My Love…Lucario – Chapter 1

Kyle rescues a Lucario from a life of sexual slavery and helps her to discover her own self-worth. Eventually feelings slowly start to form between them. Knowing how broken she is, Kyle tries to take it slow.

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Chapter 1

I walked into the sleazy bar, grimacing at the smell.  Of course there was no one to greet me at the door or anything.  I shouldn’t expect such service from a seedy place like this.  But at the same time, it felt odd.  I was used to being catered to by much more….respectable establishments.  Again, I wondered why I was here.  Since I was young, I sometimes got an impulse to do something and I’ve always had to do it.  I’ve always been glad I did though.  And something told me that I needed to visit this bad part of town and go into this sleazy bar.  I still had no idea why though.  I looked around the room and worried about my car (it was the nicest looking car in the area, and therefore might be a target for thieves).  The bar was rather small, hosting only about two dozen tables which could sit four people each.  I could tell that, at least at one time, this had been a really high-class place.  Now however, it was a dump.  The molding was cracked and missing in a lot of places.  The place boasted smells that I had never smelt before but wanted no part of….probably from exotic drugs and bazaar sex practices.

Over to the right side of the bar was a stage with poles, most likely where dancers came out to entertain patrons with larger pocket books.  I grimaced at the thought.  I couldn’t stand the idea of sex for money.  I walked over to the bar and patiently waited as the bartender filled up glasses for other patrons.  He finally turned to me and I named my poison.  I didn’t feel like drinking but I didn’t want to draw attention by coming to a bar and not having a drink at least.  I paid him and walked back to a table that looked the cleanest, being careful not to spill my beer.  I took a sip and almost spat it out.  It tasted like oil grease!  I closed my eyes and set my beer down, hoping that whatever I was supposed to be here for would present itself soon.  I didn’t feel comfortable here.  Suddenly a spotlight shone on the stage and odd upbeat music began to play.  A Gardevior walked onto the stage, pressing her chest together, making it look like she had breasts.  I swore I was going to be sick.  This place was even seedier than I had imagined.

I didn’t find Gardevior to be disgusting or anything; in fact seeing her aroused me quite a bit.  But I couldn’t stand the fact that she was being forced to have sex with humans so that her master could get profits from her suffering.  There was no doubt in my mind that she didn’t want to have sex with these sleazy humans.  She bent backwards as she got to the middle of the stage, spreading her pussy lips wide.  I just about puked, imagining her being virtually raped by humans such as the ones that were in this bar tonight.  I watched as a human walked up to the stage and took her hand, leading her to the back room.  I turned away, trying not to think of what lay ahead for that poor Gardevior.  I got up, ready to leave.  I didn’t care why I had come to this bar anymore.  I couldn’t stand to watch a Pokémon sex slave show.  Suddenly another Pokémon came onto the stage.  I looked at her in amazement.  My mind just screamed that’s her!  I must admit, I was aroused beyond belief.  Lucario didn’t have breasts, but they were damned sexy.  Not to mention rare!  I realized that it was her I had come for tonight.  I watched as she spread her pussy lips just as the Gardevior had done.  But there was something….different about her.

I walked up to her slowly and nodded, reaching my hand out.  She shook her head.  “Payment first.”  She said insistently.  This Lucario could talk!  “Uhhh…how much?”  I asked, almost timidly.  She was a goddess by all respects.  “Five hundred.”  She said.  I opened my wallet and handed her the money.  “But that’s just for a hand or blowjob.”  She said hurriedly.  “If you want to take my virginity, it will be considerably more.”  “You’re a virgin?”  I asked.  She nodded.  Bloody hell!  That’s why I was here!  I had to free her before she got ravaged and beaten.  “I’ll just take a hand job.”  I said.  She nodded and quickly took the money.  I led her into the back room and closed the door.  She suddenly pushed me into the chair and started to undo my pants.  The tent in my pants was uncomfortable beyond belief, but I resisted the urge to let her continue.  “No, stop.”  I said.  She looked up at me in surprise.  “I really don’t want your services.”  I said.  She looked at me with almost a relieved expression.  “There are no refunds.”  She said.  “I know.”  I said.  “I just wanted to prevent you from being raped tonight.  Where’s your master?”  She looked at me with a bewildered expression.  “He’s in the back booth, why?”  She asked.  “Can you take me to him?”  I asked.  “I….I guess so.”  She said uncertainly.  “May I ask why?”  “I have some…business to discuss with him.”  I said quickly.

She got up and grabbed my hand, leading me out of the back room.  I received some weird glances as the other jealous patrons realized that I hadn’t even been in there with her for a full minute.  They must have wondered what the hell I did in there with her.  I quickly turned my attention from them.  I had to think about what I was going to say to this human.  I followed the Lucario through the door to the booth and stopped as I saw the most narcissistic looking person I had ever seen.  He was wearing a suit that must have cost at least ten thousand Pokedollars.  He looked up at us as we came in.  “Lucario, what’s this about?”  He asked in an angry annoyed tone.  “M…master….this is…..”  She stammered.  I could tell that she was afraid of him.  “Kyle.”  I said filling in.  “I’ve come to offer you a deal.”  “What are you selling?”  He asked, perking up once he realized money was involved.  Typical bastard…  I thought.  “I’m not selling, I’m buying.”  I said.  He looked at me in surprise.  “How many pounds do you want?”  He asked.  I realized he must be talking about illicit drugs.  “Not drugs.”  I said.  He looked at me in surprise again.  “I’m lost.”  He said.  “What do you want?”  “I want her.”  I said, indicating to the Lucario.  “You want Lucario?”  He said, laughing.  “Why the hell would you want such a useless piece of filth?”  “I’ll pay ten thousand.”  I said, deliberately starting at a ridiculously low amount.  He laughed again.  “It’d cost more than that just to take her virginity.”  He said.  “I haven’t had anyone who’s willing to pay to break her yet.”

“And once someone does finally take her virginity, she’s only got a bit of life left in her before she’s a used virus-infected old tire.”  I said.  “I know you’ll make twenty five thousand on her tops.  I’ll offer you thirty five.”  “Fifty.”  He said insistently.  “No less.”  I opened my mouth to respond, but he put his hand up.  “I don’t bargain.”  He said, realizing I was about to try to haggle him down.  “Take it or leave it.”  I looked back at Lucario.  Her eyes were filled with such sadness…  “Fine.”  I said.  “I’ll be back in a few minutes.  I’ve got to withdraw some cash.  Don’t let anyone touch her.”  “You’ve got ten minutes.”  He said.  “After that she’s going back onto the floor.  What happens to her after that is up to the customer.”  I turned and left angrily.  I hadn’t planned on spending so much, but I had to free her.  I don’t know why I had to, but I did.  I walked to the corner of the bar with the cash withdrawal machine and put in my card.  Soon enough, I had fifty thousand Pokedollars in my possession and I headed back to the booth.  The Lucario was still standing there with a sad almost blank expression on her face.  I walked up to the human’s desk and handed him the money.  He quickly scanned it then smiled.  “Pleasure doing business with you.”  He said, throwing me a Pokeball.  I caught it and turned to the Lucario.  “Let’s go.”  I said softly.  She followed me slowly as we walked out of the booth and exited the bar.  I unlocked my car using the remote and opened the passenger side door for Lucario, who slid in speechlessly.  I shrugged and got into the driver’s side.  I quickly started the car and began driving towards home.

She didn’t say anything until we were almost home.  Then she turned to me and spoke softly.  “Master….I know its not my place to ask this of you as I am now your property, but….will you please be gentle when you take my virginity?”  The revelation hit me like a ton of bricks.  She thought I had bought her so she could be my sex slave!  No wonder she had remained so sad even after I purchased her…  I slowed the car and pulled over to the side of the road.  I turned off the car and turned to her.  She looked at me with fear in her eyes.  She must have thought I was going to rape her right then.  “You don’t seem to understand.”  I said softly.  “I bought you to free you.  I would never have sex with you against your wishes.”  “But….all that money…”  She said.  “I belong to you now.  You have the right to use me any way you want to.”  “No I don’t.”  I said.  “I don’t care what the law says.  No matter what, it is wrong to have sex with someone against their wishes.”  “But…don’t you find me attractive?”  She asked.  “You can have me if you want me.  Why would you give up that ability?”  “Lucario, you’re a Goddess.”  I said truthfully.  “I would do almost anything to have sex with you.  But you deserve a decent mate and you have the right to choose who takes your virginity.  When I saw you on that stage, I don’t know what came over me.  I just had to free you.”  “But why?”  She asked.  I started up the car again and got back on the road.  “We’ll talk more about this later.”  I said.  “For now we’ve got to get home.  I’m really tired.”  She turned away from me and looked forward again.

Soon enough we pulled into my driveway.  I lived in an upper-class neighborhood.  My house was way too big for just myself, but I got it because that same little voice that told me to go to the bar that night told me to get this house.  I walked up to the front door and up the stairs with Lucario.  She looked around nervously.  Unfortunately, despite the size of the house, I only had one bed.  She looked at me almost fearfully as she followed me into my room.  I had a large king sized bed.  I turned and looked at her.  “I’m sorry but I only have one bed.”  I said.  “I promise I won’t touch you or anything if you sleep with me.  Of course you can always sleep on the couch downstairs, but I’m not gonna lie, it’s uncomfortable.  Or you could always sleep in your Pokeball.  It’s your choice.”  “Do…do you promise you won’t do anything to me?”  She asked fearfully.  I walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder.  “Please don’t fear me.”  I said softly.  “As a Pokemon, you could kill me quite easily.  You’ve been taught to fear humans when in fact it is we who should fear you.”  I grabbed her Pokeball and opened it, setting it on the ground.  I stomped on it with my foot, making it shatter into many pieces.  She looked up at me in surprise.  “You’re 100% free now.”  I said.  “You can leave if you want but…..I’d like to get to know you.  I was hoping that maybe…we could be friends.”  “Thank you…”  She said breathlessly.  “I…I’ll stay.”  I smiled and embraced her gently.  “I’m sorry you had to go through so much.”  I said.  “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to free you sooner.”  “At least no one had taken my virginity yet.”  She said.  I smiled at her as I held her by the shoulders.  “Why don’t you take the bed tonight?”  I asked.  “I’ll sleep on the couch downstairs.”

“No.”  She said, shaking her head.  “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.  I trust you now.”  I thought for a moment.  “Okay.”  I said, relenting.  I walked over to the left side of the bed and got under the covers.  She followed suit and slid into bed next to me.  “Goodnight Lucario.”  I said, sliding over to the side of the bed as far as possible to give her her space.  She didn’t respond so I turned away from her and closed my eyes.  I allowed the darkness to take me as I feel asleep.




I opened my eyes slowly.  The memories came flooding back to me as I looked down at the Lucario that was in my arms.  She opened her eyes as well and looked at me.  “I’m sorry.”  I said, pulling away from her.  “I didn’t mean to get so close to you.”  She yawned and looked at me.  “It’s okay.”  She said.  “It wasn’t your fault.  Besides…it was kind of nice.  I’ve never slept with anyone before.”  “Neither have I.”  I admitted, getting up.  “I’m going downstairs to make some breakfast.  Why don’t you come with me?”  She nodded and got up out of bed.  I walked slowly down the stairs and to the kitchen, still pretty tired.  I reached into the fridge to discover that there was only one egg.  I cursed and closed the fridge.  “Change of plans.”  I said.  “We’re going out to eat.  There’s not enough here to even make a decent meal.  I’m sorry.”  “It’s okay.”  She said reassuringly.  “Wait down here while I go up and get dressed.”  I said.  “I’ll be down in a minute.”  She nodded and I walked up the stairs slowly.  God was I tired!  I wasn’t used to staying up so late.  After I had gotten dressed, I flew down the stairs and we got in the car.  It took a while, but I finally found a place that seemed respectable.  We pulled up to the small diner and got out of the car.  I opened the door for her as we went inside.  The waitress looked at us in an odd way as we walked in.  It occurred to me that we must have looked like a Pokemon/human couple.  Such things were acceptable in society, but silently frowned upon by most people.

After we were seated and I ordered us both waters, I looked across the table at her.  “What’s wrong?”  I asked, noticing her sad expression.  “It’s just so…unreal.”  She said.  “Yesterday I was a slave just waiting to be raped and dumped and now….now my life has changed so much…  You’re actually treating me like I have worth and value….like you give a shit if I live or die.  It’s a new feeling for me is all.”  “Hey.”  I said, reaching across the table and grabbing her hands.  “I do care about you Lucario.  I really hope I can give you a decent life and that we can be friends.”  I looked up, noticing the waitress was standing next to our table.  I quickly let go of Lucario’s hands and looked up at her.  “Have you decided what you want?”  She asked.  “Well…”  I said, trailing off.  “May I recommend a couples dish?”  She asked.  “It would be cheaper.”  “No.”  I said quickly.  “We’ll just have basic breakfasts.  I prefer sausage and Lucario will have half sausage and half bacon.  We’ll both have an extra hash on the side.  Eggs will be scrambled.”  She wrote down the amount on the pad and looked us over.  “I’m guessing you two are not a couple then?”  She asked.  “No.”  I said again.  “Too bad.”  She said.  “Couples get ten percent off today.”  “He’s just being modest.”  Lucario said quickly, grabbing my hand.  “We’re a couple.”  The woman looked at us suspiciously.  Lucario got up and slid onto the booth seat with me.  “Come on honey.”  She said.  “You can’t keep pretending that we’re not a couple.  I know I’m a Pokemon, but…”  “Okay, I’ve got you down as a couple.”  The waitress said, obviously not wanting to listen to our ‘lovers’ quarrel’.  “Your food should be ready in twenty minutes or so.”  I nodded.  “Thanks.”  I said as she walked away.

I looked at Lucario and sighed.  “You’re not supposed to lie in order to get a discount on food.”  I said.  “I’m not a poor guy.  I can afford an extra ten percent.”  “How much was that fifty thousand to you?”  She asked.  “Well it was certainly something.”  I said.  “I’m going to have to work pretty hard to get that money back.”  “I’m sorry…”  She said sadly.  “No, it’s fine.”  I said.  “I wanted to do it.  I care about you.”  “But how can you say that?”  She asked.  “You don’t even know me!”  “I don’t know.”  I said.  “I just do.  Do I really need a reason for caring about someone?”  I looked down at her in surprise as she laid her head on my shoulder.  “I’m going to pay you back.”  She said.  “No please, don’t worry about it.”  I said.  “I’m still able to live comfortably.  That fifty thousand was a lot to me, but it certainly didn’t break me.”  “What do you do?”  She asked.  The question took me aback.  “I’m an online reseller.”  I said.  “It pays pretty well.”  “What do you resell?”  She asked.  “Electronics mostly.”  I said.  “TV’s, computers, software…that kind of thing.”  “So you don’t leave the house a lot I guess.”  She said.  “Not often.”  I said.  “I’m a solitary kinda guy.  It’ll be nice to have company though…if you’re willing to stay with a boring guy like me.”  “Of course I’m willing.”  She said, looking up at me.  “I’m starting to care about you too.”  I looked up as our food came.  The waitress hurriedly set the plates down then walked away quickly.  I looked over at Lucario, who was looking at her plate with a curious look on her face.

“You’ve never had human food before, have you?”  I asked.  “No.”  She said, feeling embarrassed.  “It’s fine.”  I said.  “I’ll teach you.”  I went through the rules of using silverware and how to eat the various types of food that was on her plate.  She learned rather quickly.  Though she did break the butter plate.  “Sorry.”  She said.  “It looked so solid…”  “It’s fine.”  I said, handing her another small plate to put the butter on.  The rest of the meal went without incident.  As we finished, I paid the waitress a small tip (she was rather rude after all) and paid for the food (along with the broken plate).  We walked outside and to the car.  Lucario stopped as I opened the door for her.  “What’s wrong?”  I asked.  “You’ve opened all the doors for me so far.”  She said.  “I don’t know how to open a car door.  Can I try?”  “Oh sure.”  I said, closing the door and stepping back.  It took her several tries but she eventually got the door open by herself.  She looked at me and smiled.  “Thanks.”  She said.  I nodded and got in on the driver’s side.  “I’m grateful that you’re being so nice and opening the doors for me, but I have to learn how to do things for myself too.”  She said, looking over at me.  I nodded as I started the car.  “We’re going to Sears next.”  I said.  “Sears?”  She asked, confused.  “It’s a store.”  I clarified.  “We’ve got to get you a bed.”  “Oh…”  She said softly.

It was true that Sears wasn’t a high class store, but I had found that the mattresses there were even better than those at higher-end stores, so I decided to purchase my bed from there.  I figured the same would be true for Lucario’s bed, seeing as I had gotten mine only a few months ago.  Lucario looked at me as we pulled up to the parking lot.  “How old are you?”  She asked.  “I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me that.”  I said.  “Why?”  She asked.  “I’m eighteen.”  I said.  Her eyebrows rose.  “You’re not even legal drinking age!”  She exclaimed.  “You look so much older…”  “Yeah I know.”  I said.  “Where did you get all this money?”  She asked.  “I just worked my way up until I could get a sizeable amount of products to resell.”  I said.  “It wasn’t that hard.”  I got out of the car and looked towards the front door.  I locked the car as Lucario got out and started heading for the door.  I stopped as we reached it.  “You want to try this door?”  I asked.  She opened the door for me and I walked inside, giving her a small nod.  “I know how to open regular doors.”  She said.  “Just not car doors and other doors besides the ones in the bar.”  “Did you live there?”  I asked.  She nodded.  “I was taken and trained as a Riolu in the forests around the city.”  She said.  “When I evolved, I was destined to be a slave at the bar.  Of course they never told me that then, or I never would have evolved.  I never had any experience with doors as a Riolu and after I evolved, I never left the walls of that bar again….until you came.”  “I’m sorry.”  I said.  “Don’t be.”  She said.  “That was the past. Now it’s time to look forward to the future.”  I nodded and turned towards the escalator.  “I don’t suppose you know how to use one of these?”  I asked.  She shook her head.

“Take my hand.”  I said, holding my hand out.  I stepped forward onto the escalator as she held my hand.  She nearly lost her balance and I caught her.  “Are you okay?”  I asked.  “Yeah.”  She said.  I realized where my hand was and removed it quickly, blushing.  “I’m sorry.”  I said.  “Forget about it.”  She said.  “I don’t have breasts anyways.”  I looked forward again, trying to take my mind off the recent embarrassing situation.  As we approached the top, I grabbed her hand and quickly led her off the escalator.  She almost lost her balance again and I caught her again, this time being more careful where I was putting my hand.  “Are you okay?”  I asked.  “I…I don’t know.”  She said.  “My stomach hurts…”  “Here.”  I said, leading her to a nearby bench.  “Why don’t you sit down for a while?”  She sat down with me and held her stomach.  “I didn’t realize the escalator would upset you so much.”  I said.  “It’s probably the strange food I ate this morning.”  She said.  “Or a combination of the two.”  I said.  “Are you feeling a bit better?”  She nodded slowly.  “Good.”  I said.  “Why don’t you drink a little?”  I took out a bottle of water from the small bag I had brought in and handed it to her.  She drank the water slowly and carefully.  “Maybe we should go home?”  I asked.  “No.”  She said, shaking her head.  “I’m fine.”  She got up slowly and smiled at me.  “Thanks.”  She said.  “Don’t mention it.”  I said, getting up as well.  “You ready?”  She nodded.  We walked over to the mattress department and checked out a few mattresses.  I explained the different sizes to her and she finally picked one out.  Not surprisingly it was the most expensive one of its size, but she was worth it and I purchased it without question.

We then walked over to the sheets and picked out a nice sheet for her.  I wasn’t sure that you could really feel the difference between 400 and 600 thread count, but I decided to get the 600 just in case.  As we were walking towards the checkout with the new sheets and ticket for the mattress, we saw a Blaziken walk by.  He was wearing expensive clothing along with a tie.  He was holding hands with a female human who was telling him how good he looked.  “I’ve never seen a Pokemon wear clothes before.”  Lucario said.  “It’s not an uncommon thing to see in the middle to upper classes.”  I said.  “Would you like some clothes?”  “What about my chest spike?”  She asked.  “Well they would have to be bought from a very expensive store that carries custom Pokemon clothes.”  I said.  “We should be able to find something to fit you.”  “I don’t think I’d like clothes.”  She said.  “I’ve always lived without them.”  I shrugged.  “Well if you ever want some, let me know.”  I said.  “In fact, I’ll do my best to get you anything you want so don’t be afraid to ask me.”  “You should stop being so nice to me.”  She said.  “I’m really not worth it.”  “Of course you’re worth it!”  I said.  “I care about you Lucario and I want to make you happy.”  She just nodded slowly, remaining quiet.  By then we had reached the checkout lane and I began putting the sheets onto the conveyor belt.  “I need immediate delivery of this mattress.”  I said.  “That’s a considerable expense.”  The woman behind the counter said.  “Free delivery is 2-5 business days.”  I shook my head.  “That’s too long.”  I said.  I felt Lucario’s hand on my shoulder.  “It’s fine.”  She said.  “I can wait.”  “But you deserve your own bed as soon as possible.”  I said.  “I have no problems sleeping with you for a few days while we wait for free delivery.”  She said.  “Please, don’t pay extra when you don’t need to.”

I turned back to the counter.  “Okay, free delivery it is then.”  I said to the woman.  She looked annoyed that we had taken those few seconds and I felt a hint of anger come over me.  This was nothing like shopping at higher-end stores.  Employees actually had to treat customers with respect!  I angrily took my card back as she handed it to me and walked out the door with Lucario.  She looked over to me as we got into the car.  “Is something wrong?”  She asked.  “Naw, I’m just angry at the way we were treated in there.”  I said.  “The clerk was so disrespectful!”  She didn’t respond.  Instead she just turned and faced forward.  I started up the car and we started our way home.  By the time we got there, my anger was long gone and I looked over at Lucario and smiled.  “Well, we’re home.”  I said.  “Do you know how to use a TV?”  She shook her head.  “No, why?”  She asked.  “Because I’ve got some chores to do and I don’t want you to be bored.”  I said.  “I’ll set you all up.”   She nodded and got out of the car.  I did the same.  As soon as we got into the house I headed straight for the laundry room.  The living room was on the way, so it was no big deal.  “Sit down.”  I said, gesturing to the couch.  She sat down and looked at it in surprise as it sank beneath her.  “It’s so comfortable!”  She said.  I smiled and proceeded to show her how to work the TV and remote and all the features it had.  “What are you going to do?”  She asked.  “I’ve got some clothes to wash, dishes to do, and a patio to scrub.”  I said.  “You don’t have a servant?”  She asked.  “I could definitely afford one, but I like taking care of myself.”  I said.  “Though I could do without scrubbing the patio.”  “I’ll do it.”  She said, standing up.  “No.”  I said, shaking my head and coming over to her.  “Just sit back and relax.”  I said, putting my hands on her shoulders and easing her back onto the couch.  “I’ll take care of everything.”  I looked at her in surprise as I noticed that her cheeks had turned a little rosy.  She averted her eyes as I looked at her.  “Lucario, what’s wrong?”  I asked.  “Whaaa….oh nothing!”  She said quickly, looking away.  I thought for a moment, wondering why she was acting that way then shrugged it off and started walking away.  “Just let me know if you need anything.”  I said.

The chores kept me busy for quite a while.  They took so long that we had skipped lunch altogether.  I walked into the living room and looked at Lucario.  “Aren’t you hungry?”  I asked.  She nodded.  “Why didn’t you say anything?”   I asked.  “I got so busy, I had no idea that lunchtime had passed.”  “You were just so busy.”  She said.  “I didn’t want to disturb you.”  I walked over to the couch and kneeled in front of her, taking her hands into mine.  “You will never be a bother Lucario.”  I said.  “I feel so bad.  Please tell me your needs and desires, and I’ll fulfill them any way I can.”  She blushed and turned away.  “I’m sorry.”  I said.  “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”  “No no, it’s fine.”  She said quickly.  “I’m…just not used to being treated like this is all.  I don’t feel like I’m worth it.”  “You’re worth it to me.”  I said softly.  She raised her head and looked at me and I smiled.  “Come on.”  I said.  “I’ll make us something to eat.”  She got up slowly and followed me as I headed towards the kitchen.  I made some instant potatoes along with some microwave meat I had in the fridge.  Needless to say, I wasn’t a cook by any respects, but the food I made usually tasted all right.  After the way Lucario had been treated, I doubt she’d complain about it.  She probably got nothing but mashed rotten Pokemon food the way her ‘master’ had been treating her.  I grimaced at the thought.  Soon enough the food was ready and I served up plates for the both of us.  We sat down at the kitchen table and began to eat.  Despite having such a nice large house, I did not use the dining room.  Having a room dedicated to nothing but eating seemed like a huge waste to me, so I used it for storage of products that I was prepared to mail out.  I looked over at Lucario.  She was eating pretty fast, barely having enough time to chew.  “You were hungry, weren’t you?”  She nodded, not taking a break from her meal.  I looked at her in sympathy.  “I feel really bad.”  I said.  “I’m practically no better than your old master, starving you like that.”  “What are you talking about?”  She asked, taking a break from her hasty meal.  “You’re nothing like him.  You actually care about me.  I’m the one that decided not to let you know I was hungry because I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“I guess so.”  I said, still feeling bad.  Several minutes passed in silence as we ate.  We were almost finished when I decided to ask her the question that I had wanted to since the moment I met her.  “Lucario, are you….do you hate your old master?”  I asked.  “Do you wish ill upon him?”  She stopped eating and looked at me.  “I hope he dies for what he did to me and all the other Pokemon.”  She said simply.  I leaned back in my chair and looked at her.  “You say that with so little emotion.”  I said.  “You don’t sound angry.”  “I…I’m not…”  She said.  “But why not?”  I asked.  “You said yourself that you wished ill upon him.  Doesn’t that imply that you’re angry at him too?”  “I…I guess so…”  She said uncertainly.  I saw her lip begin to quiver slightly.  I stood up quickly and grabbed her hands, leading her to stand up with me.  “You hate him.”  I said.  “Say it.”  “I…”  She said, trailing off.  “Say it.”  I insisted.  Her lip kept quivering for several more moments.  “I HATE HIM!”  She screamed, surprising me.  She began crying loudly.  I grabbed her into a tight embrace as she cried against me.  I knew this was coming, but I didn’t know she would crack this soon.  It was a good thing though.  She needed to let it all out.  “He…he fucking took advantage of me!”  She said angrily, still crying.  “He let other men use me for their pleasure so he could get paper that would make him richer!  I hope he dies!”  She continued crying as I stroked her cheek.  “Let it all out.”  I said soothingly.  She cried and spewed for a long while before finally regaining her composure.  She looked up at me with an almost blank expression.  “Feel better?”  I asked.  She nodded slowly.  “You needed to let it all out.”  I said.  “Thank you.”  She said softly.  I could tell she was getting tired.  All that crying probably wore her out.

“Why don’t you go get in bed?”  I asked.  “You look tired.  I’ll clean up down here and join you in a minute.”  “Okay…”  She said quietly, obviously getting more tired by the minute.  I watched as she walked up the stairs, then hurried and cleaned up all the mess.  Satisfied that the mess had been adequately cleaned up, I headed up the stairs and walked into my room quietly.  She smiled at me as I walked in and turned the light off.  I slid under the covers and laid down, closing my eyes.  Just as sleep was about to take me, I felt an arm go around my waist and Lucario’s soft body pressing against my back.  “Do you mind?”  She asked.  “I…I could use some company tonight.”  “Not at all.”  I said.  “Do you mind if I turn around?”  “Please.”  She said, taking her arm from around my waist and sliding away, giving me room to turn.  I smiled as I turned to face her and she smiled back.  We laid facing each other, our foreheads touching as we went to sleep peacefully.




The rest of the week went rather well.  Lucario’s bed had come and she had settled in nicely.  I must admit though, I missed her presence as I slept.  We had only slept together for a few nights, but I couldn’t help but miss her soft, warm, furry body snuggling up so close to me at night.  Aside from this though, we had become very good friends.  I had never quite hit it off with anyone like her before.  She was smart, funny, and full of energy.  Despite her improvements, I could still tell that being a sex slave had profoundly damaged her, and it made me angry.  Just this morning I had finally realized that I was in love with her.  At first I dismissed it as a harmless attraction.  She was a very beautiful woman after all.  But then I realized that I hadn’t even thought about sex with her.  I just…loved her.  I didn’t even care if we had sex or not.  I just wanted her to know how I felt and I wanted us to sleep in each other’s arms again.  But I restrained myself.  She wasn’t ready for a lover yet.  It could be years before she would be.  Besides….I didn’t know if she would return my feelings.  She cared about me, I knew that….but love?  I sighed and closed my eyes again, trying to fall asleep.  I rolled over to my side and frowned as I reached my hand over and touched nothing but air.  I sighed.  If only she were here sleeping beside me…

I opened my eyes and propped myself up as I heard the door creek open.  “Lucario?”  I asked.  I was greeted with a bright flash of light as she turned my bedroom lights on.  “What’s wrong?”  I asked, shielding my eyes with my hand.  “Do you think I could sleep in here tonight?”  She asked.  “What?”  I asked, not sure I had heard her right.  “Why?”  “Forget it.”  She said softly.  “I’ll go.”  She turned to leave.  “No wait.”  I said.  She stopped and turned back around to face me.  “To be honest I’ve been missing you lately.”  I said.  “What’s wrong?  Can’t sleep?”  She nodded.  “I know it sounds silly, but I can’t sleep without your arms around me.”  She said.  “I know we only slept together a few times, but…”  “I understand completely.”  I said, smiling.  She walked over to the bed and sat down.  She seemed…troubled by something.  I looked at her in concern.  “Is there something wrong?”  I asked.  I could see her lip quiver slightly as she thought about what to say.  “There’s something I need to tell you…”  She said.  “…Something you need to know.”  “What’s that?”  I asked, becoming intrigued.  I watched as she stood up then slowly crawled onto the bed.  I was surprised as she got on top of me, her paw pushing against my chest, pinning me to the bed.  She moved towards me slowly.  I didn’t blink.  I couldn’t even move.  I moaned in pleasure as I felt her lips press against mine, her tongue flicking out and wrapping around mine.  I closed my eyes and relished the experience, my arousal levels skyrocketing.  I opened my eyes slowly as she pulled away, looking into my eyes intently with a look of pure untainted passion.  “Lucario…”  I said huskily, trying to find my voice.  “I love you Kyle.”  She said softly, bringing us into another passion-filled kiss.  I breathed heavily as we separated.  “Lucario…”  I said again, trailing off.

“Shhhhhh…”  She said softly.  “Over the past few days, I’ve realized how much you care about me.  And I care about you too.  I’ve only recently discovered how much I really do care about you…”  She reached forward again, intending to lock us into another passionate kiss but I held my hands up, stopping her.  She looked at me with a hurt expression.  “You…you don’t feel the same way, do you?”  She asked in a shattered voice.  “No no I do!”  I said.  “But Lucario…I…I rescued you.  Sometimes people fall in love with those who have rescued them and it’s not real.  I love you Lucario but…I can’t return your feelings when you’re in this condition.  You have to give yourself time to heal before you put yourself in this kind of situation.”  She looked at me flatly with no emotion as she contemplated what I had said.  Several moments passed.  “I know you care about me and don’t want to hurt me, but I love you Kyle.”  She said.  “I want this.  If there’s one thing in this world I’m sure of, it’s that my feelings for you are real.”  I thought for a moment.  “If you’re a hundred percent true that your feelings are genuine, I can accept it.”  I said.  “But I won’t take your virginity until I too am certain that your feelings for me are real.”  She smiled and leaned over again, kissing me deeply.  She broke the kiss abruptly as she felt my erection against her.  “Ooooh…someone’s a little eager, aren’t they?”  She teased.  “I can’t help it that you’re so goddamned sexy.”  I said huskily, smiling wide.  We kissed again.  She started rubbing herself against me, which brought my arousal levels to new heights.  “You like that, don’t you?”  She asked seductively.  She brought her hands down to my erection and started to unbutton my boxers.  “No, stop.”  I said, grabbing her hands.  She looked at me in surprise.  “We’ll see if your feelings remain in the morning.”  I said.  “Let’s not be too impulsive.  You might regret it if we do anything sexual.”  She seemed to sober at this and nodded, rolling off of me and lying down on the bed.  My erection was something fierce, but I ignored it and prayed it would go away.

“You sure you don’t want me to finish you off?”  She asked.  “I’m sure you’ve got blue balls from hell.”  “I’m fine.”  I lied.  “Liar.”  She accused.  “Come on.  What can a hand job hurt?  We’re not really doing anything serious.”  “What about you?”  I asked.  “You can make it up to me tomorrow.”  She said, smiling wickedly.  My brain was fighting with my manhood and unfortunately, my manhood was winning.  “O…okay.”  I relented, partially against my own will.  She smiled widely and stood, crouching low on the bed.  She undid my boxers, pulling out my still-hard erection.  She looked at it in approval.  It wasn’t overly large at about seven inches, but it was more than enough for most women and Lucario was no exception.  I moaned as she wrapped her furry paw around my member, stroking it up and down slowly.  I looked at her with loving eyes as she continued.  Looking at her furred body stroking my member so slowly aroused me to no end.  I looked down at her pussy, which was becoming wet with arousal.  I reached over slowly and rubbed along her pussy lips.  She reared up in surprise at first, then pressed back against my hand.  She closed her eyes in pleasure and moaned.  I stuck my finger inside her experimentally, finding her hymen before I expected to.  She rubbed against me harder, making me press my finger dangerously hard against her virginity.  I withdrew slightly and began sliding my finger along her clit.  This brought fourth even more excited moans from her as she pumped my manhood even faster.  Suddenly her body seized up and she shook violently.  I smiled, realizing she was having an orgasm.  “Oh god!”  She cried, falling forward.  I quickly caught her, being careful about her chest spike.  She let go of my member and put her hand against my chest.  She propped herself up halfway and looked at me.  “Wh…what happened?”  She asked.  “Ummm…you had an orgasm?”  I said, not knowing what else to say.

“I…I’ve never had an orgasm…”  She said breathlessly.  “Never?”  I asked in surprise.  Certainly one of her ‘customers’ had wanted to pleasure her.  And what about in her training?  “We aren’t trained so we can have a good time.”  She explained.  “All they care about is that we please the customer.”  “So you’ve never experience pleasure from sex?”  I asked.  “That’s like asking someone who was raped how much they liked it.”  She said.  “When you’re forced to do it, somehow all the pleasure is drained from it.  I knew sex was pleasurable, but I had no idea……”  I cut her off by bringing her into another passionate kiss.  I looked at her as we separated.  “I’ll make sure you experience the most pleasure possible.”  I said.  She looked back at me and smiled, then looked down at my member.  “…Did you cum?”  She asked sheepishly.  I shook my head.  “But you don’t have to finish.”  I said.  “I can take care of it.”  “Nonsense.”  She said, reaching out and grabbing my member.  I moaned in pleasure as she continued.  She suddenly adjusted herself, sitting down straight between my legs.  I thrashed my head back in forth in pleasure.  It felt so good!  I watched as she brought her mouth down to my manhood and slipped it inside.  The heat was absolutely incredible.  I moaned loudly in pleasure as I felt her tongue circle around the head of my member.  Suddenly I felt my stomach seize up.  I knew what was coming.  “Lucario…I’m gonna…”  I couldn’t even finish.  As soon as she had realized what I was about to do, she drove my cock in as far as it would go.  She moaned as I shot my load down her throat, her hot maw sucking every drop out of me.  I released a huge breath as the last of my load was pulled from my cock.  She sucked it expertly, swallowing every drop of cum until I had nothing left to give, then pulled away, her face unmarred by the tons of seed she had just swallowed.

She squealed as I sat up quickly, bringing us into a passionate kiss and lying on top off her, my rapidly shrinking member pressed up against her loins.  She breathed deeply as we separated.  “I love you Lucario.”  I said.  “That felt so good!”  She smiled and laughed lightly.  “I’m glad.”  She said.  “I’m glad I was able to give you so much pleasure.”  I looked at her in surprise as I felt her paw around my member.  She stroked it gently, making it stiffen slightly.  She rubbed it against her entrance and moaned loudly.  “Take me Kyle.”  She begged, looking into my eyes.  Her gaze was full of a mixture of love and lust.  “I…I can’t.”  I said.  “You still might regret this in the morning.”  “I won’t regret it.”  She whispered.  “I…I need you inside me.”  I didn’t know what to do.  I knew I couldn’t take her virginity like this.  I genuinely loved her and I believe that she loved me, but I had to be absolutely sure before I took something as sacred as her virginity.  I suddenly got an idea.  I slid down until my head was between her legs and I licked along her long, warm slit.  She shuddered and moaned as I slipped inside.  I made my way around her womanhood, paying careful attention to her clit and driving my tongue as deep as I possibly could without breaking her hymen.  I grunted in surprise as she grabbed the sides of my head with both hands and began shaking.  I moaned in pleasure as her fluids sprayed onto my face and I licked her up expertly.  She finally stopped wreathing on the bed and looked at me.  Her lust was all but gone, with only the love remaining.  I raised my head to look at her.  “T…thank you for not taking my virginity tonight.”  She said.  “I know you wanted to, but it’s best that we wait at least a little while.”  I nodded and moved forward, lying on top of her and bringing us into a passionate kiss.  She smiled at me as we separated and I rolled off her.  “I love you Kyle.”  She said.  “I love you too Lucario.”  I replied.  I closed my eyes, basking in the warm afterglow and allowed myself to fall asleep.


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