A Little Help From Naila – Chapter 1

My snake Naila offered to help me with my girl trouble. Little did I know the type of help she was offering…

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Chapter 1

I sighed as I opened the door to my room. It had been a long day. “Hi Naila.” I said grumpily. “Hey.” She said, peering out of her cage. “How was your day?” Naila had the unique ability to project her thoughts onto others. That was the only way I could understand her. No one else knew she had this ability but me. After I found out that she wasn’t just some dumb snake I gave her much greater freedom. First off, I no longer locked her in her cage. I kept the top open so she could come and go as she pleased. She had become my best friend over the years and I looked at her no differently than any human. “Just wonderful.” I said unhappily. “I just made a fool of myself in front of Kirsten again.” “Oh no.” She said worriedly. “What happened this time?” I groaned. “I really don’t want to talk about it.” I said.

Naila poked her head up from out of her cage. “Look.” She said. “I agreed to help you with your girl issues, but I can’t do that if you don’t tell me what happens between you.” I sighed loudly. “I sorta well…” I said, trailing off. “Yes?” She asked, urging me to continue. A moment of silence came between us as I thought of how to say things right. “Well we were in the bus and we went over this huge bump.” I said. “I fell over onto her in the seat and without even realizing it my hand was…on her breast.” Naila laughed. “Is that all?” She asked. “How did she react?” “Well it was an accident so we sort of just brushed it off.” I said. “But -” “But you’re troubled because you’ve never touched a girl like that before, am I right?” Naila asked. “Yeah.” I said. “But it’s not just that. It was horribly embarrassing.” Naila lowered herself back into the cage. “You humans are so funny with how squeamish you are about such things.” She said, giggling. “It’s kind of cute.”

I gave her a mournful look. “Hey.” She said seriously. “I understand how embarrassed you are, but you’ll feel better by tomorrow. She probably won’t even remember it.” “You think so?” I asked hopefully. “Yeah.” She said. “By the way, how did it feel?” I looked at her questioningly. “How did what feel?” I asked. “Touching her breast.” She teased. “Did you get a good squeeze?” “Naila!” I exclaimed, feeling warmth rush to my face. She laughed loudly. “I’m sorry I’m sorry.” She said. “I just couldn’t resist.” I groaned and laid back in my bed. I put the covers over me and unzipped my pants slowly. Most people would think that I would wait until Naila wasn’t there to masturbate, but the problem was she was always in my room and always seemed to be awake. Because of this I have adapted to just jacking off under the covers. She never suspects a thing.

I grabbed some tissues from my side table and brought them under the covers with me. I looked at Naila. She was turned away from me studying something on the other side of her cage. But I knew that even if she turned and looked at me she wouldn’t be able to tell I was masturbating. I just kept up a slow and steady pace, remembering the feel of that soft, warm breast in my hand. I fantasized about squeezing it and hearing Kristen moan my name. I sped up my pace a bit. Suddenly Naila looked at me. “What are you doing?” She asked. “Oh, ah nothing!” I said quickly, pulling my hands away from my roaring erection. My heart almost stopped as she gave me a mischievous smile. “Of course you aren’t.” She said, hissing slightly. “You’re just jacking off to Kirsten’s boobs.” “I am not!” I said indignantly. “Your face says it all.” She said. She began slithering out of her cage and onto the floor. I laid there frozen as she slithered along the floor and up my bed, sliding under the covers gracefully. I pulled the covers off frantically as I felt her slither along my groin area.

She raised herself up, positioned so she could look directly down at my cock. “I can help you, you know.” She said, looking up directly into my eyes. “Do you want me to?” “W-want you to what?” I asked, my heart beating quickly. She didn’t respond. Instead she brought her head down towards my erection and opened her mouth wide. It was then I realized what she meant. “Wait!” I exclaimed. What if she bit me? I had no idea what snakes did when mating. Besides, despite her being able to talk she was still a snake. I couldn’t imagine a snake giving me a blowjob – even if that snake was my best friend Naila. She ignored me and put my cock in her mouth, closing on it gently. I could feel her fangs against my cock. They scraped along my erection as she swallowed it whole. My cock pulsed as her throat muscles massaged it gently, engulfing it in her hot maw. I moaned as she took my cock to the hilt. I could feel her breath against my pubic hairs as she pulled back and pushed it in again slowly.

It was heaven. Hot, slick, tight heaven. The feeling of her muscles massaging my cock was indescribable. Although I had never fucked a woman before, I couldn’t imagine it being better than this. I was almost losing consciousness as she sped up her pace. “My God Naila.” I said. “That feels so good…” I grabbed the sheets frantically as she continued, taking them in large bunches and pulling up on them as I felt her muscles tighten once more. “Imagine fucking Kristen.” She said. “Her tight pussy – ” “No.” I said, interrupting her. “This is so much better than any fantasy. I’d rather imagine being with you.” “Jake…” She said. I could tell she was surprised and happy that I didn’t want to imagine being anywhere else than with her. Her tongue play was getting the best of me. My cock throbbed quickly as she continued. “Naila, I’m close.” I said. “Go ahead.” She said. “Give me all you’ve got.”

That was it. I tilted my head back and moaned as my release hit. My cock exploded, sending heavy spurts down Naila’s throat. I could tell she was surprised by the forcefulness of my release. Due to her lack of lips, my cum escaped from both sides of her mouth. “Oh God.” I moaned as I continued pumping my cum down her throat. I thrashed my head from side to side as even more ropes of cum were milked from my cock. I was having a very hard time controlling my writhing body, but I knew I had to be careful or I might hurt Naila. I groaned as the last bit of cum was sucked from my cock. Naila took my cock out of her mouth slowly. “Damn.” She said. “You really needed that.” “I haven’t masturbated in a week and touching Kristen’s boobs really turned me on.” I said. “I can see that.” She said. “Here, let me help you now.” I said. “No that’s okay.” She said quickly. “No I’m fine with helping you out now, really.” I said. “I’m sure you are.” She said. “But if you knew anything about snake reproduction you’d know that it’s impossible to return the favor.”

“Why?” I asked. “Well let’s just say you’d probably get pretty sick if you tried.” She said. “I’ve only got one hole and that hole is used for both reproduction and relieving myself.” “Oh.” I said, my cheeks flushing red. “Our species are just too different to do anything more than we just did.” She said. “I can give you a blowjob and that’s about it. We can’t mate and you can’t even bring me to orgasm.” “I’m sorry.” I said. “I didn’t know.” “It’s not your fault.” She said. “It’s just how we are. Oh and Jake?” “Yeah?” I asked. “I still want to help you with your girl troubles.” She said. “And I’ll even give you a blowjob as often as you want. But you have to promise me you won’t give up on trying to find a girl of your own species. I want you to understand that I can’t be that girl.” “I know.” I said. “But Naila?” “Yes?” She asked. “Even after I do find a girl, will you still give me a blowjob from time to time?” I asked. She smiled mischievously. “You bet.” She said.