My Love…Lucario – Chapter 2

Kyle rescues a Lucario from a life of sexual slavery and helps her to discover her own self-worth. Eventually feelings slowly start to form between them. Knowing how broken she is, Kyle tries to take it slow.

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Chapter 2

I woke up to the sound of bustling coming from the kitchen.  I moaned and scratched my head, looking over to find Lucario wasn’t in the room anymore.  We had fallen asleep facing the wrong way in the bed, and my neck hurt from sleeping without a pillow.  But it was worth it.  What we shared last night…I suddenly bolted out of bed.  I knew it was Lucario in the kitchen, but what did she think about what we did last night?  Did she have any regrets?  God I hoped not.  As much as I had loved her before, having sex with her last night really solidified it for me.  Sure we didn’t have intercourse, but that didn’t matter.  I felt more connected to her now than I ever had.  I quickly dressed and made my way downstairs.  I peeked around the corner, intending to spy on her, but she caught me.  “Kyle!”  She said, startled.  “What are you doing hiding behind the corner there?”  I laughed nervously and walked out, my hand behind my head.  “Oh nothing.”  I said, trying to sound casual.  “Just wondering what all the noise was about.”  “I’m making breakfast.”  She said.  I walked over to the stove, intrigued.  “Where did you learn to make eggs?”  I asked.  “Standard training?”  “Well, after we’re a ‘used virus-infected old tire’ as you so kindly put it, we’re sold to men as slaves to act as their wives.”  She said.  “Some of them still have sex with us, but we usually have too many diseases by the time our ‘masters’ sell us off to be of any sexual use and even if we don’t, we’ve been stretched and beaten beyond all except the most desperate would ever desire.”  I cringed.  “But thanks to you my love, I don’t have that future to look forward to anymore.”  She said, smiling.  She walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before heading to the kitchen table and setting down the two plates she was carrying.

“So….”  I said, trailing off.  “So what?”  She asked.  “About last night…”  I said, trailing off again.  She walked over to me seductively and brought us into a passionate kiss.  “Yes?”  She asked, breathing deeply.  “…It was great, wasn’t it?”  I asked.  “Of course it was!”  She said.  “That’s the first time I’ve ever felt pleasure from sex before.”  I sat down next to her at the table but didn’t start eating.  “I think you should know that you’re the first real woman to ever touch me like that.”  I said.  “It was…nice.  Thank you.”  She blushed slightly.  “I wish I could say the same, but I was touched and forced to do things to men in my training.”  She said.  “But you’re the first man whose touch I liked and welcomed, if that means anything.”  “It does.”  I said, smiling.  She smiled back and began eating.  I did the same.  We ate in silence for a while, just enjoying each other’s company.  I suddenly remembered the deal I had to close this morning and I checked the clock frantically.  Good.  I still had about an hour to make all the necessary preparations to ship the products.  I shot out of my chair and headed towards the secondary living room.  “Where are you going?”  Lucario asked in surprise.  “I’m sorry.”  I said apologetically.  “I have to do something before ten and it’s past nine o’clock already.”  “Can’t it wait?”  She called as I sat down at the computer.  “Sorry, but no.”  I called back.  I looked up as she came into the room carrying our plates and set them down on the coffee table.  She stood behind me, looking at the computer screen with me.  “What are you doing?”  She asked.  “Lometech wants to buy a hundred computers from me, but I have to get the deal finalized by ten this morning.”  I explained.  I typed frantically, adding up the figures.  “I’ll get at least twenty thousand profit from this transaction.”  I said, not taking my eyes from the screen.  “How long did it take you to set up this deal?”  She asked.  “Several months.”  I said quickly, trying to concentrate.  Lucario was quiet for a long time.  I had nearly finished the deal before she spoke again.

“You sure do work for you money.”  She said.  “But it’s worth it so I can work from home.”  I said.  I felt as she put her head on my shoulder, looking at the computer screen.  “I don’t even understand what you’re doing.”  She said.  “It sure looks complicated.”  I ignored her and continued working.  I couldn’t afford to be distracted.  I sighed as I hit the ‘send’ button.  The deal had been finalized.  I leaned back in my chair and rubbed my face with my hands, tired.  “What do we have here?”  Lucario said suddenly, looking at my favorites.  I bolted upwards and gasped as she hovered the mouse over a certain website.  “No, don’t click that!”  I exclaimed.  Too late.  I watched in embarrassment as the porn website loaded slowly.  I could see a look of surprise on her face.  The porn was graphic, featuring a small young human girl being roughly pounded by a heavyset guy with a huge cock.  “I….I don’t know what to say…”  I said, ashamed.  “I’m sorry…”  Lucario shook her head roughly, most likely trying to shake the image from her mind.  “Don’t be.”  She said.  “A single guy’s gotta stay healthy, and porn’s the only way to do it.  But….you don’t have any Pokemon porn on here, do you?”  “No.”  I said.  “To be honest, I’m more attracted to Pokemon than humans, but…”  “You can’t stand that the Pokemon are being abused?”  She said quizzically.  I nodded.  “I know the Pokemon aren’t the one’s getting the money.”  I said.  “They’re just like you were…trapped and doomed.  Sex slaves…  I could never get off to that.”  I felt as she turned my head gently, bringing us into a passionate kiss.  She looked into my eyes as we separated.  “That’s why I love you.”  She said.  “You’re a good person.  But…you won’t be needing this porn anymore.  Why don’t you get rid of it?”  I nodded quickly, deleting the website from my favorites list.  “That’s better.”  She said.  “Now let’s go watch some TV or something.”

I shook my head.  “Can’t.”  I said simply.  “And why not?”  She asked.  “Well since you plugged up the upstairs toilet with that huge ass wad of toilet paper, I’ve got to go get something to clear it out.”  I said grimly.  She laughed.  “Well I’m sorry I’ve never had nice thick toilet paper before.”  She said.  “I’m used to having to use a whole lot in order to get the job done properly.”  “Well whatever the case, I don’t want to have to come downstairs in the middle of the night because the upstairs one doesn’t work.”  I said.  “Or worse…forget it’s plugged and use it anyway.  What a mess that would make…”  She laughed again and wrapped her arms around my front, rubbing my chest in an odd yet pleasing way.  “So are we leaving now?”  She asked.  “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”  I said.  “It won’t take that long.”  “I’ve heard that a lot of human women love to shop.”  She said.  “I wouldn’t know if I did or not because I’ve never really been, but I’d like to find out.”  I smiled.  “Well the superstore downtown isn’t exactly a shoppers dream.”  I said.  “It’s just a bunch of cheap stuff and essentials.”  “That’s okay.”  She said.  “I’ll just go to be with you then.”  I shrugged.  “If you want.”  I said, yawning.  I looked over to our plates which were on the coffee table.  She had eaten all her food, but I had left a sizeable portion uneaten.  “Sorry I didn’t finish.”  I said, indicating to my plate.  “Oh it’s fine.”  She said.  “Are you still hungry?  I could make some more.”  I stood up and looked down at her.  “No, please.”  I said softly.  “You should have let me cook breakfast in the first place.  I don’t want you to have to lift a finger around here unless you want to.”  She looked at me for several moments before looking away.  “You said that you like to take care of yourself.”  She said.  “Does it make you uncomfortable….having someone else cook breakfast for you?”

“It wouldn’t bother me if it was anyone else, but I love you Lucario.”  I said.  “I want to make your life as good as it possibly can be.  I should be doing things for you, not the other way around.  I’m so grateful that you’ve been given to me.”  I was surprised when she didn’t look away or blush.  She simply smiled at me and thanked me.  Perhaps she was finally realizing that she had value as a person.  That encouraged me.  Maybe she would be ready for a lover sooner than I had imagined.  I got up and grabbed my coat and keys.  Lucario followed me as I walked out the door and got into the car.  The trip to the general store was uneventful.  There was heavy traffic for some reason so it was quite boring.  I sighed heavily as we drove up to the store and parked.  Lucario looked at me with a happy look on her face.  “Let’s go.”  She said, getting out of the car.  I got out as well and we walked into the store.  “I think I’ll walk around for a bit.”  She said.  “Let’s meet back here.”  I grabbed her arm as she started to walk away.  She looked back at me, puzzled.  “Did you forget that you’re technically a wild Pokemon?”  I whispered to her.  “I can’t let you leave my sight when we’re in a public place like this.”  She looked at me with a steady gaze and nodded.  “We’ll walk around as soon as I get something to clear that toilet.”  I said, reverting back to a normal tone.  I started walking to the general hardware section with Lucario trailing behind.  I talked to the guy at the counter back there and he suggested that I get an odd substance that supposedly disintegrates toilet paper.  It was apparently used in conjunction with a regular plunger in order to fix really clogged toilets.  I picked up a small container of it and turned to Lucario.  “I think this will work.”  I said.  “Do you want to look around a little bit now?  There’s not really anything else I need.”  “Sure.”  She said.

I followed her as she walked up and down the different isles.  She looked at absolutely everything from toys to human underwear.  We spent hours in the store as I explained what each item was and what it did.  I told her she could have anything she wanted and I was pleased that she picked out a few things.  She got a huge bag of candy, a candle, a lighter (for the candle), a purse, and several kinds of shampoo that she wanted to try.  I told her that human shampoo’s irritated the skin of most Pokemon, but she wanted to try them anyway because she thought they smelled good.  I don’t know a lot about purses, but I knew that the brand of purse she picked out had a reputation for weak handles.  I told her this, but she really liked it.  I told her she could buy another one if it broke and she happily agreed.  I smiled at her as we got into the car and she began digging through her small bag of goodies.  She pulled out her new purse and smiled at me.  I was surprised as she reached over and kissed my cheek.  “What was that for?”  I asked.  “For being so nice to me of course.”  She said happily.  “You didn’t even get a hundred dollars worth of stuff.”  I said.  “It’s not the money that matters.”  She said.  “You actually care about me.  You’re the only person to ever care about me.”  “But do you love me?”  I asked.  “Of course I love you!”  She said.  “And not just because you’re nice to me.  I love you because you’re a good person.”  “But Lucario…I don’t deserve you.”  I said.  “And I don’t deserve your love just because I wasn’t a selfish bastard.”  “Don’t say that.”  She said.  “You’re the only thing that’s made my life worth living.  I was seriously contemplating suicide before you came along.”  “You were?”  I asked.  She nodded.  “But Lucario….I want you to be able to live life and see what’s out there before you commit yourself to me.”  I said.

“But don’t you love me?”  She asked.  “With all my heart.”  I said.  “Then please accept my love.”  She said.  “I don’t need to go searching for what I already have.”  I reached over and kissed her passionately.  She kissed back with fiery passion and looked into my eyes as we separated.  “Let’s go home.”  She said simply.  I nodded in agreement and started the car.  We drove home in silence.  I could tell that Lucario was feeling much better and more secure about herself.  The realization comforted me in some way.  I was glad that she was beginning to feel like a person again.  I considered asking her about her past in more detail, but since she hadn’t offered the information, I didn’t feel that it was my place to ask.  Not while she was still in this condition at least.  Maybe down the road she would open up to me more.  She smiled at me as we pulled into the driveway.  “I can’t wait to try some of that shampoo.”  She said.  I smiled back at her.  “Want to join me?”  She asked in an almost seductive tone.  “In the shower?”  I asked in surprise.  “Well, I was thinking more along the lines of a bath…”  She said, staring out into the distance.  I laughed loudly.  “You’re not trying to seduce you, are you Lucario?”  I asked.  “As you said before, you can’t help it if I’m so goddamned sexy.”  She said, smirking.  She turned away from me and got out of the car.  I followed her as she walked through the door of the house.  She stopped and turned around as we got to the kitchen.  “You should capture me.”  She said.  “You want me to?”  I asked, surprised.  She nodded.  “You’re right.”  She said.  “It’s dangerous to be away from you when I’m technically wild.  I could be captured and then you’d have to buy me all over again…..if the person who captured me would even be willing to sell me.”  I looked away and sighed.

“What’s wrong?”  She asked.  “I…I just don’t believe in catching Pokemon.”  I said.  “Pokemon are sentient beings and they should have the same rights that humans do.  The only Pokemon that have rights are those who take a human mate.  All of a sudden, Pokemon are treated as sentient beings when a human is having sex with them.  It’s just…wrong is all.”  She looked at me in sympathy.  “You’ve never had a Pokemon before, have you?”  She asked.  I shook my head.  “And I swore I never would.”  I said.  “I don’t want to own you Lucario.  I…I want to be your husband…..”  She looked at me in surprise.  “You’d take it that far?”  She asked.  “You want to marry me?”  “I’m sorry.”  I said, looking away.  “I’m going too fast.  I just…..I just love you so much Lucario.  I know we haven’t even known each other for two weeks, but I can’t imagine living without you.  And I would have no problem with us getting married in the future.  I just – ”  I moaned in surprise as she pressed her lips roughly against mine.  We separated slowly.  “Lucario…”  I said, feeling both surprised and relieved.  “Just stop talking.”  She said, bringing us into another passionate kiss.  I could feel a tent growing in my pants.  This wasn’t like a regular kiss.  It was filled with such passion.  I could tell that she was ready.  She wanted it.  Needed it.  It was almost…telepathic.  I knew at that moment that she truly loved me.  It wasn’t infatuation over someone who had rescued her.  It wasn’t a mere sexual attraction to a young rich man.  It was love…pure and untainted love.  I looked into her eyes as we separated.  They were so innocent, yet so needing at the same time.  I snapped back into reality as she grabbed my hand and quickly led me up the stairs.  It was almost surreal.  Before I knew what was happening, we were in my bedroom and I was half naked.  I felt like asking her if this was what she truly wanted, but every time I did, I looked into her eyes and I could see the truth.  She truly loved me and she wanted to give herself to me.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I grabbed her and brought her close to me as my pants dropped.  The feeling of her warm furry body against mine was incredible.  I reached down and rubbed along her slit, going slowly and carefully.  She moaned and pressed up close to me, wanting more of my touch.  I happily obliged, rubbing her quicker, getting her warmed up.  I wanted to make sure that she was VERY ready before we made our final commitment to each other.  I kissed along her furry neck as she came roughly on my hand.  I could feel the vibrations on her neck as she moaned loudly.  It was absolutely incredible.  She grabbed my hand roughly as she settled down.  “Enough.”  She whispered into my ear.  No other explanation was necessary.  I looked into her eyes.  We knew exactly what we wanted.  I felt like speaking, but it wasn’t necessary.  I followed her as she backed up towards the bed.  She lay down on it and slid up so her legs weren’t hanging over it anymore.  I quickly came with her, lying on top of her gently.  I brought us into a passionate kiss as I propped myself up with my elbows.  I broke the kiss as I felt her furry paw on my member.  I felt as she adjusted my member, aligning it perfectly with her entrance.  Just the thought of penetrating her made my member pulse with pre-cum.  I looked down into her eyes.  I expected to see them glazed over in lust, but to my surprise, she returned my gaze of love.  “Please.”  She whispered.  I eased myself on top of her and brought my arms around her back.  I pushed inside slowly until I felt her hymen.  She hugged me tightly, bracing herself as I pushed inside slowly.  She whimpered in pain and hugged me tighter as I tore through the barrier.  “I’m sorry.”  I whispered.  When I was in her fully, I looked into her eyes.  There was a bit of fear there, but her gaze softened as she looked into my eyes.  I kissed her passionately as I withdrew slowly and pushed back inside.

I could tell it hurt her, but I could also tell that she was getting better.  I started going at a steady pace.  She moaned loudly as I thrust, clawing my back gently.  “Oh god!”  She yelled, holding my sides as she shook violently.  I smiled, proud that I had brought her to orgasm already.  I had heard that it was difficult for a woman to attain orgasm through nothing but intercourse, and was relieved that Lucario seemed to be an exception.  “Oh Kyle, faster…”  She said softly.  I sped up quickly, relieved that she was feeling pleasure from this.  I certainly was.  I could feel my member pulse gently inside her and I could tell that I was close.  “Lucario…I’m close.”  I said.  “Give it to me.”  She said seductively.  I sped up quickly, feeling the familiar tight feeling in my stomach.  I couldn’t hold back anymore.  I erupted inside her.  My member pumped again and again, showing no signs of stopping.  “God Kyle…”  She said, breathing heavily as I filled her.  I finally stopped spurting and looked down at her.  “Lucario….will you….marry me?”  I asked.  She brought an arm around my neck and reached up, locking us into a passionate kiss.  “Of course I will.”  She said as we separated.  I smiled and rolled us onto our sides, my member still inside her.  “I love you Lucario…”  I said.  “I love you too…”  She said softly.  I knew that we would be happy together, living out our daily lives.  We would grow old together.  Maybe we would adopt a child.  Whatever the case, I knew that we would have many happy years together, and that our futures were now intertwined.  I looked over at her sleeping form and smiled.  I thought about the wedding; the big cake we’d have and all the people that would be there.  It would be nice…yes….  I closed my eyes slowly and went to sleep, imagining the two of us as an old couple………..

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