Admittance of Love – An Ash & Pikachu Romance

After Pikachu is severely injured, she and ash realize their feelings for one another (yes, Pikachu is a female in this story).

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Chapter 1

 “You’re gonna be fine Pikachu.”  Ash said.  Pikachu had been injured in a confrontation with Team Rocket and Ash was now rushing her to the Pokemon Center.  He looked down at her and began to cry.  She had been hurt pretty badly.  There was blood all over her.  “Pikachu, open your eyes…please!”  Ash cried.  “Pika…”  She said weakly.  “Just hold on.  Ash said.  We’re almost there.”  Ash could see the Pokemon Center now.  The large P on top of the building was a dead giveaway.  “Nurse Joy!”  Ash screamed as he ran through the double doors.  He had never been so frightened in his life.  What if Pikachu didn’t make it?

Nurse Joy turned to him.  A look of shock spread across her face.  “Chansey, get over here NOW!  She yelled.  Bring a stretcher!”  Faster than he had thought possible, Chansey flew around the corner, pushing a medical bed.  Nurse Joy took Pikachu from Ash’s arms and laid her on the bed.  “Is Pikachu going to be all right Nurse Joy?”  Ash asked.  “Shut up!  There’s no time to talk!”  Nurse Joy said, pushing him aside and running into the emergency surgery room.  Ash looked down at the floor and began to cry.  His tears weren’t even tears.  They were more like a gushing river that never stopped.  “Please be okay Pikachu.”  He whispered.

He looked down at his shirt and hands.  They were absolutely covered in blood.  He wished Brock and Dawn were there, but they weren’t.  He’d have to deal with this on his own.  Brock had gone home to help his brothers and sisters while his parents were away and Dawn had decided to take a short vacation.  Ash had assured them that he’d be all right.  Now Pikachu was going to die and it was all his fault.  He should have protected her.  He didn’t have any of his other Pokemon with him, but that was no excuse.  He looked up from the ground, a rage in his eyes.  If Pikachu died, he was going to have Team Rocket’s heads.  He would kill everyone in that wretched organization if it was the last thing he did!

Just as he finished that thought, Nurse Joy came out with an angry look on her face.  “Pikachu has been stabilized, but it will take several days for it to be fully recovered.  She said.  How could you make your Pokemon battle till it got hurt like that?!”  “I had no choice.  Ash said, crying.  I told her not to, but she did it anyway.  She wanted to save me.”  “Save you from what?”  Nurse Joy asked.  Ash told the story of how Pikachu had gotten hurt by Team Rocket.  Team Rocket had built a machine that not only blocked electricity, but it also hurt Pikachu if she used any of her electric attacks.  “I see.  Nurse Joy said.  Have you talked to Officer Jenny yet?”

“She already knows about them.  Ash said.  They’re attacking us constantly.”  “Well you should know that Pikachu almost died.  Nurse Joy said.  Over 10% blood loss!  I’m really surprised I was able to save her.  If she had lost any more blood, she would have died for sure.  You should’ve put her in a Pokeball.  At least it would have contained the blood.”  “She won’t go in one.  Ash said.  Even if she was dying.  I don’t know why.”  “Well, just keep in mind that she almost died.  Nurse Joy said.  You can see her now if you want, but don’t touch her.  She has sensitive medical equipment on her which, if disturbed, might aggravate her condition.”  Ash nodded and followed Nurse Joy to the room where Pikachu was recovering.  She opened the door and beckoned him inside.

He looked around the room.  He had never seen such sophisticated equipment before.  Then again, he’d never had a Pokemon come so close to death before either.  He looked over at Pikachu.  She was lying down on her back, breathing deeply.  She was covered in so many sensors and tubes that he could barely make out the yellow color of her body.  “Pikachu.”  He said softly.  Pikachu opened her eyes and looked over at him.  “Pika!”  She exclaimed happily, then winced in pain.  “Are you okay Pikachu?”  Ash asked, reaching out to touch her.  But then he remembered what Nurse Joy had said.  “I’m sorry.  He said.  I can’t touch you buddy.  Try not to move.  You’re gonna be just fine.  In a couple of days this’ll all be behind us.”  Pikachu nodded and sighed deeply, closing her eyes.  “It needs rest.”  Nurse Joy said behind him.

Ash followed Nurse Joy back to the waiting room.  “Here.  She said, handing him a key.  You can stay here for a few days while Pikachu recovers.  Room 101.”  “Thanks.”  Ash said curtly.  He was still really worried about Pikachu.  And his anger towards Team Rocket still burned.  He didn’t know how long it was going to take Pikachu to recover, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to rest until Pikachu was in his arms and 100% better.  He lay down on the bed and tried to sleep, but his guilt consumed him.  He fell asleep crying lightly.  “I’m sorry Pikachu.  He whispered.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to protect you.”




Several days had passed.  They were the longest days of Ash’s life.  He was able to see Pikachu, but she didn’t look like she was getting any better.  He was getting really worried.  He was writing a letter to his mom as he always did, telling her about what happened to Pikachu.  Suddenly there was a loud knock at his door.  He walked over to the door and opened it up to reveal Nurse Joy holding Pikachu.  “Pikachu is doing much better.  She said.  I’m going to let it rest here with you until it’s fit to leave.”  “Thank you Nurse Joy.”  Ash said, taking Pikachu into his arms.  Pikachu seemed to be a lot better, but she was sleeping.  Ash closed the door and walked over to the bed, laying Pikachu down on it.  He then turned back to the letter on his desk and continued writing.

Several hours later he heard rustling and looked over.  Pikachu had finally opened her eyes.  “Pikachu, I’m so glad you’re okay!”  He exclaimed, picking her up and putting her in his arms.  He sat down on the bed with her in his lap and began to cry.  “Pika?”  Pikachu asked, confused.  “I’m so sorry Pikachu.  Ash cried.  I should have protected you.”  Pikachu looked up at Ash with sympathy.  Perhaps now was the time to reveal her secret.  She wasn’t quite ready but…  “I-It..s not yo-r fullltt.”  She said.  Ash stopped crying and looked at her in shock.  “What?”  He asked.  “It’s not your fault Ash.”  Pikachu said.  “You can talk!”  Ash exclaimed.  “I-I’ve been prac-tiss-ingg.  She said.  I didn’t want to let you know that I could talk until I was better at it but -”  “How long have you been practicing?”  He asked.

“I…I don’t know human time yet, but it’s been a while.”  She said.  “You’re speaking perfectly Pikachu!”  Ash said.  She blushed.  “I was hoping you’d like it.  She said.  It was a lot of work.”  “I don’t deserve you.”  Ash said.  “It wasn’t your fault.  Pikachu said.  You told me not to do it, but I did it anyway.  There’s nothing you could have done to protect me.”  “I’m just glad you’re all right.”  Ash said, lying down onto his back and holding her tightly.  They lay like that for several minutes in silence.  “I’m done.”  Ash said.  “What?”  Pikachu asked.  “Forget it.  He said.  It’s not worth it.  I’m going back home, getting a job, and living a normal life.  Forget about becoming a Pokemon Master.  We’ll settle down together somewhere.”  “Why?”  Pikachu asked, thinking he’d gone crazy.

“It’s not worth losing you.  Ash said.  I won’t let you get hurt….ever again.”  “But that’s crazy!  Pikachu exclaimed.  What about your dreams?”  “No dream is worth losing you over.”  Ash said, hugging her tighter.  Pikachu looked at Ash and began to move closer to him.  Before either of them realized what was happening, they were locked in a passionate kiss.  As soon as Ash realized what they were doing, he broke it off quickly.  “Shit, I’m sorry.  He said.  I don’t know why I did that.”  “Ash I….I love you.”  Pikachu said softly.  Ash looked over at her.  The fact that she was a Pokemon briefly crossed his mind, but those thoughts were quickly washed away as she brought them into another passionate kiss.  After several moments, they separated.

“I…I love you too Pikachu.  Ash said.  Promise me you’ll never frighten me like that again.”  “I promise.”  She whispered.  They engaged in another long kiss, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.  Strangely enough, there was nothing sexual to their actions.  There was no lust in their eyes.  Only genuine love and affection fueled their feelings.  They slowly separated and looked into each other’s eyes.  “Goodnight Ash.”  Pikachu said softly.  “Goodnight Pikachu.”  He said.  They closed their eyes and fell asleep in each other’s arms.




Pikachu woke up and looked over at Ash.  He was sleeping peacefully.  Her body rose and fell in sync with his breathing.  She reached over and kissed him passionately.  He slowly woke up and opened his eyes, only to close them again as they relished in their joint experience.  Suddenly, Pikachu felt something bump against her.  She broke the kiss and looked at him in surprise.  “I – I’m sorry.  He said.  It’s a natural reaction to what we were doing.  Don’t get the wrong idea.”  Pikachu stood up and sat down between his legs.  She struggled with the fabric of his boxers.  Before he could stop her, she had exposed his hard member.  She looked at it in awe.  Ash wasn’t exactly well-endowed for a human (mostly because he was still young), but nevertheless, it was still enormous in comparison to her body.

“No we can’t.”  Ash protested as she put the head of his cock in her mouth.  She pushed down, getting about a third of it in her mouth and Ash moaned loudly.  That was as far as she could get it at the current time, so she bobbed her head up and down his shaft.  He moaned again.  Wanting to increase his pleasure, she decided she would get the whole thing in her mouth one way or another.  She pulled his penis down so it was parallel with her throat and pushed it inside.  She almost panicked as she couldn’t breathe, but she continued anyway.  She was gagging on his cock but it was still only half way in.  She closed her eyes and pushed as hard and fast as she could.  She squealed as she felt his cock go deep down her throat, expanding it past what any food she’d swallowed had ever done.  She then took it out so only the tip was inside her.  Taking a few deep breaths, she rammed it back in.

“Pikachu, you’re going to hurt yourself…”  Ash breathed.  He could barely muster the strength to speak.  It felt so good…  After several more strokes, Ash moaned deeply.  “Pikachu, I’m going to – ”  As she heard this, she pushed his cock into her throat as far as it would go.  Suddenly she was overwhelmed with the feeling of his hot cum shooting directly into her stomach.  “Oh god!”  Ash yelled as he blasted his load down her throat.  She moaned too, feeling some sort of odd pleasure from making him feel so good.  He looked down at her as his cock slid out of her mouth.  “Shit…”  He said.  She looked at him in surprise as he lifted her up and lay her down on her back.  “Pika?!”  She said in surprise, reverting to her native tongue.  Ash lay down on his stomach between her legs and began licking her sex repeatedly.  “Piiiii!”  She squealed as she felt the tip of his tongue go inside her.  “Oh Ash!  She said with difficulty.  I love you so much…”

She wreathed around on the bed as her orgasm overcame her.  Fluids shot from her hot warm slit and Ash licked them up eagerly.  Her orgasm gradually subsided.  Ash went in for another assault, but she held up her small hands.  “S..stop Ash….please…”  She said softly.  “What?  He asked.  Why?”  Pikachu opened her mouth to reply but stopped short, realizing she didn’t know the human words to ask for what she wanted.  She reached down and spread her lips wide, looking down at his cock.  “Use that to me.”  She said, pointing at his erect cock.  Realizing sexual terms probably weren’t in her vocabulary yet, Ash realized what she must be wanting.  He shook his head.  “No.  He said.  I’m too big.  I’d hurt you.”  She looked down at his cock and realized that he was probably right, but she wanted him inside her so bad!

“I’ll tell you if it hurts too bad.”  She said, looking up at him with pleading eyes.  “It will hurt even if I was the perfect size for you.  He said.  You’re a virgin.”  “Virgin?”  She asked, looking at him in confusion.  “You’ve never done this before, have you?”  He asked.  She shook her head.  “Then you’re a virgin.  He said.  It’s going to hurt a lot no matter what.”  She looked at him and bit her lip in thought.  “Please….  She said softly.  Just try…”  Ash looked down at her and nodded.  He aligned his member with her entrance.  She gasped as it gently brushed against her heated lips.  All her doubts of whether or not she wanted this were pushed aside as her lips were slowly spread by his member.  Ash pushed inside slowly, fully aware that he probably wasn’t going to be able to fit inside her fully.  There was surprisingly very little pain as she felt his member penetrate her.

Ash suddenly encountered a barrier.  He looked down at her, feelings of love evident on his face.  “This is it.  He said.  Are you ready?”  Pikachu nodded slowly.  Ash put a arm around her and hugged her tightly as he pushed in hard, breaking her hymen with one swift stroke.  “Pika!”  She yelled in pain.  Ash stopped and looked down at her.  “Are you okay Pikachu?”  He asked, worried.  He knew it hurt when a woman lost her virginity, but he didn’t know if it was supposed to hurt that much.  Pikachu looked up at ash with tears in her eyes.  “I…I’m fine.  She said softly.  Please….continue…”  Ash held her tightly and began to thrust half of his length in and out of her.  Soon enough the pain subsided and she actually began to enjoy it.  “Is it okay if I….go a little deeper Pikachu?”  Ash asked.  She nodded slowly.

“Just tell me when to stop.”  He said, pushing another inch into her.  Pikachu felt like she was going to burst.  He put yet another inch in her.  Just when she thought she couldn’t fit any more, she felt as his hips hit hers.  She sighed in relief.  She had been able to fit him.  She couldn’t believe it.  Ash withdrew and pushed back in very slowly, allowing her to get used to the feeling of his cock inside her.  “Faster Ash…”  She pleaded.  Ash looked down at her and began to thrust faster.  Soon enough he felt the familiar tight feeling deep in his stomach.  “Pikachu…do you want me to…cum inside you?”  Ash asked, hoping she’d understand.  He didn’t know if her small body would be able to handle his release.  She had a vague idea of what he meant and nodded quickly, her orgasm approaching quickly.  Suddenly Ash hilted inside of her.  Her orgasm instantly overcame her as she felt his hot cum shoot deep into her womb.

“Pika Pika!”  She yelled in ecstasy , wreathing on the bed as the her orgasm overcame her.  Large globs of sticky hot cum shot out of Ash’s cock, sticking to her insides.  The pleasure was overwhelming.  Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, her orgasm subsided and Ash’s cock stopped spurting those deliciously warm fluids.  Ash looked down at her and smiled.  “I love you Pikachu.”  He said.  “Pika Pi….”  She said breathlessly.  “I love you too….Ash…”  She finally said, getting some of her strength back.  Ash slowly withdrew from her, then brought her into a passionate kiss.  He picked her up and walked into the bathroom, planning on making them a nice hot bath……

 The next day Ash and Pikachu were getting ready to leave the Pokemon center.  Pikachu watched as Ash packed the small bag he always carried.  “Please don’t give up your dreams Ash.”  She said.  He looked down at her and smiled.  “I told you, I’m not going to let you get hurt again.”  He said.  “They’re not just your dreams you know.”  She said.  “I want to become stronger and I want us to be together.  I want us to enjoy life.  Battling in the day and sleeping together at night…I can’t imagine a more perfect life.”  She jumped up and Ash caught her instinctively.  She reached forward and kissed him passionately.  They separated slowly.  “Let’s go kick some ass.”  She said, smirking.  Ash laughed.  “I love you Pikachu.”  He said.  “I love you too.”

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