Beyond a Crush – Chapter 1

Quilava has feelings for her trainer, but how can she, a Pokemon, proclaim feelings of love to a human? Even if she does tell him, how will he react and how will their relationship evolve and be seen by a society? Will their dreams and goals be reached, or will society tear them apart? Read more to find out!

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Chapter 1

Quilava continued walking mindlessly down the road, looking up at her trainer every once in a while. It was early morning and she was having a hard time walking thanks to the erotic dream she had the night before. She kept looking for a lake or a stream of some kind so she could wash off. She looked up at her trainer again. Matt was a human, about 5′ 11″ and weighing about 145 pounds. She couldn’t quite place the reason, but she had always been a bit attracted to the human. She had brushed it off as a harmless attraction and until a few weeks ago it was. But now, things were different. She didn’t know why but now the attraction was…stronger somehow. She had tried to suppress her feelings of course. She knew that a Pokemon like herself could never be with a human like Matt. Even if there weren’t…physical issues he wouldn’t want to be with a Pokemon, would he?

She shook her head and looked forward again. “What’s the matter Quilava?” She heard a voice say. She looked up at her trainer as he stopped and kneeled down to her level. She looked into his eyes and blushed. She gasped slightly as she felt his hand on her cheek. Matt continued to study his Quilava. Her behavior had been rather strange the past few weeks and he wanted to know what was wrong with his friend. He and Quilava had been together for as long as he could remember. They had grown up together and they were almost like brother and sister. He couldn’t understand her of course, but he usually knew what she was thinking or what she was trying to say.

“Quilava!” She said, giving him her most convincing smile. He smiled down at her and laughed. “I don’t know what’s been with you these past few weeks, but you can always bring a smile to my face.” He said. “I just want you to know that I’m here for you if you need me.” Quilava continued to smile as he stood up and started walking again. Despite her attraction to him, they were still best friends and she knew that he meant every word. If only she could tell him what was wrong… The only thing she could do is keep trying to suppress these feelings and hope that they would go away in time. She had considered showing him how she felt, but she was certain that it would be taken the wrong way. They were very close and a kiss – even on the lips – would probably be taken as a sign of general affection on her part. Even if she could bring herself to do it, she couldn’t bear to have it perceived that way.

Besides, Matt had a girl back home. It was nothing serious, but he often talked about her. Quilava had always felt a pang of jealousy when he talked about her. But she had no right to feel that way. They weren’t even the same species! Even if that wasn’t an issue, Matt had never given any indications that he thought of her as anything more than a friend. But perhaps he too was suppressing feelings for her. Ugh! She couldn’t stand to think about this anymore. Suddenly, Matt stopped. “You hear that Quilava?” He asked. “Qui?” She asked, wondering what he was talking about. “There’s water nearby.” He elaborated. Quilava smiled. Finally she’d be able to wash off! She had woken up soiled and had walked for hours like that. “This way.” He said, heading off the path. Quilava happily followed.

Soon enough they broke through the brush to reveal a small lake. The water was clear and clean looking. It was a hot day so the water shouldn’t be too cold. Quilava focused her energy and put out the fire that covered her back and head. She wouldn’t want to get that wet. She blushed as she realized that Matt had stripped down to just his boxers. She could see a small bulge and blushed even more as she realized what she was looking at. “Hey Quilava, you coming?” Matt called to her, breaking through her thoughts. She shook her head and smiled up at him before slowly walking into the water. The water was a bit colder than she had anticipated, but she could handle it. She reached down and began cleaning herself. Matt swam over to her quickly. “Hey, you trying to avoid me?” He asked jokingly. “Come on. I’ll help you get cleaned up.”

Quilava was about to protest but she fell silent as he began to stroke her back. She was rather dirty and she always had a hard time reaching her back. She looked up at him and blushed slightly. “What’s wrong?” He asked. Quilava shook her head and looked away from him, afraid that her blush might reveal too much. “Hey….” He said, putting his hands on both sides of her face. “Look at me.” He said softly. She looked at him reluctantly and tried to hide her blush as best as possible. “Quilava, I respect your privacy but you’ve got to tell me what’s wrong.” He said. “We used to do this all the time together. We used to have fun. Now it seems that you don’t care about anything anymore. Tell me Quilava….do you not like me anymore? Did I do something wrong?” Quilava looked at him in surprise, her blush now totally gone. He thought that she didn’t like him anymore? How could he say that? She shook her head quickly.

“I know it’s something Quilava.” He said. “Please…you’ve got to tell me. I can help.” She looked into his eyes once more and blushed ever so slightly. She wanted to tell him but… She shook her head slowly and looked down. “No matter what it is, you can tell me.” He continued. “I just want you to be happy Quilava. You’re my best friend.” Quilava thought about all the times they shared together and how close they were. Surely she could tell him how she felt. She owed him that much. But still…what if he didn’t feel the same way? Even if he did, could they even be together? She had so many doubts and so many reasons why she should just keep quiet and try to suppress her feelings. But she had been doing that for weeks now and it hadn’t helped anything. She looked into his eyes again and saw the genuine love and affection that he had for her. Sure it wasn’t romantic, but she knew that no matter what happened, he would still be her best friend.

She closed her eyes and tried not to think about the taboo thing that she was about to do. Matt watched as she reached forward, taking her advances as an innocent gesture. Before he realized what was happening, Quilava’s lips were pressed against his own. He was surprised at first and was about to let her know that she shouldn’t kiss him there when the revelation hit him like a ton of bricks. She had feelings for him! No wonder she had been acting so strangely. Suddenly a heat rose within him like nothing he had ever felt before and before he knew what he was doing, he kissed her back. Quilava was expecting immediate rebuttal and was more than surprised as she felt him press his lips against hers. His lips engulfed her own and between the heated feelings of passion she realized that he must be getting fur in his mouth. But he didn’t care about that. He didn’t know what he was doing, but he continued to kiss her, feeling her mouth pressed up against his own was intoxicating. He reached his tongue forward and found her own, flickering his tongue over hers.

After a few minutes of this, they separated slowly. Both of them were breathing heavily. “Quilava…” Matt said breathlessly, trailing off, the heat of their fiery passion still affecting him. He looked down at her with an almost sad expression. “Quilava…I wish you would have told me sooner.” He said, sighing heavily. “This is…beyond a crush, isn’t it?” Quilava nodded slowly. “Quilava…there are some things that you have to understand.” Matt said slowly, trying to approach the situation gracefully. He didn’t want to give her the wrong idea. Quilava cocked her head questioningly. “First off…we’re not the same species.” He said. “And it’s illegal for a trainer to have these kinds of relations with his Pokemon. I could be arrested and you could be taken away from me and I just couldn’t handle that…”

Quilava pressed herself against his chest, trying to let him know that she wanted to be with him and that she didn’t care what the consequences were. “I…I don’t know if a relationship with me would be the best thing for you Quilava.” He said softly. She looked up at him with a hurt expression. So he didn’t feel the same way… “Don’t get me wrong, it could work and I do feel something.” He said. “But I want you to consider all other options. If you can be with another Pokemon, I want you to try for your sake.” She shook her head quickly. She could never be with another Pokemon. Not when the one she loved was a human. “Don’t you want children and a normal life?” Matt asked, looking down at her. He watched in silence as she reached forward and brought her lips into contact with his once more. He wanted to stop her, but he couldn’t. In truth, he felt it too. The heat between them was incredible…much more intense than he’d ever thought possible with a woman.

She looked up at him as they separated, hoping that he would understand. “If that’s what you truly want…” He said, bringing them into another passion-filled kiss. He noticed his erection as they separated. “Damn.” He said, smiling widely. “You’re good…too good actually. You’ve excited me a bit too much.” “Quilava?” She asked, wondering what he was talking about. Had she done something wrong? “If you’ll excuse me Quilava I have to…relieve myself.” It took a few moments for Quilava to realize that he must be talking about masturbating. She blushed profusely, realizing that he was going to masturbate to her. “That is….unless you’d like to help me.” He said. Her heart almost stopped. Did he just ask her what she thought he asked her? Several moments passed in silence. “I’m sorry.” He said, blushing himself. “I’m just a bit too excited. I’ll take care of it.” He began swimming away but stopped as he felt her paw touch his arm.

He looked back at her in surprise. “You…you want to help me?” He asked. She nodded slowly, still blushing. Matt turned around to face her, his face revealing his embarrassment. In truth, he’d never been with a girl before…much less a Pokemon. “I…I’ve never done this before…” He admitted, feeling horribly embarrassed. “Have you?” Quilava shook her head and swam over to him slowly. She looked up at him with loving eyes. He remembered the many times he shared his ice cream with her as a kid and how they’d watch matches on TV and dream of being in them. He remembered the old tree fort that they had found and how much fun they had together. It was all too much. He hadn’t realized it before, but he loved her. She had always been there for him…and he had been there for her. He reached down and pulled her up out of the water and into his arms, bringing them into a passionate kiss. He moaned lightly as he felt her rough tongue caress his own and slowly opened his eyes as they separated. “Damn.” He said as he looked down, seeing the delicate pink flesh between her legs. “Is that your….” Quilava nodded quickly. Matt’s heart almost stopped as he reached out to touch her, but he paused at the last moment. “C..Can I….Can I…do you mind?” He stammered. He gasped as Quilava grabbed his hand and gently pressed it against the lips of her sex.

She slowly moved his hand around in a circular motion, guiding him on how to pleasure her. He got the idea quickly enough and she soon let him go on his own. He rubbed her in earnest, listening to her deep, hoarse breathing. “Am…am I doing okay?” He asked quietly, almost whispering. She nodded slowly. He slowly spread her lips with his fingers, looking at her entrance in awe. His own member was screaming for attention. He remembered those old porno magazines they’d stolen from the older boys so long ago. Now that he thought about it, Quilava had looked at them with him. “Remember the porno magazines we stole?” He asked, breaking through Quilava’s heated pleasure. She nodded slowly. “The guy used his mouth.” He continued. “Would you like me to try that?” Quilava nodded quickly. Matt stopped rubbing her and used his fingers to spread her open slightly. Then he lowered his mouth to her sex and slowly slid his tongue inside her. She made a high-pitched squealing sound as she felt his tongue enter her. She had never felt so much pleasure! She began bucking slightly, trying to get his tongue to penetrate her further. Matt was getting his share of pleasure too. He was glad that she didn’t taste bad like he initially suspected she would. She didn’t taste good either, but he was getting a great deal of satisfaction from watching her be in so much pleasure.

He felt like he was going to burst. He shifted himself and allowed Quilava to only be supported by one arm. He used his other arm to reach down and began to undo his boxers. They were rather easy to undo and as soon as he got his member free, he began masturbating in earnest. Quilava’s breathing suddenly increased, almost to the point of hyperventilating. She began rubbing herself as he continued to dive into her sex with his tongue, further increasing her pleasure. Suddenly her body seized up and she began shaking violently. Matt felt fluids squirt onto his tongue and her sex became boiling hot. He sped up the pumping of his own member and was soon shooting his seed into the open lake. He moaned loudly as he and Quilava came together, both of them filled with fiery passion. Quilava finally stopped shaking as Matt’s member gave one final burst. She looked up at him and brought them into a passionate kiss. Matt was the first to break it off, his breathing so hard that he had no choice. He was almost at the point of passing out. He slowly stepped out of the lake and lay on the hard ground, lying next to Quilava. She smiled at him and made small sounds of contentment as he reached over and stroked her back slowly. “I love you Quilava…” He said slowly. Quilava felt her heart flutter as he said the words that she had been wanting to hear for the longest time. She moaned softly in displeasure as she felt the darkness begin to take her. She wanted to be with him…to tell him how she felt. She fought unconsciousness as best she could, but she couldn’t stop it. “I…I love you Matt…” She said softly as her eyes closed.


Quilava was surrounded by warmth. She could smell fresh berries in the distance as she was bounced up and down gently. She opened her eyes slowly and looked up. “Oh, you’re awake.” Matt said, looking down at her. “That’s good.” “Quilava…” She said softly. She looked forward to see the long path that lay before them. “We’re still on our way to Rustboro.” He said softly. “We should be there by tomorrow evening.” He looked down as Quilava reached for him and moaned softly as he felt her lips pressed against his. “No, stop.” He said quickly, grabbing one of her paws and pulling her away from him gently. She looked up at him with a hurt expression. “We can’t be doing that out in the open.” He said. “There are undoubtedly other trainers traveling this path as well and if they see us…” “Lava…” She said in a displeased tone. “I know.” He said. “But our relationship will not be accepted by anyone. If we’re caught doing that…it’s all over.” Several minutes of silence passed between them. “I hope you know that I love you Quilava.” Matt said suddenly. She looked up at him. “Quil-ava…” She said, trying to tell him that she knew and that she loved him too. He smiled suddenly and closed his eyes. “I want you to know that it wasn’t just about the pleasure.” He said. “I didn’t give in to you because I thought it would feel good. I gave in to you because…I share your feelings. We’ve been through too much together Quilava. There’s no way I would be with you if the only thing I felt for you was lust.”

Quilava spoke up, trying to tell him that she knew he loved and cared for her and that she felt the same way. He smiled down at her. “I never would have imagined that you and I would be together like this.” He said. “To be honest, I never thought I’d be with a girl.” “Quilava?” She said, inquiring about Jane. “You’re asking about Jane?” He asked. She nodded. “Well Jane and I are just friends.” He said. “She wanted it to be more…but I couldn’t.” Quilava cocked her head and looked at him with a questioning glance. He shifted uncomfortably. “Well, to be honest I….I’m just no good around women. But you’re different Quilava. I love you.” They continued traveling in silence for several minutes. The minutes turned into an hour and before she knew what was happening, Quilava was asleep again. By the time she woke up again it was dark. “Sorry.” Matt said as he laid her down on the soft fabric of his sleeping bag. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.” Quilava got up quickly and shook off. Matt slid into his sleeping bag and opened it a bit for Quilava to get in next to him. She gratefully obliged, sliding in next to him and smiling. They lay like that for several minutes before Matt got uncomfortable and turned so that he was lying on his back with Quilava on top of him.

Quilava looked down at him. His eyes were closed. Oh how she wanted to kiss him. There was no one around. She looked from side to side before moving in and pressing her lips against his. She was filled with desire as she heard him moan and felt as his mouth opened, surrendering to her probing tongue. “Quilava…” Matt said as they separated, he too filled with desire. He slowly opened the sleeping bag and flew the top part aside, exposing them to the nighttime air. Quilava assaulted him again, her lips pressing against his so hard that he had trouble breathing. “Damn.” He said as they separated again. She gasped in surprise as she felt his hand against her sex, caressing her lightly. She rubbed herself against his hand in excitement as she felt his fingers tease her. She suddenly became very aware of his arousal as she felt something strange pressing against her stomach. Abandoning her own need for release, she slowly slid between his legs and began to work on his boxers, trying to get them off. He quickly helped her and soon they were nothing but a memory. Quilava looked at his cock in awe. She had seen it before, but never had she been allowed to study it; to actually look at it up close. He moaned in pleasure as she touched it experimentally. She took this as consent to continue and putting his member between her paws, she began to move them up and down rhythmically.

“Oh God…” Matt said softly. “That feels so good…” Quilava smiled and continued, speeding up her movements. Her mind flashed back to the picture she saw of the human woman putting the guys cock in her mouth. She decided to try it. She stood up more and looked directly down at his cock, wondering how she was going to fit all of that into her mouth. She quickly lowered her mouth to his cock and gently slipped it inside. Matt was overwhelmed with pleasure as he felt his member enter her hot maw. He moaned in pleasure. Quilava had only gotten about half of it into her mouth, but she was sure she could fit the rest without too much difficulty. She aligned his cock with her mouth and drove it in again, this time going to the base. His hair tickled her nose as she drove him in and out of her mouth. Matt couldn’t handle it anymore. He cupped her head in his hand as he felt himself tense up, preparing for the final blow. His orgasm hit him in waves. He was suddenly overwhelmed in pleasure as he blasted his load down her throat. Quilava had not been expecting this, but she quickly swallowed as she felt the first blast of cum enter her mouth. It didn’t taste very good, but it aroused her more knowing that she was swallowing his cum. Blast after blast of thick cream came from his member, but she swallowed it quickly. Matt jerked as his cock spurted one last time and panted for air as he felt her swallow his last bit of essence.

Quilava slowly took his member from her mouth and gasped in surprised as she was turned around quickly. She reared up; a squeal torn from her mouth as she felt his tongue against the moist lips of her sex. Moistness gathered at her entrance, slowly seeping out of it. Matt licked it up eagerly and before he meant to, his tongue entered her small tunnel. He felt her tense up then suddenly relax as his tongue penetrated her. He ran his tongue along the outside of her entrance before diving in once more. He smiled as he felt as Quilava begin to shake and quiver and redoubled his efforts, running his tongue along her clit. Quilava suddenly collapsed on him, her stomach pressing against his. Seeing this, he quickly covered his exposed manhood and turned her around again, bringing them into a slow and passionate kiss. They fell asleep like that, both of them dreaming under the stars. Both of them wondering what was in store for them and what the future held…..


Matt opened his eyes slowly. The sun was high in the sky and the heat of the day hit him hard. He looked down at Quilava, who was still asleep in his arms. Being very careful, he slid out of his sleeping bag and laid Quilava on top of it. She didn’t awaken. He thought. She must really be tired. He turned back to the task at hand and began to gather small sticks to start a fire. They hadn’t eaten dinner the night before and he was sure she was hungry. God knows he was. Once he had gathered enough sticks he quickly started the fire and began cooking bacon. He wasn’t really fond of meat, but it was the only thing he could make while on the road. His mother had scolded him and insisted that he brush up on his cooking skills, but he had refused and gone on his Pokemon journey anyway. Matt had started his journey at an older age. Most kids were able to start their Pokemon journey when they were only ten years old, but Matt wasn’t able to go until he was fifteen. It had been two long years since he left. He wondered what was happening at home.

His mother would undoubtedly be proud of him if he could ever make the time to go and see her. After all, he had won the Pokemon league. With only one Pokemon too. He had six Pokemon in total, but he only used Quilava. The other five Pokemon he caught only because he had to have six in order to compete in the Pokemon league. He hadn’t even used them. He and Quilava had pledged to become the best team ever and to beat all the other trainers around. And they would do it together…without the help of any other Pokemon. Matt was technically a star if you could put it that way. Never in the history of all the leagues had anyone beaten the entire competition using only one Pokemon. This worried him. There would undoubtedly be nosey people and reporters attacking him once he got to a town. That’s the last thing he wanted, especially with he and Quilava’s newfound relationship. Matt quickly turned around as he heard rustling. “Hey Quilava.” He said, realizing she was awake. “Sleep well?” “Quilava!” She said happily. “I’m just making some breakfast.” He said. “It’ll be ready in a minute.” Soon enough, the bacon was done and he put the pieces on separate plates for him and Quilava. Quilava happily took one strip in her paws and began eating in earnest.

“You were hungry, weren’t you?” Matt asked, laughing. Quilava nodded, not taking a break from her meal. “Well, we won’t have to eat this stuff for much longer.” He said. “Soon we’ll be in the big city and we can do something fun.” “Quil!” Quilava said, expressing her happiness. “Unfortunately we’re getting a late start today.” He continued. “We’ll be lucky to get there by nightfall.” He picked up a strip of bacon and began eating as well. He kept looking over at Quilava, trying to gauge her expressions. There was something…different about her. After several minutes of silence they were almost done. Matt couldn’t handle it. He turned to Quilava and looked at her seriously. “Quilava?” He asked. “Quil?” She said. “Do you…regret our choice to become mates?” She looked at him with a shocked expression and he knew instantly that she didn’t. He must have been reading too much into her expressions. “Quilava!” She said indignantly. “Okay, okay.” Matt said, putting his hands up. “I just want to make sure that you don’t have any regrets.”

Quilava put her last bit of bacon back on her plate and slowly walked up to him. She crawled up so she was close his face and slowly brought her lips against his. He kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her small, furry body and allowing the heat between them to intensify. He broke it off quickly and Quilava gave a sound of displeasure. “I’m sorry.” He said. “You’re just exciting me too much and….I want to wait till we get to the city before we do anything serious if you know what I mean…” Quilava blushed and looked away. So he did intend to go further later on… “Normally I wouldn’t want to wait, but I want to make sure we’re surrounded by four walls of protection before we actually have sex.” He said. Quilava’s blush intensified as he actually said the words. He wanted to have sex with her! She was going to have sex with Matt! “Now let’s go.” He said, gathering up their supplies and packing up his sleeping bag. Quilava snapped out of her fantasy and looked up at him as he started walking. She quickly followed him, eagerly awaiting their arrival to Rustboro.


Matt sighed as the ‘Welcome to Rustboro’ sign came into view. It had been a long walk and it was pitch black outside. He looked back at Quilava and smiled. “Well, we’re here.” He said. Quilava sped up until she was walking alongside Matt. He reached down and picked her up. “We’ll do something fun tomorrow.” He said, smiling down at the Quilava that was now in his arms. Quilava smiled back up at him and released a sigh of contentment. Matt looked up as the Pokemon center came into view. He quickly walked through the doors and smiled at Nurse Joy. “Do you have any rooms available?” He asked politely. “Oh, is that you?” Nurse Joy asked in an almost elated tone. Matt gave her a questioning look. “You’re the one that beat the Pokemon league using only one Pokemon, aren’t you?” She asked. Matt nodded. Great. He thought. Just what I need. People are recognizing me already. “Oh, is that the Quilava you used?” She asked, pointing to the sleepy Quilava in his arms. He nodded again.

“Does it need a checkup?” Nurse Joy asked. She seemed eager to touch Quilava. “She’ll be fine for now.” Matt said, getting impatient. “Do you have any rooms?” Nurse Joy snapped back to her normal professional self and smiled. “Of course.” She said, grabbing a key from the other side of the counter. “Room 117.” She said. “Thanks.” Matt said quickly, grabbing the key. He walked towards the room in silence, looking down at Quilava and smiling. “You tired?” He asked as they reached the door to their room. “Quilava…” She said, confirming her fatigued state. Matt put the key in and opened the door. It was a small room, but he could tell that it was better than the typical Pokemon Center room. It had a small kitchen, bathroom, and a larger bedroom and living area. “This should do nicely.” He said, walking over to the bed and laying Quilava onto it. The bed was queen sized, which was also unusual for a Pokemon Center room. Nurse Joy must have given him a better room once she realized who he was. Well, at least there were some perks to his newfound fame. He just hoped he and Quilava could spend some time alone together…

He looked over at Quilava’s sleeping form, sighing deeply. Was he really doing the right thing? He did love Quilava, but a relationship between a human and a Pokemon… His thoughts were immediately broken as he heard a knock on the door. He walked over to it promptly and opened it to reveal Nurse Joy. “What is it?” He asked. “Please forgive the intrusion.” She said. “But I just realized that I forgot to put soap in the bathroom.” Matt nodded and stepped aside to let her in. She quickly headed for the bathroom and began refilling the containers one by one. He yawned as she finished filling the last container. “Again, I’m sorry for the intrusion.” She said quickly before ducking out. Matt closed the door and turned back to the sleeping Quilava. Everything will be fine. He thought. With that he slowly walked over and collapsed on the bed. He wanted to undress so he would be more comfortable, but he was too tired. He looked at Quilava and smiled. Her face was so peaceful. He reached over and laid his hand on her, feeling the warmth of her body. His eyelids felt heavy and before he realized what was happening, he was asleep.


Quilava awoke slowly and opened her eyes – only to shut them quickly. The sun was beating down on her face through a break in the curtain. She made sounds of displeasure as she was forced to get up. As she stood, she noticed Matt’s hand on her body. She looked over at him and blushed. She realized that he must have fallen asleep from exhaustion. She carefully slid out from beneath his hand and looked at him intently. Several moments passed as she studied his features. She finally decided that she should wake him up. “Quilava!” She said happily. Matt opened his eyes slowly only to share Quilava’s same bad morning experience. “Ah damn.” He swore, covering his eyes from the glaring light. He looked around and saw that Quilava had woken him up. “Good morning.” He said. “Sleep well?” Quilava smiled at him. “Quilava.” She said. Matt got up and walked over to the desk he had left his bag on. He quickly started rummaging through his bag, taking inventory. “Well we’re fresh out of Pokeballs, but that doesn’t matter.” He said, smiling. “Let’s see….” Quilava watched as he continued rummaging through his bag.

“Well, we’re gonna need a few things.” He said, turning to her. “What do you say we go out?” “Quilava!” She said with enthusiasm. It had been a while since they had been shopping together. Matt laughed. “Well, let’s go then.” He said. Quilava jumped off the bed and into his arms. He held her closely. “Are you ready?” He asked. Quilava couldn’t stand it anymore. She reached towards him, her mouth going closer to his. He too reached towards her and they both closed their eyes as their lips met. Quilava couldn’t believe the heat in her loins. It engulfed her entire body and before she knew what she was doing, she quickly broke the kiss and sank her teeth into his neck. “Aaaahhhh!” Matt yelled. “What the hell are you doing?!” Quilava’s uncontrollable lust finally broke and she removed her teeth from his neck. She looked at it in shock. Had she done that? “Why did you do that?!” He asked, holding his neck. “Quilava……” She wailed in sadness. How could she make him understand? How could she make him understand that it was a simple mating instinct of her species? She had thought that she would be able to control herself, but she hadn’t. Suddenly she had an idea. She grabbed Matt’s Pokedex and started looking for the mating section. When she found it, she quickly handed the Pokedex to Matt. He grabbed it and began reading.

“So it’s an instinct of female Quilava’s to bite their mates?” He asked. “But why?” Quilava pointed frantically at the Pokedex. Surely it had the answer. “It says that nobody knows why and that the biting instinct is only native to a few Pokemon species.” He said, frowning. “Damn. I wish you would have told me about this sooner.” “Quilava…” She said sadly. He looked down at her and smiled. “I get it.” He said. “You must have thought you could control your instincts. Is that right?” “Quilava!” She said happily, nodding. He continued looking at the Pokedex. “Well it says here that Quilava only bite those who they truly love and want to mate with and that whoever they bite is marked forever as their mate.” He said. He removed his hand from his neck. The wound wasn’t nearly as bad as he had originally thought. It was already beginning to close. “Do you really care about me that much?” He asked. She nodded quickly. He reached down towards her and locked them into a passionate kiss. Blood was flowing freely from his injured neck, the red fluid of life oozing down his chest. Quilava moved her mouth away slowly and licked the blood off his chest all the way up to his neck. He found this oddly arousing and brought his lips against hers once more, tasting his own blood mixed with her saliva.

“Mate me…” She said softly as they separated. Matt’s eyes widened as she said this. “What?” He asked. She saw his shocked expression and soon had one to match. “Did you understand what I just said?” She asked. “Yeah!” Matt said excitedly. “But…how?” She asked. “Is it because of the blood?” “We drank my blood together….mixed it in each other’s mouths….and swallowed slowly, both of us savoring the taste.” He said. “I never thought I could feel pleasure from such an act.” “Me neither.” She said. “It was….arousing and creepy at the same time. Why did we do that?” “I…I don’t know.” He said. “It was almost like instinct…like I wasn’t really in control of my own body.” Matt set her down on the bed. Several moments passed between them in silence. “I’m sorry Matt.” She said. “I didn’t mean to bite you like that.” “For Christ’s sake, don’t be sorry!” He said. “We can understand each other now!” “I guess…” She said softly. She still felt bad that she had caused him pain. “Let’s go.” He said, holding out his arms. Quilava happily jumped into them and gasped as he pressed her body against his chest, holding onto her. “And don’t worry.” He said as he opened the door. “I will.”

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