The Best Birthday Present

Applejack wants to give her brother a birthday present he’ll never forget. What starts as a very personal favor turns into something more as they both realize their feelings for one another.

Contains: Incest , Applejack x Big Mac

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“Morning Mac!” Applejack called as she walked into the barn.

Big Mac had just finished stacking a few bales of hay into the corner of the barn.

“Morning sis.” He replied, smiling.

“So you’re starting a bit early today, huh?” She asked.

Normally they started working after breakfast, but Big Mac had to skip breakfast because he’d fallen a bit behind over the last few days.

“Eeyup.” He replied simply.

“Sorry you’re having to start so early on your birthday.” She said. “Speaking of your birthday, what do you want for your present?” She asked curiously.

Applejack had always been a terrible gift giver. She was almost as bad at giving gifts as she was at lying, and she knew it. But she wanted to change that this year.

“Ah dunno.” He said, shrugging. “Whatever y’all got me will be fine.”

“No, ah wanna do it right this time.” Applejack said insistently, holding up a hoof. “Ah wanna get y’all something you’re not gonna forget. Something you’ve always wanted.”

Big Mac’s mind drifted to a naughty fantasy he’d always had. But he quickly came back to reality, knowing it would never happen. The quick change in his expression did not go unnoticed by Applejack however.

“Ah dunno.” He repeated.

“C’mon Mac, ah know ya know what ya want.” She said insistently. “Ah saw it in your face. Tell me.”

“Nope.” He said, shaking his head.

“No matter how expensive it is, ah promise ah’ll pay for it outta mah own stash.” She said. “It won’t affect the farm’s budget.”

“It isn’t about the money sis.” He said quickly. “Ah couldn’t ask it of you.”

“Of course ya can!” She insisted. “That’s what birthday’s are for! To get something special that you otherwise wouldn’t get. What do you want me to do?”

Big Mac blushed, piquing Applejack’s curiosity.

“Ah…it’s kinda…naughty…” He admitted.

Applejack laughed.

“Ya want me to get a stripper or something?” She asked. “Ah can do that if that’s what y’all want.”

“Nope.” He said. “Worse.”

Applejack’s eyes narrowed.

“Now Mac, ah hope you’re not suggesting what ah think you’re suggesting…” She said

“Well, ah…” He said.

“Mac, ah’m surprised at you!” She said accusingly. “Whorses are nasty! They can have diseases! Ah can’t let mah own brother hurt himself like that. Besides, paying somepony for sex is just so nasty!”

“Ah don’t want a whorse!” He exclaimed, exasperated.

“Ya don’t?” Applejack asked in surprise, somewhat relieved. “What then?”

“Just forget it sis.” He said, turning away towards the barn door.

“No way, no how!” Applejack said, holding up a hoof to stop him. “Not until ah find out what y’all want.”

Big Mac scrambled to come up with something, but he wasn’t very good with words or thinking on the spot.

“Ah want a…” He said. “A new plow…”

“A new plow?” She asked. “What’s wrong with your old one?”

He shrugged.

“Hey wait a minute!” She exclaimed. “Y’all said it was something naughty!”

Big Mac froze, realizing his mistake. Applejack poked him in the chest forcefully, her eyes narrowing.

“You tell me the truth right now Big Macintosh!” She exclaimed. “Or ah’m gonna get really mad!”

Big Mac sighed. She only used his full name when she was angry with him. She already was mad and he certainly didn’t want to make her even madder. The trouble was, she would probably get madder at him whether he answered her question or not, so he decided to just tell her.

“Can ah tell ya something?” He asked seriously.

Applejack lowered her hoof from his chest and nodded, detecting the seriousness in his voice.

“Ah…ah’ve always had this fantasy.” He said. “Ah know it’s wrong and ah shouldn’t be thinking about stuff like this, but ah…”

“Go on.” She said encouragingly. There was no sign of anger in her voice.

“Ah’ve always wanted ya to give me a hoof job…” He admitted.

Big Mac squeezed his eyes shut, preparing for a slap across the face. When none came, he opened his eyes slowly. Applejack was looking straight at him, but when he opened his eyes she avoided his gaze and blushed.

“Y-you know ah’m your sister, right?” She asked. “Isn’t that a little weird?”

“Maybe.” He admitted. “But ah’ve always thought you were pretty, and you’re the only mare ah’ve ever really been close to.”

Applejack looked up at him.

“Ya really think ah’m pretty?” She asked, surprised.

“Of course!” He exclaimed, perhaps a little too loudly.

There was a long silence between them.

“So…how long have ya had this fantasy?” She asked.

“A long time now.” He admitted. “Since we were in our teens.”

Applejack was a little embarrassed learning that her brother lusted after her, but she was also getting turned on. She shifted her back legs uncomfortably from the sensations rising from her nethers.

Big Mac’s heart was pounding in his chest as he waited for her response. When none came he lowered his head in defeat.

“Ah’m sorry sis.” He said. “Ah know it’s weird. Ah shouldn’t have asked you. Ah – ”

“Ah’ll do it.” She said.

“What?” Big Mac asked, perking up.

“Ah said ah’ll do it.” She said, looking him straight in the eye with determination.

“You will?” He asked hopefully.

“Sure ah will.” She said. “It’s something you’ve always wanted, and ah want y’all to remember this birthday.”

Big Mac smiled widely, suddenly filled with excitement.

“Go lay on that pile of hay over there.” Applejack said, pointing to the corner of the barn with a large pile of hay.

Big Mac didn’t have to be told twice. He raced over to the hay pile excitedly, and Applejack giggled at his eagerness. He laid down and rolled over onto his back, his erection at full mast. Applejack looked it over in awe. She’d seen it before of course, but never when it was hard. It was so big!

“Golly Mac…” She said. “You’re enormous!”

Big Mac blushed at his sister’s words, beaming with pride.

“Thanks sis.” He said.

The way he called her sis this time was…different somehow. She liked it.

“Do you want your little sister to take care of you?” She asked, lowering her voice in caution. She knew that nopony was outside the barn this early in the morning, but her stomach was in knots from the fear of getting caught.

Big Mac had similar fears, but they were nowhere near as intense as his anticipation. It felt surreal, his sister walking up to him, about to give him a hoofjob just like in his fantasies.

“Eeyup.” He said simply, his member jumping in anticipation.

Applejack sat down between his legs, looking down at his shaft. She reached out a hoof gingerly before touching it gently. It jumped even at her slight touch and her brother moaned as he felt her hoof against the bare skin of his cock. She took it in her hoof gently before moving it up and down slowly.

Big Mac had never gotten a hoofjob from a mare before. He’d used his own hooves, sure. But Applejack’s were so much gentler and much more feminine. She pumped his cock up and down, making sure to do a full thrust with each pump. Big Mac was having a hard time controlling his legs. The sensations along his erection were incredible, and he couldn’t get enough.

Applejack looked down as a small pearl of white appeared at the head of his cock. Her nethers were heating up at the thought that she was pleasuring her own brother, and that he was going to cum soon.

Much sooner than he’d hoped, the sensations were proving too much for Big Mac. He knew he was close.

“Sis, ah’m close!” He said frantically, his orgasm approaching faster than he realized.

“Go ahead Mac.” She said, smiling.

“Ah wanna cum on you!” He said quickly.

“What?!” She asked, slowing down a bit.

Big Mac used this pause to release a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. He took a few quick breaths.

“On your face, and in your mane!” He said.

“But Mac!” Applejack protested.

“Come on!” He begged. “Please sis?”

Applejack rolled her eyes.

“Fine.” She said simply.

She pulled his member forward a bit and aimed it at her face, all the while continuing to pump him with her hoof. Realizing she was ready for him, he let go, grunting as he came.

The first spurt hit her on the cheek. She couldn’t help it, she turned away. The next spurt hit her on the neck, and then on her forehead. She kept pumping him at a steady pace, but allowed his member to jump around a bit as it coated her face and mane with cum.

Applejack felt her nethers burn as she felt her body covered with her brother’s hot spunk. She even bent down and let him cum on her back and withers a bit. She left his member on top of her head as he covered her coat with his seed. Each pump left a new streak down her back. Some even got close to her tail. The final few spurts dribbled down her mane and as her brother’s member died down she finally sat up again.

By then Big Mac was recovering from the amazing sensation and was able to admire his handiwork. His sister was absolutely covered with his spunk, and it was the hottest sight he’d ever seen.

“Well?” She asked. “How was it?”

“T-that…” He said, pausing to catch his breath. “Was the best present you’ve ever given me.”

Applejack laughed.

“Ah’d imagine so.” She said. “Most mares wouldn’t even let their husbands do that to them ya know. Do you have any idea how hard it is to clean cum outta your mane and coat?”

“Thank you Applejack…” He said, his voice full of gratitude.

“Don’t mention it Mac.”




After she had snuck out of the barn and down to the river to clean her mane and coat, Applejack had started to do her chores. The burning in her nethers was still there, but the cold river water had helped take her mind off of her own needs, and the farmwork helped too. Still, she was going to get all hot and bothered every time she thought about it for Celestia knows how long.

Big Mac’s party went well. It was pretty uneventful, but they had a nice dinner and played some games with the family. Definitely an evening to look back on fondly. However, it was getting late. Applejack followed her brother up the stairs and tried not to think about what they’d done that morning. If she got all hot and bothered again, she’d have a heck of a time falling asleep.

Big Mac walked into the bathroom with Applejack close behind. They both got their toothbrushes out and started to brush their teeth and get ready for bed. Applejack was just finishing up with her brushing when the sound of the bathroom door closing made her jump in surprise. Big Mac was looking at her through the mirror. He had a smirk on his face that sent a shiver down her spine. She washed her mouth out then looked back at him.

“What?” She asked.

“Thank ya again sis.” He said. “Ah really appreciate what ya did for me.”

“Nothing to it.” She said, shrugging.

“Ah hate to ask even more of ya, but…” He said, looking down at the floor.

“What?” She asked.

“W-well ah never really got to see you.” He said. “Ah was wondering if you could show me your…mare bits…”

“Mac, ah’m your sister.” She said.

“Didn’t stop ya before.” He said.

Well, he had a point there.

“Gah!” She said in annoyance.

“Please sis?” He asked. “Ah just wanna see.”

Applejack looked at him for a few seconds before reluctantly giving in.

“Fine.” She said. “Ah’ll let ya look. But no touching, okay?”

“Deal.” He said quickly.

He walked over to the toilet and sat down on it. Applejack walked over to him and turned around, presenting her flank to him. The bathroom was a bit narrow, so there wasn’t much room. Even with her face practically pressed into the wall there was barely six inches between them.

Big Mac felt his jaw drop as she lifted her tail and revealed her treasure to him. Her pussy looked incredibly tight, and was slightly agape from arousal. There was a thin line of fluid dripping from her entrance, and he had to physically stop himself from reaching out and touching it. Big Mac wasted no time in starting to masturbate to her. He moved his hoof up and down his shaft quickly as he drank in the sight.

Applejack looked back at her brother, witnessing his eyes glaze over at the sight of her perfect marehood. She sighed. It was nice to be appreciated, even if it was Big Mac. Stallions didn’t seem to notice her very much, but Big Mac seemed enraptured by her. She didn’t know if it was because he was desperate or because he thought she was sexy. She secretly hoped it was the latter. Suddenly he reached out towards her.

“Hey, what are ya doing Big Mac?” She asked. “Ah told ya, no touching!”

“Please sis.” He begged. “Ah just wanna spread ya open a bit.”

Applejack blushed in surprise.

“O-okay…” She said uncertainly.

She didn’t know what else to say. He wanted to spread her open? She thought stallions liked the look of a tight pussy.

She felt his strong hoof on one of her cheeks as he pulled it taunt away from her vagina. She felt her pussy lips spread slightly as her vulva was pulled along with her fleshy cheek. He kneaded her butt cheek in a circular motion, watching her flower open and close with the movement of her flank. She saw in the mirror that her apple cutie mark distorted with each movement, her apples getting bigger and smaller as her brother’s hoof kneaded her flank.

“Oooooh, sis…” He moaned.

Applejack didn’t realize what was happening until she felt the first rope of cum hit her flank. She looked back in surprise as he started streaking her flank with his seed. Big Mac came…hard. His member jumped all over the place, coating her flank and back with cum. Applejack eeped in surprise as she felt a few spurts hit her vagina. Big Mac took hold of her flank with both hooves and spread her open, his member spurting everywhere. Applejack could feel some of his spunk run down her lower back and right into her unprotected vagina and she spun around and sat down quickly.

“Celestia, Mac!” She exclaimed angrily. “What were you thinking?”

The only answer she got was a face full of spunk as he preceded to coat her face and mane in cum again. He moaned as he started to come off his high. By then Applejack had grabbed a hoof towel and started cleaning her face and mane.

“What the hell Big Mac!” She exclaimed angrily. “Do you wanna get me pregnant?”

Big Mac looked at her in horror, realizing what he’d done.

“Did it get inside?” He asked worriedly.

“Yeah, but ah think ah sat down fast enough.” She said, looking back at her flank. “Celestia, Mac, ya got me all messy again!”

“Sorry sis.” He said. “It just feels so good…”

“Well you’ve gotta be more careful next time!” She chastised.

“Next time?” He asked, his voice full of hope.

“W-well…” She said, stammering. “If there is a next time.”

He eyed her suspiciously, an unanswered question lingering on his mind. Applejack knew him well enough to know that he wasn’t going to be able to concentrate until she came out and said it.

“Ah mean, ah like helping ya.” She admitted. “Ah feel sorry for ya, brother. Ah mean, when was the last time you were with a mare?”

Big Mac lowered his head in shame. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that he was a virgin. Sure, he’d had marefriends, but he’d never done anything sexual with them. He’d already done more with Applejack than he’d done with any other mare.

“And it is kinda hot.” She admitted, blushing. “With you being mah brother and all.”

He perked up hearing this.

“But you’ve gotta be more careful next time!” She chastised. “Promise me?”

“Ah promise sis.” He said, smiling widely.




Applejack had showered that night before she went to bed. How could she not when she was covered with her brother’s spunk? The next morning, they both spent the entire day in the orchard. She barely saw him, and there was absolutely no time for them to have fun. By the time dinner rolled around, Applejack could barely sit straight. She made it through dinner by some miracle. After helping Granny clean the dishes, she made her way upstairs. Big Mac had come up half an hour earlier and she expected him to already be asleep. Imagine her surprise when she opened the door to her bedroom to see him standing right there.

Big Mac lifted a hoof and made a shushing motion. She quickly closed the door behind her.

“Mac, what are ya doing?” She asked.

“Ah was hoping we could…ya know…?” He asked hopefully.

“Hey, it’s not your birthday today!” She chided playfully.

He smiled.

“Not that it matters.” He said. “Ah know how much y’all love mah cock.”

Applejack blushed hearing him talk like that.

“Shush you!” She exclaimed in a hushed whisper. “What if Granny or Applebloom heard you talking like that!”

“Sorry…” He said, looking down.

“Now get on the bed and ah’ll take care of you.” She said, pointing towards her bed.

She was expecting him to sit on her bed but he laid down on his back. She shrugged and climbed onto the bed with him. Just like before, he was already at full mast. She reached forward and started stroking him slowly. He watched her every move as she slid her hoof up and down his shaft.

“AJ?” He asked.

“Hmm?” She asked, still stroking him.

“Can ah…?” He asked, trailing off.

“What?” She asked.

“A-ah wanna feel what your pussy feels like.” He said.

Applejack looked at him in surprise, slowing down to almost a stop. Surely he knew that was impossible, right?

“Mac, we can’t have sex!” She exclaimed in a hushed whisper. “Ah’m your sister! Besides, you’ll get me pregnant!”

“No, not full sex.” He said. “Ah just wanna put it in. Ah’ll take it right out again.”

“That makes no sense!” She said. “Why would you want to do that?”

“Ah just wanna feel what a real pussy feels like.” He said, sighing. “Just once…”

“Wait, you mean you’re a virgin?” She asked, surprised.

“Eeyup.” He said.

“But what about Cheerilee?” She asked. “Or your other marefriends? Are you saying you never had sex with any of them?”

“Eeyup.” He said. “Ah’ve already gotten further with you than ah have with any other mare.”

Applejack was taken back hearing this.

“How is that even possible?” She asked. “You were with some of them for years!”

“A-ah guess it’s cuz ah’m so shy.” He said, shrugging. “Ah’ve never had the nerve to ask them.”

“But you could ask me?” She asked.

He nodded.

“You’re my sister.” He said. “Ah’m closer to you than any other mare.”

Applejack felt an odd sensation. Was it…pride? She could be her big brother’s first? She had always looked up to him. Though they’d never talked about it, she figured he lost his virginity way before she did.

She suddenly felt a sense of duty. Her brother was so shy that he couldn’t make it past first base with any of his marefriends. He needed her. He needed her to give him confidence with mares. He needed her to guide him.

“Come here.” She said, rolling over and laying on her back on the bed. She pulled her brother on top of her. She felt a little powerless under her brother’s larger form as he towered above her, but she knew he wouldn’t hurt her.

Big Mac looked down at his sister with apprehension. He felt his member jump against her lower abdomen as he enjoyed this new position.

“Now pull your hips back a bit.” She said, holding him around the waist and guiding him with her hooves.

Big Mac pulled back a bit until he felt his member slide down between her legs. He felt his sister grab it and pull it much higher than he would have thought before resting it directly against her wet pussy.

“Now push.” She said.

Big Mac pushed forward without hesitation, following his sister’s orders to the letter. There was a little resistance, but her flower eventually parted for him as his head made its way inside her passage.

Big Mac felt weak in the knees as he penetrated his sister, the pleasure along his shaft causing him to moan loudly as he slid inside.

Applejack had never taken a stallion as big as her brother before, and was unprepared for how much it stretched her.

“Easy there, Big Mac.” She warned. “Nice and slow.”

Big Mac continued sliding into her slowly, inch after inch disappearing inside her warm, tight tunnel. Eventually she felt his hips press up against hers and she realized he had bottomed out.

Big Mac couldn’t help but savor the moment. He looked down between them. His erection had completely disappeared inside of her. He was literally balls deep inside a mare. And not just any mare, but his sister! He looked up and down her body, admiring the view. He couldn’t believe it. This was Applejack underneath him, and she was letting him fuck her!

“Shit sis, you look so sexy.” He said.

Applejack blushed as she too was absorbing the situation they found themselves in. She couldn’t believe that she let her brother put his cock in her. But here she was, and that throbbing she felt in her lower abdomen was her brother’s cock!

“J-just make sure ya pull out.” She warned. “If ya cum inside, there’s no way ah won’t get pregnant.”

Big Mac took a shallow thrust experimentally. She gasped at the sensation, but he was too preoccupied by his own experience to notice. Her pussy sucked him back in quickly, suckling on his dick as he slid back in. He took a longer thrust next time, grunting as he tried his best not to lose it. This was the first time he’d ever felt a real mare’s vagina, and he didn’t want it to be over so quickly. He wanted to actually feel her first before blowing his load. He took a few moments rest as he built himself up to it.

“You okay Mac?” She asked, looking up at him.

“Eeyup.” He said. “Ah’m just trying not to blow.”

“It’s your first time, Mac.” She said reassuringly. “It’s okay to let go.”

“Not yet.” He said insistently.

He waited a few more moments before starting to thrust slowly. He savored the feel of her warm, tight tunnel as he moved his hips slowly, her pussy lips hugging his shaft tightly. Applejack was a tight mare. That combined with his large size would make anypony blow early. But he was determined not to waste this. After all, she was his sister and he had no right to expect her to ever let him do this again.

Applejack wrapped her front hooves around his neck and brought him down closer to her as he continued to thrust into her. She enjoyed the warmth of her brother’s body as he enjoyed hers.

“Does it feel good?” She whispered.

Big Mac didn’t respond. He couldn’t. But he certainly was enjoying his sister’s body, so much so that he started to approach his peak much too rapidly. She could tell from his shallow thrusts that he was close.

“It’s okay.” She whispered. “Cum for me stud.”

That was it. Big Mac pulled out of her frantically, rubbing his member along her belly as he came. Ropes of cum shot out, streaking her fur with his seed. He moaned loudly, experiencing the best orgasm he ever had, imaging that he was claiming his sister.

Applejack felt almost sad when she felt him pull out, wanting so desperately for him to cum inside of her. But she knew he couldn’t. They couldn’t risk it. She smiled as she looked up at her brother. He was gritting his teeth, his body seized up as he came all over her belly. Eventually his member died down and he collapsed next to her on the bed, panting loudly.

“Shit sis, your pussy feels great!” He said, smiling widely.

“I’m glad you liked it.” She said. “Will you pass me those tissues?”




Applejack opened her eyes slowly. Something was wrong. She looked down to see her brother’s hoof draped over her chest, and looked over to find him soundly asleep next to her in bed.

“Agh!” She exclaimed. “Wake up Mac!”

Big Mac jolted awake immediately.

“W-wha?” He asked, disoriented.

“Sweet Celestia, we fell asleep!” She exclaimed.

She looked down at her body.

“I’m all sticky!” She complained. “Get up, get up!”

Big Mac quickly got out of bed and examined his own body. He was also a bit messy. Nowhere near as bad as Applejack was, but still, it would be noticeable to anypony that saw him.

They quickly righted the room before dashing out and walking down the hall to the bathroom. Applejack started the shower and they both climbed inside. Big Mac couldn’t help but look over his sister’s body as she cleaned herself. He still couldn’t believe what happened the night before. Did they really have sex?

They hurried downstairs and ate an awkward breakfast before heading out to the fields. They both had their own sections to do, but had decided to work on Applejack’s section together. Neither of them felt like being apart from one another. They worked for several hours before stopping for a quick lunch. Big Mac helped set up the picnic blanket and silverware while Applejack served up the food.

“AJ.” He said simply.

That one simple word from him caused her breath to get caught in her throat. When he received no response, he sighed.

“Ah’m sorry Applejack.” He said sadly. “Ah’ve made things awkward.”

“No Mac, it’s not your fault.” She said insistently. “Ah just…ah wasn’t prepared for it to go that far. It just kinda…happened.”

“Caught up in the moment?” He asked.

“Exactly!” She exclaimed. “This started as something nice ah was trying to do for ya, and then it turned into all this.”

“Applejack, we don’t ever have to do it again if you don’t want to.” He said. “Ah’m not expecting anything from you.”

“No!” She exclaimed, perhaps a bit too loudly. “Ah mean…well…it’s just that…ah need to know where you stand Mac. Do you…do you have feelings for me?”

Mac looked away from her, unable to say it to her face.

“Ah’ve had a crush on ya forever sis.” He admitted. “Ah never dreamed it would go anywhere, but now it has and ah find that ah don’t want it to stop. But ah don’t want ya to feel like ya owe me. Ah’m your brother. Ah have no right to want ya like that.”

Applejack felt torn.

“Mac, you’re the kindest, most gentlest pony ah’ve ever known.” She said. “Ah just…ah wanted to give ya something that ya really wanted. You deserve to be with the pony you want. Even if that pony is me. If anypony deserves me, it’s you Mac. You’ve always been there for me, and ah love you.”

“What about you sis?” He asked. “Do you have feelings for me?”

“Ah don’t want to…” She said. “But yes, ah do.”

“Whaddya mean ya don’t want to?” Big Mac said, hurt.

“You’re mah brother Mac!” She exclaimed. “Ah love you but ah can’t be with you! If we keep having sex you’re gonna get me pregnant! And what’ll we tell Granny Smith and Applebloom?”

“Surely there’s gotta be a contraceptive of some kind?” He said.

“Not that ah know of.” She said. “If anypony invented one they’d make a fortune.”

“Why don’t you go talk to Twilight?” He suggested. “Maybe she has a spell?”

“And how exactly am ah supposed to respond when she asks who ah’m having sex with?” She asked, fuming. “That mah perverted brother can’t keep his hooves off’a me?”

She could see that her insult hurt him and she instantly regretted it.

“Ah…ah’m sorry Mac.” She said. “Ah just can’t stand this!”

“Just tell her that it’s none of her damned business.” He said.

“She’s mah friend, and she’ll be doing me a favor!” She said. “Ah can’t do that!”

“Well say it all tactfully and such.” He said.

“Mac, this is crazy!” She exclaimed. “You do realize you’re trying to get your hooves on a contraceptive so that you can have sex with your sister, right?”

“Well there are other options…” He said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, like what?” She asked.

“We could do anal.” He suggested.

“No way, no how!” She exclaimed, a disgusted look on her face. “Y’all can’t honestly wanna do it in mah poop hole, do ya?”

“Well ah’d prefer that tight pussy of yours.” He said, smirking. “But you’re right. We can’t have ya getting pregnant.”

There was a long moment of silence between them.

“If ya want, ah can talk to Twilight.” He suggested.

Applejack’s eyes went wide at the suggestion.

“Oh no ya don’t!” She said. “Ah may be a terrible liar, but you’re really bad with words.”

She sighed, dropping her head.

“Fine.” She said, defeated. “Ah’ll go talk to Twi.”




“Hey Twi, how ya doing?” She asked as she walked through the door to the library.

The castle library was massive. Books lined the shelves, and a certain purple pony princess sat in one of the massive chairs, holding a book open with her magic.

“Oh, hey Applejack!” She exclaimed excitedly, looking away from her book and directly at her friend.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, noticing Applejack’s serious expression.

“Oh, uh…nothing!” She replied, shrinking a bit. “Ah actually just came to ask ya about something.”

“What’s on your mind?” She asked, floating a cup of hot cocoa to her friend.

Applejack took the cup in her hoof and reluctantly took a sip. The last thing she wanted to do right now was drink something. She set the cup down on the table and sighed.

“Do y’all know of any contraceptive spells or potions?” She asked quickly.

Twilight gasped.

“Who are you seeing, Applejack?” She asked excitedly. “If you’re asking about contraceptives it must be getting pretty serious. Why haven’t I met him yet?”

“Well, uhhh…” She said, taking a step back. “We’re trying to keep it low key. Ah don’t know if we’re ready for anypony to know about us.”

“Applejack, you’re having sex with him.” Twilight said, deadpanning. “It must be pretty serious. You can’t keep it a secret forever.”

“Ah know.” She said. “We’re just not ready yet.”

There was a long moment of silence between them.

“Well I do know of a potion that I could make.” Twilight said thoughtfully.

“You do?!” Applejack said excitedly. “Why haven’t you bottled and sold that stuff already? You’d make a fortune!”

Twilight blinked twice, a bit bewildered by her friend’s response.

“Well money aside, it’s pretty complicated to make.” She said. “And it wouldn’t really work as a commercial product.”

“Why not?” Applejack asked curiously.

“Applejack, this type of magic is quite complex.” She said, leaning back in her chair a bit. “Not only does it take a long time to make, but it requires…a few unique ingredients during its creation.”

“Like what?” She asked.

“Well you’re not going to like this, but it needs two things in order to work.” She said seriously. “First off, it needs a hair from each of you. Second, it needs some semen from the male and vaginal secretions from the female.”

“What?!” Applejack exclaimed, a disgusted look on her face.

Twilight held up a hoof.

“I’m not finished.” She said. “The timing of this potion is critical. And the ingredients must be fresh. As in FRESH fresh. Which means that both of you have to be here with me when I make it.”

Applejack’s mind was spinning, trying to think of what to say. How could she possibly get the potion without revealing the fact that she was fucking her brother?

Twilight eyed her friend suspiciously.

“Are you okay, Applejack?” She asked. “You don’t look so good.”

“Oh, uhhhh…ah’m fine!” She exclaimed nervously. “But ah don’t think this is gonna work out.”

Twilight looked at her friend disapprovingly.

“Applejack, you can’t be having sex with this stallion without protection.” She warned. “Is keeping your relationship a secret more important than making sure you don’t wind up pregnant?”

Twilight could see that her friend had conflicted feelings about that question.

“Look.” Twilight said, jumping off the chair and putting a hoof over her friend’s shoulders. “No matter who it is, I promise I won’t judge. Is he another species?”

Applejack shook her head.

“Worse.” She said. “And you’re a princess now. Ah can’t put you in the position of having to choose between loyalty to your friend, or doing your duty as a princess.”

Well that certainly narrowed things down. There were only two kinds of relationships that were illegal in Equestria. Either she was having sex with a minor, or…

“Big Mac.” Twilight surmised out loud.

Applejack’s eyes got as wide as saucers. Twilight knew that she’d hit the nail on the head with that one.

“W-what about him?” She asked nervously.

“You’re having sex with your brother.” Twilight said, no emotion in her voice.

Applejack sighed, not confirming or denying her friend’s suspicions.

Twilight looked directly at her friend, who was avoiding her gaze as much as possible.

“Applejack, look at me.” She demanded.

Applejack reluctantly looked up to meet her friend’s gaze.

Twilight reached forward and pulled her into a deep hug. Applejack froze in surprise, but then returned the hug, feeling a tear run down her cheek. The hug seemed to last forever until Twilight pushed away. She looked at her friend, surprised to see the single streak that her tear had left on her face.

“You have put me in quite the position.” She said, sighing. “Incest is illegal in Equestria, but I can certainly understand your feelings.”

“You do?” She asked, surprised.

“I-I might have some…lingering feelings for my own brother.” She admitted, blushing profusely.

“But Twi, he’s married!” Applejack exclaimed.

“You’re hardly in the position to dictate morality to me.” Twilight said. “Unlike you, I’ve never had sex with my brother.”

“No, no, ah wasn’t saying it was wrong.” She said, blushing. “Ah just meant that it must be hard for you seeing him married.”

“Actually, it’s made things easier.” She said. “I love Cadence, and I know he’s happy. And now that I know that he’s completely unavailable, I’ve been able to move on.”

“Last time ah checked, you weren’t seeing anypony.” Applejack observed, smirking.

“Moving on.” Twilight said, giving her friend a glare at the implication. “I’ve got to figure out what to do now that I know about this.”

“W-what’s the penalty for incest?” Applejack asked nervously.

“Twenty years.” Twilight said, a pit forming in her stomach.

“TWENTY YEARS!” Applejack exclaimed. “Just for having sex with mah brother?”

“It’s a level five felony under Equestrian law.” She said. “Right up there with rape and murder.”

“Sweet Celestia Twi, can’t ya just forget that ya know about us?” Applejack asked frantically.

“I wish I could.” She said, shaking her head. “Applejack, I’m a princess. I can’t just conveniently forget the law, nor can I pardon my friends just because they’re my friends.”

“C’mon Twi, you’re smart!” Applejack said. “Think of something!”

“I’m trying, but with you yammering on like that it’s hard for me to – THAT’S IT!” She exclaimed, running from the room.

Applejack ran after her down to the depths of the castle. They stopped at a large door with a small hole in it. Twilight walked up to it and stuck her horn in it, causing it to light up and begin to open. Once it had opened all the way she ran inside and picked up a very large, very dusty book before teleporting both herself and Applejack back to the library.

“What is it?” Applejack asked, confused.

“This is the Ponyville law book.” She said. “These are the laws of Ponyville. If I can just change this one law, we won’t have to worry about it!”

“You’re going to make incest legal?” Applejack asked hopefully.

“Well, not quite.” She said. “You have to understand that the intent of a law and its literal interpretation aren’t always the same thing. It’s a fact that most incest involves the abuse of an underage pony. So if I change the incest law so that it’s only illegal of one of the ponies involved is underage, that would automatically make your relationship with Big Mac totally legal!”

“That’s genius Twi.” She said excitedly. “So how are y’all gonna change it without anypony knowing about it?”

“With magic, of course.” She said, lighting up her horn.

There was a bright flash of light from her horn. She looked down and admired her handiwork before closing the book and teleporting it away.

“There.” She said. “Now it’s legal.”

“Wow, ah can’t thank ya enough Twi.” She said, taking off her hat as a show of sincerity.

“One other thing.” Twilight said, holding up a hoof. “Remember that that was the PONYVILLE lawbook. You can’t have sex anywhere except inside Ponyville. Adult incest is still illegal everywhere else. Well, except for the griffon kingdom. They don’t have ANY laws involving sex.”

Applejack nodded.

“Oh, and just because it’s legal doesn’t mean ponies will accept it.” She warned. “You’ve still gotta keep this under wraps. No dates, and no showing of anything other than normally brotherly and sisterly affection.”

“Twi, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”




Big Mac still couldn’t believe what was happening. Here he was, being led to the castle by his sister, who had just told Twilight that they were having sex.

“And you’re sure she’s okay with this?” He asked. “She knows that ah’m your real brother? There were no misunderstandings?”

“For the hundredth time Mac, yes!” Applejack said, exasperated.

She knocked on the big castle doors as they approached them. The door was quickly answered by Twilight.

“Oh, hey Twi.” She said. “Isn’t Spike normally the one to answer the door?”

“Well yes, but considering what we’re about to be doing I sent him on a long errand.” She said, giggling. “Come on in!”

Big Mac looked up at the tall ceiling as they walked. He hadn’t spent anywhere near as much time in the castle as his sister had, and could do nothing but follow the two mares as they walked down the hall. He couldn’t help but steal a few glances at his sister’s marehood as her hips moved back in forth in a pleasing manner. He knew that it was just her gait, but he couldn’t help but be turned on by it.

They finally approached a door that looked just like all the others and walked inside. The room was filled with scientific equipment. Twilight’s lab, he surmised. The two mares were talking about something, but he was distracted as he looked around at all the equipment.

“You ready Mac?” He heard his sister say.

“Eeyup.” He said, not quite sure what they were doing.

“We’ll start with the hair.” Twilight said.

Suddenly he felt a twinge in his rear and he looked back as one if his hairs floated through the air, captured by Twilight’s magic. She brought it over and set it next to a boiling purple liquid.

“Now we need the…” She said, letting out a small cough. “…Essence.”

“How much of it do we need?” Applejack asked.

“Only a drop of each.” Twilight said quickly.

“C’mere Mac.” Applejack said, reaching beneath him to fondle his rapidly hardening erection.

The feeling of his sister’s hoof against him caused him to reach full mast in a matter of seconds.

“Wow…” Twilight whispered.

Big Mac was proud to be admired by another mare, but couldn’t spare much of his concentration for Twilight. Not when his sister was touching him. He sat down quickly, giving her better access. She moved her hoof up and down his erection with enthusiasm. Just like before, he was having a hard time controlling his legs. But he stayed as still as he could while his sister worked.

A quiet moan from the other side of the room caught his attention. As he turned to look he was greeted by the sight of Twilight hoofing herself to the display in front of her.

He was enjoying the hoof job so far, but was surprised when he realized that she’d never sucked him off before.

“You gonna suck it?” He suggested.

“No!” She exclaimed, a disgusted look on her face. “Ah don’t want your spunk in mah mouth.”

“Then turn around so ah can lick you.” He suggested.

“No Mac!” She said angrily. “Look ah know we haven’t talked about this, but ah don’t want us mixing mouth play and sex. It’s just nasty!”

“Sorry…” He said solemnly.

“Everypony does it.” Twilight said, not slowing down her own movements against her sex.

Applejack looked surprised as she turned to find Twilight masturbating, but she took it in stride. After all, she was touching her brother’s cock. What Twilight was doing was mild by comparison.

“Well that may be, but ah don’t like the idea of using mah mouth on a penis.” She said insistently. “Even worse is the thought of mah brother licking me. It’s just nasty.”

Her just talking about it caused him to reach his peak faster than he thought he would.

“Ah’m close sis.” He warned.

“Oh my gosh, did he just call you sis?” Twilight exclaimed excitedly. “That is so hot!”

Unable to hold back any longer, he moaned loudly as he came. Applejack let his member jump around as it pumped out his seed, coating her face and mane with cum. Twilight was shocked at first, but quickly realized that she’d allowed it to happen. Realizing this, a moan was torn from her own mouth as she came to the erotic scene in front of her. As she came off her high, she was shocked to realize that he was still cumming small spurts that hit his sister on the chest as she sat in front of him. As the scene in front of her died down, Applejack started walking towards the table. She was a sticky mess, but it was the hottest thing Twilight had ever seen. Applejack reached back and touched her own marehood before pulling her hoof away quickly.

“Here.” She said, reaching out a hoof covered in their shared juices.

Twilight snapped back into the scientist mode and used her magic to take the fluid and mix it in with the potion. She watched intently as the potion turned white.

“Well, it worked.” She proclaimed, holding up the bottle.

“How many doses is that?” Applejack asked curiously.

“Probably close to a hundred.” Twilight said. “All you have to do is drink a single sip from this, and you’ll be protected for 24 hours.”

“Thanks Twi.” She said, smiling.

Twilight looked her friend up and down, still shocked at how much she was covered with her brother’s spunk.

“Uh, twi…?” She asked. “You have a shower?”




After being shown the shower, Applejack had taken her mane down and walked inside. It was a large walk-in shower with the latest, most modern amenities. She was about halfway through the shower when she heard the door to the bathroom open.

“Hello?” She asked.

The glass on the shower was completely fogged up so she couldn’t see who it was. Suddenly the shower door opened and Big Macintosh walked inside. He was holding the bottle of potion.

“Here.” He said, holding it up.

Before she could get a word in edgewise he had shoved it down her throat. As he pulled it away she tried to place the taste, only to find that there wasn’t one.

“Mac, what are you – ”

She was cut off as he stepped over her form. To say that he mounted her wasn’t quite right, as all four of his hooves were still on the floor.

“C’mon sis, I’ve been waiting for this.” He begged, tugging at her ear.

She giggled at the sensation.

“Are ya gonna cum inside?” She asked.

“You bet ah am.” He said. “Ah’m gonna claim mah little sister.”

The whole situation was super hot to Applejack. Her brother towered over her, dominating her, waiting to take her.

“Take me stud.” She said, using her hoof to align him perfectly with her sex.

Getting her approval, Big Mac wasted no time in sinking into his little sister. Her tight sex gripped him as he slid inside in one fluid motion, the only hiccup being the medial ring, which was soon granted access to her slick tunnel as her flower gave way to the incessant pressure. He groaned as he bottomed out inside of her, and Applejack felt a sense of pride that she was giving her brother so much pleasure. He slid himself out of her, and then back in slowly, her tightness making it impossible to go very fast.

Applejack rested her cheek on the tiled wall in front of her as her brother took her, content to allow him to go at his own pace. She could feel as his fur rubbed against her back, bringing a closeness that had been absent before. And knowing that they didn’t have to worry about him pulling out made it all the more pleasurable. She couldn’t help but groan in pleasure as he pressed himself into her as far as he could before pulling back and repeating the motion.

She had never felt so full before. In an effort to relieve the pressure, she spread her legs a bit more as he bottomed out inside of her again but it made no difference. She could feel every inch of him. He spread her open like no stallion ever had.

“Here it comes sis.” He said, moaning.

Applejack’s cheeks heated up as she realized what was happening. He was about to cum inside of her. She’d never been claimed by a stallion before, and prepared herself for the sensation of being claimed by her brother.

Big Mac had never claimed a mare before. Due to the lack of birth control, stallions weren’t able to claim a mare unless they were trying to impregnate her. But here he was, about to claim a mare. And not just any mare, but his sister. He couldn’t help but think about how effective that contraceptive that Twilight had made really was, but at that point he didn’t really care. All he cared about was claiming his sister, and he was floored that she was just standing there, letting him do it. Throwing caution to the wind, he thrust one last time before pushing himself inside of her as far as he could and letting himself go.

No matter how she tried to prepare herself for the sensation, nothing could have prepared her for this. The first thing she felt was his member start to jump deep inside of her. She could FEEL his member pump at the base as it prepared to unleash his spunk deep into her depths. Time seemed to slow as she felt each pump of his member, until she could actually FEEL his seed shoot up his member before releasing a torrent of cum inside of her.

She couldn’t help it. She couldn’t be silent.

“Agh!” She exclaimed, craning her neck back as the sensations overwhelmed her.

She pushed her head up against his chest, shaking as she experienced her first real orgasm with him. She was given no respite however as the sensations kept coming. His member pumped again and again, spurting more and more of his seed with each pump. She could feel each spurt as her womb was flooded with his cum and it was then she realized that she was HIS. She was her brother’s mare, and nothing was going to change that. She was being claimed by her brother, and it was the most intense experience of her life. Nothing – not getting her cutie mark, or realizing she was an Element of Harmony – could compare to this moment.

His sister’s orgasm did not go unnoticed by Big Mac. He had never claimed a mare before, and he was unprepared for the sensation. He groaned loudly and gritted his teeth, unloading everything he had into his sister. At that point he didn’t care if she got pregnant. It was worth it just to experience this glorious sensation. He kept his member sheathed inside of her the entire time, enjoying the feeling as he emptied himself inside of her. His member pumped again and again, and it hit him just now that he had just claimed his sister. She was HIS. He knew that she’d never been claimed by another stallion, and it filled him full of pride as he realized that he was the first stallion to claim her. Applejack. His sister. His sister had let him claim her, and he felt like the luckiest stallion in the world to have been able to claim her.

As their orgasms died down, they both leaned up against the tiled wall of the shower, breathing quickly.

“S-sweet Celestia…” He breathed.

“You’re telling me!” Applejack responded, suddenly shivering.

Mating had taken its toll on her and she had lost her strength. Realizing this, Big Mac backed up a bit until his member slid out of her with ease.

“Golly Mac.” She said, putting a hoof down to her lower abdomen, feeling a sense of emptiness. “That was…”

“Yeah…” He replied, not knowing what else to say. “Let’s get ya cleaned up…”




Twilight was ashamed to admit it, but she’d followed Big Mac after she saw him take the potion from her lab. She wasn’t surprised when he headed in the direction of the bathroom. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what his intentions were. Still, it remained to be seen whether Applejack would be up to the idea. After a few minutes passed and he hadn’t come out, she crept towards the bathroom cautiously and leaned close to the door, trying to hear what was going on. Were they really having sex?

A loud moan answered her question, and she blushed furiously. The water was still running, and she strained to hear more. When no other sounds reached her ears, she cast a spell that would amplify the sounds from the room. She turned it up all the way and felt a shiver go down her spine as she heard the sound of their thrusts. She reached down and started rubbing herself furiously, getting off to the naughtiness going on in the next room. Suddenly she heard Applejack’s exclamation, and realized that she was being claimed by her brother. The thought of it sent her over the edge. She bit her hoof trying to keep silent as she rode out her own orgasm.

Realizing she’d made a mess, she quickly cleaned it up with her magic before teleporting herself back to the library.




The library was right across the hall from the bathroom. Being the closest room, Big Mac decided it was probably the best place to go. He helped his sister as she hobbled towards the door and opened it for her before stepping inside himself. She barely got to the closest chair before collapsing on it in exhaustion.

Twilight looked over at the pair, pretending to be in the middle of reading a book.

“Did you have a good shower?” She asked nervously.

“Y-yeah, it was great…” She replied, the exhaustion evident in her voice.

Twilight used her book to cover her face as she blushed, realizing just how honest that response had been.

“We can’t thank ya enough Twilight.” Big Mac said. “Now that we have the potion we can finally…”

There was an awkward silence between them. Twilight couldn’t take it anymore.

“I know, okay?” She said, exasperated.

“Huh?” He asked, cocking his head.

“I know you just had sex with your sister in the bathroom!” She said, lowering her book to reveal her blush.

Both siblings blushed at her admission.

“Look, I don’t want this to be awkward.” She said, fidgeting with her hooves. “I just gave you a potion so that you could have sex. But it’s going to be awkward for all of us if you try to keep things from me. I don’t need all the details, but please don’t try to act like stuff didn’t happen. It’s just too weird.”

“Sorry Twi, it’s just that…” Applejack started.

Twilight held up a hoof.

“I’m totally okay with you two being together.” She said. “You don’t need to make things awkward by trying to hide the fact that you’re together.”

“O-okay…” Applejack said.

There was an awkward air in the room. Wanting to dispel it, Twilight decided to just ask them.

“So…?” She asked. “How was it?”

Both siblings looked at her before looking at each other, then back at her.

“It was great!” Big Mac said enthusiastically.

“Boy, you said it!” Applejack agreed. “Ah had no idea that being claimed like that would feel so good. You should try it sometime Twi.”

Twilight’s blush was almost gone at the point, but it came back with a vengeance as she thought about Shining Armor. Realizing her mistake, Applejack started to backpedal.

“A-ah mean, not with your own brother, but with another stallion…” She stammered. “Ah mean unless y’all want to do it with your brother, and Cadence is okay with it and…”

Twilight was staring daggers at her.

“Ah’m gonna stop talking now.” She said sheepishly.

Big Mac looked between the two mares, both of them in even more of an awkward situation than before. He sighed, realizing that he of all ponies was going to have to try to alleviate the awkwardness.

“Well thank ya Twilight.” He said quickly. “But ah think we’d better be off now.”

“Y-yeah!” Applejack said enthusiastically. “We’ve got plenty of apples to buck. Ah mean…”

“Yeah…” Big Mac said quickly. “Apples…”

Realizing there was no salvaging this situation, they both ducked out of the room quickly, leaving a rather flustered princess behind.




“Ah can’t believe ah made such an ass of mahself around Twilight.” She complained, walking down the dirt road towards the farm.

“It was just an awkward situation.” He mused.

“But why is it so awkward?” She asked. “Ah mean, ah know you’re mah brother, but is it really that big a deal when we’ve got the contraceptive potion?”

“Probably because she too is attracted to her brother, and we’re just throwing it in her face.” He said, feeling bad for the little purple mare.

“Yeah, ah feel just awful for Twi.” She said. “At least neither of us got married before we realized our feelings.”

“Ah dunno.” He said. “Ah don’t know if ah would wanna get married anyway.”

“Why not?” She asked curiously.

“Ah’m just so busy all the time on the farm.” He said. “Ah don’t have the time to give to a mare.”

“Ya seem to have plenty of time for me.” She said, winking.

“You’re different.” He said. “You really are the perfect mare for me. You love working on the farm, you’re strong and independent, and you’ve got the best looking flank ah’ve ever seen.”

“Jeeze Mac, be careful what ya say!” She chided. “We’re on a public road!”

“Nopony uses this road very often.” He said.

He stopped for a second, causing her to stop in her tracks as well. He reached forward and pecked her on the cheek. She blushed at his sudden show of affection. It took her a second to recover as he started walking again and she caught up to him with a quick trot.

“What was that for?” She asked.

“For being there for me.” He said. “For caring about me.”

“Ah always have.” She said.

“Ah know.” He said. “Ah love ya sis.”

“Love ya too, Big Mac.” She said.

As Sweet Apple Acres appeared on the horizon, she realized that she was home. She had everything she wanted in life. Good friends, a wonderful family, and even a stallion that she loved. She was happy – completely and totally happy. As she leaned up against her brother, she realized that she finally had what she’d always wanted, and that no matter what happened, they’d always be there for each other.