To Save the Farm

Applejack x Flim

Applejack and her family have prevailed against the scam artists Flim and Flam and were able to keep the farm. But a new threat to the farm forces Applejack to strike a new deal with the brothers. A deal that involves more than a little competition. With the fate of the farm at stake, to what lengths will Applejack go to ensure her family’s future?

Contains: Sex via blackmail

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“Gosh darnit those twins!” Applejack said to herself. “It’s been a week since they left and ah’m still so angry with ‘em! How dare they try to take our farm from us? We’ve put generations of blood, sweat, and tears into this farm and ah’ll be damned if anypony is gonna run us outta business!”

Applejack was still pretty proud of herself and her family, making all that cider in a single hour. It had been the topic of many a conversation since that fateful day. Applejack believed in getting a hard day’s rewards out of a hard day’s labor and despised ponies that tried to trick and scam their way to success. Her family had started out with practically nothing and now they had this huge orchard that served apple deliciousness to all of Equestria.

She had just finished bucking the south field and was on her way back to the barn to get the empty containers they put under the trees. It had certainly been a hard day, but she knew they would reap the rewards from their struggles. Such was life on a farm. As she opened the door to the barn and closed it behind her, a familiar voice reached her ears.

“So good to see you again Applejack!” The voice said.

Applejack turned around, suddenly boiling with anger.

“YOU!” She exclaimed, seeing the face that belonged to the voice. “What in tarnation are y’all doing back here?”

“Oh, just enjoying myself.” Flim said, stepping out of the shadows and giving her a better look at his face.

Applejack didn’t like the two brothers. But they never seemed sinister to her. Just jackasses that wanted to take her farm. That was bad enough, but something about the way Flim spoke told her this was NOT going to be a pleasant visit.

“Out with it.” She said, her voice short. “Ah know y’all came here for a reason and ah know ya wouldn’t be so calm unless ya thought ya had me right where ya wanted me. So go ahead. Spill the beans.”

“Straight to the point,” Flim said. “I like that. I’ll make this brief. My brother and I can still destroy your business. Despite being scam artists, we do possess a patent for the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. It’s a legitimate invention. If you do exactly what I say, I’ll sign the patent over to you.”

“Hmph!” Applejack said angrily. “We don’t want yer damn machine, or yer lousy patent! So go shove it!”

Flim laughed. The way he laughed sent shivers down Applejack’s spine. He was up to something. She knew it.

“Oh, what a short sighted mare you are.” He said, laughing again. “And not very bright either. Not that I’m surprised. With a sexy body like that, it would be too good to be true if you had body AND brains.”

Applejack was taken aback by his words and was just about to buck him for saying something like that, but his calm demeanor made her question whether that was a good idea or not.

“What are y’all talking about?” She asked in an irritated tone. “And where’s that filthy brother of yers?”

“Oh he’s not here.” Flim said. “The reason why is simple, but I’m afraid if I told you that I’d be getting ahead of myself. As for being short sighted, that’s definitely an understatement.”

Applejack was really getting steamed. Bad idea or not, she didn’t know how long she could hold herself back from bucking him.

“As I was saying, we hold a patent.” Flim explained. “Which means we have exclusive rights to the design and manufacture of the cider machine. We could so easily sell a machine to every one of your competitors. Now tell me, what do you think that would do to your apple cider business?”

“They all can have yer damned machine!” Applejack said. “It’ll never produce cider the way the Apple family can!”

Flim laughed again.

“Oh Applejack,” He said. “You and I both know the only reason we didn’t win that competition was because it was based on speed and my brother and I got a little carried away at the end. The quality of the cider has nothing to do with how it is pressed, but rather what apples you use. The apples on your farm are quite good, but nothing extraordinary. That type of apple is abundant all over Equestria. And some of your competitors have the same kind too. If we sold those machines to each of your competitors, you’d be out of business in less than five years.”

“We have loyal customers here in Ponyville and all over Equestria!” Applejack yelled. “There’s no way they’d go to our competitors!”

“Yes, but WHY are they loyal?” Flim asked. “Do they KNOW you? Of course not! The only ponies that are truly loyal to you are the ones here in Ponyville. You produce at least two hundred thousand apples per year on the farm. How would that work out in a town with a population of less than a thousand? Other cities and towns would stop buying your cider once your competitors started offering the same thing for half the cost with our machine.”

Applejack started to panic. Flim was right. He seemed to know a lot about the apple business. A lot more than she gave him credit for.

“My brother and I studied the apple business extensively before we built our machine.” Flim said, seemingly reading her mind. “We had made enough money from our previous scams to fund the invention and building of the machine and were going to go straight. But then you ruined our plan. We were going to start in a small town like Ponyville and work our way up from there. But now we’re going to be forced to just sell the machines to other Apple farmers. The potential for profit was limitless when we were going to be the ones to own the most productive apple cider business in all of Equestria. But now, we’re just salesmen.”

“But y’all can still start up your own business.” Applejack said.

“No we can’t.” Flim said. “You ruined our reputation. Nopony would even give us the chance. The only choice we have is to sell the machines to existing businesses that already have a customer base. So long as their customers don’t find out how the cider is being made, they can increase production tenfold! Which is great for them, but pretty lousy for us. We would have been millionaires before we were thirty, but that’s all over thanks to you!”

“That ain’t fair!” Applejack said angrily, stamping her hoof on the ground beneath her. “Y’all challenged us and tried to take our farm away! It was yer decision to turn the quality control off on yer cider machine, not ours!”

“Enough!” Flim shouted. “You destroyed our business plan, but we can still sell the machines to your competitors and destroy your business! And we will too….unless you do what we say.”

Applejack was pretty steamed. How dare the brothers come back and try to blame her and her family for what they did? The nerve of them was beyond belief. Still…..they had the patent. And if they sold the machines to all their competitors, the Apple family probably would be out of a job in less than five years. Apple cider season paid nearly half their expenses. They barely got by as it was. If they lost half their profit, they’d be forced to sell off the farm acre by acre until there was nothing left. The thought made her want to cry. No. She couldn’t let that happen. No matter what the twins demanded of her, she had to get that patent! Then she could destroy that rotten machine once and for all.

“Okay.” Applejack said angrily. “Tell me what y’all want and ah’ll do it. Ya want a share of the profits don’t ya?”

Flim laughed that disturbing laugh again.

“Oh no, my dear Applejack.” He said. “Nothing like that. What we want is very simple. Or should I say what I want is very simple. I want you.”

“Pardon?” Applejack asked, cocking her head a bit.

“I’m looking for revenge, and this is the best way I can think of getting it.” Flim said. “Since the moment I saw you, I’ve wanted to fuck you. You’ve got the most amazing body I’ve ever seen. And talk about taking revenge and humiliating you. I want to make you my bitch.”

“WHAT?!?!” Applejack yelled.

She bucked a barrel of apples behind her in anger, which tipped over and spilt its contents all over the barn floor.

“I want one night with you.” Flim said calmly. “And in the morning, I’ll sign over the patent to you. A fair price to pay for saving your farm, wouldn’t you say? Not to mention you get to keep the Super Speedy Cider….”

“FUCK YOU!” Applejack yelled. “Ah am NOT letting y’all anywhere near me, ya sick excuse for a stallion!”

Flim remained calm, a smile on his face. Seeing his calm demeanor infuriated Applejack, who bucked another barrel of apples in anger.

“Bitch about it all you want.” Flim said. “But if you want to save your farm, then your body is the price you need to pay. It’s a rather generous offer. The patent won’t make us nearly as rich as if we had opened the business ourselves, but it will still make our family much wealthier than yours. I’m willing to give that up for revenge. And of course to ravage that sweet body of yours.”

“Ugh, shut up!” Applejack said. “Yer not gonna be ravaging anything!”

Flim put his hoof to his chin in mock thought.

“Ya know, now that I think about it the deal I’m offering you is too good.” He said. “One clean fuck for exclusive rights to the cider machine? You’ve got an absolutely amazing body, but you’re not Celestia.”

Applejack kept staring daggers at him, saying nothing.

“I’d insist on multiple fucks, but I know you wouldn’t trust me enough to let me keep fucking you while we still held the patent. We’d have to sign it over to you after the first fuck, and then you’d have no reason to let me keep fucking you.” He mused. “But how else could I absolutely humiliate you? Hmmmmm…. I got it! Maybe I’ll impregnate you and I’ll sign over the patent once the foal is born….”

“You sick fuck!” Applejack yelled.

Flim laughed.

“Take my offer, or I actually will impregnate you.” He said. “If you accept now, I’ll let you use a contraceptive.”

“Fuck you!” Applejack said. “Ah’m calling the guards!”

“Think carefully.” Flim warned. “If you make me run from the guards I won’t give you another chance. Your family will be totally ruined. What else will you do besides apple farming?”

Applejack was heading towards the barn door but froze when she heard his words. She knew there was truth in them. And she knew she’d regret it if she did something rash. Flim gave her her time as she stood there, pondering her choices. Finally she turned around and faced him.

“The….the contraceptive?” She asked.

“What about it?” Flim asked.

“Ah’m gonna use my own if ya don’t mind.” She asked, distrust in her voice.

Flim laughed.

“That’s fine.” He said. “But what say you? Do you agree to the terms, or would you rather wind up pregnant?”

Applejack couldn’t believe she was even considering it, but what choice did she have? The thought of sleeping with Flim was NOT appealing, but losing the farm was even worse. And if she didn’t agree now, he might change his mind and not let her use a contraceptive. She knew deep in her heart of hearts that even if he demanded that she carry his foal, she would have to do it. She couldn’t abandon her family like that. She guessed she was getting off easy just having a roll in the hay with him.

“FINE!” Applejack said angrily. “Do y’all wanna do it in the barn or in the orchard? Ah can meet y’all here tomorrow once ah’m good and protected.”

“Oh my, neither.” Flim said, a look of horror crossing his face. “Can you imagine what would happen if Big Mac, Granny Smith, or good heavens, Applebloom were to come across the scene?”

Applejack was a bit taken aback by the response, but he was right. She hated to admit it, but he was right.

“Okay, then what do you suggest?” Applejack asked, getting more irritated by the minute.

“I’ve reserved a room at the Hoofingquest suites in Canterlot.” He said. “Room 303. Meet me there tomorrow at 7:00pm and we’ll get started.”

“Hoofingquest?” Applejack asked in surprise. “That’s the most expensive hotel in all of Equestria!”

Flim laughed.

“Yeah.” He said. “We don’t have much money left and I’m blowing all our profits on this hotel. So don’t be late.”

With that, flim’s horn started to glow. She could tell whatever spell he was casting was difficult for him. And in a flash, he disappeared. Applejack was nothing less than shocked. Teleportation spells were very difficult according to Twilight. She had no idea Flim was so good with magic. The thought made her cringe. But she had no choice but to go to the hotel.


The next day Applejack was totally distracted. Starting the morning off by taking a contraceptive didn’t help her mood or her concentration. She seemed to mess up everything she did. Big Mac had taken notice but she’d blown it off as having a bad day. At around noon she broke the news to her family that she needed to talk business with one of their distributors in Canterlot and might not be back until the next morning. Big Mac had wanted to go with her, but with how bad he was at words it didn’t take her long to convince him he should just stay and work on the farm. Applejack had made her way to the train station just in time. By the time she got to Canterlot it was already 6:30pm. She had to hurry to get to the suite in the hotel.

As she stepped through the doors to the hotel, she couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of the building and the interior. Under different circumstances, she’d be thrilled to be here. But as she thought of why exactly she was here, she couldn’t help but feel anger and fear boiling up inside of her. They threatened to burst out at any moment. She had to make sure and keep herself in check. Even if she complied with his wishes and let him have his way with her, she didn’t know how he’d react if she ended up bucking his teeth out. He might not sign over the patent, which was why she was here in the first place.

As she stepped up to the counter, she gave the best smile she could to the receptionist.

“Room 303 please.” She said with as much confidence as she could muster.

“Miss Applejack is it?” The receptionist asked.

“Yes ma’am.” Applejack said.

The receptionist fiddled with something under the counter for a few moments before pulling out a key.

“It’s on floor 3 to the left.” The receptionist said. “Checkout time is noon tomorrow.”

“Got it, thanks.” Applejack said, glad at least this part of her trip was over.

Every little step she took she reminded herself was each step closer to this horrible evening being over. As she reached the room she took a deep breath before unlocking the door and stepping inside. As she stepped into the room she realized it was completely dark. Reluctantly she switched on the light to find nopony there. She exhaled in relief, not realizing she had been holding her breath. He was out.

Applejack made her way over to the bed and sat down. It was a big room but only had one bed, to her disappointment. She didn’t want to sleep with the stallion, especially after they did………that. The thought of it both disgusted and frightened her. She had had sex before. But it was always with somepony she cared about and they had been caring and kind. But she was sure Flim was nothing like that. He was here to take revenge on her and use her body for his own selfish pleasure. This was not something she was looking forward to.

She’d be lying to herself if she said she wasn’t worried. It was then that she seriously doubted her decision to come here. What was she thinking? She couldn’t do this! What would her family say? What if they found she’d sold her body to save the farm? But she knew if she would have told them beforehand that they all would have told the two brothers to shove it. And then they’d be out of a job. She had apples on her flank for ponies sake! Applebucking was what she was born to do! What they were all born to do. She couldn’t take that away from them.

As she finished that thought she heard a key enter her door. Her stomach tightened into knots, knowing exactly who the pony was behind that door and what he was here to do. She thought about hiding herself but there was nowhere to hide. Before she could think of anything else the door flew open and Flim stepped inside. Noticing Applejack sitting on the bed, a big smile crossed his face.

“Well hi there.” He said. “I’m glad you made it. Sorry I’m late. The line at the confectionary shop was super-duper long.”

Applejack gave him a cold stare.

“Let’s just get this over with.” She said.

“Applejack!” Flim said. “I’m surprised at you. Here we are planning a delightful evening and you want to jump to the main event right away. That just won’t do. Come. Eat something.”

Applejack’s ear twitched as she heard him start to open one of the many brown paper bags he had brought with him.

“Let’s see, what do we have here?” Flim asked, pulling several items out of the bag. “Apple pie, apple fritters, apple crisps, caramel apples, apple slices, apple dumplings, apple cobbler……”

Applejack’s interest was definitely piqued when she heard what he had in the bag. She was hungry for sure. It had been a long train ride and she hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast. She forgot why she was there for a brief instant, but it all came flashing back to her as her elation faded.

“Not hungry.” Applejack said defiantly, crossing her hooves over her chest.

“Oh come now Applejack.” Flim said. “It’s not polite to make a gentlecolt eat alone. Besides, you need your strength. We’re going to be expending a lot of energy later on.”

“Fuck you.” Applejack said. “Ah’m only here because you’re forcing me to be. Ah don’t wanna give ya the pleasure.”

Flim set a steaming apple pie on the table practically right in front of her. The aroma was getting to her, but she still didn’t budge.

“Come on.” He said. “You’re the only one you’re hurting by not eating you know.”

Dammit! She hated to admit it, but he was right. And she was so hungry.

“Fine.” She said, reaching forward and grabbing a piece of Apple pie.

They spent the next half hour eating the various apple treats he had bought at the confectionary shop. They talked a little bit and Applejack started to relax. As they finished up, Applejack realized how full and satisfied she was. If they didn’t have sex then this evening would pass as halfway acceptable. But Applejack’s time was numbered and she knew it.

“Ahhhhhhh…..” Flim sighed, patting his stomach. “So satisfying, wouldn’t you say? I’ve had every apple treat I can think of. All but one, that is. I always do save the best for last, wouldn’t you say dear Applejack?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Applejack said, standing up on the bed and turning around to face him. “Let’s just get this over with. Just finish up as quick as ya can so ah can get on home and take a bath.”

Flim chuckled.

“Oh no, my dear Applejack.” He said. “Remember, the deal is I get to spend a night with you. One. Full. Night. I’m afraid this night isn’t going to be over until we’re both exhausted and sticky.”

Applejack cringed at the thought.

“So the faster ah can get ya off, the faster this’ll all be over, right?” She asked.

“Well…I……” Flim said.

“Well don’t worry then.” Applejack said, giving him a sultry look. “Ah’ll have ya cummin’ buckets in no time.”

“I’m going to take this nice and slow.” Flim said. “And I’ll make sure it’s a night you won’t soon forget either.”

Applejack was about to say something in response when without warning he jumped onto the bed with her and started licking her folds.

“Agh!” She exclaimed, lowering the front part of her body to the mattress as he assaulted her sex.

“You like that do you?” Flim teased, his muzzle nuzzled between her folds.

The vibration caused by him speaking sent spikes of pleasure through her as he continued to eat her out.

“Mph!” She exclaimed through her closed mouth. She couldn’t help herself. He was really good at this.

He withdrew his tongue from her and started licking her clit directly. This sent new shocks of pleasure coursing through her body. She couldn’t stop her back legs from shaking as he continued licking her love button. The pleasure she’d felt so far was incredible, but that was nothing compared to the pleasure that was building in her loins. She felt hot all over down there and could tell something big was coming. She didn’t want him to know how much pleasure he was giving her, but she couldn’t help but moan out loud as his relentless attack on her clit continued. Suddenly her entire body felt on fire and she felt jolt after jolt of pleasure as she began shaking violently. The stallion buried in her snatch laughed, sending even more pleasure through her as she experienced her first orgasm. Flim continued eating her out through her entire orgasm, bringing her to new heights she never thought were possible. As she began to calm down Flim removed his muzzle from her sex and licked his lips.

“Mmmmmmmm…” He said. “Yes, I definitely saved the best dessert for last.”

Applejack looked over at him as she heard him shuffle and realized he had moved to a lying position, his cock pointing straight up. She knew what he wanted and moved over to him, starting to lick his member.

Some stallions were really nasty tasting. She didn’t know why. Maybe they just didn’t bathe enough or maybe they were just all sweaty by the time she got to sucking them off. But thankfully Flim wasn’t one of those stallions. His member had no taste, she noticed as she licked it up and down. She spared a look up at him, seeing a smile of contentment on his face. Wanting to get this over with quickly she took his member into her mouth, bobbing up and down quickly. She kept this up for several minutes, drawing several long moans out of him in the process. She knew if she got him to cum in her mouth, he wouldn’t be able to fuck her as long or as many times. Unfortunately for her Flim was aware of this as well and stopped her before she could finish him off.

“Now now my dear, enough of that.” He said, smiling wickedly. “I want to save all my cum for your womb. It’s a good thing you’re protected, because I’m a real squirter.”

Applejack shuttered at the thought but stopped anyway.

“Now stand up.” Flim said. “We’re going to start the evening in the traditional position.”

Applejack hated this about stallions. Without fail every stallion she was with wanted to fuck her from behind. It was so impersonal, and the whole time she just felt like she was being used. But on second thought, this time she WAS being used. So she guessed it didn’t matter.

“This is going to be so wonderful Applejack.” Flim said. “For you and for me.”

“Let’s just get this over with, shall we?” Applejack asked in annoyance.

Flim ignored the mare, standing up and walking behind her. Applejack moved her tail to the side, giving him easier access to her. Flim stepped over her smaller form, resting his body on her back and lining himself up with her entrance. He poked around a few times, trying to find it. Eventually he found it and he pushed forward, parting her lips just a bit and letting it rest there for a moment.

“Oh Applejack, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do this.” He said. “To slide past your velvety folds and into your tight, wet pussy. I’ll let you know if it’s as good as I’ve imagined it to be.”

With that he pushed forward slowly, sinking inch after inch into her. Applejack had had sex before, but the initial penetration was always a little difficult for her. She gritted her teeth as he kept pushing into her, the tightness of her passageway making it difficult to accommodate him. Flim was in heaven. She was so much tighter then he imagined. He looked down between them. Her tunnel squeezed his member and massaged it as he entered her, inch after inch disappearing inside her body. Finally he bottomed out inside of her, his hips hitting her own and his balls nestling at the base of her sex. He pushed forward a bit more, trying to get even more of himself inside of her and pushing her flank up into the air a bit. He stayed like that for a few moments before sliding back out again.

“Oh Applejack, it’s so much better than I imagined.” He said. “I’m going to fuck you all…night…long…”

Applejack said nothing as he began fucking her slowly. He would withdraw so only a few inches were still inside of her, then push forward again. When he was balls deep in Applejack, he’d push just a little more, furthering his pleasure and making her flank raise. Applejack stood there and let him have his way with her. She was determined not to gain any pleasure from this as it was basically rape.

“What’s wrong Applejack?” Flim asked as he continued thrusting. “Why aren’t you enjoying yourself?”

“Fuck you!” She said angrily. “Ah’ll be enjoying myself when this night is over! Just hurry and finish up!”

“Oh no…” Flim said. “Like I said, all…night…long…”

Applejack didn’t respond. A few thrusts passed before Flim responded.

“Maybe Applejack likes it rough?” He asked. “I was being slow and gentle because you were so tight, but you’re getting looser now. Do you want me to go faster?”

“Ah don’t care.” Applejack said.

“Well I want to go faster.” Flim said.

And with that, he picked up the pace. Eventually his thrusting was getting rougher too. Applejack could feel as his balls slapped the bottom of her pussy each time he bottomed out inside of her. Being so consumed with his own pleasure, he put less effort into their banter, which was fine with her. She was already getting fucked by the blasted stallion. The last thing she needed was for him to be flapping his jaws while he was doing it.

Fucking her was taking its toll on him. Unfortunately it was taking its toll on Applejack as well. She felt herself fatigue and she was on the verge of another orgasm. She tried to stave off the orgasm. She didn’t want him to know how good he was making her feel. And she certainly didn’t need to hear him gloat about it. But it was no use. She suddenly started shaking and she knew she couldn’t hold it any longer.

Her orgasm tore through her body, sending waves of pleasure all over her. Her head hurt as she experienced the amazing feeling of pleasure throughout her entire body. She felt her knees weaken. She didn’t want to collapse during the middle of all this. Thankfully she felt some of her strength return to her as her orgasm subsided. Flim hadn’t slowed down the entire time, fucking her mercilessly as she experienced her orgasm. He hadn’t finished yet. But she could tell he was close. His member pulsed inside of her, getting ready to deliver his seed directly into her.

“Fuck.” She mumbled, dreading what was coming next as she squirmed underneath him.

He ignored her, unconcerned with her discomfort. He only had one goal in mind; to pump this mare full of his cum. He tightened his grip on her and continued his thrusts with renewed vigor. She could tell he was really close.

With one final motion, flim pushed himself into her as far as he could and held himself there. She felt his member pulse inside of her and knew what was about to happen. He moaned as he erupted, firing spurt after spurt of warm cream deep inside of her. Applejack threw her head back in pleasure as he continued, flooding her womb with his seed.

“Ahhhh….Ahhhhhhhhh!” She cried, the feeling of being absolutely filled with cum overwhelming her. It had been a long time since she was with a stallion and she’d forgotten how good it felt when they came.

Flim gritted his teeth in pleasure, trying not to cry out himself as he came inside Applejack. Her walls squeezed around him, milking him for all he had. He pumped again and again, each time pumping more seed into her. Pump….pump…….pump…… All the strength left his body as he was overwhelmed with pleasure. He collapsed on top of her, putting his full weight onto her back.

Unprepared for this, Applejack collapsed as well, bringing him down with her. Flim used the last of his strength to push forward, trying to get further into her as the last few spurts left his member. Both of them were panting hard. It was a few moments before they could speak.

“So….” Flim said. “I leave my mares satisfied, don’t I?”

Applejack lifted her head and looked back at him.

“Ah will admit that you wer better in the sack then ah thought you’d be.” She said, smiling.

Seeing her smile made him happy. It was the first time he’d seen her smile since this whole thing began.

“But it ain’t happening again.” She said. “Ah let ya fuck me once, and that’s it.”

“Well it was definitely the best fuck I’ve ever had.” Flim said. “But……”

He withdrew his still semi-hard member from her slowly, then sank back in.

“…We still have the rest of the night…” He said, smirking.

“Ya know, ah’ve always wanted to try it cowgirl style.” Applejack said, a smirk now on her face as well. “Whaddya say, partner? Ya ready for another round?”

“Of course, dear Applejack.”


The next morning both Applejack and Flim awoke with pains all over their body. It had been one hell of a night for both of them. After taking a shower they made their way to the notary republic and signed the necessary paperwork to transfer the patent into Applejack’s name.

“Well I must say, you got one heck of a deal.” Flim said, his face falling a bit. “I guess we could always build an orange juice machine. The principles are pretty much the same.”

“Regrettin’ yer decision?” Applejack asked, fluttering her eyes at him seductively.

Flim laughed.

“Not a bit.” He said. “That was the best night I’ve ever had. You sure we can’t do it again sometime?”

“Not a chance ya scammin’ pervert.” Applejack said flatly.

Flim looked even more depressed as she said that.

“But….” She said, smirking. “It was quite a night, ah’ll give ya that. Y’all should go find a marefriend and go straight. Ah’m sure you’d do alright.”

“Maybe.” Flim said. “But now I’ve gotta go talk to Flam and let him know we no longer hold the patent.”

“Ya mean he didn’t know you were makin’ this deal?” Applejack asked in surprise.

“No.” Flim said. “The patent was in my name and I made the decision myself.”

“Well ah’m flattered.” Applejack said. “Unless y’all did it just for revenge.”

“Nah.” Flim said. “I actually didn’t want revenge at all. I don’t blame you Applejack. You did what you had to do. I just wanted, just once, to be with a beautiful mare. And you are the most beautiful mare I’ve ever seen. Even more beautiful than Celestia.”

“Ah shucks.” Applejack said. “Ah think that’s the nicest thing a stallion’s ever said to me. But yer still not gettin’ any more.”

“I know that Applejack.” Flim said. “So, where do you want the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 sent to?”

“The farm’s fine.” Applejack said.

“Well it’s been a pleasure Applejack.” Flim said, reaching into his pocket and handing her a card. “If you ever want to see me again for a chat….or maybe something more, here’s my card.”

Applejack stared down at it for a moment. To Flim’s delight she didn’t throw it away or give it back to him, but put it into her saddlebag along with the patent paperwork.

“Thank ya kindly.” Applejack said, turning around and heading towards the train station.

Flim chuckled to himself and headed in the opposite direction.


When Applejack got home she was assaulted with a barrage of questions from Granny Smith and Applebloom about how her trip went. Even Big Macintosh had a question or two. She was finally able to pacify them and headed up to her room. She set her saddleback on her bed and started to unpack. When she got to Flim’s card she looked at it for a moment before smiling and setting it on her bedside table, making sure to put it in a place where it wouldn’t get bent or damaged.

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