What I’ve Always Wanted

Rainbow Dash x Big Mac, Applejack x Big Mac

Rainbow Dash is desperate to get laid and asks Applejack to let her have a roll in the hay with Big Mac. But the simple roll in the hay makes Applejack confess her deepest desire to Rainbow. What lengths will the two go to get Applejack and Big Mac together?

Contains: Incest

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Applejack sighed as she finished bucking the last apple tree of the day. There were plenty more trees that needed bucking, but she’d done what she needed to get done for today. Like usual, Rainbow Dash had kept her company while she did her work, moving from tree to tree as she bucked them. They talked idly about their friends and argued about who was the better athlete. Rainbow Dash had bucked a few trees to help her, but the Pegasus was built for speed, not for power and tired easily. She was athletic, just in another way. And that was just fine. Applejack had nothing against anypony that put forth as much effort as possible and she knew that Rainbow Dash was tired too.

“Hey Rainbow!” Applejack called up to the trees.

Rainbow Dash’s face popped into view at the sound of her voice.

“Y’all wanna relax and eat some apples with me, or did ya already eat half a tree’s worth today while you were resting all day?” She jibed.

She knew Rainbow Dash didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t buck as many trees as she could.

Rainbow Dash jumped out of the tree, flapping her wings gently and allowing herself to drift to the ground.

“Yeah, yeah.” She said. “You know I worked at least as hard as you did. Maybe harder.”

“Uh huh…” Applejack said with a teasing smile.

“I did!” Rainbow Dash insisted.

Applejack laughed.

“Ah know ya did sugarcube.” She said. “And ah really appreciate yer help. So c’mere and relax with me.”

Applejack threw her an apple, which she caught in her hooves easily. After grabbing one for herself, Applejack made her way over to a soft patch of grass and laid down. The Pegasus followed suit, lying next to her. Rainbow Dash moved closer to Applejack so they were touching before starting to eat her apple slowly.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash were always what you could call a little too friendly with one another. Applejack always suspected that Rainbow Dash might have a crush on her, but never said anything. After all, the Pegasus might just be extra friendly with her because they were such good friends. Still, she had her suspicions. That’s why the next question she asked came as a big surprise to Applejack.

“Say AJ, can I ask you a question?” She asked.

“Sure.” Applejack said simply, chewing on her apple.

“Well uhhhhh…..” Rainbow Dash began. “I’ve never been good with saying things all tactfully and stuff so I’ll just say it. Can I……kind of…..you know…..rut Big Mac?”

Applejack spit out the bite of apple she had in her mouth and sat up quickly.

“WHAT?!” She exclaimed.

Surely she must have heard incorrectly.

“I know what you’re thinking!” Rainbow Dash said loudly. “That he’s your brother and we’re best friends and it’d be weird. But I’m not talking about marrying him or anything. I just want to have a bit of fun. He’s so hot and he’s the most eligible bachelor in town and it’s been sooooooooo long since I’ve had any! Please AJ? Please?”

Applejack’s mouth was wide open in shock. How could she ask something like that? She slowly came back to reality and closed her mouth.

“Rainbow, y’all are sometimes a mighty bit selfish and this is one of those times.” She said. “Big Mac is a shy pony. He’s no virgin, but he doesn’t just give himself to anypony. Y’all could really hurt him and ah just can’t allow that. Besides, he’s not interested in having a fling. If he were, he’d be sleeping with mares all the time. He’s certainly got the body for it.”

“But AJ….” Rainbow Dash whined.

“No buts.” Applejack said insistently.

“I’d make sure he knew it was just sex and nothing else.” Rainbow Dash said.




“What if we ask him?” Rainbow Dash suggested. “He might say yes.”

“No, he wouldn’t.” Applejack said. “You’d just embarrass him.”

“But AJ, I have stallions after me all the time.” Rainbow Dash said. “I can’t imagine a stallion alive that wouldn’t want to rut me.”

“Then why has it been so long since you’ve had any?” Applejack asked teasingly.

Rainbow Dash wasn’t amused.

“Because!” She exclaimed. “I don’t just give myself to anypony either. I really like Big Mac. And I think we could have a bit of fun together. Couldn’t we just ask him? Please?”

Applejack sighed and face-hoofed.

“Fine.” She said. “We can ask him. But don’t be surprised when he turns ya down. And ya might wanna make yourself scarce around here for the next couple of weeks after asking him.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes lit up in delight. YES! She was going to get a chance at Big Mac! Applejack was always overly protective of her older brother for some reason.

“YES!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, pumping her hoof into the air.

“BUT…” Applejack said quickly. “You’ve gotta promise not to pressure him. If he says no, that means no. And if by some miracle he does agree, you’ve gotta promise to take it slow with him and let him go at his own pace.”

“Okay, okay I promise.” Rainbow Dash said impatiently.

“AND you’ve gotta promise you won’t go bragging around town that you had sex with him.” She said. “He’s a shy pony and couldn’t take something like that.”

“Fine…” Rainbow Dash said in annoyance. “I promise I won’t hurt him or pressure him or whatever. Jeesh, you’d think he was still a little colt the way you talk about him.”

“Ah’m serious Rainbow.” Applejack said. “He’s had some bad experiences in the past and ah don’t want him to give up on romance completely because y’all wanted to get off.”

“This won’t be a bad experience for him.” Rainbow insisted. “I’ll be the best lay he’s ever had, guaranteed.”

Applejack face-hoofed again.

“Let’s just get this over with…” She grumbled, somewhat regretting agreeing to this.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash wandered around the farm for fifteen minutes before they laid eyes on the big red stallion. He was still bucking trees in the south orchard and was covered in sweat. Rainbow Dash quickly shot towards him but Applejack grabbed her tail just in time to stop her.

“Let me handle this.” Applejack said. “I know you’re not going to handle this appropriately.”

Rainbow Dash reluctantly relented and fell into step behind the orange earth pony as they approached Big Mac. Seeing the two mares, he stopped and smiled.

“Hey Big Mac!” Applejack said cheerfully.

“Hey AJ, hey Miss Rainbow Dash.” He said. “What’s up?”

“Well Rainbow Dash and ah were just talking and she has a request for you.” Applejack began. “I told her that you probably wouldn’t be able to help her but she insists on asking you anyhow.”

“Well, what is it?” Big Mac asked. “Ah’m always willing to help a pretty mare if ah…..”

Rainbow Dash’s heart was beating a million times a minute already, but after he called her pretty she couldn’t stand it anymore.

“SEX!” Rainbow Dash shouted. “I want sex!”

Big Mac’s mouth opened wide in shock, the straw falling from his mouth and onto the ground. Both he and Applejack looked back at the mare with surprise.

“Well ah……” He mumbled softly, his cheeks becoming even redder then they already were.

“I’m not talking about a relationship or anything.” Rainbow Dash continued. “I just want a casual roll in the hay. Except this time I want it literally. Can we do it in that old saggy barn of yours?”

Big Mac was shocked at first, but his mind quickly recovered to explore the possibilities. He didn’t like flings. He thought they were impersonal and felt he should treat a mare right. But this wasn’t just any mare. She was one of his sister’s best friends. AJ was a great judge of character. Since AJ liked her so much, she must be a good mare.

Despite the fact that Rainbow Dash spent a good deal of time on the farm, he didn’t know her very well. He preferred to keep to himself and was content to leave her and his sister to do their own thing. But maybe it was time he got to know this mare better. She had suggested it, not him. Besides, she had a body to die for. She was one of the Elements and boasted a sleek, athletic form. The only pony in all of Equestria that had a better body than her was his sister, but of course he couldn’t go there.

Several long moments passed as Big Mac was consumed in his own thoughts. He barely realized the look of defeat on the Pegasus’ face.

“Well y’all have yer answer.” Applejack said. “Ah told ya he wouldn’t want to. C’mon Rainbow before we embarrass him even more.”

Rainbow Dash reluctantly turned around and started walking away from him with Applejack. It took all of Big Mac’s strength to speak up.

“Ah’ll do it.” He said softly.

“What was that?” Applejack asked, legitimately not hearing her brother.

“Ah said ah’ll do it.” He said a little more loudly this time.

“REALLY?” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, turning around and running up to him. “Oh yeah! You’re going to enjoy this! I don’t spread ‘em for just anypony you know!”

Big Mac blushed profusely. He was almost nose to nose with the Pegasus and the look of delight on her face made him even more embarrassed.

“Stop that.” Applejack scolded, pulling Rainbow Dash back. “Yer making him embarrassed.”

She turned to face her brother.

“You sure about this Big Mac?” She asked. “You don’t have to do this ya know.”

“Ah’m sure.” He said. “It’s been a long time since ah’ve been with a mare and ah really like her.”

“Okay then!” Rainbow Dash said quickly, pushing Applejack out of the way and grabbing Big Mac’s hoof. “Follow me!”

She began dragging the workhorse towards the old barn quickly. The barn was quite far away and she was hurting his leg dragging him like that.

“Rainbow Dash?” He said. “Ah can get there by myself.”

Rainbow Dash stopped looked at his hoof, realizing what he meant.

“Oh.” She giggled. “Okay.”

She let go of his hoof and started walking towards the barn quickly. Big Mac followed her until they reached the barn before suddenly realizing what he was doing. He was following this mare into his barn so he could rut her. Though the thought was appealing to his lower body, his brain had a problem with it. Rainbow Dash noticed he was lagging behind a bit. She brushed her tail to the side and looked behind him, giving him an excellent view of her marehood.

“Coming Big Mac?” She asked seductively.

To hell with it. Big Mac’s lower body finally won out and he followed the Pegasus into his barn.


Applejack couldn’t believe he’d agreed to it. It wouldn’t be the first time a mare had asked for a roll in the hay, and he’d refused every time. Had the fact that she was her friend had anything to do with it? Did he just not want to disappoint his sister by refusing? Just the thought of Big Mac agreeing for her sake made her worried. Maybe he didn’t want to make waves between them and damage his sister’s friendship with the Pegasus.

Applejack quickly made her way to the barn. She had to make sure Rainbow Dash wasn’t pushing him or acting inappropriately. She suddenly stopped, realizing what she was about to do. She was going to spy on her brother having sex with her best friend. If she was caught there wasn’t any doubt in her mind it wouldn’t be pretty. But she had to make sure her brother was okay. She knew he’d treat Rainbow right, but Rainbow Dash was selfish at times. She had to make sure her selfishness didn’t hurt Big Mac.

As she approached the barn she looked around for a good way to view the action without getting caught. The barn was very old. So old in fact that all the paint had washed away long ago. The wood also had a lot of holes in it. She looked through one of the holes and saw the pair. Rainbow Dash was sucking Big Mac’s cock. Whoa, he was huge! Applejack tried to get a better look but wasn’t able to due to the angle of the hole. She walked around the perimeter of the barn until she found a board with a relatively large piece missing. She looked through it and got a full view of what was going on.

Rainbow Dash kept sucking him off, bobbing up and down his shaft quickly. Big Mac was groaning from pleasure as she licked him over and over. Suddenly she jumped off him and he looked up at her in surprise.

“What?” She asked. “I can’t have you jazzing all over my mane! Not when you can be jazzing inside me that is…..”

Rainbow Dash turned around and raised her rump into the air, giving both Big Mac and Applejack full view of her dripping wet pussy. Big Mac got up quickly and started eating the mare out. Her yells of pleasure filled the barn and reached Applejack’s ears. Before Applejack knew what she was doing, she was rubbing herself like mad to the scene.

Big Mac continued eating her out, slobbering wetly all over her backside. From the sound of things, Rainbow Dash was having the time of her life. Applejack was suddenly distracted by the sight of something brown between Big Mac’s legs. It took her a second to realize it was his cock. She’d seen it before when Rainbow was sucking him off, but now she could see the full length and girth of it. THAT was going inside Rainbow? She looked from his cock to Rainbow’s body and realized that in order to fit it all, Rainbow would have to take it all the way into her stomach. Suddenly Applejack feared for Rainbow more than Big Mac.

Without warning Rainbow let out a loud grunt and began shaking as she had her orgasm. Big Mac kept his hooves on her cutie mark as he continued eating her out. Eventually Rainbow stopped shaking.

“STOP!” She yelled.

Big Mac immediately stopped what he was doing and backed away from the Pegasus.

“If you keep going I’m going to be too tired for the main event.” She explained, standing up. “Now get over here and stuff me full.”

Big Mac was happy to do just that. He reared up onto his hind legs before placing his hooves on her back. Applejack watched as his member found her entrance and he slid inside slowly. Rainbow Dash’s eyes bulged as he slid into her in one motion. There was no teasing, no poking and prodding. Just a smooth slide into the deepest depths of the Pegasus’ body. Rainbow Dash grunted as he bottomed out inside of her. There was still at least four inches that he wasn’t able to fit inside. But Applejack was surprised he was able to get that much in. Without warning he began to slide out of her, and then back in. Out, and then in. It was a rhythmic motion that seemed to bring great pleasure to both mare and stallion as they rutted slowly.

Applejack let her sopping wet hoof slide away from her pussy up her belly as she watched them rut. Each thrust left at least four inches of his cock outside Rainbow’s body.

Ah wonder if ah could fit him all the way? Applejack thought.

She quickly pushed the thought out of her mind. He was her brother! Still, she couldn’t deny the scene in front of her aroused her more than anything else she’d ever seen or felt. As she watched her brother rut the Pegasus, she imagined he was rutting her instead. She could fit him. She was sure of it. She continued to watch the scene unfold in front of her. They were both close. She could tell.

“Ahhhh……Big Mac!” Rainbow Dash yelled as she experienced her final orgasm.

Realizing he had finally brought her to orgasm, Big Mac focused on his own pleasure. He picked up the pace, rutting the Pegasus for all she was worth. Realizing he’d reached the point of no return, he thrust deep into the Pegasus and held himself there, groaning as he released himself inside of her.

Rainbow Dash had been creamed before, but never like this. Normally when a stallion cums inside, there’s a couple of gentle spurts. But Big Mac wasn’t just a little spurt. His was a literal stream. Rainbow’s eyes bulged as he pumped into her, releasing a stream of cum and flooding her womb with his seed. He pumped again and again, releasing a strong stream each time. After three pumps, her pussy overflowed with his cum. She could feel it squirt out of her and dribble down her legs. But he kept going, pumping a total of seven loads directly into her womb.

Applejack had been watching the entire time. As he started cumming inside Rainbow, she lost it as well. She came….hard. There was no going back. Applejack yelled out loud as she came, fluids covering her hoof like never before. She knew they could probably hear her, but she didn’t care. Just the thought of getting rutted by Big Mac like that was more than enough to push her over the edge. As she came off of the worst of it, she quickly looked back inside to see if she was discovered. To her relief, they hadn’t seemed to notice her outburst.

Rainbow had never felt so full before. And never felt so glad she was on contraceptives. There’s no WAY she wouldn’t be pregnant if she wasn’t. As he finished pumping he withdrew slowly, a flood of cum pouring out of her now loosened pussy.

Realizing they were done now and were probably going to come out of the barn any minute, Applejack made a hasty exit. She ran towards the farm house and didn’t look back.


“Fuck me!” Applejack yelled. “Fuck me harder!”

Big Mac quickened his pace.

“Anything for you…..sister.” He said. “Sister….sister……sis…..sis………sis……..SIS!”

“HUH?” Applejack yelled, sitting up quickly.

She absorbed the environment around her. She was in her bed and the sun was just peeking over the horizon. She looked down to see Applebloom next to her bed with a worried look on her face.

“A…Applebloom…..?” Applejack asked, confused.

“Y’all had me worried sis.” Applebloom said. “Ya wouldn’t wake up and you were yelling for Big Mac! Are you alright?”

“Ah………yes Applebloom, ah’m fine.” Applejack said quickly, finally registering what was happening. “Just a bad dream.”

“Really?” Applebloom asked. “What was it about? Maybe I can help.”

“No, no, ah’m fine really.” Applejack insisted. “And don’t you go telling Big Mac about this here dream either. Don’t want to go worrying him.”

Applebloom looked at her sister suspiciously but let the matter drop.

“Yer late starting the harvest today.” Applebloom observed.

“Ah…shoot.” Applejack said. “No time for breakfast either.”

She got out of bed and quickly ran downstairs. Big Mac had obviously already started without her. She started running towards the door when she heard Granny Smith call to her.

“Big Mac needs yer help today.” Granny Smith said. “He’s working in the south field.”

“Okay Granny.” Applejack said. “Ah’m going.”

Applejack left the house and started running towards the south field. She reached it faster than she thought she would and waved to Big Mac in the distance when she saw him. He stopped what he was doing and waved back. As she approached him she couldn’t help but have dirty thoughts about him.

He sure is a sexy stallion. She thought.

She scolded herself for having such thoughts and tried to ignore them as she came face to face with him.

“So Granny says you need my help?” She asked.

“Yup.” He said. “There are just too many trees and after the little……interruption yesterday with Rainbow Dash there’s a lot of work to be done.”

Applejack blushed as she remembered watching them. She remembered his hulking form over the Pegasus, how he expertly ate her out, how large his cock was……and how much he finally came. She was absorbed in her own thoughts and didn’t realize Big Mac was looking at her suspiciously.

“Y’all alright?” He asked.

She shook her head.

“Ah mean….yeah, ah’m fine.” She said. “Just a little tired.”

Big Mac accepted his sister’s explanation and just shrugged it off. As he started working Applejack couldn’t help but look at his large, strong form. After watching him run Rainbow Dash the other day, she saw him in a completely different light. Before she saw him as her shy brother she had to protect. But now…..he was a stallion. A strong, sexy stallion. And she wanted him.

No! She thought to herself. Bad Applejack! Ya can’t think things like that. He’s yer brother!

But despite herself, she couldn’t help but think about it.


The next couple of days and nights were pretty much the same for Applejack. She didn’t have to work with him except for that first day after Rainbow Dash, but she still found herself consumed by thoughts of him. Her sleep wasn’t much better. She dreamed about him almost every night. After a week of this, she was very tired and decided to take a much needed break. So when Rainbow Dash visited the farm that day, she convinced her to go to Sugarcube Corner with her.

“So that’s the new trick I’m learning for the Wonderbolts!” Rainbow Dash said excitedly, leaning over the table so she was almost nose to nose with Applejack.

“Uh huh…” Applejack said unenthusiastically, pushing her milkshake around the table.

Rainbow Dash took a large drink of her own milkshake before slamming it down. The noise helped Applejack come back to reality.

“Oh yeah, that’s mighty nice.” She said, finally looking the Pegasus in the eye.

“Applejack, what’s wrong with you?” She asked, annoyed.

“Whatddya mean?” Applejack asked defensively. “Ah’m fine.”

Rainbow Dash wasn’t convinced. Not even close.

“You’ve been in a stupor all day.” She observed. “What’s the problem?”

“There is no problem….” Applejack said softly.

“Yes there is.” Rainbow Dash insisted. “And I’m not going to leave you alone until you tell me.”

Applejack looked up at her, anger in her eyes.

“Ah’m telling you there is no problem!” She yelled. “It’d be mighty kind of ya to just leave it at that!”

Applejack got up from her table and started walking towards the door.

Rainbow Dash was stunned. Applejack had been angry at her before, but not like this. And she could tell she wasn’t actually angry at her, but at something else.

“Applejack, wait up!” She yelled, following the earth pony.

They exited Sugarcube Corner together and started walking towards the park. Rainbow Dash let the matter rest until they had reached the park and sat down in the grass together.

“Hey.” Rainbow said softly, jumping up and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “Tell me what’s wrong. I can help.”

“There’s nothing you can do Rainbow.” Applejack said. “Just leave it be. Ah’ve just gotta work this out on my own.”

“That bad huh?” Rainbow Dash said. “I can help. I promise I’ll do anything I can.”

Applejack turned to her and smiled.

“Ya know, if you were Pinkie Pie, or Twilight, or Rarity, or any one of our friends ah wouldn’t tell ya this.” Applejack said. “But yer my best friend. Ah’ll tell ya what’s wrong so long as ya promise to keep it a secret.”

“I promise.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Pinkie Promise?” Applejack asked.

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” Rainbow Dash said, going through all the motions.

Applejack laughed.

“Okay.” She said. “Honestly ah’m worried y’all won’t be my friend anymore after what ah tell ya here, but here goes.”

There was a moment of silence between them as Applejack collected her thoughts and prepared herself.

“Ah…..ah’ve had these feelings for a long time.” She began. “Ah’ve always been able to bury them and not think about them. But ah……ah have a crush on………Big Mac…..”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened at hearing this.

“So that’s why you….” She began.

Applejack nodded.

“Ah’ve always been very protective of my brother.” She said. “Ah’ve always said it was to protect him from bad mares that would just use him. But in all honesty, it was more to keep him to myself.”

“So when you let me ask him you……” Rainbow said.

“Ah did it because ah want him to have a normal life and be happy.” She said. “Ah really do. Ah didn’t want y’all to have sex with him, but at least ah knew ya weren’t gonna steal him away from me. Ah…..ah…….”

Tears streamed from Applejack’s eyes. This greatly surprised Rainbow as she rarely cried. She realized how much this meant to Applejack and embraced her tightly.

“I never knew.” Rainbow Dash said, squeezing her tighter. “You hid your feelings well.”

Applejack pushed her away.

“As ah watched y’all have sex with him in the barn, ah felt a little bit of myself die inside.” She said.

“I…wait, you watched us have sex?!” Rainbow Dash asked, suddenly angry.

But seeing the sad look on Applejack’s face cooled her anger immediately.

“So now ya know.” She said. “Now ah’d appreciate it if y’all drop the matter. There’s nothing ya can do so y’all can just forget about it.”

Rainbow Dash put a hoof to her chin in thought.

“Applejack.” She said, putting a hoof on her shoulder. “What if I said I could get you Big Mac?”

“What?” Applejack asked softly, a tear or two still staining her face.

“You said yourself he’s a shy pony.” Rainbow Dash said. “What do you think he’d do if you told him about your feelings?”

Applejack’s eyes widened in horror.

“He’d be so embarrassed he’d never speak to me again!” She exclaimed. “He’d probably hate me and think ah’m sick.”

Rainbow Dash shook her head quickly.

“You’re right when you say he’d reject you if you just told him your feelings like that.” She said. “But without fail, ALL guys have fantasized about their sisters at least once. You just have to give him a little nudge.”

“WHAT?!” Applejack exclaimed, horrified. “Are ya saying you want me to go display myself for him and ask him to jump me like you did?!”

“No no no.” Rainbow Dash said quickly. “That’s too direct for most stallions, but especially for Big Mac. What you need to do is have him lust after you.”

“Ah dunno Rainbow…” Applejack said, starting to regret admitting her feelings to her.

“I have the perfect plan.” Rainbow Dash said mysteriously. “Come with me.”


“Whaddya mean ya want me to imitate your voice?” Applejack asked curiously.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes.

“Just do it.” She said, annoyed.

Applejack cleared her throat.

“How’s this?” She asked. “Do I sound like you?”

“Actually that’s pretty good.” Rainbow Dash said. “Keep trying.”

“Okay, what do I say?” Applejack asked.

“Just start talking about stuff.” Rainbow Dash said. “Anything.”

“Okay well….” Applejack said, putting on her best imitation voice. “So great weather we’re having huh? Did you see the new restaurant they’ve opened in town? Some sort of bistro I hear. Uhhhhh….. so how about them apples? Or I mean, those apples? Red, juicy and delicious!”

Rainbow Dash laughed, falling onto the ground on her back.

“Gosh darnit.” Applejack said, reverting to her normal voice. “This is so stupid.”

“No, no!” Rainbow Dash said quickly, getting up. “You’re doing great. It’s just that you sound like me so much even I’d have a hard time telling the difference between us!”

“But why are we even doing this?” Applejack asked in annoyance.

“You’ll see….”


“Blue makeup?” Applejack asked. “What in the hay do we need this for?”

“It’s called blush.” Rainbow Dash said. “And I don’t like it either, but if we want this to work we’ll need it. Now come on.”


“Why am ah trying this on again?” Applejack asked. “It’s really tight…”

“Sorry but that’s the loosest one I have.” Rainbow Dash said. “Now come out and let me see it.”

Applejack came out of the other room dressed in a full Wonderbolts suit. The only things that showed were her orange ears and her mane and tail.

“That’s perfect.” Rainbow Dash said. “Now get out of those clothes before you ruin them. We’re going to the paint store.”

“Paint store?”


“Okay Rainbow, so what are we gonna do with blush, seven colors of paint, and a Wonderbolts costume?” Applejack asked.

“What do you think?” Rainbow Dash asked mischievously.

“It almost seems like you’re trying to make me look and act just like you…..” Applejack said.

Rainbow Dash smirked.

“Oh ponyfeathers…..”


“Rainbow Dash!” Applejack said angrily. “Ah can’t believe this was yer bright idea!”

“Come on Applejack, it’ll work! I’m sure of it!”

“And y’all think tricking my brother into fucking me is gonna bring us closer together?!” She asked.

“He’s got a carnal side.” Rainbow Dash said insistently. “All stallions do. All you have to do is get him to desire you and he’ll be yours. Once he realizes he just came inside his sister instead of me, he’ll realize how GOOD it felt and want more.”

“Or he’ll hate me for tricking him and never speak to me again!” Applejack said. “This is different than your average roll in the hay Rainbow! I’m his sister!”

“He might be mad for a while, but he’ll come around.” Rainbow Dash insisted. “There’s no way he’ll pass up the opportunity to fuck his sister again. You’ve just got to show him a good time and make sure he cums buckets.”

“I dunno Rainbow…..” She said.

“The worst thing that can happen is you get the rut of your life then you don’t tell him who you are.” Rainbow Dash persuaded. “I’m not ashamed to admit he was the best I’ve ever had.

“Really?” Applejack asked.

“Really.” Rainbow Dash said, smirking. “I’ve never been creamed like that before. You can actually feel it as it fills your womb.”

Applejack subconsciously felt her lower abdomen, trying to imagine the sensation.

“O….okay.” She said reluctantly. “Ah’ll do it. But ah don’t know if ah’m gonna admit who ah am to him.”

“YES!” Rainbow Dash yelled, pumping her hoof into the air. “Let’s get you ready!”


After putting on matching Wonderbolts costumes, they had made their way back to the farm. After several hours, Rainbow Dash was finally putting on the finishing touches of her disguise.

“You look perfect!” Rainbow Dash gushed.

Applejack looked back at her body with doubt.

“Ah dunno Rainbow.” She said. “These wings look awfully fake….”

“They’re just going to lay there against you the whole time.” Rainbow Dash said. “Now let me get a look at the rest of you.”

Applejack tensed up as Rainbow circled her, looking for any imperfections.

“Just one more thing…” Rainbow Dash said as she stood directly behind her.

“What do you……ahhhh!” Applejack yelled as Rainbow Dash slit her suit open to reveal her pussy.

Applejack suddenly felt really exposed. It was funny. She walked around naked the whole time but having a slit in her suit made her feel more naked than ever.

“Ahhhhhh!” She yelled as she felt something on her marehood.

She looked back and realized Rainbow Dash was applying some of the blue blush down there.

“You look delicious.” Rainbow Dash observed. “Mind if I have a taste?”

“Rainbow…..” Applejack said in annoyance.

“Okay, okay.” She said, laughing. “I was just kidding. Now you look perfect. Go to the old barn. I’ll go tell Big Mac to meet “me” there in fifteen minutes.”

“Fine.” Applejack said curtly. She was very nervous.


Applejack opened the door to the barn slowly and stepped inside. It was kind of a creepy barn, but seemed absolutely fitting for what she was about to do. She still couldn’t believe what was happening. Here she was, disguised as a gussied up Rainbow Dash and waiting for her brother to come fuck her. Rainbow Dash had the craziest ideas sometimes. She just hoped this crazy idea didn’t destroy her relationship with her brother.


“Hey Big Mac!” Rainbow Dash said, landing right in front of him in her full Wonderbolts costume.

Big Mac knew what it was and knew that Rainbow Dash inspired to become a Wonderbolt so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to him.

“Hey Miss Rainbow Dash.” He said. “Nice getup.”

“Thanks!” She said. “Say, I’ve never done it in a Wonderbolts costume before…….”

Big Mac’s brain froze for a minute before he brought himself back to reality.

“Sorry Rainbow, but there’s just too much to do today.” He said. “Ah can’t spare the time.”

Is this stallion for real? Rainbow Dash thought to herself. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all…..

“It won’t take long.” Rainbow Dash said. “You can just stick it in and go home. After getting me a little wet first that is…..”

Big Mac smiled and walked towards her. Realizing he was planning on jumping her right there she flew out of his reach and sped towards the barn.

“I’ll meet you at the barn!” She called back to him.

He was stunned momentarily, but quickly chased after the Pegasus.

Rainbow Dash sped into the barn at top speed, almost crashing into Applejack.

“Applejack, he’s coming right now!” She exclaimed. “Get ready!”

She jumped behind a stack of apple cider, hiding herself.

“Get out of here!” Applejack said angrily.

“I can’t!” Rainbow Dash said. “He saw me come in here! Besides….you watched me. It’s only fair if I can watch you…”

Applejack cursed the Pegasus under her breath. This wasn’t going like she planned. The sound of the barn door opening behind her brought her back to full attention and she looked back to find Big Mac.

He walked up to her quickly and before she could even prepare he shoved his snout directly into her snatch.

“Ahhhh!” She exclaimed as he began to eat her out. The feeling of his warm tongue against her folds sent shivers down her spine. “Oh yeah…..” She said quietly in her best imitation of Rainbow Dash. He lapped at her over and over. His assault was relentless. The pleasure was so intense she almost cried out for him to stop. In short order she was calling his name and squirting her fluids all over his tongue, which he lapped up eagerly.

“Mmmmmmm…..” He said, moving his mouth away. “You taste a lot sweeter today. Almost like……apples….”

Blood rushed to her face as he said that, suddenly fully aware of what was happening. Her brother had just finished eating her out and was about to fuck her senseless. Exactly what she wanted. Just as she’d finished that thought she felt his front hooves on her back, preparing to mount her. She wanted this to be just like her fantasy. And in her fantasy she was lying on her back, not being mounted from behind.

“Wait.” She said quickly.

Big Mac stopped his movements.

She stepped out from under him and started walking towards a large pile of hay on the opposite side of the barn. She laid down on her back and Big Mac got the message. He walked forward towards her and laid down on top of her, positioning himself for entry. Applejack was surprised how quickly he found her entrance. And just like with Rainbow Dash, he slid into her slowly in one motion. She felt as she was stretched by the sheer girth of her brother. He slid into her more slowly than with Rainbow Dash. He groaned as he entered her and Applejack was filled with pride knowing she was giving him such pleasure.

As he continued to push forward, she could only hope she would be able to fit it all inside her. Within a few moments her hopes were realized as he bottomed out inside of her, his hips in full contact with her own. And just as soon as he had sheathed himself inside of her, he began to slide out. He withdrew so only the tip was still inside, then slid back in just as slowly. She could feel every inch as it slid in and out of her. It was so much better than she’d imagined. After a few more thrusts she could feel the heat rising inside of her. Squeezing his member deep inside of her as best she could, she let herself go. Waves upon waves of pleasure washed over her as she experienced her orgasm. Her walls rippled along his length sending more and more pleasure to her as she felt the throbbing of his member inside of her.

He continued his pace as she rode out her orgasm, but as her orgasm subsided he picked up speed. He had only one goal now; to fill the mare beneath him with his seed. Applejack could tell he was getting close and got an idea.

“Let me know just before you cum.” She said.

Big Mac grunted in response, and she assumed that was a yes. He pounded the mare beneath him for a few more minutes before he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ah’m close…” He said. “Ah can’t hold back anymore!”

He pushed himself inside of her as far as he could and held himself there, his boiling balls ready to explode at any moment.

This was when Applejack ripped the face part of her suit off, exposing her face to Big Mac. He looked down at her in surprise and shock.

“A…Applejack?!” He exclaimed.

And with that, he came. Applejack threw her head back in pleasure as he shot stream after stream into her, absolutely flooding her womb.

“Ahhhhhhh…….AHHHHHHH!” He yelled out as he came inside of her, his mind filled with confusion and pleasure as he claimed his sister. His cock continued pumping his full load into her, emptying his balls and filling her pussy full of his seed. As the last of his cum left his body and went into hers, he collapsed on top of his sister, breathing heavily.

“Applejack……ah……” He said between breaths.

“So how did ya like it?” Applejack asked. “How did ya like fucking your sister?”

There was a long moment of silence between them as Big Mac realized what had happened. He had just fucked his sister! She had been disguised as Rainbow Dash! What the hay was going on?!

“That was so awesome!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, jumping out from her hiding place. “See, I told you this would work!”

Brother and sister both looked at the Pegasus in surprise before turning back and looking at each other.

“You…..Applejack why did ya do this?” Big Mac asked. “You planned this whole thing, didn’t ya?!”

“Ah….well….” Applejack began.

“Actually I’m the one that came up with the plan after Applejack told me of her feelings for you.” Rainbow Dash said. “I thought that if I could get you two in the sack together that you might be willing to give this a chance.”

“Give what a chance?” Big Mac asked.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes.

“Applejack loves you.” She said. “She proved that just now. She’s hoping this won’t be a one-time thing and that next time she won’t have to wear the suit.”

Big Mac looked back at his sister before realizing he was still sheathed inside of her. He went to withdraw but Applejack wrapped her back legs around him so he couldn’t.


“Ah know what yer gonna say.” Applejack said quickly. “That it’s not right and it ain’t ever gonna go anywhere. But it felt nice, right? Why can’t we just have a little fun together from time to time?”

“Ah……dunno………..” He said softly.

“Oh come on you big lug!” Rainbow Dash said. “You can’t tell me it didn’t feel amazing and that you’ve never thought about it before. Nopony will ever find out. It’ll be just the three of us. It’s just a bit of fun.”

“Ah……ah’ll think about it…..” He said quietly.

He tried to withdraw and this time Applejack let him. She felt a sense of relief as his cum poured out of her and onto the pile of hay beneath them. He stepped down and walked out of the barn slowly, going to be with his own thoughts.


He couldn’t believe what had just happened. Applejack had tricked him into fucking her! When he looked back on it, he knew he should have known something was off. The color of her fur wasn’t quite right, her eye color was different, she tasted sweeter, and he was able to fit all of himself inside of her. But he had been blinded by lust. Or had he? Maybe he subconsciously knew it was her and decided to go through with it anyway? His sister had the best body of any pony he’d ever seen. And Rainbow Dash was right. He did fantasize about her from time to time. But it wasn’t right and he knew it. She was his sister. Still….she had feelings for him. She wanted to be with him. And if he was being completely honest to himself, he wanted her too…..


Applejack and Rainbow Dash had left the barn after getting Applejack out of her outfit. The memories were too painful for Applejack to stay there any longer. They were both lying in the grass, Applejack a sobbing mess.

“Ah can’t believe ah did that to him!” She cried. “To think he’d ever want me! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!”

“It’s okay Applejack.” Rainbow Dash said. “Everything will be okay.”

“No it will NOT be okay Rainbow!” Applejack yelled. “Ah just ruined my relationship with my brother!”

“It will be okay Applejack.” She said insistently. “He’ll come around.”

“No he won’t!” She cried. “To think ah’ve destroyed something so precious for a roll in the hay!”

As Rainbow Dash tried to console her friend, she was distracted by something large and red coming their way.

“Hey, it’s Big Mac!” She exclaimed, waving to him.

“What?” Applejack asked, looking around.

Sure enough, Big Mac was coming towards them.

“Applejack, we need to talk…..” He said.

“Ah am so, so sorry Big Mac!” She cried, throwing herself at him and embracing him tightly. “Will ya ever forgive me?”

Big Mac looked down at her with an angry expression and she started sobbing again.

“Ah’ll forgive ya on one condition.” He said.

She looked up at him with joy.

“Meet me at the barn tomorrow?” He asked, his face turning upwards to a smile.

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