Victory Sex

After winning a bet with your roommate Rainbow Dash, you know exactly what you want from her. The only problem is, she’s not into stallions (let alone a human guy like you). Will she give in anyway or will you remain sex starved in this world of mares? Find out inside!

KEYWORDS: Human in Equestria (HiE), Human (You) x Rainbow Dash, Unenthusiastic, Unemotional Sex (on Rainbow Dash’s Part)

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The Best Bachelor Party EVER!

Spike is in charge of the bachelor party after Shining Armor’s wedding, much to the disappointment of all the stallions that attend. The party quickly turns sour. Desperate for advice, Spike turns to Rainbow Dash, who reluctantly agrees to help. Little does she know that she’ll be providing more than just advice…

Spike x Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash x background ponies

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What I’ve Always Wanted

Rainbow Dash x Big Mac, Applejack x Big Mac

Rainbow Dash is desperate to get laid and asks Applejack to let her have a roll in the hay with Big Mac. But the simple roll in the hay makes Applejack confess her deepest desire to Rainbow. What lengths will the two go to get Applejack and Big Mac together?

Contains: Incest

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