An Interesting Proposition

How will Celestia react when she finds out that her nephew, Prince Blueblood wants to have sex with her? Will she take him up on his offer?

Celestia x Blueblood, Incest, M/F

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Blueblood knocked on the door to Celestia’s chambers.  There was no response.  He knocked again after a few seconds.  Again, no response.  It was late at night, but Celestia usually didn’t go to sleep until early morning.  He thought about leaving, but before he wasted time trying to track her down, he thought he should verify that she wasn’t in her room.  He opened the door quietly just in case she was sleeping and whispered into the room.

“Celestia?”  He called, poking his head inside. 

Again, no response.

He didn’t know what possessed him to do so, but he walked into her room reluctantly.  He knew he shouldn’t be in there without her permission, but he was bored and nosey and figured he could wait for her inside.  Her room was always lit by candlelight even if she wasn’t in there.  It didn’t provide the best illumination, but he was able to see well enough to poke around curiously. 

He walked over to her shelf in the upper right corner of the room and stared at the various trinkets that resided there.  Celestia wasn’t one for displaying wealth.  Most of her possessions had a personal meaning to her, and he knew better than to touch anything.  Although not many of her things had monetary value (except for, perhaps, the fact that they belonged to Celestia), they were interesting to say the least. 

An large, ornate jewelry box caught his eye and it took every bit of restraint for him to resist opening it and peering inside.  Knowing his aunt however, it was probably just an empty box.  He was quickly distracted by another matter however as he realized that he had to pee.  Being the lazy stallion that he was, he decided to just use Celestia’s bathroom. 

Her bathroom was clean and pristine, just like she was.  Not one speck of dirt or dust could be found anywhere.  He made a point of cleaning up after himself as best he could, not wanting to mar any part of her perfect bathroom.  As he washed and dried his hooves, curiosity got the best of him and he found himself drawn to her vanity cabinet.  Figuring she didn’t have anything of immense personal value in her bathroom, he figured a quick peek wouldn’t hurt. 

As he pulled open the drawer, he felt a bit of disappointment as he saw all the standard equipment.  Brushes, perfumes, and personal care items were all that was inside.  He pulled out a particularly ornate looking perfume bottle and sprayed a bit of it onto her fur so he could smell it.  It had a particularly strong scent.  He had never smelt it before, so he assumed Celestia wasn’t fond of it.  As he took another whiff of it, he realized that neither was he. 

Then he pulled out one of her hairbrushes and took a look at the back.  It was covered in what looked like gold, which surprised him a bit.  Celestia had expressed her distaste for gold on more than one occasion.  As he studied it carefully however, he realized that it was quite old.  Although she was his aunt, he didn’t know much about her past before he had been born.  She wasn’t keen on sharing her past with anypony, and when he’d asked Luna about it, she had insisted that it was Celestia’s choice whether or not to talk about her past with him. 

He pulled out the drawer even farther and angled his head to get a better look near the back of the drawer, but the sound of Celestia’s bedroom door opening made him freeze in panic. 

Oh crap.

He knew she wasn’t going to be happy about him being in here without her permission, or the fact that he was going through her things.  He looked around the room quickly, trying to come up with a plan.  There was an ornate armoire on one side of the room.  With only a split second to make a decision, he darted over to it and hid inside.  

He’d barely gotten inside when he heard her hooves on the bathroom tile.  The front of the armoire had an ornate, decorative vent in the front, supposedly to allow air into the armoire to prevent the clothes inside from getting musty.  This vent afforded him the ability to peer outside the armoire and see what was going on.  Celestia was humming to herself.  He didn’t recognize the melody, which probably meant that it was a long-forgotten piece that only she remembered. 

He watched with rapt attention as she started to take off her regalia and golden horseshoes.  Continuing to hum to herself, she walked over to the bath and turned on the faucet.  Testing the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet with one hoof, she smiled before shaking off her hoof and walking out of the bathroom.

Blueblood released a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding as he pulled away from the vent.  He had to do something!  He looked back at the clothes in the armoire and was surprised to find that a dozen identical white bathrobes were the only thing in there.  That meant that she was likely to open the armoire when she was done with her bath!  He’d be caught for sure! 

He put a hoof to his chest, trying to calm himself.  He could just teleport himself out of there…if he were better with magic that is.  He’d always been terrible with magic, particularly with teleportation spells.  It figures.  He had to reveal himself before she started to take her bath.  Better to reveal himself now and bear her anger than to surprise her when she went to get a bathrobe. 

He sighed and put a hoof against the door to the armoire, starting to push it open.  As he heard her humming and the sounds of her hooves on the tile however, he froze in panic.  She was back.  He peered through the vent once more, cursing himself for his cowardliness.  He wasn’t afraid of his aunt.  She had always taken it easy on him and he knew it.  She could have come down hard on him many times, but she had always taken the softer approach when it came to disciplining him, something that irked Luna to no end.  She’d be mad at him for sure.  But by morning it would probably all blow over. 

Just when he had made up his mind to push open the door again, a long, drawn-out sigh from his aunt made him freeze.  She had made it into the water, and was fully immersing herself in it.  He couldn’t help but stare.  His experience with mares was quite limited.  Celestia made sure that casual mares couldn’t get to him – the one exception being Rarity.  Celestia had always regretted letting her get too close to him.  He was a prince and the mares that pursued him seemed to only be after him for the prestige.  Celestia always nipped it in the bud before he could get anywhere with them.  Because of this he was almost constantly horny. 

He fantasized about mares all the time, from the mare servants to the famous mares in magazines that all young colts fantasized about.  But there was one mare he fantasized about that he knew he had absolutely zero chance with – and that mare was Celestia herself.  He knew that his fantasies were considered wrong by society, but he couldn’t help himself.  At first, he felt guilt about his attraction to his aunt, but who could blame him?  Celestia was perfect in every way.  There wasn’t a stallion alive that wouldn’t jump at the chance to bed her.  Why should he be any different?

Fantasizing about one’s aunt was one thing.  Peeping at her while she took a bath was quite another however, and he couldn’t help but feel like a pervert as he felt his member stir from watching her in the bathtub.  He had to end this – now.  He had actually pushed the door to the armoire open nearly an inch when the sound of her moving in the water caused him to freeze.  She raised her flank out of the water, and she moved her tail to the side to reveal her glistening entrance to him.  Blueblood’s mouth dropped open in awe as he beheld the sight of her perfect marehood.  He couldn’t believe his luck.  Not only had she totally exposed herself, her flank was pointed straight at him.  He was erect in an instant.  He forced himself not to blink as he watched her bring her hoof up against her marehood and start to rub against it slowly. 

He couldn’t believe what was happening.  He was watching Celestia masturbate!  He never dreamed he could be this lucky.  Damn the consequences; he was going to enjoy this.  He adjusted his back legs a bit to give his erection more room and accidentally tapped against the back of the armoire.  He cursed internally, hoping Celestia hadn’t heard him.  His hopes were dashed however as he heard her gasp in surprise.

“Who’s there?!”  She demanded. 

He had heard his aunt use this tone of voice before.  She was serious.  He wracked his brain trying to come up with something – anything – that could get him out of this mess.  Celestia had already gotten out of the bathtub and was crouched down in a fighting stance, her horn aglow with magic.

“Come out of there right now, or I will blast the entire armoire and you along with it.”  Celestia said, her voice like steel. 

There was no anger in her voice, or fear, nor was it threatening.  It was a promise – a statement of fact.  As much as he didn’t want to go out there, he knew he had no choice.  He pushed the door to the armoire open and stepped outside.

He’d never seen that particular expression on Celestia’s face before.  It was a mixture of surprise, shock, and confusion all at the same time.

“Blueblood?”  She asked, her surprise and confusion evident in her voice. 

Her expression soon changed however as she narrowed her eyes, glaring at him.

“What are you doing in here, nephew?”  She asked coldly.

“I-uhhh…”  He responded dumbly, not quite knowing what to say to her.

“I almost vaporized you!”  Celestia said, exasperated.

“It would’ve been worth it.”  He said matter-of-factly.

“W-what?”  She asked, rearing her head back in surprise.

Blueblood almost face-hoofed.  He didn’t know where those words came from, but he instantly regretted saying them.

It took Celestia a few moments to put together what he said, but the meaning of his words was quite clear when she noticed his erection.

“Nephew!”  She chastised, blushing profusely. 

“What?”  He asked indignantly.  “You expect me to see something like that and not get hard?”

“I’m your aunt!”  She exclaimed.

“So?”  He asked.

“What?!”  She exclaimed, still in shock at his reaction.

“Every stallion in Equestria would kill to have sex with you.”  He explained.  “Am I supposed to be any different just because we share some DNA?  Don’t be ridiculous.”

“B-but…”  She stammered, trailing off.  “But we’re related!  This is completely unacceptable!”

He rolled his eyes.

“Please.”  He said.  “It’s not like I want to marry you or have a foal with you.  We have birth control these days.  I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“I-I…”  Celestia said, completely flabbergasted. 

Celestia couldn’t believe what her nephew was saying.  She knew that many stallions desired her, but she never thought her nephew would be one of those stallions.  The way he was eyeing her body disturbed her, and she snorted in disgust.

“You’re disgusting.”  She said, lifting her chin in contempt.  “Get out.”

Blueblood shrugged.

“Don’t be so judgmental, Celestia.”  He said, shrugging his shoulders as he turned to leave.  “I’m just a normal stallion with basic needs.  Not all of us are perfect, sexless goddesses.”

Celestia turned to him in surprise.

“I am not sexless!”  She said indignantly. 

“Oh really?”  He asked sarcastically.  “When was the last time you took a stallion to your bed?”

“I…”  She said, suddenly deep in thought.  Who was the last stallion she was with?

“It was before I was born, wasn’t it?”  He teased.

“I-I’ve just been very busy…”  She said insistently.

“For the last quarter of a century?”  He asked teasingly.  “Is that why you always chase mares away from me?  You want me for yourself?”

Celestia gasped in surprise.

“That’s not true!”  She said insistently.  “You’re a prince.  You can’t just sleep with anypony you want.  You have an image to uphold, as do I.  We can’t just do what our bodies want…no matter how strong those desires can be.”   

Blueblood felt a twinge of sympathy for his aunt as she said that.  Although he wasn’t in the public eye like Celestia was, he knew what it was like to deny his desires.  Granted, it was usually Celestia that killed his chances with mares, but the reasons for his lack of sexual experiences was the same as hers. 

“It doesn’t have to be like this.”  He said quietly.

“Yes, it does.”  Celestia said insistently.  “Equestria is far too important for me to put my own personal pleasures before my duty as a princess.” 

“I’m not talking about compromising Equestria or shirking your responsibilities as a princess.”  He said.  “I’m talking about sex.  You can have sex without anypony knowing about it.”

“There’s always a risk that the relationship will turn sour and the other pony will expose it out of spite.”  Celestia said.  “It’s happened before.  Or that my enemies will find out about my secret relationship and use it against me.”

“There’s no reason why we can’t take pleasure in each other.”  He suggested, stepping forward.

Celestia was surprised by his forwardness.  Her nephew was actually propositioning her?

“You obviously have sexual needs, Celestia.”  He said insistently, stepping forward another step.  “So do I.  You have no idea how long I’ve fantasized about having sex with you.”

Celestia was shocked at his candor.  She allowed herself a brief fantasy.  She looked up and down her nephews’ body, quickly imagining what he was capable of.  He wasn’t an unattractive stallion.  She had given up on taking another stallion to her bed and all the risks it involved, but none of those risks applied with Blueblood.  Neither of them would risk making their relationship public, and nopony – enemy or otherwise – would ever assume she was having sex with her own nephew. 

She had never looked at her nephew in a sexual way before.  She was still having trouble doing so.  But she missed the feeling of a living, breathing stallion.  Her lifeless, silicon toys were a poor substitute.  He was more than willing, and if it stayed between the two of them and never saw the light of day, what was the harm?  They would both get their urges taken care of with no risks or complications.

Celestia shook her head roughly.  She couldn’t believe that she was actually considering this.  She had hoped that shaking her head would have helped clear it, but her desires were still there.  She wanted a stallion.  She had suppressed these desires because it just wasn’t possible for her to have a stallion again, but now that the possibility existed, could she really turn away from it?

Blueblood had been troubled by his aunt’s lack of response.  He could tell that she was pondering his words, but she gave no indication whether she approved of his suggestion or not – that is, until she shook her head violently.  He took half a step back, half-expecting her to yell at him.  After all, he’d just asked if he could have sex with her.  If she was truly disgusted by the idea, she was sure to get angry at him for suggesting such a thing.

She hadn’t yelled at him, but she did purse her lips as she came to terms with the fact that she did want to try it.  Blueblood misinterpreted her pursed lips as an expression of disapproval, and he turned to leave.

“I-I’m sorry…”  He stammered, not wanting to endure her wrath.

“Wait.”  She said simply.

He froze mid-step, his hoof still in the air.

“I-I’m willing to try it.”  She said simply.

“What?”  He asked in surprise, not quite believing what he was hearing.

“Sex.”  Celestia said, sighing and lowering her head in relief at finally admitting it to herself and to her nephew.  “It’s been so long for me and I want it – I can’t deny it.”

Blueblood felt excitement course through his veins.

“You shouldn’t have to.”  He said passionately, moving forward and lifting her chin with his hoof.  “You deserve sex as much as anypony else.”

As he looked into his aunt’s eyes, he could see the relief in them at finally admitting this fact.

“You’re a mare, Celestia.”  He said.  “It’s perfectly natural for you to want this.”

With that he reached forward and caught her lips in a light kiss.  Celestia stood frozen in shock at first, but eventually nature took over and she found herself pressing back.  They kissed for what seemed like forever before he finally pulled away, grabbing her front leg and pulling her towards the vanity.

“Here.”  He said, indicating to her regalia and golden horseshoes.  “Put them on.”

“Why?”  She asked, genuinely curious.

“Because I want to have sex with Princess Celestia.”  He said, smirking with excitement. 

Celestia hesitated for a moment before starting to put her regalia back on.  She hadn’t realized how much thought he’d put into this fantasy of his.

“Come on, come on!”  He said excitedly from the bathroom doorway.

He had already disappeared into her bedroom as she slipped the last horseshoe on.  As she walked out of her bathroom and into the bedroom, she suddenly had second thoughts.  She looked around the room and saw that he had already walked over to her bed and was standing alongside it, waiting for her. 

What was she doing?  This was Blueblood she was talking about – her own nephew!  As she approached the bed, she could see the look of excitement and desire on her nephew’s face as he eyed her body lustfully.  It had been quite a while since a stallion had openly looked at her body that way.  Sure, there were stallions she encountered in everyday life that stole glances at her from time to time, but they were as discreet as possible about it.  Her nephew was already rutting her with his eyes, and it made her marehood tingle with desire as she realized that he would actually do it if she let him.

She stopped as she approached him, stopping a few feet away from him and looking at him with doubt.  Blueblood noticed his aunt’s hesitation and quickly reassured her.

“Celestia, it’s okay.”  He said reassuringly.  “I promise I’ll make both of us feel good.  I’ll be gentle, you have my word.”

Celestia found her hooves moving unconsciously at his words, part of her completely sure about this while another part of her felt conflicted.  Her body seemed to move on its own accord as she climbed into her bed, rolling onto her back and looking up at the canopy above.  She felt a sense of restrained panic fill her as she felt the bed move as her nephew got into the bed as well.  Her whole body was tense, but she couldn’t force herself to move as she felt her nephew climb on top of her.

As his face came into view her panic started to melt away.  He wore a compassionate smile on his face as he looked down at her, and she enjoyed the feeling of his soft fur against hers as he slid up her body.  He brought them into a light kiss before starting to hump against her.  She could feel his hardness between them and instinctually spread her legs, allowing him easier access.  Celestia closed her eyes and tried to lose herself in the physical pleasure, trying not to think about the fact that this was Blueblood on top of her.  She could feel herself getting wet from the sensations, her body preparing for what was sure to come.

She suddenly felt his erection sliding along her marehood, slickening it with her juices as it slid along her clit.  She realized that for the first time in decades she was feeling a real stallion’s equipment and it only increased her arousal levels. 

Blueblood couldn’t believe what was happening.  He was lying on top of Celestia, barely containing himself as he humped his erection against her marehood.  He wanted to put it inside of her more than anything, but he wanted to make sure that she was good and ready before he tried to put it in.  The last thing either of them needed was a painful first time.  He was a virgin, but he had no qualms about losing his virginity to his aunt.  In fact, there was nopony he’d rather lose his virginity to than Celestia.  As he slid his erection all the way along her marehood and felt a considerable amount of wetness against his sack, he knew she was ready. 

Without thought or ceremony he adjusted his angle and pushed forward, sinking himself inside of her slowly.  He groaned loudly as he slid himself into Celestia’s marehood, her outer lips creating a tight seal around his member as he pushed his hips forward.  The pleasure along his shaft was beyond anything he could have imagined, and it took everything he had to control the motions of his hips.  Every fiber of his being was screaming at him to start rutting her, but he knew he wouldn’t last five seconds if he did.  He had to give himself time to calm down before actually starting to move.

Celestia had been surprised when she felt his erection start to enter her, but she breathed deeply and enjoyed the sensation.  He slid into her with surprising ease, and she felt a fullness she hadn’t felt in decades as she felt his hard member pulse within her.  She opened her eyes for the first time since they started and looked up at him.  The pleasure on his face was quite evident, and he looked down at her with desire.

“Are you going to start?”  She asked suddenly.

“Y-yeah, just give me a minute…”  He breathed, still overwhelmed with feelings of pleasure.

Blueblood wasn’t quite ready to start, but he didn’t want to disappoint Celestia so he withdrew and pushed forward experimentally.  The feeling along his shaft made him weak in the knees, and he almost lost it right there.  He moaned loudly, surprising Celestia.

“Oh jeeze…”  He said, gritting his teeth.

“What is it?”  Celestia asked, concerned. 

“I almost lost it.”  He said matter-of-factly. 

“Really?”  Celestia asked in surprise.  “We only just started.”

“I know, I’m sorry…”  He said, squeezing his eyes shut in frustration.  He felt like a failure.  “I’ve fantasized about this for so long, but now that I’m finally doing it I can’t…”

He opened his eyes as he felt her golden horseshoe clad hoof on his face.

“It’s okay.”  Celestia said softly, smiling at him warmly.  “You’re just overly-excited.  Rest for a moment.”

Blueblood felt relief wash over him as Celestia said that.  He allowed himself to collapse on top of her, putting his entire weight onto her.  Celestia brought her hooves around his body, hugging him against her.  Despite the fact that he wasn’t moving, it felt good to have a warm stallion against her again.  His member jumped in excitement every few moments, which also felt good to her.  Even if he lost it right there, she would have been satisfied with this.  It was more than she had before. 

Blueblood rubbed his cheek against her chest, smelling her pristine body.  She smelt clean and very feminine.  There was a hint of her soap in her fur, which smelled pleasant.  As good as it felt to be inside of her, just being close to a mare like this was very pleasurable to him.  By then he had totally calmed down.  He was still erect, but the excitement and uncontrollable urge to rut her had all but completely gone away.  He turned his head up to look at her and she smiled down at him.

“Are you ready to try moving again?”  She asked gently.

Taking her words as an invitation, he moved his hips experimentally.  The feeling along his shaft was very pleasurable, but it wasn’t all-consuming like it was before.  He kept his cheek against her chest as he moved his hips again, sliding in and out of her gently. 

Celestia tightened her grip around his back as she felt him move within her.  It was a slow, sensual experience.  He had been super excited before, but now he seemed content to simply move his hips slowly, enjoying everything her body had to offer as he rubbed his cheek against her chest and took in deep breaths of her scent.  Celestia allowed herself to enjoy the experience as it was, her own body relaxing completely as the stallion above her slid in and out of her at a slow pace.  She felt her marehood contract around him and found herself smiling as a few soft moans were torn from his lips.

“Oh, Celestia, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this…”  He said, his voice full of pleasure.

“I’m all yours.”  She said in that motherly tone of hers. 

He had never thought of her motherly tone in a sexual way before, but the way she said that made him moan in pleasure.  She was completely and totally giving herself to him.

“Oh jeeze…”  He breathed, gritting his teeth in pure pleasure.

Celestia knew he was close.

“It’s okay.”  She said, putting a hoof on the back of his head.  “You can let go.”

“Inside?”  He asked, wanting to be sure.

“Yes.”  She said simply.

She didn’t need to say anymore.  Once she had given her approval, he pushed himself as far inside of her as he could go and held himself there, his entire body going rigid as he emptied himself inside of her.  Celestia had forgotten how good it felt when a stallion came inside of her.  She realized what was happening the second his body went rigid.  First, he froze, then he tensed, then he started shaking.  It was then that she felt his member start to spurt inside of her, pulsing as it released its pent-up load inside her marehood. 

A loud moan was torn from his lips as he came inside of her, and that was it for Celestia.  She felt her own body go rigid as she went over the edge as well.  The thought that she had brought a stallion so much pleasure sent tingles throughout her body.  That combined with the realization that he was cumming inside of her caused her body to be wracked with pleasure as she experienced an orgasm as well.  She squeezed him against her as she came, a moan escaping her lips as well as she went over the edge with him.  It took a few moments, but eventually they both came off their high and started to enjoy the soft afterglow.

“Damn…”  He said softly, nuzzling against her chest happily.

Celestia chuckled.

“I forgot how good this felt.”  She said. 

“You smell so nice, Celestia…”  He murmured. 

“Go to sleep, nephew.”  She said.  “Tomorrow is another day.”


Blueblood lifted his hoof up to cover his eyes as the bright sunlight hit his face.  He opened his eyes reluctantly, squinting as he tried to figure out what was going on.  The sight of his aunt standing at the doorway to her balcony surprised him, and he found his mouth hanging open in awe as he remembered the night before.  Did it really happen?  Well, he was here so it obviously happened.  Shit.  Now he had to deal with the fallout.

“Good morning.”  She said, smiling at him warmly.

Her tone was practiced and sounded a little bit forced.  But maybe that was just his imagination. 

“M-morning…”  He said uncertainly.

She sauntered over to him, looking directly down at him as he looked up at her from his position on her bed.

“C-Celestia, I…”  He said, trailing off.

“Shhhhhh…it’s okay, nephew.”  She said reassuringly.  “I know this is awkward, but we’ll get through this.”

“How?”  He asked, genuinely curious.

She gave him a knowing smile.

“The apprehension you’re feeling is because you don’t know how I feel about what happened last night.”  She said.  “But I have the feeling you know exactly how you feel about it.”

Blueblood lowered his head in shame.  She quickly lifted up his chin with a hoof.

“It’s okay to tell me how you feel.”  She said reassuringly.

He felt his member jump as he looked up at her perfect body.  He couldn’t believe that he had actually rutted her.  He was the envy of millions of stallions.

“Y-you’re so beautiful, Celestia.”  He breathed, blushing at his dumb remark.  “So perfect…”

“So I’ve been told.”  She said, smirking.

“C-can we do it again?”  He asked hopefully.

Celestia chuckled at his hopeful expression, his eyes begging her to say yes.

“Well I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t find it enjoyable.”  She said.  “I assume you feel the same way?”

“I-I may have been a virgin, but I couldn’t imagine another mare giving me more pleasure than you did last night.”  He admitted.  “I’ve always imagined doing that with you.”

“Is that why you were hiding in my bathroom?”  She asked in amusement.  “To get more fantasy material?”

“No!”  He exclaimed, standing up on the bed.

Celestia backed up a bit to give him more room.

“I’ve never done anything like that before!”  He said insistently.  “I was just snooping around and when I heard you come in, I panicked.” 

“Snooping?”  She asked in surprise.  “Why were you snooping?”

“Bored, I guess.”  He said, his voice leveling out.

“What is it you want to know?”  She asked.

“There’s a lot I want to know about you, Celestia – about your past.”  He said.

She was surprised as she noticed him eyeing her flank.

“But the main thing I want to know is whether we’re going to do it again.”  He admitted.  “I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Celestia stole a glance underneath him.  He was already slightly erect, which surprised her greatly.

“Can we?”  He begged.  “Please, Celestia?”

She could hear the need in his voice.  She could see it in his face.

“Now?”  She asked in surprise.

“Yeah…”  He said. 

Celestia thought about the situation she was in for a moment.  Her needs had been sated, but he obviously wanted more.  She still had misgivings about having sex with him, but they had already done it once so she figured once more wasn’t going to make things any worse. 

“Alright.”  She said, her tone flat.  “But you need to get me ready first.”

At first the only thing he heard was the fact that she’d agreed.  It took him several moments to register the rest of what she said.  He suddenly felt a little nervous.

“I-I’ve never pleasured a mare before…”  He admitted.

“I know.”  She said, a slight twinkle in her eye.  “I’ll teach you.”

She had started to crawl into bed before he could respond and as he turned to look at her she had already laid down on her back.  He approached her cautiously, staring down at her marehood.  Unlike the night before, it wasn’t agape with arousal.  There was no sign of moisture down there, nor was there any evidence of their previous activity.  He realized that she must have taken a bath while he had been asleep.

He laid down between her legs, staring at her marehood curiously.  He had never studied a mare like this before, and he found his member start to stir at the idea that he was looking at Celestia’s most private parts and she was letting him.

“Here.”  She said, using a hoof to spread herself open for him.

He looked at her flower in awe, moving his head forward as he involuntarily tried to get a closer look.

“This is my clit.”  She said.  “Pay special attention to that.  It’s very sensitive.  The number one thing to remember about giving oral to a mare is no teeth.  It’s natural to get excited, but you have to remember how sensitive a mare is down here.”

He nodded slowly, still mesmerized by her perfect marehood.  He reached out a hoof to touch it, and was surprised to feel how soft and pliant her flesh was underneath his hoof.  He could see now why it had felt so good against his stallionhood.  He took a light whiff of her scent.  Finding nothing offensive smelling, he took an experimental lick.

Celestia tensed immediately at the feeling of his tongue against her marehood.  It had been decades since she had felt the sensation, and she had forgotten how powerful it was.  He started out slowly, licking along her labia, his tongue just barely touching her clit with each lick.  In her experience, stallions learned what she liked rather quickly and fortunately for her, Blueblood was no exception.  It wasn’t long until the majority of his efforts were spent on her clit. 

Blueblood couldn’t believe what he was doing.  As much as he had enjoyed having sex with her, he never thought he’d be eating her out this morning.  Her scent was faint, pleasant, and very feminine, and he couldn’t help but smile as he felt her body start to shake against his muzzle in orgasm.  He continued unabated as she moaned loudly, only pulling away once her shaking had stopped and her body had gone totally limp.

He stole a glance up at her as he wanted to see the expression on her face.  He wasn’t disappointed as he could see pure pleasure and satisfaction in her eyes.  She smiled down at him warmly, and he looked down between her legs at her flower once more.  Her flower was now spread open with arousal, and he looked down at it in awe as he realized that his member had actually been inside of it the night before.  It looked like it would feel so good to have it wrapped around his member.  It had felt good.  And as he looked down at it, he realized that he now had the opportunity feel what it was like again.  She was more than ready.

He sat up, inching his hips forward as he looked down and tried to line himself up with her marehood.  He didn’t lay on top of her this time, wanting instead to watch as he slid himself inside of her.  The position was a little bit awkward, but he was able to push his hips forward enough to get the head of his member inside of her.  Then, putting his hooves on her stomach to help balance himself, he pushed his hips forward as he slid himself inside of her. 

He looked down at his member in awe as it disappeared inside of her, a groan torn from his lips as he felt her marehood wrapped so tightly around his member.  He pushed forward as far as he could go, finally sheathing himself completely inside of her as he felt her wetness on his sack. 

Celestia had already gotten what she wanted.  He had given her a wonderful orgasm.  This was all about him now.  She smiled at him as he slid in and out of her slowly, not even looking at her as he moved his hips slowly and deliberately. 

Blueblood couldn’t believe how good her marehood felt around his shaft.  Last night had been more sensual.  This was pure sex.  As much as he enjoyed watching his member, he couldn’t go very fast in this position.  Reluctantly, he slid his hooves up her body more and planted them firmly on her chest, allowing himself better balance and a more natural position.  Using this new position as leverage, he increased his speed, focusing solely on the feeling of her marehood sliding along his member rather than relying on visual stimulation.  He gritted his teeth as he tried to hold himself back, the increased stimulation along his shaft making it difficult not to lose it immediately.

Celestia could feel her marehood wink in arousal as she saw him grit his teeth in pleasure as he rutted her.  As much as she enjoyed the physical aspects of sex, the thing that really turned her on was seeing the pure pleasure on her partners faces as they experienced the pleasure of mating with her.  She loved to bring her partners pleasure, and her nephew had wanted her so badly that she hadn’t been able to deny him. 

“Oooooooooooooooh, Celestia…”  He moaned, slowing his thrusts considerably as he started spurting inside of her. 

His front legs went completely rigid as he struggled to support himself under the wave of complete and utter pleasure that coursed through his body.  He closed his eyes, his mouth slightly agape.  He moved his hips back and forth an inch at a time as he continued unloading himself inside of her.  His breathing was deep and heavy, filled with pleasure.

It had been a very long time since she’d brought a stallion to such heights of pleasure.  That combined with feeling his member pulse inside of her was enough to send her over the edge.  She squeezed her eyes shut, throwing her head back in pleasure as she felt him claim her.  She could feel her chest raise off the bed, causing his body to raise along with it.  His hooves were planted firmly on her chest however, and didn’t falter despite her movements.  She opened her eyes as she lowered her chest, allowing him to push her deep into the mattress below.

He was still breathing deeply, and the look of complete and utter satisfaction on his face was unmistakable. 

“T-that felt so good…”  He said, smiling widely.

“Yes.”  Celestia agreed, giving him a warm smile.  “It did.”

Blueblood slid his hooves down her form, balancing himself like he did before as he looked down between them.  His member was softening, but it was still halfway inside of her.  He took a moment to look down between them, still in disbelief that he had actually had sex with Princess Celestia.  Despite this being the second time, it still didn’t feel real to him.  He was expecting to wake up any moment only to realize it had all been a dream.  He wanted to rut her again, if only to experience it one more time before he woke up.  He pushed his hips forward experimentally, his member jumping in desire as it disappeared inside of her again.  However, as he pulled out slightly and it started to push it inside of her again, it bent.  He realized that no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t do it again so soon.

Celestia smiled at his eagerness.

“I know you want to do it again, but let’s wait a little while, shall we?”  She said in a motherly tone.

“Y-yeah…”  He said reluctantly.

He looked down at his member a few more moments before reluctantly pulling out of her all the way.  A stream of cum followed, pooling on her tail.  His member jumped again as he realized it was his cum that he’d released inside of her.  As much as he knew on an intellectual level that he was cumming inside of her, to actually see it was something else. 

“You’re not going to get pregnant, are you?”  He asked nervously. 

“Don’t be ridiculous.”  Celestia said, rolling her eyes.  “As if I’d let my nephew impregnate me.  Can you imagine the scandal?”

He shuddered at the thought.  He knew Celestia would never allow that to happen.  Still, seeing her marehood filled with his cum worried him. 

“I have it taken care of, nephew.”  She said reassuringly.  “There won’t be any foals from this, I promise.”

He gave her a somewhat forced smile, wanting to believe it as much as she did.

“Now come on.”  She said, her tone more serious.  “We’ve got a busy day ahead of us.”