Enemies By Day…

Daring Do x Ahuizotl

Daring Do and Ahuizotl have a clandestine relationship. This is my attempt at writing a romantic story between the two as they try to be both enemies and lovers at the same time. In future chapters I may expand on this and go back in time to show their adventures as well as their first time together…

Contains: Impregnation

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Ahuizotl snuck into the house quietly, closing the door behind him. He looked around the room. It had been cleaned up and organized since the incident the day before. He was always amazed by how much she got done in a day. It was one of the things he really liked about her. There was nothing out of place. Everything looked perfect. He snuck towards the stairs, making his way up them slowly. As he reached the top, he looked over to the right where her room was. He couldn’t believe what she’d done. She’d spoiled his plans once again! He had quite a bone to pick with her. Realizing his thoughts were getting to him, he cooled down slowly. Not tonight. He wouldn’t think about their daytime escapades at night. Night was a special time for both of them. As he reached her room he opened the door quietly. She was lying on her side in her bed facing away from him.

“I was wondering when you’d get here.” A voice said quietly. “What took you so long?”

“My apologies Ms. Do.” Ahuizotl said, smirking. “But you made quite a mess today that I had to clean up. It made me rather late.”

“I’ll try not to make such a mess next time then.” She said, turning around and facing him.

She had a smile on her face. That smile…..it was yet another thing he liked about her. Her cunning, her bravery, and her smile. She was stark naked. No hat, no shirt. Not that her shirt really hid anything. But still, Ahuizotl somehow got more aroused when she wasn’t wearing anything.

“So, are you just gonna stand there all night or are you coming?” Daring asked, annoyed.

“Why of course.” Ahuizotl said, stepping forward slowly and stopping when he reached the bed.

Daring flung the blanket off, exposing herself to him. He got up onto the bed and brought his mouth towards her marehood, preparing to give her the full treatment.

“Forget about that.” Daring said quickly.

Ahuizotl looked up at her in surprise.

“You were so damned late I had to try to take care of myself.” She said. “Unsuccessfully I might add. But I’m already all wet and everything and I’m dying here. Just rail me.”

Ahuizotl chuckled.

“As you wish Daring…” He said, still chuckling.

He slid his body up hers and aligned himself with her entrance. A chill went down Daring’s spine as she realized what was about to happen. He pushed himself into her slowly, the wetness of her sex allowing him to slide in easily. He was completely sheathed inside her in less than ten seconds.

“My, my…” Ahuizotl said teasingly. “You were certainly ready. No one can make you cum like I can, can they Daring?

“You know it.” She said. “Now shut up and rut me.”

Ahuizotl said nothing as he pulled himself back, sliding out of her so just the tip was inside then ramming back into her. She grunted as his hips slammed against hers. Then he started rutting her at a moderately fast pace. Daring could feel every vein in his cock as he railed her hard.

“Don’t you dare cum before I do!” She said threateningly.

“Do I ever?” Ahuizotl said, smirking.

“No…..” She admitted. “But if you do it one night, it better not be tonight! Or you will be one sorry guy!”

He chuckled again, the tightness of her body getting the better of him. He wanted to let himself go right then, but she hadn’t gotten off yet. And he’d never leave poor Daring unsatisfied. He continued rutting her roughly, intent on bringing her to orgasm as quickly as possible. His relentless rutting was getting the best of her and she felt the heat in her loins expanding. She knew what was coming.

“Fuck…..” She said softly, her orgasm overcoming her.

Despite the overwhelming sensation of her orgasm, she knew what was coming next. She used her front hooves to prop her body up, sitting up halfway. Seeing she was ready, Ahuizotl withdrew from her and quickly sank his cock down her throat. She sucked him off expertly as he used his tail paw to tease her clit. As she looked up at him with innocent eyes, her cuteness set him off. He exploded, sending spurt after spurt of cum down her throat. Daring swallowed to the best of her ability, but he always came too much for her to swallow it all. Her mouth was quickly filled with the sticky substance as it breached her lips and dribbled down her chin. She continued swallowing, trying to prevent even more of it from leaking out. Finally his member stopped spurting and he relaxed, letting out a content sigh. As she swallowed the last of his cum, she removed his member from her mouth quickly and collapsed back onto the bed, panting heavily. Having both come off their orgasms, they laid together on her bed, both of them out of breath.

“That….was…….great……” She said, looking over at Ahuizotl.

“Just like always.” He said. “What would it take to get you to quit treasure hunting and just be my little brood mare?”

“Not gonna happen Ahuizotl.” She said, smirking. “As much as I love our late-night sessions, we’re enemies.”

“Enemies by day, lovers by night….” He said thoughtfully. “It doesn’t have to be that way. If you don’t want to stop treasure hunting you can always work with me.”

Daring laughed.

“Yeah.” She said sarcastically. “That’s gonna happen.”

“I’m serious!” Ahuizotl said, his tone more serious. “We could be partners. Treasure hunting is extremely profitable. You wouldn’t believe what rich ponies will pay to get their hooves on these rare treasures. Why do you think I do this?”

“Partners huh?” Daring asked, her tone sour.

“Yeah.” He said. “I’d even split the profits with you 50/50. I’ve never made that sort of deal with anyone before. But you…..you’re different…”

“These treasures belong in a museum.” Daring said. “They belong to everypony, not just the rich and privileged ones.”

“Please Daring, consider my offer.” Ahuizotl said, his tone turning sad. “I don’t want to have to kill you, but I might have to one day. Some of my clients are very…..unscrupulous. They will kill me if I don’t get the artifact they’re looking for. Thankfully you haven’t taken any of the artifacts that were wanted by those unscrupulous clients, but if you tried I would have no choice but to kill you.”

“Hey, we agreed not to worry about this.” Daring said quickly, putting a hoof around him. “We are 100% pure enemies. If one of us has to kill the other one day, then so be it. But we have to promise each other to try to live. Live so we can live another day….and another night……”

“I……” Ahuizotl said quietly. “I could never kill you Daring…..”

Daring looked at him in surprise, her eyes widening. Despite their late nights together, Ahuizotl was hard as nails. He’d been her enemy for as long as she could remember. She never thought she’d hear him talk like this.

“Ahuizotl……” She said quietly. “This is more than just sex to you……isn’t it?”

“Yes….” He admitted. “I…..I love you Daring……….”

Her surprise doubled at hearing this. She had her suspicions with the way he kept talking like this, but she never thought he’d admit it.

“What about you?” He asked, breaking through her thoughts. “You can’t tell me it’s just sex to you anymore. Not after all these years…..”

Daring Do looked away, blushing furiously. She did feel something. The feeling was a mix between love and friendship. But it also felt…..wrong. This was Ahuizotl she was talking about here! Her worst enemy! And he wasn’t even a pony! She was able to excuse it before because it was just sex and she was just “using” him to get off, but when she looked back she realized what a lie that was. A lie she told herself to keep her going.

She was startled as her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of Ahuizotl moving in the bed. He towered over her and looked down at her. She didn’t think much about it at first. Then before she realized what was happening, his lips were pressed against hers as he kissed her for the very first time.

To say she was surprised was an understatement. Her first reaction was to push him off of her, but as he kissed her deeply she felt herself melt with pleasure. She pushed up, kissing him back, opening her mouth to give him access to her previously forbidden treasure. Feeling this, Ahuizotl smiled into the kiss and continued. His lungs burned but he didn’t care. Suddenly he felt her hooves on his chest. She pressed against him gently, not trying to force him off but letting him know she wanted to break the kiss. He pulled back away from her reluctantly, gasping for breath. Daring did the same as she was finally allowed to breathe. After a minute or so they both had their breath back.

“I……..don’t know…..” She said softly.

Ahuizotl smiled widely. It wasn’t exactly the resounding admittance of love he was hoping for, but she didn’t resist him when he kissed her. And she didn’t reject him.

“I do know.” He said. “And so do you.”

Daring looked away from him and he gave her time to think.

“I….I’m taking a break tomorrow.” She said. “Need to get more writing in. You’ve kept me pretty damned busy these last few months. I’ve even had to push back the publication date!”

He stared at her blankly, not expecting that response.

“So why don’t you go get those artifacts for those ‘unscrupulous’ clients of yours while I’m occupied?” She suggested, smirking at him.

“You….you’re giving me a day off?” Ahuizotl asked in amazement. “So I can steal any artifacts I like and you won’t interfere?”

“That’s right.” Daring said. “But only one day. So make it count.”

Ahuizotl laughed.

“Oh trust me, I will.” He said, smiling. “And I’ll make it up to you tomorrow night.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She said. “Just get out of here before I change my mind.”

“Goodnight Daring…” He said, pecking her cheek lightly.

He slid out of bed and out of her room before she could respond. Realizing he was gone she pulled the blankets up and went to sleep, her dreams filled with adventure and treasure.

As Ahuizotl made his way down the stairs and out of her house he couldn’t help but feel mixed emotions. He did love her. He really did. But he also loved the relationship they shared during the day. She was quite a cunning adversary. But she had to stop. Not for his sake, but for hers. She had no idea how many “unscrupulous” clients he really had. She couldn’t take any more artifacts. If she did he’d be forced to kill her. And he couldn’t bring himself to do that. He could always quit the work he did, but he already had dozens of outstanding orders. There was no way he’d be able to fill them all with her in the way. There was only one way to make her stop. She’d probably hate him for it. And he could probably forget about ever spending another night with her after he put his plan into motion. But he didn’t care. He’d rather have her hate him than have her dead. Deciding to go through with his plan he slinked into the forest, intent on getting home with enough time for a long rest.


As Daring Do awoke the next morning, she was shocked that it was so late. In her lustful state she’d forgotten to turn on her alarm and was thus late to start.

“Shoot!” She shouted to nopony in particular. “Now I have less time to work on my next book!”

She quickly got out of bed and made her way downstairs. Firing up the coffee machine, she realized it was going to be a long day. At least she didn’t have to worry about Ahuizotl. He’d be off collecting artifacts for sure and be way too busy to mess with her. After she had made a fresh pot of coffee she picked both it and a mug up and made her way back to the living room and her typewriter. She was shocked to find Ahuizotl standing in front of her typewriter, reading the most recent page that was still stuck in the feed.

“Well, well, well….” He said slowly. “I like what you have so far here…..”

Daring quickly set the mug and pot of coffee down and crouched down, preparing to fight.

“What are you doing here Ahuizotl?!” She asked menacingly. “I don’t have whatever it is you’re looking for.”

“Oh, but you do.” He said, turning around. “I want…..you….”

Daring relaxed a bit, taken aback by his response.

“Huh?” She asked, confused.

“I was just thinking that since you’re taking the day off today, so should I.” He said casually.

“You should be stealing those artifacts!” Daring said angrily.

“Oh but I am.” Ahuizotl said. “My minions are more than capable of handling the missions I’ve planned out without me. So I thought my talents would be better served helping you write your next book.”

“I don’t need any help.” She said, relaxing a bit more.

“Oh come now.” Ahuizotl said, smirking. “Why is it that you only write about the times when you get the artifacts and never when I end up stealing them instead? I’d say the latter happens at least half of the time.”

Daring smiled, finally relaxing almost all the way. Though she was still alert, ready for an ambush. But it wasn’t Ahuizotl’s style so it was highly unlikely.

“Because Daring Do is the protagonist and Ahuizotl is the antagonist, duh.” She said, waving a hoof at him dismissively.

“Well, fine.” Ahuizotl said, sighing. “If you want to stay with the predictable storyline, then why don’t you write about your new friend? Dasher was it?”

“Rainbow Dash actually.” She said. “I was thinking about it, but I’m stumped as to how I’d add her into the story. I usually write one book per adventure I have. But I’ve already started this one about the last adventure. You know, the one with the crystal monkey?”

“So, make them both into one story.” Ahuizotl suggested. “Link the two incidents together.”

“But that’s not how it happened!” Daring protested. “The crystal monkey and the ring have absolutely nothing to do with each other!”

“Well….except for the fact that I want both of them and you ended up getting them both in the end.” He said.

“That’s it!” Daring exclaimed. “Ahuizotl, you’re a genius!”

She rushed over to the typewriter and started typing furiously. Ahuizotl was still perplexed as to how she could type with her hooves, but he let the matter rest. It was more important to get the work done on her story.

Several hours passed. Daring finally took a deep breath and stopped typing, collapsing back into her chair.

“I’ve never written this fast.” She said. “I’m almost done with the story! And it’s coming together beautifully!”

After a quick drink of coffee she was at it again, typing furiously on the typewriter. Ahuizotl helped her as much as he could, and she discovered that he actually had some literary talent. Actually, he had a lot of literary talent. Finally she was down to the last paragraph. Ahuizotl watched her intently as she finished her book. She typed the last word slowly and deliberately. As she finished the final word, she stopped, her hoof poised in the air. Assuming she was reading over what she’d wrote, Ahuizotl decided to interrupt.

“You forgot the period.” He said.

“Shhhhh!” Daring said, annoyed. “I always delay a bit before I put the period on the final sentence of my story.”

“Why?” He asked curiously.

“Because it means I’m done.” She said. “That I’ve completed something. And I want to relish in that feeling.”

She slowly, deliberately put her hoof over the period key. She took a deep breath and pushed down on it slowly, the key striking the paper with barely any sound. She pushed down on the key roughly, ensuring it would make a dark mark. When she was satisfied she moved her hoof away and the period stared at her in the face. She smiled widely, realizing she’d finally finished it.

“Congratulations.” Ahuizotl said, smiling too. “You should be proud of yourself.”

Daring looked up at him with that amazing smile.

“You should be proud too.” She said. “You helped me a lot. You really do have literary skill. You should consider quitting all the treasure hunting and start writing books with me.”

Ahuizotl had allowed himself precious time to forget about his problem, but as she said that it all came rushing back to him. His problem was her. She wasn’t going to stop. And he would be forced to kill her. No! Not if his plan worked. If his plan worked, she’d at least be out of his way for a while. Unfortunately his plan had other….consequences, but he’d learn to live with that later.

“Come now Daring Do.” He said, trying to hide his distress. “You may be an author, but that doesn’t mean you’ve stopped treasure hunting.”

“True, but why do you keep doing it?” She asked. “It’s dangerous and I might have to do some things I’ll regret if you don’t stop.”

“I could say the same thing.” Ahuizotl said. “But we both know we’re destined to be enemies. This day was a welcome respite from all the fighting. But tomorrow things will be back to normal.”

She looked out the window. It had gotten to be almost dark without her even realizing it.

“Tomorrow maybe, but not tonight….” Daring said seductively.

Ahuizotl smiled widely as she said that. She quickly got up off the chair and made her wait to the stairs.

“You coming?” She asked, looking back at him with bedroom eyes.

Fuck she was knock-dead gorgeous.

He was giddy with joy as he followed her up the stairs and into her bedroom. She jumped onto the bed and laid on her back, presenting herself for him. He got onto the bed eagerly, bringing his mouth into contact with her sex.

She moaned cutely as he ate her out expertly, squirming every few seconds at the intense sensations as searing heat spread throughout her lower body.

Ahuizotl focused on her clit as much as he could, denying himself the amazing taste of her entrance for just a bit before diving his tongue deep inside of her. She continued to moan and grunt in pleasure as he continued and he couldn’t help but smile.

“Stop…” She said, moaning loudly. “I’m ready…..I need you….”

He reluctantly removed his mouth from her lower lips and slowly slid his body up hers. She shivered in a mixture of anticipation and cold as the air in the room felt a bit chilled in contrast to the heat of his body. She felt the head of his member against her entrance as he held it there for a few moments before pushing inside her slowly. Her breath left her as he penetrated her, the feeling of fullness and warmth filling her once more. She loved treasure hunting for sure, but what she really looked forward to was the night after a successful treasure hunt. She almost gasped as she felt his hips against hers as he hilted inside of her. He pulled back without delay and thrust back in. He was going a bit gentler than he normally did, but it suited her just fine. She wasn’t in the mood for rough and animalistic tonight. She just wanted him to buck her then fall asleep with her, forgetting about the morning after.

Ahuizotl hadn’t wanted to be too rough with her tonight. If nothing else she might forgive him more easily for what he was about to do. Despite his slower pace, the pleasure of her body was still getting to him. He hoped she came soon.

Daring was having the time of her life. She had never rutted with him like this before. Maybe it was because he admitted his feelings to her, or maybe it was because there was no real pretense. Whatever it was, tonight was different. And she liked it. She moaned once more as he reached even deeper within her, reaching places he rarely stimulated. She was getting close. She felt as her pussy gripped his shaft as she came. The pleasure washed over her in waves as she came, her juices squirting past his member and out of her body, staining the sheets below. She sat up quickly, preparing to take him into her mouth and finish him off. As she came off her orgasm she was a bit confused as to why Ahuizotl was still going and hadn’t made a move to pull out.

“What would it take to get you to stop treasure hunting and just be my brood mare?” Ahuizotl asked, continuing his relentless thrusting.

“What?” Daring asked, confused. “I’d never stop for anything. I’ll always be a treasure hunter.”

Ahuizotl sighed.

“I’m sure you think that now.” He said. “But what if you had a foal you had to take care of? You wouldn’t want the poor thing to grow up without a mother, would you?”

Daring’s eyes widened at the implication.

“That’s not funny Ahuizotl!” She said angrily. “Pull out!”

He quickly pushed her back down into the mattress, continuing to rut her relentlessly.

Realizing he was serious, Daring struggled against him, trying to get him off of her. But it was no use. He was just too strong.

“Promise me you’ll stop treasure hunting, and I’ll pull out.” He said. “Otherwise…..”

“No….” She said softly. “If you want me to stop…..you’ll have to do it……”

“Think about this Daring.” Ahuizotl said softly. “This is your last chance before I do it.”

“I….I won’t lie to you.” She said sadly, tears forming in her eyes. “I’ll never stop willingly. Just go ahead and do it.”

Ahuizotl questioned his decision for a moment. She was crying. He’d never seen her cry before and it hurt him. But as much as it hurt to see her cry, it would hurt worse to see her die. Before he changed his mind about it, he thrust forward into her with all his might and held himself there. Daring could feel his member pulse inside of her and sighed in defeat. He was going to impregnate her and there was nothing she could do about it. Her career as a treasure hunter was over. Just as she finished that thought Ahuizotl came. Hard. He pushed into her with all his might as he came inside of her. He fired stream after stream of warm seed directly into her womb. As she felt the first spurt hit her cervix, she arched her back up, lifting herself off the bed a bit as he came within her. A loud moan was torn from his lips as he impregnated the mare beneath him.

“Ahhhhhhhh…….AHHHHHHHHH!” Daring cried out loudly in pleasure as she realized she was being impregnated. She felt as her womb was flooded with his seed. She knew how much he came from when he came in her mouth, but to actually feel it all inside of her….. She stopped resisting him, realizing it was hopeless now. She laid back on the bed and allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure, her breaths leaving her in ragged heaves. Finally his member died down, spurting small amounts of cum in sync with his heartbeat. As he finished inside the mare, Ahuizotl withdrew from her smaller form and reached down to touch her face. As he touched her face, she pulled back violently and winced as if stung.

“I’m sorry Daring……” He said softly. “But I had no choice…….”

As the pleasure faded away, hurt came in its place. She had loved him. Despite how much she lied to herself, she really did love him. But he didn’t love her at all. He’d just gotten close to her so he could impregnate her to get her out of his way. She was just another enemy of his that he’d used unconventional tactics against. And she fell for it hook, line, and sinker. She hated him. The vile creature. She couldn’t believe she even let him touch her. She looked up at him with a look of hurt in her eyes. Ahuizotl wanted to hug her. To comfort her. To tell her he loved her. But the look of hurt on her face was so profound he couldn’t bring himself to do any of those things. Not that he blamed her. He was suddenly filled with guilt as he realized he just took away the most important thing in her life. Her cutie mark was a compass for pony’s sake! It was her special talent. And he’d stolen that from her. He was a thief by trade, but he never thought he’d ever steal something as precious as this. Feeling sadness overwhelm him, he slinked out of her room quietly, leaving the adventuring Pegasus alone to cry.


Ahuizotl couldn’t focus on the task at hand. His thoughts were consumed by Daring. He barked orders at his minions half-heartedly as they tried to gain entrance to the Argosian temple. Ahuizotl had been to many Argosian ruins, but none were like this. Most Argosian ruins were small. This one was massive. And it required a special key to get in. Luckily he had the key. He’d swiped it from another Argosian ruin thinking it may come in handy one day. It was a good thing he did because this particular client was especially nasty. He wanted the jewel cup and was willing to kill him and all his minions in order to get it. Ahuizotl approached the entrance to the temple slowly and stuck in his key. Suddenly the ground shook as the temple doors opened. He peered inside tentatively. Most old ruins like this had a slight smell, but this one was particularly smelly. Probably because it had been sealed for so long because no one had the key. Putting his disgust behind him, Ahuizotl stepped forward into the temple and didn’t look back.

They approached the first room. This was typically a dummy room filled with empty treasure chests and other things to distract thieves such as himself. But he wouldn’t fall for such blatant trickery. He walked past that room and continued on to the main chamber. The main chamber was large and encompassed nearly the entire size of the temple. Based on the statues, he was pretty sure they practiced ritual sacrifice at this temple. There would be plenty of goodies inside. To the right of the main chamber was another door. He approached it slowly and tried to open it. It was sealed tight pretty good. Several of his minions helped push the massive stone aside, and soon enough it dislodged itself and slid to the side. Ahuizotl stepped into the room with awe.

This was obviously where they practiced the torture and executions. There were tables with sharp objects all around them. Presumably this is where they would cut a pony’s guts out slowly and carefully while they were still alive, giving them a gruesome and painful death. There was also a device used to restrain a pony…..a mare to be precise. No doubt they raped a fair share of the mares that were unlucky enough to be sent here before executing them. Loosely translated, the device was called the Pleasurable Executioner. Or maybe it was the Pleasured Executioner? He wasn’t quite sure. Not that it really mattered. The room was smoldering hot. The reason why would soon become apparent. To the left of all the torture devices was a small birdcage. Big enough for maybe one pony, but no more. It was suspended from the ceiling and was draping over a cliff. As he approached the cliff he realized why it was so hot in here. The cliff wasn’t really a cliff at all. It was a large pool of lava. This was a very old method of execution used by the Argosian’s. They would put their victims into the birdcage and lower it into the pool of lava until they died an agonizing death.

“This is so cool!” One of his minions commented.

He only had four minions with him that day. All his other minions were busy at the other temples, trying to get all the artifacts before Daring Do recovered and tried to steal them all. The four minions he had today were all stallions. Rather fitting.

“Let’s go check out the other rooms.” Ahuizotl said. “The treasure doesn’t seem to be in this one.”

His minions followed him as he went from room to room, searching for the jewel cup. After several hours they were all pretty tired. But they pressed on. As they approached the next room, Ahuizotl felt lucky. The room was secured by two super heavy doors that swung outward. Using all their strength they opened one door at a time and stepped inside.

Ahuizotl’s heart leapt into his throat as he beheld the sight in front of him. Daring Do had just grabbed the cup off the pedestal as they entered the room. Seeing the intruders, she quickly adopted a fighting stance.

“D….Daring….?” Ahuizotl said in shock.

Daring Do said nothing as she charged at them.

“G….get the jewel cup you fools!” He shouted at his minions.

The four stallions charged at Daring, all trying to catch her. She was super agile and evaded all of them…..all of them but one. The last minion pounced on her and held her down. But she was a strong mare. She bucked him off of her easily. Unfortunately for her, he had bought his friends the extra time they needed to collect themselves and they all pounced on her at once. Daring struggled against them but it was all in vain. They were just too strong.

Ahuizotl stepped forward and grabbed the jewel cup, holding it with his tail paw.

“Thank you for finding the jewel cup for me Daring, but you didn’t have to go through all the trouble.” He said, smirking.

“Damn you Ahuizotl!” She cried.

One of his minions slammed her face against the stone floor, making her cry out in pain.

“Hey, be more careful with her!” Ahuizotl exclaimed.

“What?” Asked the minion that had slammed her head into the floor. “Why?”

“B…Because…..” Ahuizotl said, trying to think of a reason. “…Because we’re going to execute her in the birdcage.”

“So?” The minion replied. “Doesn’t mean we can’t rough her up a bit first.”

“Hey!” Another minion exclaimed. “Why don’t we put her in that raping contraption and have our way with her?”

“Yeah!” The third minion said. “I’d love to knock this hot mare up before we kill her.”

“Hell yeah man!” The forth minion said from behind her. “Take a look at the pussy on this one!”

He lifted her tail, exposing her marehood.

“Hey!” Daring said, pulling her tail down defensively.

The four minions laughed loudly.

“NO!” Ahuizotl yelled.

The minions all shut up quickly at his outburst.

“What’s the matter boss?” The first minion teased. “You gay or something?”

“No!” Ahuizotl exclaimed in protest. “But there are much more important things than sexing up a beautiful mare. Daring Do is not to be trifled with. Every second she’s alive gives her more time to formulate a plan and escape with our treasure! She must be executed immediately.”

The four minions grumbled to themselves in displeasure. They had been with Ahuizotl for years and he was never any fun. They reluctantly picked Daring up off the floor and dragged her along with them as they made their way to the torture and execution chamber. Daring continued to struggle as they dragged her along. She couldn’t believe it. She’d been caught again. She was usually able to get out of most of the situations Ahuizotl put her in when he tried to kill her. But she’d seen that birdcage on her way in here. There was no way to escape that thing. At least, none that she knew of.

As they entered the room Ahuizotl studied to contraption carefully, trying to figure out how it worked. There was a platform with two levers. Supposedly they controlled the direction of the birdcage. He pulled one of the levers experimentally and the birdcage started coming towards the safe land with difficulty. When it was no longer over the lava he pulled the other lever, lowering the birdcage to the ground. Ahuizotl didn’t bark any orders. It wasn’t necessary. The four minions shoved a struggling Daring into the birdcage and locked it shut. Daring wanted to beg Ahuizotl for her life, but she didn’t want to give him the pleasure so she said nothing. The vile beast. Now he was just going to kill her and his unborn foal. She knew he was evil. Why did she ever trust him? WHY?

Ahuizotl laughed menacingly as he lifted the birdcage up and over the lava. Daring could feel the heat from here. It was not going to be a pleasant death, but at least she’d die doing what she loved. And although Ahuizotl killed her, at least he hadn’t really taken away the most important thing in her life. She’d die an adventurer. A tear escaped her eye as she felt the birdcage being lowered.

“This is so awesome.” The third minion said.

“Think she’ll scream?” Said minion number one.

“Of course.” Minion two said. “I can’t wait to hear it. Too bad we couldn’t have fucked her first though.”

“Hey.” Ahuizotl said with authority, stepping towards the minions.

They all looked at him intently, respecting his authority.

“I’m going to collapse this structure now.” He said. “We can’t have any chance of Daring Do escaping. I want the four of you to run right now. I’ll be right behind you.”

The minions all looked at each other before bolting for the exit. They were selfish by nature and didn’t need convincing to save their own necks.

Daring was getting closer and closer to the lava. Thirty feet……twenty…..fifteen…..ten……five…… Suddenly the contraption stopped violently, dropping down a bit to nearly a foot before starting to come back up slowly. She was absolutely covered in sweat. Someone must have saved her! Maybe it was Rainbow Dash! As she ascended, the contraption sped up. Within less than a minute she was face to face with her savior.

“Ahuizotl….?” She asked, confused. “You saved me?”

Ahuizotl said nothing as he pulled the other lever, bringing the birdcage towards the safety of the ground. He grabbed the original lever and pulled, the birdcage falling to the ground quickly.

“OW!” Daring cried as the birdcage crashed into the ground.

“You okay?” He asked as he rushed to her prison and started fiddling with the lock.

“I…I guess…..” She said uncertainly.

Finally the lock popped open and he opened the cage quickly. As Daring stepped out she was surprised as he grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

“I was so worried I wouldn’t be fast enough.” Ahuizotl said. “I’m so glad you’re alright.”

Daring hugged him back.

“So…….you really do love me…..?” She asked hopefully.

“Of course!” Ahuizotl exclaimed. “That’s why I impregnated you. To keep you out of harm’s way.”

Daring pushed him away from her and slapped his face.

“How the buck does that keep me out of harm’s way?!” She shouted angrily.

“I can’t have you stealing any more artifacts.” Ahuizotl said quickly, still shocked from her slapping him. “I’d say 90% of my clients now are insane lunatics that will kill me if I don’t bring them what they want. I’d have no choice but to kill you if you tried to steal one of those artifacts, and I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I had to stop you from stealing the artifacts from me for long enough.”

“Long enough?” Daring asked angrily. “Long enough for what?!”

“I have twenty six……no after this twenty five more jobs that are outstanding.” He said. “Once I complete them I can stop doing this. And once I quit treasure hunting….well…..it was going to be a surprise, but I was going to ask for your hoof in marriage….”

“M……marriage…..?” Daring asked in disbelief. “You…..you want to marry me…?”

“I love you Daring.” Ahuizotl said. “We’ve been together for years now and I’ve sired you a foal. It seemed the next logical step.”

Coming off her shock, Daring chuckled.

“How would that even work, you and I?” She asked. “What am I going to tell my folks when I give birth to a half pony, half….whatever it is you are?”

Ahuizotl laughed.

“Don’t worry about that Daring.” He said, smiling. “You’re going to give birth to a pony.”

“What?” She said, confused. “How is that even possible?”

“When one of my species mates with another species, the appearance of the offspring resembles the other species.” He explained. “In this case, you. A pony.”

“Really?” Daring asked, both fascinated and relieved.

“Really.” Ahuizotl said. “Now I think it’s best if we get out of here, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yeah.” She said, getting up on all four legs for the first time.

“I need to go find my minions.” He said. “They’re probably waiting just outside the ruins. I need to come up with some sort of excuse why I couldn’t bring down the temple. Can you get back to your house without them seeing you?”

Daring Do smiled, a look of cockiness crossing her face.

“Have you forgotten who you’re talking to?” She asked. “That’ll be easy.”

“Okay, then wait there for me.” Ahuizotl said. “I’ll be there by tonight.”

“Got it.” She said.


It had been several years since that fateful day. Ahuizotl had acquired and sold the twenty five artifacts he needed within a few short months without Daring Do interfering in his plans. He was almost sad to give it up. With Daring out of the way, it was the easiest money ever. But his soon-to-be wife and his soon-to-be-born foal needed him. Besides….he’d made enough money in those months for them to be set for the rest of their lives. After nine months they were married, and two months after that their daughter was born. Several years later, the two decided to take up treasure hunting again. But not for profit. This time they worked side by side, and were soon known as the unstoppable team that recovered treasure for all the local museums. The Daring Do books changed gradually over the years as Ahuizotl contributed to their development more and more. They had more than enough past adventures to write about. And when their daughter got old enough, they’d teach her how to treasure hunt too.

Daring was happy. Unbelievably happy. She was with the stallion she loved and she didn’t have to deal with Ahuizotl anymore. At least….not like she had to before. Without Ahuizotl in her way all the time, the other treasure thieves were easy to thwart. And now she had help and she wasn’t alone in life. She knew that when her daughter got older, their adventures would only increase. She couldn’t wait…………………………

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