April 2019 Sibling Incest Contest – Guaranteed $25 Per Submission – $300 Grand Prize – $3,000 Worth of Rewards/Prizes!

The contest has come to a close, with a record 129 entries! If you’d like to read the stories you can find them over on FimFiction.net:

Click Here to Read the Stories!
Please turn on the “View Mature” option in order to see the stories!

Hi everyone! The 2019 Sibling Incest Contest just got a whole lot more interesting! In an effort to get the most (high quality) submissions possible, we’re offering a $25 reward just for participating!

$25 Per Submission

Everyone that makes a submission into the April 2019 Sibling Incest Contest folder will get $25 per submission! We’re limiting compensation to a maximum of 2 submissions per writer to give everyone an equal chance at participating (so you can make a maximum of $50 – unless you win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize – in which case you will also win the prize amounts listed below). There is also a bonus of $20 for writing Princest! (see bonus details below). YOU CAN STILL SUBMIT MORE THAN 2 STORIES in order to increase your chances of winning – you just won’t get the $25 per submission for any more than 2 story submissions.


1st Place: $300
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $100

NOTE: I’m going to enter the competition myself, but if I win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, I won’t take the prize myself but give it to the next winner down the line (for example, if I won 2nd place, I’d give the 2nd place prize to the 3rd place winner, and then there would be a 4th place winner who would take the 3rd place prize).

Each submission will be graded by the following criteria:

– Literary Proficiency
– “Hotness”
– # of up-votes relative to story views

The Contest

The contest will run until April 30th, and submissions into the contest will be accepted all the way up to the end. In order to qualify for the $25 per submission, your story must meet the following criteria:

1. The story must contain sibling incest – and it must be the primary focus of your story.

2. It must feature canon characters and siblings shown in the show involved in some sort of romantic/sexual relationship.

3. Each story must be a minimum of 3,000 words.

4. Your story must have more than 60% up-votes – this is to encourage people to write the best story they can. If you’re within a few percentage points of this, we’ll still compensate you. The goal isn’t to avoid compensating people, but rather to incentivize (and reward!) the creation of good quality clopfics. For those that think this isn’t fair, 60% is a D in school.

5. NO TROLL FICS – the point here is to create quality content for the Incest is Wincest group on FimFiction.net

6. No anthro/humanized fics – now before you flip out on me here, know that you can still submit these fics and you’re still eligible to win the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes. I’m just not willing to pay $25 per story for anthro/humanized. Now if you want to rewrite your anthro/humanized story in pony form and add it as another chapter, you will qualify for the $25 per story so long as you follow the other requirements.

7. R63 isn’t allowed either. However, like anthro/humanized fics you can still get the $25 if you rewrite your story and post it an alternate chapter where they’re not R63. Futa is acceptable if you really need a male in your story.


A $20 bonus will be paid to anyone who writes Princest (Celestia x Luna). A maximum of one bonus will be paid per person, so even if you wrote two Princest fics, you’d only get one $20 bonus. Let’s give other pairings a chance, shall we?


Since all funds for this contest will be provided by me, I get to set a realistic budget. I’m trying to keep the budget to $3,000 or less (including the compensation for each story and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes) but if we get a lot of submissions I’m willing to go over budget. At $25 per story and including the prize payouts, $3,000 will fund up to 96 stories! This doesn’t include the $20 Princest bonus, but I’m willing to go over budget for that.

Elite Story Bonus

If anyone manages to write a story that gets 90% upvotes, I’ll pay out an additional $25 bonus. Make the effort and you could make a lot of money from this contest!

How to Enter

It’s simple. Write an incest fic and submit it to the Incest is Wincest group folder by April 30th. You must be registered on FimFiction.net and have the “View Mature” option turned on in order to submit a story. Remember to follow the guidelines if you want to qualify for the $25 per submission participation reward.

If you have any questions about entering the contest or need help to enter the contest, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help!


I want to get as much new good content as possible for the Incest is Wincest group, so PLEASE send this information to everyone you know who might be interested! I will be putting an ad on Derpibooru, but I would love suggestions of where else we can market this contest. I’m also not the best at making banner advertisements, but I will need one in order to advertise on Derpibooru. If anyone else here is good at graphic design and can design a banner, feel free to contact me! I will pay for your design skills!

If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to me.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a first-time writer. Am I eligible to participate?

YES! Authors of all skill levels are welcome to participate. Even if you don’t win one of the main prizes, you’ll at least get the $25 participation reward if you follow the guidelines. We all started somewhere. Don’t be afraid to enter!

Where is this money coming from? How can I be sure I’ll be compensated?

From my own personal funds. I live up to my agreements and my reputation as a writer and as a member of the pony community is at stake here. Believe me, that means a lot more to me than what amounts to (what I consider to be) a small amount of money.

How will the prizes and participation rewards be distributed? When?

At the end of the contest I will send out the $25 participation rewards and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes via PayPal. If you use another payment service and would like to be paid that way, please contact me prior to entering the contest to make sure I can compensate you.

I want to bend the rules a little when it comes to the criteria required for the guaranteed $25 per submission. Can I contact you about my idea to see if you’d be willing to make an exception for my story?

You can, but rules are rules for a reason. If I bend or break the rules for you, I’ll have to do it for everybody so I’ll have to take that into consideration. Remember that the rules for entering the contest and the rules for the guaranteed $25 per submission reward are different. You can still enter even if you don’t qualify for the $25 reward and still have the chance to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place (and the associated prizes).

What if there are more than 96 entries? Will everyone still get the participation award?

Yes. Now if it gets crazy out of hand I might have to put a hard cap on it, but I don’t have any problem exceeding my budget so long as we’re getting good content for it!

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