Victory Sex

After winning a bet with your roommate Rainbow Dash, you know exactly what you want from her. The only problem is, she’s not into stallions (let alone a human guy like you). Will she give in anyway or will you remain sex starved in this world of mares? Find out inside!

KEYWORDS: Human in Equestria (HiE), Human (You) x Rainbow Dash, Unenthusiastic, Unemotional Sex (on Rainbow Dash’s Part)

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Sympathy Sex

Matt has been in Ponyville for nearly a year, but is having a hard time due to lack of sex. Accepting sympathy sex is rather low, but things aren’t always as they seem. And sometimes helping a friend is more important than your own needs. But when your needs and your friends needs are compatible, sparks fly!

Contains: Derpy x Human

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