rubbing directly against her sex, this time a little faster and with more enthusiasm.

Celestia couldn’t take it anymore.  Seeing her aroused sister made her own marehood burn in arousal, and she quickly brought her other hoof down against her sex and started rubbing it in sync with her sister’s.  Luna was well aware of her sister’s actions, which brought her more pleasure as she realized that she and her sister were experiencing the sensations together.

“Sister…it feels so good…”  Luna said, spreading her legs further.

Encouraged by this, Celestia redoubled her efforts and rubbed her hooves fervently against both of their flowers, eager to get both of them off as quickly as possible.

“Mmmmmmm….”  Luna whimpered.  “Sister…sister!”

Determined to give her an amazing finish, Celestia’s rubbing reached a fever pitch.  Luna was already squirming against her, trying to lessen the overwhelming sensations that had already started to overcome her body.  Suddenly her entire body seized up and she started shaking in pure bliss.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…sister…”  She moaned loudly.

Celestia could feel her sister’s entire body shaking.  Her hoof was quickly covered in wetness as she brought her little sister to orgasm.  She felt as her sister’s flower convulsed and contracted against her hoof in pure pleasure, gripping down on the non-existent stallionhood inside of her.  She was feeling her own sister’s sex against her hoof, rubbing her, and bringing her to orgasm.  It was everything she had ever dreamed of.  And as she saw her sister’s face contort in pleasure, she lost control of her own body as it started spasming out of control from the overwhelming revelation of the pleasure that she was giving her little sister – the love of her life.

As overwhelming as her own orgasm was, the fact that her sister was getting off as well did not escape Luna.  She moaned as she realized that she was sharing an orgasm with her sister, both of them experiencing both their own pleasure, and the pleasure of the other.  It seemed to last forever, but eventually the sensations subsided enough for her to notice how hard they were both breathing.  The feeling of her sister’s rapid heartbeat against her back gave her great comfort as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm.

For Celestia’s part, she couldn’t believe how good that had felt.  Sharing an orgasm with her sister was one of the most powerful sensations she’d ever felt in her long life.  Perhaps it was because she had been dreaming of this for so long, or perhaps it was because she cared about her sister so much.  But whatever the reason, she knew that she could never go back to the way things were before.  She loved her sister too much to pretend that she was just her sister.  She reached down and kissed Luna’s neck before nuzzling against her affectionately.

Luna “Hmmmmm’d” in contentment as she felt her sister nuzzle up to her like that.  She may not have been in love with her sister for as long as she had been pining for her, but she loved her sister like nopony else.  Luna felt content.  Completely and totally content.  Her entire body was relaxed, and she had just experienced pleasure like she had never felt before.  And now she was resting with her sister, feeling her chest against her back as she breathed in and out.  She felt safe, warm, and comfortable in her sister’s embrace.  Although half an hour had been spent in her sister’s embrace, it hardly felt like a moment to Luna, who groaned in displeasure as her sister’s words reached her ears.

“Luna, it’s time for the ritual of sun and moon.”  Celestia said softly, licking her ear affectionately.

“Can’t it wait another hour or two, sister?”  She complained.

Celestia laughed.

“I only wish.”  She said, nudging her with her snout.  “Now come on.”

Luna slid out of bed begrudgingly and yawned as her sister came up behind her and put a wing over her form.  They walked out to the balcony together and looked up into the night sky.

Celestia sighed suddenly.

“You know how much I love you, don’t you Luna?”  She asked.

“Uh huh…”  She said tiredly, eager to get the ritual over with.

She lit up her horn, quickly grabbing hold of the moon to lower it from its place in the sky.

Her magic fizzled out in surprise as Celestia suddenly placed a hoof on the other side of her cheek, turning her face so she would look up at her.

“No.”  She said.  “I don’t think you do.”

“What do you mean?”  Luna asked, confused.  “I know you love me sister.”

“Luna, why do you think I banished you?”  She asked.

Luna opened her mouth to speak, but Celestia held up a hoof to silence her.

“I banished you because I had no choice.”  She said.  “Do you not think that I would allow you to have eternal night if it meant that I could be with you and wouldn’t have to lose you for a thousand years?  Do you think that my pride in my sun, or even in my own position as ruler of Equestria was enough to make me banish you for a thousand years?”

“I-I…”  Luna stammered, not knowing what to say.

“Even as Nightmare Moon, my little sister was still in there.”  She said, her eyes welling up with tears.  “I would rather have submitted to Nightmare Moon than lose you Luna.  But it wasn’t that simple.  The world cannot live without both the moon and the sun.  The very ponies whose worship you desired would eventually die without sunlight.  And I knew that you were not able to raise and lower the sun on your own.  If submitting to you would have only meant my death, I gladly would have taken that punishment over losing you for a thousand years.  But if I had allowed you to kill me, all life in Equestria would come to an end as well.  So you see Luna, I had no choice.  The only choice was to either banish you, or have all life in Equestria, including yours, extinguished.  If there had been any other way, I would have taken it.  I never wanted to banish you.  Please…forgive me Luna…please…”

“Forgive you?”  Luna asked, her eyes watering with tears.  “There’s nothing to forgive sister.  If anything, it is I who should be asking your forgiveness.  My jealousy and resentment of you made me vulnerable to Nightmare Moon.  If I hadn’t been so weak and hadn’t let hate into my heart, you never would have had to banish me, and you never would have had to endure such pain and loneliness.”

Luna walked forward, coming out from under the protection of her sister’s wing as she nuzzled against her neck affectionately.

“I am truly sorry for that, sister.”  She said.  “But I promise, I will always be with you, from now until the day I die.  Never again will I allow hate or jealousy into my heart.”

“We all have weaknesses Luna.”  Celestia said sadly.  “Don’t blame yourself for being equine.  I should have been there for you.  I should have loved you like a sister and not distanced myself from you like I did.  But I feared that you would hate me if you found out how I felt about you.”

By then Celestia was sobbing softly, the memories too much to bear.

“Shhhhhh…”  Luna said quietly, reaching up and kissing her lips gently.

Celestia pushed against her passionately, eager to feel the touch of the one she loved most.  Luna reciprocated, pressing against her sister’s muzzle with confidence as she felt her strong older sister’s body relax and go limp as she submitted to the kiss.  Celestia’s tears ran down her muzzle and onto Luna’s face as they kissed in the soft moonlight.  The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity, and time stood still as they basked in their shared love.  Luna pulled away gently, still supporting the weight of her sister’s head and neck until she could use her own muscles to support herself.

“You are not to blame sister.”  She said softly.  “No matter what you did or didn’t do, the hate and resentment was my own.”

“Y-you really think so?”  Celestia asked hopefully.

“I know so.”  Luna said confidently.  “Please sister, don’t blame yourself.  I couldn’t bear the guilt of causing you even more pain than you’ve already endured.”

“But you’re not entirely to blame either!”  Celestia protested.  “Nightmare Moon took advantage of you when you were weak!  I know that you would NEVER try to kill me sister.”

“Agreed.”  Luna said.  “Neither of us was entirely to blame.  An unfortunate situation occurred which left us vulnerable to Nightmare Moon.”

There was a long silence between them as they thought.

“We must make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.”  Celestia said, stomping her hoof resolutely.

“It won’t.”  Luna said confidently.

“How can you be so sure?”  Celestia asked.

“Because, you and I are one now.”  Luna said proudly.  “We are closer than we ever have been.  What made us vulnerable was when we turned away from each other.  That will never happen again.”

Celestia smiled at her sister’s wisdom.

“I’d never thought about it like that.”  She said.  “I guess we were both to blame, or neither of us were to blame.  It depends on how you look at it.”

“Well enough of this sad talk sister.”  Luna said enthusiastically.  “We’re with each other now, and that’s what matters.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right.”  Celestia said, happily.  “Are you ready for the ritual of moon and sun?”

“Of course.”


Cadence looked up as the doors to the dining hall opened up and the two sister princesses walked in.  Her tired expression brightened significantly as they came in, a smile gracing her face.

“Hi!”  She exclaimed.

The two sisters looked at her and smiled back.

“So how are you two lovebir-”  She stopped abruptly, correcting herself.  “Lovely sisters doing?”

All three ponies looked around conspicuously, worried that somepony had overheard her badly corrected question.  The servants were in the next room over, a mere revolving door between the dining hall and the kitchen.  However when there were no signs that anypony had overheard her, they all relaxed.  Nevertheless, both sisters shot Cadence an annoyed glare.

“Hi Cadence.”  Luna said.

“Good morning.”  Celestia said cordially.

As they took their seats, Cadence unleashed a powerful spell, taking both sisters off guard.  It didn’t take them long to discover what she had done.  A bright pink bubble surrounded the entire table, engulfing it back three feet around the perimeter.  A sound barrier.  Both sisters looked at her expectantly, surprised that she would do something so brash.

“Sorry but I can’t wait to hear all about it.”  Cadence said excitedly.  “So, how did it go?”

“I-it’s kind of private Cadence…”  Luna said, blushing in embarrassment.

“Oh come on!”  Cadence said.  “I’m the princess of love!  And besides that, I’m interested in how two of the most important ponies in my life are getting on!  Is that so wrong?”

Celestia charged up her horn.

“You don’t mind, do you?”  She asked, looking at Cadence.

Guessing what she was thinking, Cadence waved a hoof dismissively.

“Of course not.”  She said.  “If you want to reinforce the sound barrier, be my guest.  I’m the princess of love, not the princess of sound barriers.  My general magic has never been anywhere near as good as yours, and this is a sensitive topic.  We want to make sure it’s one hundred percent soundproof, right?”

Hearing this, Celestia unleashed the powerful spell.  The barrier turned yellow as it was imbued with her power, easily overpowering Cadence’s magic.

“Well at least now SOMEpony isn’t going to spill our secret.”  Celestia chided playfully.

“Hey!”  Cadence exclaimed in mock indignation.  “I can keep a secret.  I’m just so excited.  So tell me, how did it go?”

“Luna?”  Celestia asked, looking over at her little sister.

Realizing that her sister was referring the question to her, she sighed before speaking quietly.

“It went…well…”  She said, blushing.

When she didn’t volunteer any further information, Cadence rolled her eyes.

“Come on Luna!”  She said.  “Let me in on the juicy details!”

“Well she uhhhhhhh…masturbated me…”  She said, embarrassed.

“Masturbated?”  Cadence asked, surprised by her embarrassment and her technical description of the act.

“We’re taking it slow.”  Celestia interjected.  “Luna has never been with anypony before Cadence.  She needs to do this on her own time.”

“Oh, of course.”  Cadence said.  “So what have you done?”

“Just kissing mostly.”  Celestia said.  “Though I have gotten her off twice, once with a sponge in the tub and another time with my hoof.”

“And has she gotten you off?”  Cadence asked.

“Not directly.”  Celestia said.  “She’s not ready for that yet.”

“No oral?”  Cadence asked.  “No direct sex?”

Celestia shook her head.

“I hadn’t realized that you two were so early into your relationship.”  Cadence said.

“But we’re not.”  Celestia said.  “We may have only admitted our feelings for each other a few days ago, but we’re sisters.  The sex will come when it comes.  For now, we need to experiment with how we feel about each other.  There’s so much more to a relationship than sex Cadance.”

“I know that!”  She said indignantly.  “I’m the princess of love for pony’s sake!  I’m just…surprised is all.  The love between you is so strong and I just figured that you would be on each other like rabbits trying to relieve all the sexual energy between you two.  There’s not a problem, is there?”

“No, there’s no problem.”  Celestia said confidently.

“It’s just…”  Luna said, trailing off.

Both ponies looked at her as she spoke up.  Sighing, she realized she had to continue.

“It’s just that, I’m not really attracted to…mares.”  She admitted.

“You’re not?”  Cadence asked in surprise.

“No, I’m not.”  She said.

“I’m not either.”  Celestia said.  “But I do love my sister, and I want to give her as much pleasure as I can.  But because she’s not attracted to mares and has no experience having sex with mares, Luna needs to go slow.”

“I get it now.”  Cadence said, nodding.

“Is it possible to not be attracted to a mare, but want to have sex with her anyway?”  Luna asked curiously.

“Yes Luna, it’s called love.”  Cadence said.  “You want to have sex with her because you love her and want to share your pleasure with her.  You don’t have to be attracted to somepony in order to love them and want to bring them pleasure.  I must admit, these feelings can be confusing, but you just have to do what feels right and the rest will work itself out.”

“I see…”  Luna said, finally understanding.

“Let me ask you something Luna.”  Cadence asked.  “If you could have sex with me or Twilight or some other mare, would you want to?”

“No!”  Luna exclaimed, a look of disgust evident on her face.

Cadence smiled at her outburst.

Not wanting to come off as offensive or harsh, Luna started to correct herself.

“I mean, you’re attractive of course, and so is Twilight, but…”

“But you’re not in love with either of us, are you?”  Cadence asked.

“No.”  She said simply.

“Love allows us to cross barriers we never thought were possible.”  Cadence said.  “Your love for your sister has allowed you to cross both the barrier of incest, and the barrier of wanting to have sex with another mare.  I hope you understand how strong your love has to be in order to cross those barriers.”

“I…yes…”  Luna said, looking over at her sister.  “I love my sister very much…”

Celestia smiled down at her sister and embraced her in a tight hug.  Cadence smiled at the display of affection, but was quickly distracted by a server pony that was standing right outside the sound barrier.  She beckoned him over with a hoof and he stepped through the barrier reluctantly.

“Thank you for waiting, but our confidential business is concluded here.”  She said quickly.  “You can take our orders now.”


After bidding Cadence farewell, both sisters had decided to head back to Luna’s chambers.  There was nothing else to do after all, and they wanted to plan the rest of their day in private.  As they rounded the corner of the hallway where Luna’s chambers were located, they spotted a cleaning cart just outside her door.  Both sisters shared a worried glance before trotting into her chambers together.  The cleaning pony stopped what she was doing immediately and turned to the sisters in surprise.

“Princess, Princess…”  She said, bowing to each of them individually.

The princess’ eyes were drawn to the bed.  When they realized that it hadn’t been touched by the cleaning pony yet, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“We wish to change the cleaning schedule.”  Luna said quickly.  “From now on you will clean our chambers every other day, not every day.  Is that understood?”

“Yes, of course Princess…”  The cleaning pony said, bowing quickly.

“Tell me, do you clean my chambers as well, or is that the job of another pony?”  Celestia asked.

“Why yes, I do.”  The cleaning pony said nervously.  “As the head royal maid, it is my duty to clean the chambers of the royal sisters.  Why do you ask?  Do you have a problem with my service?”

“No, no, nothing like that.”  Celestia said, smiling.  “You do a very good job.  However, I would like to change my cleaning schedule to every other day as well, on the same day that my sister’s room is cleaned please.”

“Of course, Princess.”  The cleaning pony said.  “I will inform my team of the change immediately.  Is there anything else?”

“No.”  Luna said quickly.  “But please remove your cleaning materials and leave this room.  My sister and I wish to be alone.”

“Yes Princess…”

The cleaning pony collected her supplies as quickly as possible before shutting the door behind her.  After a few moments, both sisters sighed in relief.

“That was bad.”  Luna said, shaking her head.  “Do you think she suspects anything?”

“No, of course not.”  Celestia said reassuringly.  “You worry too much.  You’ve always been able to think quickly on your hooves.”

“If we have the cleaning ponies clean every other day, and we take turns sleeping in each other’s chambers, nopony will notice that the beds haven’t been slept in.”  Luna explained.

“It was a good idea.”  Celestia said.  “Though I do admit that I enjoy sleeping in your bed better.”

“You do?”  She asked in surprise.  “Why?”

“Well…”  Celestia said, a light blush on her face.  “Mostly because it smells like you.”

Luna laughed.

“Well, eventually our beds will smell like both of us equally.”  She said.  “I just hope the cleaning ponies don’t notice.”

“So Luna, what do you want to do today?”  Celestia asked excitedly.

“Be with you…”  She said, walking up to her and nuzzling her sister’s neck affectionately.

“Hmmmmmmm…besides that…”  Celestia said, giggling at her sister’s playfulness.

“I don’t care so long as I’m with you.”  She said, peppering her sister’s neck with kisses.  “You decide.”

Celestia felt her face and chest heat up from the burning desire she felt for the mare in front of her.  Using all her resolve, she pulled away from her before things got too heated.

“Let’s go to the gardens.”  She said, looking down at her sister.

She knew that her actions hadn’t escaped her little sister as Luna looked up at her, a pouting look on her face.

“Is something wrong ‘Tia?”  She asked softly.

“Did you just call me…’Tia?”  She asked in surprise.

She waited for a response.  When none came, she smiled.

“You haven’t called me that since we were foals!”  She said, her smile widening.  “I like it.”

Luna smiled, her features softening.

“I was afraid to call you that because of how serious you always were.”  She admitted.  “I didn’t think you’d like it.”

“And now?”  She asked.

“You’ve really changed these last few days ‘Tia.”  She said.  “Your mask is off and I can tell you’re who you really are with me.  You feel…real…like your old self.”

“I hadn’t realized that I changed so much.”  Celestia said, looking down at the ground in sadness.  “I never meant to hurt you.”

“But you didn’t change ‘Tia.”  She said.

Luna reached out with a hoof and lifted her sister’s chin up to meet her gaze.  She stared deep into her sister’s eyes intently, smiling warmly.

“Not where it mattered.”  She continued.  “Not inside.  If you had then you wouldn’t have gone back to your old self so quickly.”

“I-I’m such a weak pony…”  Celestia said, turning her head to the left quickly and avoiding her gaze.  “I put on this façade of strength, when inside I’m full of doubts.”

“Sister, no.”  Luna said quickly.  “You are a princess, just like I am.  We have to portray strength and regality to our subjects.  But it’s okay to have doubts and it’s okay to have fears.  I just…I don’t want you to hide them from me sister.  Not from me.  I want to see who you truly are, and I want you to share with me your doubts and fears so that we can work through them together.  You’re not weak sister.  You’re simply equine, same as me.”

“Oh Luna…”  She said, tears welling up in her eyes.  “I love you so much…”

She buried her face in her little sister’s mane and nuzzled against her affectionately.  Luna returned the gesture, nuzzling up into her sister’s neck and rubbing against her gently.

“I’ll always be here for your sister.”  She said.  “You don’t have to rule alone anymore.  You can depend on me.  You can shift some of the burdens onto me.  I will gladly do everything I can to lessen your burdens sister.”

Celestia sobbed softly into her sister’s mane as she said that, relief washing over her.  She cried for several minutes before her sobs turned into deep breaths.  Luna was worried about her sister and started to step back to see if her tears had dried, but stopped as she felt her sister’s hoof wrap around the backside of her neck as she hugged her tightly against her.

“Thank you, Luna…”  She said softly.

With that, she released her and Luna stepped back and looked up at her, a smile on her face.

“Feel better?”  She asked.

“Yes.”  She replied, wiping the tears from her eyes with her hoof.

“Here, your face is a mess sister.”  Luna said, reaching a hoof up and pulling her sister’s neck down so she could reach her face.

She gently licked the tears from her sister’s eyes and started working on the rest of her face to try and make her presentable again.  This went on for several minutes before Celestia started laughing and pushing her sister away playfully.

“Okay, okay, I’m fine now Luna.”  She said, smiling.  “I don’t know what came over me.  I don’t usually cry like that, but I’m just so happy to have you by my side.”

“Sister, it’s okay to cry.”  Luna said, embracing her tightly.  “I don’t want you to hide your tears from me. I love you so much ‘Tia.  We’re sisters.  I will always be there for you when you need me.”

“Thank you, sister…”  Celestia whispered, draping her neck over her sister’s in a loving embrace.  “Thank you…”


Both sister’s exited Luna’s chambers together, careful not to show too much affection now that they were out in the open.  They looked at each other nervously as a guard walked by, both of them sharing a knowing glance.  It was imperative that they not show weakness in front of their subjects, and Luna found herself looking at her sister’s face, trying to see if there was any evidence of her tears.  Thankfully there was none, but the look she was giving her gave Celestia pause.

“What is it, sister?”  She asked in a hushed tone.

“N-nothing.”  She said, blushing and looking away.

Celestia smiled.

“You’re so cute when you blush.”  She observed.

“Sister!”  She cried, blushing even more and looking around nervously.

“Sorry.”  Celestia said, turning her head forward as she continued walking.

Several moments passed as they continued walking down the hallway.

“It’s true though.”  She said matter-of-factly.  “You are.”

Luna gave her a pouting look but said nothing, annoyed and embarrassed at her sister’s rather public show of affection.


It took only a few minutes for them to reach the castle’s private gardens, but it seemed like forever to Luna.  Her sister kept smiling at her, which for some reason greatly embarrassed her.  As they walked through the glass doorway and out into the gardens, she couldn’t help but voice her concerns.

“S-sister, this is terribly embarrassing.”  She said, giving her a pleading look.

“Luna, you’re my little sister.”  She said, smirking.  “I can’t help but love and admire you.”

They laid down on the soft grass, enjoying the warm breeze and the smell of flowers from the garden.

“Your thoughts are far from pure, sister.”  She said accusingly.  “It is obvious even to the casual observer.”

“Lulu, you’re my sister.”  She said, looking a bit hurt at her words.  “It’s going to take a lot more than my loving glance to raise suspicions.”

Celestia had known her sister for a long time, and she could tell that the use of her foalhood nickname had soured her mood even further.

“Would you prefer more privacy?”  She asked gently.

“Y-yes, sister!”  She said excitedly.  “Let’s go back to your chambers!”

Celestia laughed, smiling happily.

“I have a better idea.”  She said, charging up her horn.

Suddenly a bright flash of light filled Luna’s vision as her sister’s horn glowed brightly.  But as fast as it had illuminated, the bright light disappeared.

“What did you do?”  She asked curiously.

“I just cast an invisibility spell.”  She said.  “Nopony can see or hear us now.”

“Really?”  Luna asked, suddenly very interested.  “How long does it last?”

Celestia leaned down to nuzzle her sister affectionately.

“Hmmmmm…”  She moaned.  “About an hour…”

Luna returned her sister’s embrace, leaning up on her and licking along the base of her ear.

“Now we’re completely alone, but we can enjoy the gardens together.”  Celestia said softly.

Luna grabbed hold of her sister’s ear, licking and nibbling it gently.

“O-oh!”  Celestia said, laughing at her sister’s playful affection.

Luna went back to resting on her sister’s shoulder and looked out at the gardens that surrounded them, breathing deeply.

“I’ve always loved the gardens.”  She said.  “I’ve always thought they were so beautiful.  But now…now I can’t help but see them as…r-romantic as well.”

Celestia leaned back and looked down at her sister in mock surprise.

“Why, I do think you might be falling for me, sister.”  She said, covering her muzzle with a hoof.

Luna laughed.

“I-I never thought of us like this, sister.”  She said.  “I must admit that it’s taking some getting used to.  But I do love you.  I never really noticed it before, but I now find your beauty to be quite…impossible to ignore.”

“My beauty could never even begin to rival yours, sister.”  Celestia said.  “You’re everything to me.”

She reached down to bring Luna into a kiss, but she pulled away at the last second.

“Sister, I just…”  She said, looking down at the grass below.

“What is it Luna?”  She asked, concerned.

Luna looked up at her sister, worry in her eyes.

“I do love you, sister.”  She said.  “And I even find you…attractive…  I just worry that it might not be enough.”

“What do you mean?”  She asked, her tone soft.

Luna sighed.

“I’m worried, sister.”  She said, looking down in shame.  “What if things don’t work out between us?  Can you honestly say that things can go back to the way they were now that we know of our feelings for one another?”

There was a moment of silence between them.

“Luna, look at me.”  She said.

Luna raised her head slowly to look at her sister, only to feel her sister’s hoof lift her chin up as she pressed her muzzle against her own in a light kiss.  Time seemed to stop as she felt Celestia’s lips gently caress her own in what seemed like a never-ending kiss.  As they separated, Celestia looked down at her with a look of such love that it made her heart melt.

“That will never happen, Luna.”  She said.  “No matter what, I will always love you.  Even if you don’t want us to be together physically, I will always love and care for you.  If things don’t work out and you don’t want to be with me that way, my feelings for you will never change.  I will never be with anypony else.  I will wait for you forever, Luna.  No matter how long it takes, whether it be a day or a lifetime, I will wait for you.”

Luna’s eyes watered at her sister’s words.

“But it’s not right to deny yourself love if I’m unable to give it to you…”  She said softly.

“Luna, listen to me.”  She said.  “I could never love another.  No matter what happens between us, you will always have my heart.  I’ve given all my love to you, Luna.  There’s no room for anypony else in my heart.”

A few moments passed in silence as Luna processed her sister’s words.  Suddenly she stood up and looked down at her in determination.  Using a single hoof, she pushed it against her side, rolling her over onto her back.  Celestia looked up at her sister in surprise at the sudden movement.

“L-Luna…?”  She asked, her eyes wide.

Luna said nothing as she crawled on top of her sister, pressing her chest against the white alicorn as she reached down and kissed her with such force that it took the wind right out of her lungs.  Celestia broke the kiss quickly, needing to breathe.  Undeterred, Luna started kissing her neck forcefully, taking out all her passion on her willing sister.

“Luna…”  She breathed, taken aback by her sister’s rough affections.

Celestia’s rear leg jerked in pleasure as her sister started biting her neck gently as she rubbed her body against the white alicorn in a rhythmic motion.  As her sister continued to assault her, Celestia’s body started responding quite positively to the enthusiastic mare on top of her.  Not wanting to be totally submissive, Celestia wrapped her front hooves around her sister’s form as she continued kissing her neck and chest.

She moaned under her sister’s rough ministrations, the burning in her nethers getting more difficult to ignore.  But her attention was suddenly drawn to her belly, and the wet spot that her sister was making there.  She looked between them at her sister’s delicate flower.  She wanted nothing but to please her.  As she reached down and her hoof made contact with her sister’s flower, she gasped and stopped moving completely.

“I-I’m sorry.”  She said, worried that she had destroyed the mood.  “You were being so forceful I figured you wanted – ”

“Do it.”  She said simply.

Celestia didn’t need to be told twice.  She started rubbing against her sister’s flower quickly, causing the smaller alicorn to jerk in pleasure and lose her balance.  She fell forward a bit, pinning her sister’s hoof underneath her.  Celestia wasn’t about to let that deter her though.  She kept it up, jerking her hoof against her sister’s sex as quickly as possible.  Luna moaned loudly at the sensation, reaching down and biting her sister’s neck gently.  She took a tuft of her sister’s skin and fur in her teeth, nibbling on it gently as she continued pleasuring her.

Celestia felt a shiver down her spine as her sister moaned against her neck, feeling the vibrations down to her very core.  Her nethers burned.  They burned so bad.  But all she wanted was to feel another moan from her sister.  Instead she was gifted with a loud grunt as her sister came.  She bit down hard on her sister’s neck, causing her to wince in intense pleasure and pain as she felt her sister’s whole body shake in pleasure as she experienced her orgasm.  Celestia’s hoof was drenched in her sister’s cum as she continued pleasuring her, breathing hard in excitement at seeing her sister in such a state.

Suddenly her sister collapsed on top of her.  Celestia took her hoof out from underneath her and helped to steady her on her chest.  They were both breathing hard, Luna from her pleasure, and Celestia from sheer excitement.  Celestia reached forward and kissed her sister’s cheek affectionately.

“I love you, sister.”  She whispered, closing her eyes as her sister fell asleep in her arms.


It was about half an hour before Luna woke up from her little nap.  It took her a moment to remember what happened, and she jerked up before looking down at her sister in surprise.

“I’m sorry, Luna.”  She said, smiling up at her.  “Did I wake you?”

“N-no.”  She said.  “I-I’m sorry, sister.”

“For what?”  She said, looking at her in surprise.

“I was so forceful.”  She said, blushing.  “I don’t know what came over me.  But when you said those things to me, I couldn’t help but want to be with you.”

“If you remember, I was forceful too at first.”  Celestia said, smirking.

Luna’s blush deepened.

“I remember…”  She said.  “But…I didn’t even return the favor…I’m so selfish…”

“No, Luna, don’t think that.”  She said, giving her a look of sympathy.  “We need to go at whatever pace you’re comfortable with.  I long for your touch, but I know you’re not really into mares.  I don’t want to force you or guilt you into anything.  I’m happy just to be able to kiss you, hold you, and give you my love.  If you never touch me, I’m perfectly fine with that.  Just so long as you’re happy, that’s all I care about.”

“But, sister, I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel.”  She said.

“You do, sister.”  She said.  “You do.  The pleasure I get from hearing your moans, and feeling your whole body shake against mine…I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

Luna blushed, a smile forming on her face at her sister’s words.  Celestia leaned forward and licked her sister on the cheek.  Her look of surprise caused Celestia to laugh.

“Let’s go get washed up.”  She suggested.


Both sisters were doing their manes as they got out of the shower.  They had gone back to Celestia’s room to take a shower in order to remove any…incriminating marks.  Unfortunately one mark in particular couldn’t be washed away.

“I’m sorry, sister.”  Luna said, blushing and looking away from her.  “I didn’t mean to bite you so hard.”

Celestia laughed lightly.

“You can hardly be held responsible for what you do while in the throes of passion.”  She said, smirking.  “Besides, I take it as a compliment.”

“Well you just don’t let up when you’re masturbating me.”  She said.  “It’s so intense I feel like I’m going to die of pleasure.”

“Please, sister, you sound like a sexual education book.”  Celestia chided playfully.

“What should it be called then?”  Luna asked quizzically.  “Rubbing?”

Celestia grimaced at the word.  “Better, but how about ‘pleasing’ or ‘pleasuring’ instead of being so technical?  Even something more vulgar such as ‘hoofing off’ would be better.”

“The language has changed so much since I’ve been away.”  Luna said, frowning.  “I must say, I never studied vulgar terms when relearning the language.”

By then they were both pretty much done with their manes so they walked back out into Celestia’s bedroom, the white alicorn taking the lead.  Luna couldn’t help but try to steal a glance at her sister’s marehood as she walked behind her.  As Celestia turned back to look at her, she looked away quickly in embarrassment.

“So what do you want to do now, Luna?”  She asked as she turned to face her.

Luna silently chastised herself at how foolish she had just been.  She knew that her sister would let her see her marehood if she wanted to, but despite this fact, she still felt embarrassed at the thought of being caught trying to get a peek at her sister’s naughty bits.  It didn’t feel right looking at her sister that way, despite everything they’d done together thus far.

“What is it, Luna?”  She asked, concerned.

Luna blushed.

“I-I…”  She stammered.

There was a moment of silence between them as she tried to get up the nerve to ask her.

“I-it’s nothing, forget it.”  She said, averting her gaze.

“Are you sure?”  She asked.  “Is there somewhere in particular you want to go, or something you want to do?  I’ll do anything you want, Luna.”

“I-I want to…look at you…”  She said, her blush intensifying.

“Look at me?”  Celestia asked in surprise.  “What do you mean?”

“I want to look at your…”  She said, trailing off.

“You do?”  Celestia asked, somewhat shocked at the request.  “Are you sure you want to take this next step?”

Luna nodded firmly.  “I’ve never looked at another mare…like that.”  She said.  “I want to see what it’s like.”

“Okay.”  She said, smiling gently.

She slowly made her way over to her bed before laying down on it on her back.  She spread her legs slowly, revealing her modesty.  Luna got onto the bed with her and looked down between her sister’s legs, getting an unfettered view of her sister’s marehood for the first time.  She’d seen it before of course.  A fleeting glance here and there when they were foals.  But she had never taken the time to actually stare at it.

“Here.”  Celestia said, spreading her legs even further apart.

Luna watched in fascination as her sister’s flower parted slightly, revealing a bit of the soft pink flesh inside.  She was overcome by a sudden urge to touch it.  She reached her hoof out to touch her sister, but stopped at the last second and looked up at her to get her approval.

“Go ahead.”  She said, encouraging her.

Luna gently placed the tip of her hoof against her sister’s nethers, the soft white fur tickling her hoof as she just barely touched her sister.  Feeling emboldened, she pressed her hoof against the side of her nethers causing her flower to open even more from the touch.  She pulled her sister’s flower apart further, intrigued by the sight.  Her sister’s flower was absolute perfection.  Curious she reached her nose down towards her and took a light sniff.  It smelt clean and very feminine, with a hint of the scent of shampoo from the shower they had just taken together.  Wanting to explore more she used her other hoof to spread her sister open further.  It was then that she was able to open her up enough to see that her flower actually had an opening that went deep inside of her.  It was too dark to see to the bottom, but she could tell that her sister was very tight.

“You really haven’t been with anypony.”  She breathed, talking to herself.

“Not in over a thousand years.”  She said.  “I waited for you.”

Luna’s mouth was open in awe as she continued studying her sister’s flower, mesmerized by the sight of it.  She wondered if she were that tight.  She had never studied her own marehood before, but how anypony could be tighter than her sister was, she had no idea.  It was hard to see inside of her even with both hooves spreading her open at once.  And even then, the opening was so small there’s no way any normal stallion could get inside of her without great difficulty.

Celestia’s heart was beating in her chest so hard she was worried her sister could hear it.  Her sister was touching her just like she’d always dreamed.  She tried not to get her hopes up, but she couldn’t help it.  She had never gotten this close to mating with her sister before.  She meant what she said about being fine without the physical part of the relationship.  She would rather have an emotional relationship with her sister than none at all.  But she had wanted to mate her sister for as long as she could remember.  As a thousand-year-old goddess, there weren’t many of her unfulfilled dreams left, and it had been centuries since one of those dreams had come true.  And of all her dreams, this was the one she wanted to come true most.

Luna felt a burning in her nethers as she continued touching her sister.  Her sister loved her more than anypony ever had.  As she looked up at Celestia, she saw a look of desire she’d never seen before.  It was intense, burning desire.  She deserved the pleasure she craved.  Despite her claims of being okay with a strictly emotional relationship, she knew that her sister wanted to mate her.  As she looked up at her, she saw a thousand years of desire on her sister’s face.  Luna truly did love her sister.  She was still struggling with loving her sister as a mare, but she deserved to mate her.  She waited all that time for her.  To reject her now would just be too cruel.  Her heart melted as she felt how powerful her sister’s restraint was through her mask.  She wasn’t able to hide it from her, and she felt a sense of love she hadn’t felt before as she realized how hard her sister was trying to resist her own pent-up desires in order to go at the pace she needed.

“Don’t worry, sister.”  She said.  “I’m going to let you mate me.”

“What?”  She asked, concerned.  “Luna, I don’t want you to go too fast.  You don’t have to – ”

“But I want to.”  She said confidently, looking up at her.  “You’ve been so patient, sister, and you deserve this.”

“But, Luna, I…”  She started.

But Luna didn’t give her a chance to finish.  Without warning she brought her muzzle against her sister’s folds, licking experimentally.

“Ahhh!”  Celestia cried, throwing her head back in pleasure as she felt her sister’s tongue against her marehood for the first time.

“Luna, I…Ahhh!”  She said, once again cut off by the feeling of intense pleasure as her sister continued working.

She tried to talk several more times, but she couldn’t even take a deep enough breath to make any sound other than soft moans as her sister continued her relentless assault.  She eventually gave in, her muscles relaxing as she suddenly felt very heavy on the mattress.  She squeezed her eyes shut in pleasure as tears streamed down her face.  This was it, she realized.  She was mating with her sister.  After over a thousand years of waiting, she was finally realizing her dream.

Luna hadn’t planned on starting so forcefully but when her sister started to protest she did the only thing she could do and started pleasuring her without her permission.  She knew how badly her sister wanted her, and there was no way she was going to allow her to deny herself anymore based on her feelings.  Luna loved her sister more than anypony, and wanted to give her this more than anything.  Luna’s nethers were on fire as she continued pleasuring her sister and she suddenly felt guilty for all the times her sister had pleasured her without getting any relief herself.

No.  She had decided.  She was going to give her sister the best release of her life even if it killed her.  She ignored the burning of her lungs as she continued eating her sister out.  She had never pleasured another mare before, but she figured that the fact that it was her doing it would be enough to get her sister off just by itself.  But still, she was going to try to give her sister the best orgasm she could.  Celestia started squirming and she knew that she must be close.  Realizing this she redoubled her efforts, eager to give her sister the best finish she’d ever had.

Celestia was overwhelmed with pleasure.  Her sister didn’t let up for an instant.  Her inexperience made the experience even better as she knew that she was the first and only mare her sister had ever been with.  Her tears had mostly dried by now but as she approached her peak, new tears took their place.  She was going to cum.  Her sister was going to make her cum.  Her sister was giving her all this pleasure.  She was mating her sister.  Her sister.  Her perfect little sister.  Her perfect little Luna, the love of her life.  As these thoughts raced through her head, she couldn’t hold on anymore.  She threw her head back, squeezing her eyes shut as her body seized up and she began shaking, unable to control the convulsions that were wracking her entire body.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  She exclaimed.  “Aghhhhhhhhh!”

Her body continued to shake for what seemed like hours.  She had absolutely no control over her own body as she was wracked with physical pleasure unlike any she’d felt in her several thousand year lifetime.  Luna continued through it all, pressing against her sister as she squirmed and moved, trying to get away from the overwhelming sensation of her sister’s tongue against her bare marehood.  As she calmed down she was jarred from her afterglow by the sound of her sister gasping for air.

Luna came up from between her sister’s legs as quickly as she could, her lungs feeling like they were going to burst.  She collapsed on top of her sister, breathing so hard she thought she might pass out.

“A-are…are you o-okay, Luna?”  She asked, concerned.

It took several moments for her to respond.

“Y-yeah…”  She said, breathing heavily.

Several more moments passed in silence as they both regained their breath.

“B-but we’re not done yet.”  Luna said, looking up at her slowly.

Celestia looked down at her sister quizzically.

“I know you still want to mate me.”  She said.

“Luna, you’re exhausted…”  She said in concern.

“No!”  She exclaimed, surprising both herself and her sister.

“I-I mean, no.”  She said.  “I want you to.  I know you want me, and I want to give myself to you.”

“Are you sure, Luna?”  She asked, concerned.

“I’m sure, sister.”  She said confidently.

“I know you want to dominate me and mate me.”  She said.  “I know you’ve been holding back your aggressiveness ever since I told you that I was scared.  But I want you to do what you want with me.  I know you won’t hurt me, and I know how much you love me.  I want to give myself to you.  My body is yours.  I want you to use it any way you want to get the best release you can.  Don’t hold back.  I know there are things you want to do to me, and I’m going to let you do anything you want to my body.  It’s yours.”

Celestia was speechless.  It took several moments for her to get her voice back.

“Luna…how did you know…?”  She asked.

“You’re my sister.”  She said.  “I know.”

“Luna, this is something you tell your longtime mate.”  She said.  “We shouldn’t just cut loose.  This is the first time we’ve even had sex.”

“No!”  She exclaimed, a look of determination on her face.  “You’ve waited so long for me.  I’m not going to deny you anything.”

Celestia turned over slowly, bringing her sister underneath her so she was lying on her back on the bed.  She reached down and kissed her gingerly before separating slowly.

“Thank you, Luna…”  She whispered.  “Thank you…”

Celestia slid down her sister’s body slowly, bringing her flower close to her muzzle before taking a light sniff.  She smelt heavenly.  Her sister wasn’t even aware of how perfect she was.  She paused, savoring the moment as she looked down at her sister’s perfect flower.  Not able to resist any longer, she spread her sister open slightly with both hooves before diving right in.

Luna had never felt a tongue on her marehood before and was completely unprepared for the intensity of the sensation.

“Ngh!”  She groaned, kicking one of her back legs as a pure reflex to the intense stimulus of her sister’s tongue.  Celestia went nice and slow, not wanting to overwhelm her sister.  She ate her out slowly, making each movement special as she explored her sister’s flower.  Luna laid flat on her back, looking up at the ceiling.  She was really doing it.  She was having sex with her sister.  There was still a nagging feeling that she was doing something wrong – that she shouldn’t be having sex with another mare, much less her own sister.  But that feeling lessened with each movement of her sister’s tongue against her marehood.  Her sister loved her.  She really did.  Isn’t that all that mattered?  How could something that felt so right be wrong?  Her heart ached for her sister.  She was giving herself to her sister, and it felt absolutely wonderful.

Celestia wanted to just dig in greedily, but she didn’t want her sister to be overwhelmed.  Luna was a very sensitive mare, so she had to work up to it.  As Luna got more accustomed to her slow, calculated movements, she moved to a more intense, emotionally charged pace.  She knew this was the first time her sister had ever been pleasured orally, and she wanted to make her first experience a good one.  She ate her out with increased vigor, her emotions getting the better of her.  Her heart was beating in her chest so hard, seemingly wanting to join with the mare’s beneath her.  She redoubled her efforts, trying to get as deep into her sister as she could.

Luna felt as her sister got more enthusiastic.  She was trying to hold back as long as she could, as she knew her sister was enjoying pleasuring her.  But she just couldn’t hold on anymore.  Her whole body tensed up and she started shaking as her orgasm hit her.  Her sister gave her no respite however, actually increasing her pace.  Her orgasm was dragged out much further than usual, reducing the dark blue mare to a quivering mess.  As her body calmed down, her sister finally gave her a break, pulling away from her and gasping for air.

Her rest was but for a moment however, as she felt her sister shift her body and climb up on top of her.  Luna watched as her sister pushed her marehood against her lower body, rubbing against her.  It didn’t take long for their flowers to meet, the lips of their sexes catching on one another as they slid over each other.  Both mares gasped at the sensation.

“Oh, sister…”  Luna said, moaning in pleasure.

Celestia continued sliding against her slowly, trying to find the right position so she could go faster.

“Sister, please…”  Luna pleaded.  “Mate me…”

Celestia looked down at her sister and smiled.

“I love you, Luna.”  She said quietly, leaning forward a bit so she could look down on her.

Luna looked directly up at her as she continued rubbing their sexes together.  She could barely form a coherent thought, let alone say a complete sentence.

“Love…sister…”  She said, her tongue lolling out from the intense pleasure she was feeling.

Celestia smirked before starting to move more quickly.  The feeling of her sister’s flower against her own was overwhelming.  Both sisters moaned as they experienced the sensation together, neither of them able to hold on for much longer.

Celestia came first.  Luna could feel her sister’s flower clenching as it was pressed against her own.  She was actually feeling her sister cum.  The realization sent her over the edge as well.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…”  She moaned, squeezing her eyes shut as her sister continued to move her hips.

“Oh, Luna…”  Celestia said softly, riding her orgasm along with her sister’s.  She bit her lower lip so hard she almost drew blood.  Both mares were shaking with one another, each of them riding out the sensations as best they could.  She still wasn’t done, but Celestia couldn’t keep herself up any longer and laid on top of her sister gently, still riding out her orgasm.  Luna hugged her sister against her form, happy to have the warm body of her sister against her as she experienced the last few moments of her release, as well as the warm afterglow.

Both sisters were breathing heavily, totally worn out from their intense mating.  Celestia pushed herself off of her smaller sister, collapsing beside her.  Luna got the idea quickly and snuggled up next to her.  Celestia spooned her sister, bringing her as close as possible to her as she smelled her mane.

“Hmmmmm…you were perfect Lulu…”  She said softly, completely relaxed.

“Yeah…it was wonderful…”  She said.  “Was it everything you hoped for, sister?”

“No.”  She said.  “I could never have imagined how good it actually felt to finally be with you after all these years, sister.  No matter how much I fantasized about this day, those fantasies never came close to the real thing.”

“I’m glad ‘Tia.”  She said.  “I’m glad we’re finally together.”

Luna expected a response, but all she got was the sound of slight snoring coming from behind her.  She smiled in contentment and went to sleep herself, eager for what the next day would bring.


The two sisters awoke to banging on their bedroom door.

“Celestia, Luna, are you in there?”  Cadence called.

Both sisters shot out of bed instantly.

“Uh, yes, come in!”  Celestia called.

The door burst open immediately and Cadence walked in.

“What’s wrong?”  Cadence asked worriedly.  “Why haven’t you lowered the – ?”

She froze, looking both of them over.

“Whoa, somepony had a fun time.”  She said, smirking.

Realizing they were still messy from sex, both sisters blushed.

“Well I guess that’s why you were late to lower the sun and raise the moon.”  She observed, snickering.

“How late are we?”  Luna asked quickly.

“Twenty minutes.”  Cadence said.  “Ponies are starting to panic.  They think you’ve been ponynapped or you’ve died or something.”

“Oh my!”  Luna said.  “We don’t want to cause a panic.”

She quickly lit up her horn, lowering the moon much faster than usual.  Celestia started raising the sun at the same time, realizing they had no time to waste.  Within a few moments their duties were done, which gave Cadence the excuse she needed to continue prying.

“Soooo…?”  She asked, raising her eyebrows.  “How did it go?”

Both sisters smiled at her widely.

“We went all the way.”  Celestia said.

“You did?”  Cadence asked.  “No way!  How was it?”

“It was absolutely wonderful.”  Luna said, blushing.  “I’ve never felt such pleasure and happiness.”

“I knew you could do it.”  Cadence said, smiling.  “I knew your love could cross the sexual preference barrier.  The love between you two is very strong.”

“I finally gave my sister what she’s wanted all this time.”  Luna said, smiling.

“Wait, what do you mean all this time?”  Cadence asked.

“Well…I’ve been pining for my sister for over a thousand years.”  Celestia said, blushing profusely.

“What?!”  Cadence exclaimed in shock.  “Wait a minute, you fell in love with her BEFORE you banished her?”

“Yes.”  Celestia said simply.  “And I only told her how I felt about her a few days ago.”

Cadence started crying, looking down in sadness as tears fell from her face and onto the tile below.

“Cadence, what’s wrong?”  Celestia asked, concerned.

“I-it’s just that…you loved her this strongly and you still had to banish her?”  She asked, sobbing quietly.  “T-that’s so horrible!  I feel so bad for you, Celestia!”

“I had no choice.”  Celestia said.  “I wish I would have told her how I felt before she was banished.  If I had, I likely could have prevented her from turning into Nightmare Moon.”

Celestia looked over at her sister as she noticed there were tears in her eyes.

“No please, everypony.”  She pleaded.  “Let’s not dampen our spirits.  This is a joyous occasion.  We’re finally together after all these years.  All that pain and sadness is in the past, where it belongs.”

Cadence stopped crying for a moment, looking up at her.

“Come on, let’s go get a late dinner.”  Celestia suggested as she headed towards the door.

Cadence and Luna began to cheer up at that idea.


It had been a quiet dinner so far.  They were about halfway through their meals and Cadence hadn’t said a word.  She was eating very slowly, looking down at her plate and avoiding their gazes.

“Cadence, is there something you’d like to say?”  Celestia asked gently.

“Wha-?”  She replied, looking up in surprise.  “No…”

Celestia raised an eyebrow at her and she looked away nervously.

“It’s just that…”  She said.  “You said that you’ve been in love with Luna for more than a thousand years.  Why didn’t you tell her how you felt before you banished her?  And why did it take you this long to tell her how you feel after she returned?  She’s been back for years.”

“I couldn’t.”  Celestia said.  “Even though I wanted to be with my sister more than anything, I couldn’t run the risk of her finding out how I felt about her and losing the bond I already had with her.”

“So you were willing to have a less intimate relationship with her rather than risk having none at all?”  She asked.

“I suppose you could say that.”  Celestia admitted, nodding.

“She’s been very cautious in this relationship.”  Luna said, surprising both alicorns at the table.  “She even tried to tell me that she would be happy with us just having a romantic relationship without any sex, but I could feel her desires for me.”

“What I said was true, Luna.”  Celestia said.  “I will always love you, no matter what happens.  Even if we never have sex again, my feelings for you will always remain.”

“I know, sister.”  She said, smirking.  “You were willing to settle for a strictly romantic relationship.  But you must admit that you would prefer for us to have a sexual relationship rather than just a romantic one.  Your desires for me are quite clear.”

Celestia blushed.

“It is true that I desire you, Luna.”  She admitted.  “I always have, even when we were young.  But more than anything, I want you to be happy.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up a bit!”  Cadence said, holding up both hooves in the air.  “When you say young, how young are we talking about?”

“Well…”  Celestia said, trailing off in embarrassment and looking over at Luna.  “Ever since we tried on those old unicorn dresses that were given to us by the nobles.  You were so pretty in your dress, Luna.  I just couldn’t get enough of seeing you trot around in it, despite how big it was on you.”

Luna blushed profusely.

“Sister, we were but foals!”  She exclaimed.  “Do you mean to tell me that you’ve…desired me since we were foals?!”

“Well…not sexually, no.”  She said, looking away from her.  “We were too young to even know what sex was back then.  But it was then that I noticed that my feelings for you were…different.  By the time we were old enough to have sexual urges, I was masturbating to you quite frequently.”

“Wait a minute!”  Luna exclaimed.  “You told me that you fell in love with me when you started distancing yourself from me, a little over a thousand years ago!”

“I lied.”  Celestia said simply.  “That’s why I started distancing myself from you, but my feelings for you started way back when we were foals.  I didn’t want to creep you out when I first admitted my feelings for you.  That’s why I said it had only been a thousand years.”

Luna put her head on the table, trying to hide her blush.

“I just want to die…”  She said.  “This is so embarrassing…”

“No, don’t be embarrassed!”  Cadence said.  “That’s so sweet!”

“You think so?”  Luna asked, raising her head.

“Of course!”  Cadence said, smiling.  “It’s almost like a fairytale.”

“I suppose it is kind of romantic…”  Luna admitted, her blush diminishing.

“So tell me more.”  Cadence said, putting both elbows on the table and leaning closer with interest.

“I discovered masturbation one day when I was lying in my room thinking about her.”  Celestia said.  “I was thinking about my sister and I suddenly felt hot – like I had an itch that I had to scratch.  That’s when I tried playing with myself for the first time.  It was absolutely glorious.  From then on I realized that the more I thought of my sister while I was masturbating, the more intense the orgasms were.  She would move her hips a certain way, or say something cutely to me at dinner and before anypony could stop me I had locked myself in my room thinking back to that moment, trying to hold onto it as I masturbated.”

Celestia stopped and looked over at Cadence curiously.  She was grinding herself against the chair subconsciously, obviously aroused by the story she was hearing.

“Cadence, what are you doing?”  She asked, smirking.

Cadence looked down at her seat.

“Shoot!”  She exclaimed.  “I’m sorry, but I can’t help it!  Your story is just so hot!”

Celestia looked over at her sister, who had remained eerily quiet.

“Ahm, I must admit that it got me going a little bit too.”  She said, a slightly guilty look on her face.

“Fuck, what I wouldn’t give to watch you two have sex.”  Cadence said, closing her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, both sisters were giving her a look of surprise.

“I won’t, of course.”  She said.  “Getting off to watching you two have sex is too close to cheating, and I love Shining Armor far too much to do that to him.  Besides, I don’t want to come between you two.”

Hearing this, both sisters relaxed a bit, but still looked uncomfortable.

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing!”  She said defensively.  “You two are really cute together and I can’t even imagine the explosion of love that gets released when you two go over the edge together.”

“Well, I can tell you right now that that’s not going to happen.”  Celestia said sternly.  “Luna and I don’t merely have sex because we want to get off.  It just happens naturally as we express our feelings for one another.”

“I totally get that.”  Cadence said.  “Maybe it’s just because I’m with a stallion, but half of the time it’s just a rough, animalistic pouncing that happens because we need some release.  We love each other of course, but sometimes you just need to fuck.”

“Please, Cadence, we’re nothing like that.”  Celestia said, a look of displeasure on her face.  “I have no desire to just “fuck” Luna.”

“Oh, Shining and I were like that too in the beginning.”  She said, waving a hoof dismissingly.  “But once you get used to being with somepony and you know they’ll always be there for you when you have urges, you tend to skip the shows of affection and go straight to it.”

“That will never happen with Luna and I.”  She said insistently.  “I love her too much to skip showing her my love.”

“Hey, just because you just want to fuck real quick doesn’t mean you don’t love each other.”  Cadence said defensively.  “And it’s not like that all the time.  I’m just saying that it can happen.  And if either of you just gets the urge to have sex real quick, you should just tell the other pony and see if they’re up to it.”

“We’ll keep your words in mind, but it just doesn’t seem like us.”  Luna said, looking over at her sister questioningly.

“So, should we change the subject?”  Celestia suggested.

“Oh, I almost forgot to ask you, when are you going to tell Twilight?”  Cadence asked excitedly.

“When?”  Celestia asked, her head spinning.

She hadn’t even thought about telling Twilight about her relationship with her sister.  Actually, she hadn’t thought about telling ANYpony about their relationship.  Despite how long she’d known Twilight, she didn’t know how she would react.  In all her years as Twilight’s teacher and mentor, the subject of incest never came up.

“I assume you are going to tell her, right?”  Cadence asked.

“Cadence…”  Celestia said, trailing off.  “To be honest, I’m not even comfortable with you knowing about us.  It’s a secret that I’ve kept for over a thousand years.  It’s not exactly something that I feel comfortable revealing to the whole world.”

“You really think she’d react badly?”  Cadence asked curiously.

“I-I don’t know.”  Celestia admitted.  “Despite the fact that she’s a princess now, Twilight still looks up to me as an infallible princess.  I don’t want her to be disappointed in me.  She is a rather delicate mare in her own way, easy to frazzle.  I don’t want to send her into one of her episodes.”

“Do you really think you can keep such a big secret from her?”  Luna asked, concerned.  “You’re very close to her.  You don’t want to feel like you’re living a lie.”

Celestia sighed.

“You’re right.”  She said.  “I care about Twilight too much.  She’s a part of my life.  She needs to know everything about me – about us.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much, Celestia.”  Cadence said.  “Yes, it will probably throw her into a really bad obsessive episode, but she always gets over them eventually.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right.”  She said, sighing again.  “I still see her as that little filly that I used to teach, despite all she’s accomplished and how old she’s gotten.”

“I’m glad.”  Cadence said.  “I can’t imagine keeping something like this from Twilight.  So are you going to tell her tomorrow?”

“Informing her of something like this via letter is far too impersonal, not to mention dangerous.”  Celestia said.  “I’ll tell her the next time I see her.”

“What do you mean?”  Cadence asked.  “She’s coming tomorrow.”

“WHAT?!”  Celestia exclaimed.

“The delegates are arriving from Saddle Arabia tomorrow and you promised that all four princesses would show up.”  Cadence said.  “Don’t tell me you forgot.”

“I’m sorry, Cadence, but I have.”  Celestia admitted.  “Not being at court every day and constantly looking at my schedule makes it impossible to remember things like this.”

“Not to mention all the distractions that you’ve had these last few days.”  Cadence said, smirking.

Her smirk went completely unnoticed by Celestia, who was starting to get extremely nervous.

“When are the delegates arriving?”  She asked.

“0930 hours.”  Cadence said.  “Twilight should be here by 0800 hours.”

“We’d better get some sleep, sister.”  Luna suggested.  “We want to be awake and in full command of our faculties tomorrow.”

“You are right, Luna.”  She said, getting up from the table.  “I hope you won’t mind cutting our conversation short, Cadence?”

“Not at all.”  She said, smiling as both sisters got up and started walking towards the door.

“Enjoy yourselves!”  She called out to them, earning a smile from Luna and an exasperated look from Celestia.


The next morning was a little stressful for both sisters as they got ready to meet the delegates.  They had retired to Luna’s room to get some sleep, but despite how relaxing it felt to sleep with her sister, Celestia stayed up too late for her own good, her thoughts dwelling on Twilight.  She cared for her very much and hoped that she would understand her relationship with her sister.

As they approached the throne room, Celestia sighed.

“What is it, ‘Tia?”  Luna asked.

“I’m just thinking about Twilight.”  She said, looking down at her.

“Don’t worry about her right now.”  Luna said.  “We’ve got delegates to meet.”

With that she charged up her horn and opened the doors slowly.  Celestia stepped inside alongside her sister, putting on a look of composure.  Twilight and Cadence were already there, sitting on their respective thrones.

“Glad you could make it.”  Cadence said, smiling.

“Celestia, Luna, it’s good to see you again!”  Twilight called, waving to them from her throne.

“Likewise, Twilight.”  Celestia said, smiling.  “My sister and I have been looking forward to your visit.”

Both sisters took a seat on their respective thrones, waiting for the delegates to arrive.

“So, what’s new?”  Twilight asked curiously.

Talk about an ice-breaker.  Thankfully before Celestia could respond, the doors to the throne room opened slowly and the delegates walked into the room, bowing as a show of respect.

Well, here goes.


Once the doors to the throne room were closed, Twilight finally spoke up.

“Well, that went rather well, don’t you think?”  She asked, looking back and forth between her fellow princesses.

“Yes, these new trade negotiations should help both Equestria and Saddle Arabia improve their respective economies while also providing new jobs for many citizens of both nations.”  Luna said.

“Well I don’t think it could have gone any better.”  Cadence said.  “I just wish we could have included the Crystal Empire in these negotiations.”

“It’s best not to push things like this.”  Celestia said, looking over at Cadence.  “Once the Saddle Arabian’s see how beneficial these trade deals are between their nation and Equestria, I have no doubt they’ll look at establishing other trade partners in the future.”

“Well, enough work.”  Twilight said, hopping off her throne and stretching her hind legs.  “I’m famished.  Want to get something to eat?”

“Yes, I could do with some food.”  Luna said, nodding happily.

“T-Twilight?”  Celestia said, pausing for a moment.

“Yes?”  She replied, looking back at her.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to talk to you privately in my chambers.”  She said.  “Perhaps we could have a meal there together?  I’m sure Cadence and Luna would be happy to have a meal in the dining hall.”

Realizing her sister wanted to tell Twilight about their relationship alone, both Luna and Cadence were eager to jump in.

“Sure!”  Cadence said, smiling.  “I’m sure you two have a lot to catch up on.”

“We’ll be fine on our own.”  Luna said reassuringly.

“Okay!”  Twilight said.  “It has been a while since we’ve spent time together one on one.  Lead the way!”

With that Celestia left the room with Twilight, leaving both her sister and Cadence alone in the throne room.


Twilight could sense the nervousness in her old mentor’s voice as she spoke.  It was subtle, and to anypony else they probably wouldn’t notice it.  But she had known Celestia for a long time and knew that she was quite nervous about something.  They made idle chit-chat as they waited for their food to arrive.  After it was delivered and their meal was about done, Twilight was getting worried.  What was Celestia wanting to talk to her about?  Was it some sort of assignment she was afraid she couldn’t do?

Celestia sighed as she finished the last bite on her plate, leaning back in her chair and smiling.  Twilight’s plate wasn’t quite empty, but she was satisfied so she stopped and pushed it away, signifying that she was done.

“Well that was a delicious meal.”  She said, smiling.  “For some reason, food always tastes better in Canterlot.”

Celestia couldn’t take any more small talk.

“Twilight, I know you’re probably picking up on my nervousness, and I appreciate you not asking me about it.”  She said.  “But I’m ready to talk to you about it.  It just might take some time to explain.”

“Don’t worry, take your time.”  Twilight said.  “I’m not going anywhere.”

Celestia sighed.

“Twilight, I have something to tell you, and I don’t know how you’re going to react.”  She said, looking down at the floor.

“You can tell me anything, Celestia.”  She said.  “I don’t know why you’re so nervous, but I’ll always be on your side.  You know that.”

“I know, Twilight.”  She said, looking up slightly.  “It’s just that…this is a secret that I’ve kept for more than a thousand years…”

Twilight’s eyes widened at hearing this.

“Go on.”  She encouraged.

Celestia sighed again.

“Twilight, they say that you don’t choose who you love.”  Celestia said.  “That the heart chooses for you.  Do you believe that?”

Twilight looked at the white alicorn, her mouth open in the shape of a small “o.”

“I-I suppose there’s some truth to that.”  She said.  “Though to be honest, I don’t really have any…practical experience in that regard.”

“I’ve kept this secret for so long, and I’m terrified you’re going to hate me when you know the truth.”  She said, a small tear trailing down her cheek as she looked down at the floor.

“Celestia, I could never hate you!”  Twilight said, nuzzling her gently.  “You can tell me anything.”

“I-I love Luna…”  She said simply.

There was dead silence that followed.  It took several moments for Celestia to screw up the courage to look up at her.  Twilight had a blank expression on her face.  Completely blank.

“When you say love, do you mean – ?”  Twilight asked.

“Yes.”  Celestia said.

There was another long silence between them.  Celestia held her breath, worried what she was thinking.  She was about to speak up, to break the unbearable silence, but it was Twilight that spoke up first.

“Why?”  She asked.

“She’s everything to me.”  She said quietly.  “I’ve loved her for as long as I can remember.  It’s a terrible secret that I’ve kept under tight control for over a millennia.”

“She’s your sister.”  Twilight said, her tone completely neutral.

“I know.”  She said.  “But I can’t help it.  I-I love her…”

“Does she know?”  Twilight asked.

“Yes.”  Celestia said.  “I just admitted my feelings for her a few days ago.”

“And?”  Twilight asked.

Celestia thought she heard a hint of anger in her voice, but she continued, knowing that she couldn’t go back.

“She has accepted my love.”  She said matter-of-factly.

She stared at Twilight, who stared back at her, totally expressionless.

“Well?”  She asked hopefully.

“Well, what?”  Twilight asked.  “What do you want me to say?”

“I want to know what you think about it.”  Celestia said, almost pleading.

“I don’t…”  Twilight said, trailing off.  “I don’t know.”

“Surely you have an opinion.”  Celestia said.  “I’m just looking for your honest opinion.”

“Then don’t ask me!”  Twilight exclaimed, stepping back from her.

She stumbled, almost tripping on the rug beneath them.  Celestia stepped closer to try and prevent her fall, but she held a hoof up.

“Don’t touch me!”  She exclaimed, awkwardly regaining her balance.

She looked into her old mentor’s eyes, a look of utter betrayal on her face.  Celestia felt crushed.

“Is that what that mark is on your neck?”  Twilight asked angrily.

Celestia had totally forgotten about the mark that her sister had made when she had bitten her there in the gardens.  She opened her mouth to speak, but no sounds came out.

“That’s disgusting!”  Twilight cried, flailing her hooves in front of her as she tried to eliminate the mental image from her mind.  “She’s your SISTER for pony’s sake!”

“T-Twilight, I can explain!”  Celestia said desperately, regaining her voice.

“No!”  She exclaimed.  “No you can’t!  There is NOTHING that would make this okay!”

Tears streamed down her eyes before she turned and started running towards the door.

“Twilight wait, please!”  Celestia begged, calling after her.

She stopped as she reached the door and looked back on her former mentor.  Neither princess said a word as they stared at each other for what seemed like hours.  Celestia opened her mouth to say something, but as soon as Twilight realized that she was about to speak, she darted out the door.


It took about an hour to find Twilight.  She had cast an invisibility spell, which required a very sophisticated locating spell in order to overcome.  Celestia found her former student sitting near the main fountain in the castle’s private gardens.  She walked over and sat down next to her before casting her own invisibility spell, combining it with hers so that they were both invisible.  After she cast the spell, she could finally see Twilight.  She was staring down at the grass, lost in thought.  Celestia was about to say something, but before she could even open her mouth, Twilight turned to her.

“I’m sorry.”  She said.

“It’s okay, Twilight.”  She said.  “It’s not easy to hear such news sometimes.”

“I’m sorry for overreacting.”  She said.  “It just really grosses me out.”

She could tell her remark had hurt Celestia, and she wanted to take it back, but she couldn’t make herself.  She had to be honest with Celestia if they were to be truly close.

“I know some ponies might feel that way.”  Celestia said.  “It’s just that – ”

Twilight held up a hoof, silencing her.

“There’s only one thing I need to know.”  She said.  “Do you really love her?”

“Yes, Twilight.”  She said without any hesitation.  “I do.”

“This isn’t some purely sexual fling, or some taboo tryst?”  She asked.

“Absolutely not.”  Celestia said.  “I’ve had a crush on my sister since we were foals.”

Twilight was genuinely surprised at hearing this.

“And it took you this long to tell her?”  She asked.

“I didn’t want to ruin the relationship we already had.  Celestia admitted.  “I love her, Twilight, and to have her cut me out of her life would be the most painful thing I can imagine.  I always knew that I loved my sister much more than I should.  So much so that I waited for her for the entire thousand years she was gone.  I had no relationships for the entirety of her banishment.”

“Well then, I can accept this.”  Twilight said, talking to both herself and her former mentor.  “I still feel uneasy about it, but if you’re doing this out of love rather than lust, then I don’t see it as a dirty thing.  I can’t say I would feel the same way if you were just “sisters with benefits” or something.”

“It’s far, far beyond that, Twilight.”

“Then I’m happy for you.”  She said, looking up at the white alicorn.

She reached a hoof up and wrapped it around her neck, embracing the solar princess in a warm hug.

“Thank you, Twilight.”  Celestia whispered, tears running down her cheeks.  “Thank you.”


As Celestia opened the door to her chambers, she was surprised to find Luna lying on her stomach in her bed, reading a book.

“Your talk with Twilight took longer than expected.”  She said, turning to look at her as she stood in the doorway.

She stepped forward, closing the door behind her.

“Well, it didn’t go quite according to plan.”  She said, looking down.

“Was she not accepting of our relationship?”  Luna asked, surprised.

“I still don’t know if it was just surprise or disgust, but she didn’t take to it too well until she had a little time to herself.”  Celestia said.  “When I confronted her again on the matter however, she was more accepting.”

“Twilight does have a tendency to overreact.”  Luna observed, looking up at the ceiling as she mused.

Celestia got up on the bed behind her sister, crawling on top of her and trying to read her book over her head.

“What are you reading?”  She asked.

“A romance novel.”  She said nonchalantly.  “I figured it might give me some pointers on how I could please you more.”

Celestia giggled at the thought, reaching down and kissing her sister’s shoulders.

“You already please me.”  She said.  “Besides, romance novels aren’t technical manuals.  Some of them take quite a few liberties with positions and such that could seriously injure a mortal pony.”

Luna felt a shiver down her spine as her sister started kissing her neck, moaning softly at the sensation.

“Maybe so.”  She said.  “But we’re no mortal ponies.  We’re immortal princesses.  Surely we could be a little adventurous.”

“Whatever makes you happy, Lulu.”  She said, nuzzling her affectionately.  “But I just want to lie here in bed with you all day, the warmth of your body against mine as we snuggle together.  And who knows where that might lead?  Perhaps to sleep?  Perhaps to a little workout?  Should we find out?”

Luna flapped her ears and whined in pleasure as her sister continued her gentle shows of affection, not wanting the moment to end.


Twilight was walking back to her room in the castle.  Despite the fact that she didn’t spend much time in Canterlot, Celestia made sure that a room was always there for her.  Celestia…  She still couldn’t believe it.  Her former mentor was in love with her own sister.  She would be lying if she didn’t say that she thought both Celestia and Luna were beautiful, but shouldn’t sisters have a natural sexual aversion to each other?  Then again, she still couldn’t wrap her head around the idea of two mares or two stallions together.  It just wasn’t natural.  While she wasn’t one to try and impose laws against consenting adults, she still never understood the appeal.

But she loved both Celestia and Luna.  They were like family to her.  If she wanted to be with them, she had to learn to accept this.  She suddenly felt very tired, and was glad that her room was right around the corner.  When she opened the door to her room, she was surprised to see Cadence sitting at the table with a cup of tea.  She smiled and waved at her sister-in-law as she walked through the door, beckoning her over to her.

“C-Cadence?”  Twilight asked in surprise.

“Come on, sis.”  She said happily.  “Have some tea with me.”

Twilight reluctantly walked over to the table and sat next to her.  She poured herself a cup of tea and blew on it gently, waiting for it to cool down.

“So, how did it go?”  Cadence asked curiously.

“How did what go?”  Twilight asked.

“Your time with Celestia of course.”  Cadence said.

“She – ”  She started, before stopping herself suddenly.  Although Celestia hadn’t said it directly, it didn’t take Starswirl the Bearded to figure out that what Celestia had told her had been in strict confidence.  As uneasy as she felt about the idea of Celestia and Luna being together, she had no desire to hurt them by telling their secret to ponies that they didn’t want to know.

Cadence smiled even wider as she stopped.

She knew, Twilight realized.  From her smile, she had to know.

“Are you happy for them?”  Cadence asked, confirming her suspicions.

“I…I feel…uneasy about it…”  Twilight admitted, looking down towards the tile floor below.

“Why?”  Cadence asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.”  Twilight said sarcastically, looking at her like she’d lost her mind.  “Maybe it’s because they’re SISTERS?!”

Cadence set down her tea and looked at her, a serious expression on her face.

“Honestly, I’m surprised at your reaction.”  She said.  “You care about both of them, don’t you?”

“Well, of course I care about them!”  Twilight said.  “But what they’re doing…it’s just so gross!”

Cadence frowned.

“They truly love each other and they’re very happy.”  She said.  “Especially Celestia.  The taboo nature of their feelings has kept these ponies apart for thousands of years.  Imagine what happens to ponies that don’t live that long.  They go their entire lives without ever being able to express their feelings, and they die never being able to be with the pony they truly love.  To me, that’s one of the saddest things in the world.”

Twilight didn’t know how to respond to that.  She hadn’t been expecting this reaction from her sister-in-law.

“I can see love.”  Cadence said.  “I can taste it.  All love feels different, but one thing that I can tell right away is its intensity.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt love this strong in my entire life.  I feel love from Luna too, but the strength of Celestia’s love is beyond words.  I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been for her to banish her sister when she felt this way about her.”

Twilight’s mouth hung open as she processed her words.

“I-I never thought about that.”  She said, suddenly feeling extremely guilty.

“I can feel your love for me right now.”  Cadence said.  “We are, for all intents and purposes, sisters.  Now take that love and increase it a hundred-fold and that’s how Celestia feels about her sister.”

Twilight could suddenly feel tears well up in her eyes.  She loved Cadence a lot.  She couldn’t even imagine loving somepony a hundred times more than she loved her.

“What’s wrong, Twilight?”  Cadence asked, concerned as she noticed her tears.

“I…was pretty awful to Celestia…”  She admitted, lowering her head in shame.

“You were?”  Cadence asked, disappointment evident in her voice.  “I hope you weren’t too critical.”

“Critical?”  Twilight asked angrily.  “CRITICAL!?  I was WAY worse than critical!  I told her that her relationship with her sister was disgusting and that there was NOTHING that would make that okay!”

Twilight wanted to just punch herself.

“How could I have said those horrible things to Celestia?”  She asked, crying.

“Hey…”  Cadence said, wrapping her hooves around her in a comforting embrace.  “You were just surprised.  You had no idea how much she cared for her sister.”

“But I should have realized it!”  Twilight said, pulling away in anger.  “Celestia has never been one to be promiscuous.  She wouldn’t have been with her sister like that unless she truly loved her.”

“I’m sure she’s still awake if you’d like to apologize.”  Cadence suggested.

Twilight stood up and stepped away from her eagerly.

“Yes…”  She said sadly.  “It’s the least I could do after the way I treated her.  I’m just glad Luna wasn’t with her when I said those things, otherwise I’d have hurt her too.”


After Twilight left her room and started heading toward Celestia’s, the guilt overwhelmed her.  Each step made her feel worse.  Her heart beat in her chest rapidly as she thought about how she could ever truly make up for the horrible things she had said.  She was tired, and her feelings of guilt were draining what little energy she had left.  By the time she had reached the doors to Celestia’s room, opening them seemed like a monumental task.  She knocked on the door quietly just in case she was sleeping.  After a few moments passed without response, she knocked again, louder this time.  There was still no response.  Determined to discover whether her old mentor was actually in the room, she tried to fire up an identification spell.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t cast it in her guilt-ridden state, so she opened the door slowly and slipped inside.

She was surprised to find both Celestia and Luna in Celestia’s bed.  Celestia was spooning her sister in a loving embrace, her muzzle buried in her ethereal blue mane as they slept.  Twilight couldn’t help but take a few steps closer as she took in the surprisingly cute sight, her mouth open in awe.  As she got closer, Celestia suddenly stirred, moving her muzzle upward and out of her sister’s mane.

“Mmmmmmmmm…”  She said, moaning quietly in contentment.

She had a peaceful smile of contentment on her face.  Luna stretched slightly from her sister’s movements, a smile suddenly gracing her muzzle as well.

Twilight couldn’t help but smile as she saw how happy they both seemed, content in each other’s hooves as they slept.  Her sense of guilt was completely gone, replaced by happiness at the adorable scene in front of her.  Despite how horrible she had been to Celestia, she obviously hadn’t caused any permanent damage.  She would apologize to her tomorrow.

Not wanting to disturb them anymore and pleased by what she’d witnessed, Twilight made a tactful retreat, silently slipping out the same way she came in.


“Sister?”  Luna said, pushing her hoof against her sleeping form.

Celestia stirred a bit, but didn’t open her eyes.

“Sister?”  Luna said louder.

“Huh?”  Celestia asked as she was jostled out of her restful sleep.

“I’m sorry to wake you, but the sun needs to be raised.”  She said.

Celestia yawned and stretched out her hind legs before sliding out of bed slowly.

“I’m sorry, Luna.”  She said.  “I was just sleeping so peacefully.”

Luna said nothing as they went out of the balcony to complete the ritual of sun and moon together.  Their ask complete, they walked back into the room and shut the door.

“So, what do you want to do today, sister?”  Celestia asked.

“Whatever you want to do.”  Luna said slyly.  “You always seem to have good ideas.”

Celestia smirked.

“If it were up to me, I would spend every day in bed with you, sister.”  She said.  “I would enjoy you morning, noon, and night.”

Luna stuck out her tongue playfully.

“Well nothing’s stopping you.”  She said.  “All you’ve got to do is catch me first!”

Not giving her sister a chance to respond, Luna cast a teleportation spell and disappeared immediately.

“Oh Luna…”  Celestia said, shaking her head as she thought back to their foalhood games.  “Not this again.”


Twilight was eating her breakfast alone that morning.  She felt awkward eating a meal alone in the large dining hall, but Cadence had some sort of important meeting to attend so she was left to her own devices.  She couldn’t wait to apologize to Celestia and was surprised that she hadn’t come for breakfast yet.  Perhaps the solar princess had decided to eat breakfast in her chambers that morning?

Just as she had finished that thought, a sudden bright light surprised her.  In an instant, Celestia appeared across the table from her, looking slightly disheveled.

“Celestia, what’s wrong?”  She asked in concern.

“Have you seen Luna?”  She asked.

“Wasn’t she sleeping with you?”  Twilight asked, suddenly regretting letting it slip that she knew that Celestia had slept with her sister the night before.

Celestia glared at her before responding.

“She’s playing one of those silly little games we used to play as foals, and I can’t find her!”  She said, annoyance in her voice.

“Games?”  Twilight asked, confused.  “What kind of game?”

Celestia didn’t respond and before she knew it, she had disappeared in a flash of magic.


Celestia materialized in one of the guest chambers and whipped her neck back and forth, looking all around.  She was sure she felt a teleportation string in here, and this is where it stopped.  She could feel no sign of a teleportation to anywhere else.  She looked over into the corner at a suspicious looking potted plant.  She hadn’t seen a pot like it anywhere in the castle.

“Luna, is that you?”  She asked in a disapproving voice.

Suddenly the pot flashed and was replaced by Luna herself.

“Okay, you got me!”  She laughed.

“That’s cheating!”  Celestia said indignantly.  “This is a game of chase, not a game of illusion!”

“Not that it matters.”  Luna said.  “You were still able to catch me.  My magic was never as good as yours.  I have to cheat!”

They both laughed, each of them smiling at one another.

“So, what are you gonna do to me now that you’ve caught me?”  Luna asked seductively.

“For cheating, I think you need to be punished.”  Celestia said, smirking.

“Ooh, was I naughty?”  Luna teased.  “Are you going to spank me?”

“Not quite.”  Celestia said, stepping closer.  “I was thinking more like…”

Luna laughed in anticipation.

Celestia pounced on her, wrapping a hoof around her neck.  “A royal noogie!”  She cried, rubbing her sister’s mane with her hoof roughly.

“Ow, ow, ow!”  Luna cried, trying to get away from her sister.

Celestia let go, laughing loudly.  Luna had been utterly surprised by her sister’s antics, but she laughed as she fell back onto her flank after successfully pulling away from her.

“You haven’t given me a royal noogie since we were foals!”  She exclaimed.

“Hey, you started it!”  Celestia said indignantly.  “Starting a game of magic chase like we were foals again.  Well if you want to act like a foal, then expect to be treated like one!”

“Oh, come on!”  Luna complained.

“Hey, you didn’t really think you were going to flirt your way out of paying the price for cheating, did you?”  Celestia asked, smirking.

Luna blushed profusely at the implication.

“We – I was not flirting!”  She exclaimed indignantly.  “I was propositioning!”

Celestia looked at her in surprise.

“And you ruined the moment.”  She muttered, pouting.  “Treating me like a foal when I was trying to get you aroused…”

“I-I’m sorry, Luna.”  Celestia said sadly.  “I thought you were playing.  I still see you like a sister, even though we’re…you know…”

“It’s okay.”  Luna said, perking up a bit.  “I guess those signals could have gotten crossed.  I just thought that playing around like foals and then the loser submitting to the winner would be…kinda hot…”

“Well it doesn’t have to end this way.”  Celestia said, smirking.  “I still won, and I think I know exactly what I want for my victory prize.”

Luna laughed as she was tackled to the floor by her sister.


Twilight had returned to her chambers after her lonely breakfast.  She had been reading a book for the past hour or so, enraptured by the pages of the old forgotten novel.  She still hadn’t seen Celestia, but she figured that she’d see her eventually before she had to return to her castle in Ponyville so she wasn’t worried about it.  She was jostled from her thoughts as she heard a loud THUMP from below.  Curious she got out of her seat where she was reading her book and put an ear to the floor.  What she heard made her blush profusely.

“Oh yes, sister, right there!”

She snapped her head up immediately, trying her best to unhear what she’d just heard.  She knew that neither Celestia’s or Luna’s room was beneath hers, so what were they doing down there?  And more importantly, what where they doing HAVING SEX down there?!  What if they got caught?

Despite her better judgement, she pressed her skull against the floor, trying her best to hear what was going on down there.  She heard moans from both sisters as they fervently made love below, bringing a blush to her face.  Without realizing it she had already moved a hoof back towards her own marehood, rubbing against it enthusiastically to the sounds of incestuous love below.  The princesses were having sex.  She was listening to the princesses have sex with each other.  It took but a few moments for her to reach her peak, a moan torn from her own lips as she came.

As she calmed down from her aroused state, Twilight was dumbfounded.  What was wrong with her?  Just yesterday she was yelling at Celestia for how disgusting it all was, and here she was masturbating to it?  She frantically cleaned up the mess and headed into the shower, confused and guilty about the way she felt.


After their heated lovemaking session, Celestia had teleported them to her room so they could take a shower.  As they came out of the shower together and started to dry off, Celestia leaned down and kissed her sister on the nose, removing a small droplet of water that had accumulated there.

“You make me so happy, sister.”  She said, smiling down at her.

Luna smiled back before bringing them into a passionate kiss.

“I know.”  She said as they separated, smirking at her sister with a sense of bravado.

“I wouldn’t be so confident if I were you.”  Celestia said playfully.  “I still have that extra point, you know.”

“YOU have an extra point?”  Luna said indignantly.  “You took so much that if anything, you surrendered that point to me!”

Celestia laughed, thinking back to how many times her sister had taken her over the edge.

“I suppose you’re right.”  She admitted.  “So, what are you going to do with your extra point, sister?”

“Hmmmmmm…”  Luna said in contentment as she nuzzled her sister’s neck.  “I’ll show you later.  But for now, let’s get something to eat.  I’m simply famished.”


By the time Twilight had gotten out of the shower it was already lunchtime.  She had stayed in the shower for so long that she thought her skin was going to fall off.  She was still shocked by her behavior.  She was the dirty one, getting off to two sisters whose love was obviously pure and turning it into something purely sexual.  While she knew that they enjoyed mating with one another, their relationship was way more than just sex.  Both her talk with Cadence and how well she knew Celestia told her that.  She just had to try and forget what she did and move past it.

That wasn’t going to prove easy however, as the doors to the dining hall opened and both princesses walked in.  She blushed profusely as she realized who they were.  She prayed they wouldn’t notice how embarrassed she was.  How she was ever going to face Celestia and apologize to her now was beyond her.

“Twilight!”  Celestia said, smiling warmly.  “Good morning!”

“It’s past noon.”  She said, matter-of-factly, avoiding her gaze.

As both princesses sat down at the table with her, they couldn’t help but notice her blush.  They were forced to ignore it however as a server pony came and took their orders.  After the server pony was far from earshot, Celestia turned to her former student.

“Twilight, I can see that seeing us is making you uncomfortable.”  She said sadly.

“What?”  Twilight asked in surprise.  “No, it’s not that!  I just…”

She looked over at both princesses before sighing deeply.

“I’m so sorry, Celestia.”  She said sadly.

“It’s okay, Twilight.”  She said, putting a hoof on her shoulder.  “You can’t help but feel the way that you feel.  I’d rather you tell me the truth than – ”

“NO!”  Twilight exclaimed, surprising both sisters at her outburst.

“I mean…I’ve changed my mind…”  She said.  “Cadence made me realize how much you two care about each other.  I realize now how pure your love is, and I would never want you to deny your feelings for each other just because of the taboo nature of it.  I want you to be happy.”

Celestia looked down at her former student, tears in her eyes.

“Thank you, Twilight.”  She said, breathing a sigh of relief.  “Your support means more to me than you can ever know.  You’re a part of me and seeing you at odds with something so important in my life makes my heart ache.”

“If this is what you want, then I’m very happy for you.”  Twilight said, smiling.  “I will support you two any way I can.”

“Thank you, Twilight.”  Celestia said, leaning up against her sister.

Both sisters leaned against each other, and Twilight had to admit that they made a cute couple.

“Shall we eat?”  Twilight asked.

Both sisters voiced their affirmations, happy that they had her support.


That night both sisters had decided to retire to Luna’s room.  Getting Twilight’s support had lifted a huge weight from Celestia’s shoulders, and she couldn’t wait for what the next day would bring.  She was spooning her sister gently, sliding her hooves up and down her body as she kissed her neck.

“Sister, stop.”  Luna said suddenly.

Celestia stopped immediately, looking at her in surprise.

“Did I hurt you?”  She asked, concerned.

“No, but I wanted to talk to you about something, sister.”  She said, turning over onto her back and looking into her eyes.  “Something important.”

Celestia said nothing as she looked into her sister’s eyes.

“You’ve had previous lovers, yes?”  Luna asked.

“Well yes…”  Celestia said slowly.  “I have.  Two in fact.  One when we were much younger, and another a few hundred years after that.  But I haven’t had a lover in over a thousand years – since before your banishment.”

“Were they…like me?”  She asked hesitantly.

“What do you mean?”  Celestia asked.

“Did you feel about them the same way you feel about me?”  She asked, avoiding her sister’s gaze.

“Never.”  Celestia said sharply, as though the thought itself were a terrible sin.  “I’ve never loved another pony as I love you.”

“You didn’t love them?”  She asked.

Celestia thought for a moment before responding.

“Yes, I did.”  She said.  “But it was…different.  I knew that one day they would be gone, with nothing left to comfort me except for my memories…and you…  I knew that you would always be there, that you could never die, and I knew that my love for you could never die either.  As much as I cared for them, it always felt like I was living a lie.  For the pony I truly loved was never in my bed, but was in the next room over, totally off limits to me.  It was horrible.  I knew I could never love them like I loved you.”

“What about…sex?”  Luna asked.

“They wanted it much more often than I did.”  Celestia said, remembering back to those days.  “It became a chore that I bore because it was my responsibility as their lover.  I could never really get into it, because I would always find myself fantasizing about you.  Besides, they were stallions.  As I’m sure you’re aware, making love with a mare is much different than with a stallion.”

“Why didn’t you take a mare?”  Luna asked curiously.

“I’m not gay, sister.”  She said.  “You’re the only mare I’ve ever been interested in.  The thought of even kissing another mare turns my stomach.”

“So, what’s it like?”  Luna asked curiously.

“What?”  Celestia asked.

“Sex with a stallion.”  She clarified.  “Is it better than sex with a mare?”

“It all depends.”  Celestia said.  “How good sex feels depends on both the physical aspect, and the emotional aspect of it.  The more you love the pony you’re having sex with, the more intense the pleasure.  I would have to say that physically speaking, sex with a stallion feels better.  But I’ve experienced more pleasure making love with you than I ever have with a stallion.  I suppose it’s because I’m with you, more than the physical aspect of it.”

“I guess I’ll never know…”  Luna said, trailing off.

“Luna, are you okay?”  She asked, concern evident in her voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”  She said.  “I just…I always thought that I would be with a stallion.  I just realized that I never will be and I’m regretting not being able to experience it at least once.”

Celestia looked at her in surprise.

“Being with you is amazing and I’d never dream of cheating on you, sister!”  She said frantically, holding up her hooves.  “It’s just that I never really thought about it until now, that’s all.”

Celestia smirked, causing her sister to look at her in surprise.

“Well if that’s the way you feel, there is a spell you know.”  She said.

“What kind of spell?”  Luna asked curiously.

“It gives a mare some…extra equipment.”  She said, trying to be tactful.

“A gender-changing spell?”  Luna asked.  “How would you ever maintain that while – ?”

“No, it doesn’t change your gender.”  Celestia said quickly.  “That kind of spell would be too powerful for most unicorns to cast.  It simply gives you stallion equipment along with your own.  Mare couples frequently use this spell so that one of them can get pregnant.”

“Pregnant?!”  Luna exclaimed.  “I had no idea such things were possible!”

“Magic has advanced quite a bit since your banishment.”  Celestia said.  “I, of course, would weave a contraceptive spell into it.  I’m sure you’re not ready to become a mother.”

“Mother?!”  Luna said, exasperated.  “You mean you and I could…?”

“If we wanted to, yes.”  Celestia said.  “I’m sure neither of us are ready for that at the moment, but it is possible.”

“Wow…”  Luna said.  “Have you ever used this spell before?”

“No, but it’s not dangerous.”  She said.  “Thousands of mares use it every day in Canterlot alone.  It’s very simple magic.  Surely you’ve seen this in dreams?”

“Well yes, but those are dreams, sister!”  Luna said indignantly.  “Just because I see a flying pig in somepony’s dreams doesn’t mean I believe pigs can fly!”

Celestia laughed.

“Well if you ever want to try it, just let me know.”  She said.

“Do you know the spell, or would you have to look it up?”  Luna asked.

“No, I know it.”  Celestia said.  “Like I said, it’s very simple magic.”

“Could you?”  Luna asked quietly.

“You want to try it now?”  Celestia asked, surprised.

Luna nodded.

“I’ve always wanted to be with a stallion, but I was always too shy.”  She admitted.

“I’ve noticed how shy you always were around stallions you were attracted to.”  Celestia said, nodding.  “If you want to try this, I have no problem doing it with you.”

Luna nodded enthusiastically.

“Okay.”  Celestia whispered.  “Just relax and I’ll take care of everything.”

Celestia smiled down at her as she stood up on the bed, towering over her.  She cast the spell, combining a contraceptive spell along with it so she wouldn’t accidently impregnate her.

Luna looked down between her sister’s legs in awe as a long, stiff stallionhood appeared.  It continued to grow until stopping and slapping against her sister’s belly.

“Hmmmmm…this feels…weird.”  Celestia observed, looking down at her new appendage.

She looked down at her sister, who looked up at her with a small amount of fear.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”  She asked, concerned.

Realizing the look she was giving her, Luna quickly nodded before looking up at her with a look of determination on her face.

“Yes.”  She said confidently.

Celestia laid down on her sister, pressing herself against her sister’s smaller form.  Luna felt her sister’s member pressed between them as she started kissing her neck, eliciting a few moans from the dark blue alicorn.  Her moans were soon silenced by her sister, as she locked them into a passionate kiss.

Celestia couldn’t help but move her hips back and forth as she kissed her sister passionately, the feeling along her member impossible to ignore.  She humped against her sister, gently rubbing her member against her sister’s belly as she dry humped her.

Luna broke the kiss as she felt her sister’s sack against the lips of her sex with each thrust of her hips. She found that she was having trouble controlling her hips as the feeling of a stallionhood pressed up against her lower abdomen caused her to respond instinctually to the feeling of a stallion getting ready to mate her.

Celestia caught her sister’s lips in another kiss as she pressed her sister down hard into the mattress.  She felt different…primal.  This must be how stallions felt, ready to dominate their mare.  The urge to put her member inside of her sister was becoming almost impossible to ignore, but she resisted the urge as she brought her hoof down against her sister’s sex, stimulating her.

Luna moaned as she felt her sister’s hoof against her sex.  She was kneading her pliant flesh back and forth, rubbing against her vigorously as her sister squirmed beneath her touch.

“Sister…”  Luna whispered, squeezing her eyes shut.

Celestia continued unabated, eager to hear her sister’s moans of pleasure.  She didn’t have to wait long.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm…sister!”  She moaned.

Celestia doubled her efforts, trying to get her sister off as quickly as possible.

“Stop!”  Luna cried out suddenly.

Celestia stopped immediately, jarred out of her efforts to bring her sister over the edge.  She looked down at her in concern.

“If you keep going I’m going to cum!”  Luna explained.  “Put it in!”

Celestia was excited hearing this.  Despite how much she enjoyed bringing her sister to orgasm, her new hard appendage was dying to be inside of her.  She brought her hoof away from her sister’s marehood and grabbed her cock, guiding it straight to her entrance.  She pushed forward gently, popping the head inside of her.  She looked down at her little sister as she slid inside of her slowly.

Nothing could have prepared Celestia for the feeling of intense pleasure along her shaft.  She gritted her teeth and groaned loudly as she penetrated her sister, her silky walls squeezing her member as she slid inside in one fluid motion.  Luna’s pussy reluctantly gave way as she made her way inside, her lips tight around her shaft as she pressed forward into her silky depths.

Luna had no idea what to expect as her sister’s member started to spread her open.  The feeling was so intense as her body gave way to the seemingly massive intruder that she almost passed out from the pleasure alone.  As her sister continued to slide into her, she felt a fullness filling her every depth that she’d never felt before.  She heard her sister grunt as their hips came into contact, joined together by the hardness that was currently in her belly.

“Y-you okay, Luna?”  Her sister asked, looking down at her.

She could tell that Celestia was very tense as she stayed completely still inside of her.

“Y-yes…”  She said.  “And you?”

“The feeling was very…intense.”  Celestia said, choosing her words carefully.  “The urge to move my hips is incredibly powerful…”

“G-go ahead.”  Luna said, worried that her sister might be hurt.

Celestia sucked in a breath as she pulled out of her sister about an inch, then pushed back inside of her.  Luna grunted as their hips made contact again.

“Do it again.”  She said, encouraging her.

Celestia drew back a few inches, then slid back inside again.  Luna felt dizzy from the pleasure, but held onto her sister as she started to thrust.

Celestia couldn’t believe how good it felt.  She wanted to be more patient, but she couldn’t help it.  Her hips were on autopilot as she thrust forward again and again, enjoying her little sister’s pussy.  She was so tight!  She stopped suddenly, gritting her teeth as she breathed hard.

“What’s wrong?”  Luna asked in concern.

“I-I think I’m going to cum…”  Celestia said, blushing.

“It’s okay, sister.”  Luna said reassuringly.  “Go ahead.”

As much as Celestia didn’t want it to end this way, she couldn’t hold back.  She thrust a few shallow thrusts before grunting as she came.  Her member fired rope after rope of cum into her little sister, coating her walls as she came.

Luna hadn’t been expecting the sensation, her mouth dropping open as she felt each spurt inside of her.

“Ahhhhhh!”  She cried, throwing her head back in pleasure as she came from the realization that she was feeling what it was like to have a stallion cum inside of her.

Both sister’s bodies shook in pleasure as they came together, pressed together in earth shattering bliss.  It took several minutes for them to recover.  Celestia pulled out of her sister slowly, their shared fluids leaking out of her freshly popped virgin cunt.

“I-I’m sorry, Luna.”  Celestia breathed.  “I couldn’t hold on any longer…”

“No, sister, it’s okay.”  She said reassuringly.  “You’re not a stallion.  You aren’t used to the sensation.  Besides…I got off too.”

“Oh, Luna…”  She said softly.  “You’ve got to try it.”

Luna was taken aback by that statement.  She never considered using the spell herself.

“Maybe next time.”  She said, lifting her sister up her body and into a warm embrace.  “For now, let’s sleep…”


As they shared their meal together, Luna couldn’t help but blush as she looked over at her sister.  They had decided to take breakfast in their room that morning.  It no longer felt appropriate for Luna to call this room her room, despite the nighttime theme.  She shared it equally with her sister, as Celestia shared her room with her.

Her sister’s blush hadn’t gone unnoticed by Celestia, who swallowed the bite that was in her mouth before looking over at her quizzically.

“What is it, sister?”  She asked curiously.

“I-I was just thinking about last night…”  She said quietly.

“Oh really?”  Celestia said, smirking.  “How was it?”

“It was…different.”  She mused.  “It felt good, but it was very different than what we’ve done thus far.  It has also left me a little confused.”

“How so?”  She asked, concern evident in her voice.

“I don’t want you to misunderstand, sister.”  She said worriedly.  “I do love you, and I want to be with you.  But I’ve just started to get used to being with another mare.  Now that I’ve felt what it’s like to be with a stallion, I don’t know which I prefer.”

Celestia chuckled.

“Maybe you do, but you’re afraid to admit it.”  She said, smirking.

Luna looked at her in surprise.

“I…”  She said, trailing off.

“It’s okay, little sister.”  She said.  “If you prefer to be with a stallion, I’ll build up my stamina and we’ll use the spell.  But I would wait to pass judgement until you’ve tried the spell yourself.  It felt so good, Luna.  I don’t know if it was just because your pussy was so tight or if all stallions feel this pleasure when they’re with a mare, but the feeling was incredible.  I want you to try mine and see how it feels to you.  If my pussy feels half as good as yours did, you’ll be in heaven.”

Luna blushed, thinking back to how tight her sister looked.  She had to admit, she was curious.  But still…

“I-I’m not a stallion…”  She said uncertainly.

“Neither am I.”  Celestia said, smirking.  “The spell doesn’t do anything but give you a stallion’s equipment.  You don’t feel any different other than an uncontrollable urge to use your new appendage.”

“But it felt good?”  Luna asked.

“Oh, Luna, the feeling was indescribable.”  Celestia said.  “Better than I ever could have imagined.”

Luna looked lost in thought as she took in her sister’s words.

“Do you want to try it?”  She asked gently.

“Now?”  Luna asked in surprise.

“Well I wasn’t thinking right now, more like later tonight.”  Celestia said, blushing.  “But if you want to do it now, we can.”

“N-no, sister…”  She said quietly.  “I-I need to think about this…”

Celestia walked over to her sister and nuzzled her gently.

“I just want you to feel good, Luna.”  She said.  “Whether you want to be with me as a mare, or you want to try out the spell, it doesn’t matter to me.  I don’t care so long as I’m with you.”

Luna closed her eyes as she pressed her head into her sister’s larger form, sighing as she nuzzled against her.

“You’re too good to me, ‘Tia.”  She said, chuckling.

“I would do anything for you, sister.”  She said, looking down at her.  “All you have to do is ask.”


Both sisters jolted at the sudden sound coming from the door.

“Yes?”  Celestia asked.

“It’s me.”  Came Cadence’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Come in!”  Luna called.

The door opened quickly as the pink alicorn trotted into the room.

“Sorry to barge in like this, but Prince Saar would like to see you.”  Cadence said apologetically.

“Prince Saar?”  Celestia asked.  “Wasn’t he part of the delegation we met from Saddle Arabia?”

“He’s crown prince of Saddle Arabia, but he wasn’t part of the delegation.”  Cadence said hurriedly.  “He just arrived and has requested your presence immediately.”

“Well, duty calls.”  Celestia said, sighing as she looked down at her sister.

“Wait!”  Luna called as she started walking towards the door.

Celestia looked back at her, a questioning look on her face.

“I’ll come with you!”  She said.

“I’m sure it’s not that important.”  Celestia said.  “He probably just wants to amend something from the negotiations.  Why don’t you stay here and think of what you want us to do today?”

“No, sister.”  She said.  “I want to come.”

Celestia smiled.

“Okay.”  She said.  “Let’s go see what the prince has to say.”


Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were sitting on their respective thrones in the throne room, waiting for Prince Saar to arrive.  Cadence had him put in one of the guest suites while she had gone to get the two sisters, and now he was being escorted back to the throne room to meet with them.  As the double doors to the throne room opened and Prince Saar walked inside, Luna was surprised by how young he looked.  He couldn’t have been older than eighteen.  How dare such a young prince waste their time like this?  They should be talking to his father, not him.  It was insulting!  As he approached the throne and bowed, Luna gave him a look of disapproval.  She didn’t like this prince.

“Princess Celestia, Princess Luna.”  He said respectfully.

“Prince Saar.”  Celestia said, returning the greeting.  “Is there something you’d like to talk to us about?”

As the prince got up from his bowing stance, he looked over at Luna nervously.

“Yes, Princess Celestia.”  He said.  “Though to be honest, it is you that I need to talk to.”

Celestia looked down at him, waiting for him to continue.

“In private.”  He elaborated, shooting a quick glance at the Lunar princess.

“I assure you, Prince Saar, that Luna has my complete confidence.”  She said, holding up a hoof.  “She is a full princess and head of state.  Whatever you have to say can be said in front of her.”

“Very well.”  He said.  “It is however, a private matter, and one that will surely benefit both Saddle Arabia and all of Equestria.”

“Go on.”  Celestia said.

“I wish to propose…marriage.”  He said, bowing in respect.  “Your beauty and grace is legendary, and our union will solidify relations between Saddle Arabia and Equestria for all time.  I am confident that I can be a good husband, and both our people’s will benefit greatly from this proposal.”

Celestia was about to open her mouth but was immediately interrupted by Luna.

“How DARE thee propose such a thing!”  Luna roared, her eyes glowing white with rage.  “My sister, with the likes of you?  Ha!  What makes you think you’re worthy of her, you scrawny little thing!?  She could break you in an instant!  You are but a filthy beggar compared to the likes of her!  Silence, you cur or I shall break you in two and send you back to your father in pieces!”

Prince Saar looked genuinely afraid of the Lunar princess.  Her power could be felt throughout the room as the energy of her magic escaped her dark blue body, spreading itself throughout the room in a mere instant as it was fueled by her anger.  Celestia put a hoof on her shoulder, distracting her from her enraged thoughts.  Her eyes returned to normal and her powers were once again contained as she calmed down.

“Forgive me, Princess Luna!”  He begged, bowing deeply.  “I didn’t mean anything by it!  I was just trying to secure an alliance between our two nations!”

“You fool!”  Luna bellowed.  “My sister is no mere pawn in your quest to increase your power!  Equestria has stood alone for over a thousand years under her leadership without the likes of you, and Equestria will continue to stand alone long after your pitiful nation has been ground to dust by its enemies!”

“Luna, enough!”  Celestia yelled angrily.

Luna looked at her sister, a look of rage still in her eyes.  Celestia ignored it and turned to the prince.

“My apologies, Prince Saar.”  She said.  “As you can see, my sister is a bit overprotective of me.”

“I-I understand, Princess.”  He said.  “I just – ”

Celestia held up a hoof to silence him.

“Prince Saar.”  She said.  “The days of alliance-based marriages are over.  They have been for a long time.  I understand what you’re trying to do, but I have been pure for over a millennia.  I will not submit myself to another stallion for the purpose of forming an alliance.  Those days are long gone.  However, if you do desire a more formal alliance, I would be happy to discuss forming an alliance without marriage.”

“My father says that an alliance formed without marriage is doomed to failure.”  He said.  “Is there no chance you would reconsider?”

“No.”  Celestia said sternly.  “Our two nations can have a strong alliance without the need for marriage.  These are modern times, Prince Saar.  Ponies should marry for love, not for material gains.”

“In that case, perhaps if we spent some time together, feelings would form.”  He said.  “I wish only for a chance to win your heart.”

He glanced over at Luna, who was giving him a look of pure hate.

“I’m sorry, but the answer is still no.”  Celestia said.

“I don’t understand your reluctance.”  He said.  “What’s the harm in spending some time with me and seeing if there’s something there?  If there isn’t, then I can accept it and will go back to my father and tell him that there is no chance of marriage between us.”

“I have been celibate for more than a thousand years.”  Celestia said.  “I have no desire to break my celibacy for anypony.”

“We don’t have to…”  He said, trailing off.

“So you’re proposing a sexless, loveless marriage.”  Celestia said, deadpanning.  “Is that right?”

“Well it doesn’t have to be loveless, but if you don’t want to break your celibacy we don’t have to…”  He said, trailing off.

He suddenly groaned in frustration.

“I told my father I didn’t want to do this, but he insisted.”  He said.  “I’m sorry.  I just ended up making a fool of myself.”

Celestia looked down at him with caring eyes.

“You’re doing what you think is right for your people.”  She said.  “I might not be able to marry you, but I can tell that you care a lot about your nation, and that you take your duties as crown prince seriously.  I can tell that you will one day be a fine leader, and when that day comes, I will be happy to offer any guidance I can.  But that day is not today.  I will not marry you or any other pony, but that doesn’t mean that your quest has been a failure.  Go back to your father, and I will be happy to meet with both of you in the near future to discuss the future of our nations.”

The prince smiled up at her gratefully.

“Thank you, Princess.”  He said.  “You are wise.”

“It is the difference between knowledge, and experience.”  She said.  “Now go.”

Prince Saar bowed deeply before walking out of the room.  As the doors slammed shut, Luna turned to her sister.

“What was that, sister?”  She asked, confused.

“Oh, Luna, he’s just a foal compared to us.”  She said, smiling.  “The poor thing is doing his best.  He’s now realizing how difficult his job is going to be.  The road ahead will be difficult for him, but I meant what I said when I told him that I would offer him guidance.  If we form a close connection to the leaders of other nations, our alliances will stand strong.  Though I’m not sure you were very helpful, calling him a cur and exploding in anger like that.”

Luna blushed.

“I-I don’t know what came over me…”  She said.

“A little bit of jealousy perhaps?”  Celestia suggested, smirking.

“He was coming onto you, sister!”  She exclaimed.  “I just couldn’t take it!”

“He was not.”  Celestia said, shaking her head.  “He was simply trying to secure a marriage-based alliance.  It’s not the first proposal I’ve gotten these past thousand years, and it certainly won’t be my last.”

“You mean other ponies have proposed to you as well?”  She asked, flabbergasted.

“Dozens.”  She said.  “I simply brush them off and send them on their way.  But there was one powerful unicorn that wouldn’t take no for an answer.  After I rejected him, he tried to take over Canterlot in an effort to force me to marry him.  Needless to say, it didn’t work.”

Luna was looking at her sister, her mouth open in shock.

“When was this?!”  She asked.

“Hmmmmm…”  Celestia mused.  “It must have been close to four hundred years ago by now.  The memory is still fresh, but it happened a long time ago.  He almost succeeded in forcing himself on me.  He had successfully disabled my magic, but thankfully I was physically stronger than him.”

“That must have been horrible…”  Luna said sadly.  “I don’t remember reading about that in the official chronicles.”

“I didn’t have his existence recorded.”  Celestia said.  “Having it recorded for all time that I was almost forcibly taken by a regular unicorn would only encourage others to make the attempt.”