Applejack x Big Macintosh

Every year in Equestria, all stallions go through heat – a time when their rational judgment is overridden by the need to rut any mare they come into contact with. Thankfully there’s a herbal remedy that allows them to ease the symptoms and live somewhat normally during this time. But what happens when there’s a shortage of the herb in Ponyville?

WARNING: Contains incest, rape, and impregnation.

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To Save the Farm

Applejack x Flim

Applejack and her family have prevailed against the scam artists Flim and Flam and were able to keep the farm. But a new threat to the farm forces Applejack to strike a new deal with the brothers. A deal that involves more than a little competition. With the fate of the farm at stake, to what lengths will Applejack go to ensure her family’s future?

Contains: Sex via blackmail

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What I’ve Always Wanted

Rainbow Dash x Big Mac, Applejack x Big Mac

Rainbow Dash is desperate to get laid and asks Applejack to let her have a roll in the hay with Big Mac. But the simple roll in the hay makes Applejack confess her deepest desire to Rainbow. What lengths will the two go to get Applejack and Big Mac together?

Contains: Incest

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